Official OnePlus Omni: the first 360 ° display is amazing!

oneplus omni

When you think about the evolution of smartphone technology , you can’t help but think about how much displays have changed over the years. We have gone from wanting phones as compact as possible to wanting them wider and wider. A change that derives from the transformation of smartphones from simple communication tools to multimedia centers. Today the smartphone acts as a jack-of-all-trades: phone calls, video calls, social media, photos and videos, streaming, gaming and much more. All tasks that give their best when you have a screen as large as possible. But why limit yourself to a single visual dimension? This is the question that OnePlus engineers asked themselves with the creation of the OnePlus Omni .

OnePlus has reached considerable milestones in the display field, with the first Quad HD screen at 90 Hz up to the Fluid Display 2.0 technology of the latest 9 series. But the company is already thinking further and the realization of OnePlus Omni, defined as the world’s first 360 ° display . The goal is to create the best possible interaction experience, both visually and tactile. Fluid Display 3.D technology features parameters such as 144Hz WQHD + resolution and 480Hz sampling, thanks to an advanced LTPO panel. This allows it to dynamically manage the refresh rate, being able to go down to a minimum of 1 Hz to preserve autonomy. The screen used by OnePlus is a 10-bit AMOLED with a high color depth and an accuracy equal to JNCD≈0.29.

OnePlus Omni reinvents the smartphone concept with a phenomenal 360 ° view

If OnePlus Omni exists it is thanks to the low-energy plasma which, placed under the surface of the display, catalyzes the noble gases with a high-voltage electrode. A premature technology that allows to obtain a very high contrast and a brightness that can reach 1500 nits peak. But beyond the specs, OnePlus Omni wants to rethink the way we interact with the display. Using it will make you feel like a fortune teller with its magic sphere, also being able to count on a selfie camera under the screen . This extreme clarity of the screen means that the integrated fisheye sensor has no geometric distortion.

The high fluidity of the panel is accompanied by a 5G modem, to ensure that the connection is extremely fast. Excellent especially in suburban villages, where the new generation networks are teeming. To complete it all, a 90W wireless charging could not be missing, also considering that there is no way to have a USB port given its structure. In this regard, we are faced with a completely waterproof device, therefore perfect for carrying it during your underwater fishing sessions.

To celebrate its arrival, the OnePlus Omni will also be available in an elegant limited edition in marble , created in collaboration with the legendary designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh, resurrected for the occasion. If you want information on price and availability, we refer you to the official OnePlus store .