Old rivals turned best friends, Samsung and LG prepare for smart home teaming

One day you wanted to watch TV but suddenly couldn’t find the remote control, so you asked Xiao Ai to help you turn on the TV, but when you spoke, you made a slip of the tongue and shouted "Hey, Siri, turn on the TV for me", and Siri replied "I don't I understand what you're talking about", and in the end you can only turn on the TV in an "artificial" way in "artificial intelligence".

In an environment where the smart home market continues to expand, there should be many consumers who encounter this scenario. According to the report released by statista, the global smart home market is expected to grow from US$126.1 billion in 2022 to US$207.8 billion in 2026 , and grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.30%.

With the increase of smart home brands on the market, most of the products of different brands cannot communicate with each other. The "intelligence" of different brands collided with each other, which brought about the helpless "artificial" intervention of consumers.

There are many devices on the market equipped with universal protocols, but because the current universal protocols are built into products in the form of hardware, consumers cannot obtain the protocols by upgrading the system. If we want to use it, we can only repurchase products with a general agreement.

The use of private agreements to bind consumers is not new. Manufacturers are working hard to create their own ecosystems, but this approach will undoubtedly cause trouble for multi-ecology users.

The good news is that finally some manufacturers are ready to solve this pain point. At yesterday’s IFA technology show, Samsung and LG announced that before 2024, users can enjoy the interconnection control between Samsung and LG products without upgrading the hardware. That is to say, as long as users update the latest system, they can get the functions of smart home interconnection of different brands.

In order to achieve this goal, Samsung formed HCA (Home Connectivity Alliance) as one of the founding members in 2021, aiming to create a new smart home interconnection protocol. The protocol uses cloud technology to interconnect products of different brands. The advantage of this is that products do not need to carry the protocol through hardware, and a simple OTA can enable them to obtain interconnection functions. The same is true for old devices released before the establishment of HCA. This is one of the biggest differences between the HCA protocol and other interconnection protocols.

The HCA protocol provides consumers with a low-cost and simpler smart home interconnection mode, which is also one of the reasons why HCA does not join other interconnection protocols. They believe that the previous interconnection method is too costly, resulting in a lower penetration rate—— Not all consumers are willing to buy next-generation products for connectivity features.

However, the popularization of the HCA protocol is still in its infancy. Samsung and LG are the only two companies that have announced their support for the protocol after the release of the HCA protocol. implemented in each country.

But don’t worry, HCA claims that it will continue to open franchise channels, and before 2025, more member companies will support the agreement and launch it in other countries for more consumers. By the way, in addition to Samsung and LG, among the 15 member companies, there is also the "bare butt brother" known to Chinese families – Haier. But unfortunately, Mijia, which has the largest share of China's smart home market, is currently not on the list of members.

There are many benefits of cloud technology, but there are also disadvantages. In June 2022, due to the server crash of Mijia, many users complained on Weibo that they “looked for the remote control all night”, and the topic of “Mijia collapsed” was even trending on Weibo. On the one hand, we can see the ultra-high penetration rate of Mijia products, and on the other hand, it also shows the disadvantages of cloud technology-once the server fails, the number of affected users may exceed 100 million.

We can only hope that HCA will strengthen cloud construction while providing convenience to consumers, so as to minimize the incidents of "finding the remote control".

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