Official Xbox Series X: price and release date, also present Xbox Series S

We have waited for this news wide and above all for a long time, but now the announcement (official?) Of the price and release date of Xbox Series X has arrived, and the confirmation of the existence of its Xbox Series S variant .

Basically this is not the official announcement, the information was in fact shared by Windows Central. We are therefore talking about a rumor, but to save us from possible mini heart attacks is the official Xbox page which immediately confirmed some of the leaked information . So what is the price and release date of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S?

Now officially official: Xbox Series S. Next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever. $ 299 (ERP). Looking forward to sharing more! (Soon btw).

Published by Xbox on Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Xbox Series X: the price

What causes a sensation, are the very competitive prices of the console, which make the Sony opponent tremble . It therefore appears that the price of the Xbox Series X is $ 499 , although it is yet to be confirmed. We are talking about a very good amount, also considering the hardware it mounts.

xbox series x price date

Xbox Series S: the price

Even the price of the minor console, which had not yet been announced but was a surprise of the official communication, is really excellent (and that leaves you speechless ed). In fact, the official Xbox Series S price is $ 299 . A very low figure that easily allows gamers to make this generational change.

Visually speaking, the Xbox Series X is nearly the same height as the Xbox Series X, but with an extremely shallow depth. The less space occupied is certainly given by the lack of the blu-ray player , present in the larger counterpart.

According to some rumors, moreover, it will be less performing than its older sister. In fact, it is a unique console designed for xCloud (Microsoft's game streaming service) and gaming in 1080p.

xbox series x price date

Finally, the last question. So what is the expected release date of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S? According to reports, both consoles will be available starting November 10, 2020 , a date in accordance with the forecasts.

In the United States, you can sign up for an Xbox All Access subscription that allows you to have the consoles by paying a monthly fee of $ 35 and $ 25, respectively.

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