Nvidia lists Huawei as its biggest competitor/Wahaha founder Zong Qinghou passes away/Apple will redesign the UI of iOS 18


 NVIDIA Jensen Huang: Huawei is a very good company

 Vision Pro cost revealed, less than 50% of selling price

 Apple will redesign the UI of iOS 18

 2024 Mobile World Congress opens today

 BYD rewards car owners with 200,000 yuan for breaking up disputes

 Jia Yueting calls Gaohe Automobile "a shame to the industry"

 After OpenAI, Figure AI has received large investments from Bezos and Nvidia

 BYD looks forward to the launch of U9, priced at 1.68 million yuan

 Xiaomi Super Wallpaper adds "Moon" theme

 HomePod with screen may be launched in 2025

 ByteDance releases SDXL-Lightning, a large model of Wenshengtu

 BALENCIAGA will hold a release show in Shanghai

 Huiyuan will launch coriander juice

♠ "Joker Card" sold 250,000 copies in three days

 'Shang-Chi' director to direct live-action 'Naruto'

 "Bear Infested: Reverse Time and Space" box office exceeded 1.8 billion

 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards Announced


NVIDIA Jensen Huang: Huawei is a very good company

Recently, Wired magazine published an interview with Nvidia co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang, in which he talked about his views on Huawei.

Huang Renxun said that Huawei is a very, very good company. Although they are limited by the semiconductor processing technology they have mastered, they can still build very large systems by aggregating many such chips together.

It is worth noting that according to a report by the Global Times on February 24, Nvidia identified Huawei as its “biggest competitor” for the first time in multiple categories including AI chips in documents submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week. ”. According to reports, Nvidia believes that Huawei can compete with the industry in the field of chips used for AI such as GPUs and CPUs.

The report also mentioned Chinese technology companies Alibaba and Baidu as competitors in the field of cloud services.

Vision Pro cost revealed, less than 50% of selling price

According to CNBC, the latest data from research organization Omdia shows that the manufacturing cost of Vision Pro may be slightly more than $1,500.

Omdia's research estimates that the Vision Pro's hardware components cost a total of $1,542. The most expensive component is the 1.25-inch Micro OLED screen. Each Vision Pro has two screens. Apple will pay $228 for each Sony screen. The screen costs $456 per headset.

Secondly, the second most expensive components on the Vision Pro are the M2 and the new R1 chip. Apple says the R1 chip is designed to process input from cameras, sensors and microphones, streaming images to the display in 12 milliseconds.

At the same time, Apple's close cooperation with suppliers usually determines the cost of components in advance, but generally only includes material costs, excluding other production costs such as assembly, packaging or distribution.

big company

Apple will redesign the UI of iOS 18

According to a report by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is working on redesigning iOS and macOS.

He believes that Apple will redesign iOS as early as this year, but it will not be a comprehensive reform like visionOS. Gurman expects to see changes to iOS 18 this summer, but design work on macOS has just begun, possibly not until 2025 or 2026.

Mark Gurman said that Apple believes that iOS 18 has "ambitious and compelling" major new features and designs, and will officially launch its next-generation operating system at the annual WWDC conference in June, which is likely to include artificial intelligence-related For functional updates, the relevant systems are likely to obtain a series of design elements from the visionOS of the Vision Pro headset, but it is not "completely redesigned based on the design elements of visionOS."

According to the plan, iOS 18 will be tested in the summer and released to all users in September.

Wahaha founder Zong Qinghou dies due to ineffective treatment

On February 25, Wahaha officially released an obituary: Member of the Communist Party of China, national model worker, winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal, outstanding builder of socialism with Chinese characteristics, one of the 100 outstanding private entrepreneurs in the 40 years of reform and opening up, the 10th and 11th , representative of the 12th National People's Congress, representative of the 12th, 13th and 14th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Zhejiang Province, Comrade Zong Qinghou, founder and chairman of Wahaha Group, died on February 25, 2024 due to ineffective treatment due to illness. Passed away at 10:30 at the age of 79.

Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. Comrade Zong Qinghou’s Funeral Committee is scheduled to be held at 10 a.m. on February 28, 2024 at the Xiasha base of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. (the intersection of No. 10 Street and No. 5 Street, Baiyang Street, Qiantang District, Hangzhou City) Memorial.

Public information shows that in 1987, Zong Qinghou led two retired teachers from a school-run enterprise. With a loan of 140,000 yuan, they started selling soda and popsicles on a consignment basis. Through product innovation, technological innovation, and marketing innovation, they founded "Wahaha" This well-known brand. Zong Qinghou has also become one of the representatives of private entrepreneurs after the reform and opening up.

Apple plans to add camera to AirPods

Mark Gurman said in the latest issue of the Power On newsletter that Apple's future wearable devices may include AI smart glasses and AirPods with cameras. Currently, both concepts are in the exploratory stage within Apple and represent the company's future plans rather than products on the agenda.

Gurman said that AirPods with cameras will be equipped with more advanced artificial intelligence and health sensors. The headphones themselves will have the function of smart glasses, and consumers will not need lenses and frames when wearing the device.

In addition, Apple also began researching AirPods equipped with cameras last year, code-named B798. If Apple succeeds, the product will be roughly the same size as the current AirPods and feature an embedded low-resolution camera that works with artificial intelligence to help users complete daily tasks.

2024 Mobile World Congress opens today

Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC 2024) opens today in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the most authoritative exhibition in the global communications field. It is organized by the GSM Association, one of the world's three major mobile communications international organizations. The annual "Global Mobile Awards" are awarded at the World Mobile Communications Congress. The awards are divided into mobile Categories such as equipment, mobile entertainment, mobile advertising and marketing have added the "Green Mobile Award" in recent years.

As one of the largest technology exhibitions in the global mobile field, MWC is also regarded as a benchmark for the global communications industry. This conference will focus on six sub-themes: "Beyond 5G, Connecting Everything Intelligently, Humanizing AI, Digital Intelligent Manufacturing, Subverting Rules, and Digital Gene".

There are more than 300 Chinese companies participating in this MWC, including Huawei, ZTE, China Information Technology, MediaTek and other manufacturers who will display 5G-A related products.

BYD rewards car owners with 200,000 yuan for breaking up disputes

Recently, a video of "Bentley driver committing murder and injuring people" was circulated on the Internet. Hangzhou police reported that the two parties involved were cousins. They drove into each other and were beaten due to a business dispute, and the suspect was detained. In the video, a passing BYD driver stopped to break up the fight, which was praised by netizens.

Yesterday afternoon, Li Yunfei, general manager of the Brand and Public Relations Department of BYD Group, said on Weibo that the brave BYD Han owner, who is a lawyer, had been found. BYD decided to provide free lifetime maintenance of Mr. Sun's vehicle and reward him with RMB 200,000.

At the same time, BYD is considering setting up a "BYD Car Owner Positive Energy and Brave Action Award" to reward car owners with positive energy and courageous actions of 50,000 to 200,000 yuan.

Jia Yueting calls Gaohe Automobile "a shame to the industry"

Recently, the news that Gaohe Automobile has ceased production and is on the verge of bankruptcy has frequently hit the hot topics. Yang Yueqing, Gaohe HiPhi Engineering Project Director, also sparked heated discussions during a live broadcast in response to online rumors.

In response, Jia Yueting, the founder of Faraday Future (FF), left a message in a circle of friends of a capital market person, "It is a shame for the industry" and launched a "bombardment" against Gaohe. Industry insiders said that Jia Yueting's comments may be related to Gaohe. It is related to Ding Lei, the founder of He Automobile.

Ding Lei joined LeTV Auto in July 2015 and served as co-founder of LeTV Super Auto and global vice chairman and CEO of China and Asia Pacific. It is rumored that after leaving LeTV, Ding Lei took away a group of core members and related information and founded Human Horizons in August 2017. Therefore, the appearance of HiPhi X, the first car launched by Gaohe, will be very close to that of FF 91.

At present, Gaohe Automobile has announced that it will suspend work and production for 6 months starting from February 18; the wages of employees before February 18 will be paid as usual; employees who remain at Gaohe Automobile before March 15 will only be paid basic wages; 3 After March 15th, employees will only be paid Shanghai basic salary.

After OpenAI, Figure AI has received large investments from Bezos and Nvidia

According to Bloomberg, humanoid robot startup Figure AI, after receiving financial support from OpenAI and Microsoft, has recently received large investments from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Nvidia and other large technology companies.

Figure AI has raised about $675 million in a new round of financing, people familiar with the matter said. At present, Bezos' company Explore Investments LLC has committed US$100 million in investment, Microsoft has invested US$95 million, and Nvidia and Amazon will each provide US$50 million in support.

Humanoid robots have become a key cutting-edge technology in the artificial intelligence industry, and engineers at Figure AI are working on a robot that looks and moves like a human. The company said it hopes its machine, called Figure 01, will be able to perform hazardous tasks not suitable for humans, and that the technology will help alleviate labor shortages.

New product

BYD looks forward to the launch of U9, priced at 1.68 million yuan

Last night, BYD's high-end brand Yangwang's second model "Zangwang U9" was launched, priced at 1.68 million yuan. The car will officially start delivery in mid-2024.

Looking up at the U9, the body size is 4966/2029/1295 (1338) mm, the wheelbase is 2900 mm, and it is equipped with an Yi Sifang U-shaped motor. Officials say that with a resolver sensor, the recognition accuracy and response speed will be much higher than traditional supercars.

BYD said at the press conference that the U9 can achieve a top speed of 309.19km/h, accelerate from 0-100km/h in 2.36 seconds, sprint from 0-400 meters in 9.78 seconds, and has unlimited ejection capabilities.

In addition, the U9 is equipped with Yunnian-X intelligent body control system, which consists of binocular cameras, Yunnian intelligent computing center, dual-valve electronically controlled shock absorber assembly, five-in-one power source, hydraulic pipeline assembly and It is composed of height sensors and other components, and has core functions such as active power adjustment and damping adjustment.

Yunnan-X can accurately control the body and achieve stable posture in three directions: horizontal, vertical and vertical. Yunnan-X takes horizontal, vertical and vertical integrated control as the core, providing an unprecedented driving control experience for the U9, and at the same time, it can easily meet daily driving needs.

Xiaomi Super Wallpaper adds "Moon" theme

Recently, Xiaomi Super Wallpaper has updated the "Moon" theme version, providing five landing spots to choose from, including the Apennine Mountains, Guanghan Palace, the back of the moon, Chang'e 5, and Jinghai Base. At the same time, Xiaomi Super Wallpaper will display different images based on the user's actual location. The landing point of the scene.

Xiaomi Super Wallpaper can realize one-shot animation special effects from the screen display, lock screen interface to unlocking the main interface. According to reports, the main super wallpaper is developed based on the graphics subsystem of Xiaomi ThePaper OS, which greatly reduces the memory usage, saves power and is smoother.

HomePod with screen may be launched in 2025

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is still developing a new HomePod speaker with a built-in "iPad-like" display. The device may not be launched until 2025 at the earliest.

Gurman said Apple has begun working with overseas suppliers to develop a HomePod with a screen, but the company has not yet made "sufficient progress" on the device, so he could not confirm whether the device will eventually be launched or when it will be available. .

Gurman also mentioned that Apple has also developed a device that combines Apple TV, HomePod and FaceTime, as well as an iPad-like smart display that can be magnetically attached to the wall, but it is unclear whether these products will be released. .

He said Apple has been "hesitant" about its smart home product ideas for years.

ByteDance releases SDXL-Lightning, a large model of Wenshengtu

Recently, ByteDance released a text-to-image generation model SDXL-Lightning, which can generate high-quality and high-resolution 1024px images in a short time. It is one of the fastest text-to-image generation models currently.

The SDXL-Lightning model uses progressive adversarial distillation technology to achieve extremely fast generation speed. The model can generate extremely high-quality and resolution images in 2 or 4 steps, speeding up the generation ten times to 1024 resolution. Download the fastest Vincent diagram model.

SDXL-Lightning is an advanced version based on the open source Vincentian graph model SDXL, and is compatible with other tools and plug-ins in the open model community. For example, as a speed-up plug-in, it can be seamlessly integrated into SDXL models of various styles such as cartoons and animations, and It supports the currently popular control plug-in ControlNet and the generation software ComfyUI, which is convenient for developers, researchers and creative practitioners to use together.

new consumption

BALENCIAGA will hold a release show in Shanghai

Recently, BALENCIAGA officially announced that it will hold its 2025 spring show in Shanghai on May 30 and display its new men's and women's wear series.

This release show is BALENCIAGA's third fashion show outside Paris after the 2023 spring series in New York and the 2024 autumn series in Los Angeles. It is also the first show in Asia and China for the brand's artistic director Demna.

Previously, BALENCIAGA would only hold a three-day China special display event of the 50th season haute couture series at the Shanghai Tank Art Center in 2021.

Huiyuan will launch coriander juice

According to FoodTalks news, Huiyuan recently announced that it will launch a special product "cilantro juice".

According to Huiyuan, the coriander juice will be made of 100% fruit and vegetable juice without the use of other additives. Due to the unique aroma and taste of the coriander juice, the drink will use the NFC process and be seasoned with other fruit and vegetable juices to achieve nutrition. A well-balanced, taste-appropriate drinking effect.

Huiyuan officials said that this new coriander juice product will be officially launched around the end of March to April, and will be sold online in a limited edition.

"Joker Card" sold 250,000 copies in three days

"Balatro" was officially released within 72 hours of its release, with more than 250,000 copies sold. Currently, "Joker Card" has received rave reviews on Steam, with a total of 5,771 reviews and a positive review rate of 98%.

"Joker's Cards" is a card game based on poker and introduces elements such as Roguelike. In the game, players will use effective poker cards combined with unique clown cards to create chain effects that can change the situation, defeat the blind bet, and win the final victory step by step.


'Shang-Chi' director to direct live-action 'Naruto'

Recently, Lionsgate Pictures announced that "Shang-Chi" director Destin Cretton will direct the live-action version of "Naruto" being produced in Hollywood.

In this regard, Masashi Kishimoto, the author of the comic, said that he had read the work of Destin Cretton and believed that he was the perfect candidate to direct the "Naruto" live-action movie.

Masashi Kishimoto revealed in an interview that after communicating face-to-face with Destin Cretton, he felt that Destin Cretton was an open-minded person and that the two could work together in creating a live-action film.

"Bear Infested: Reverse Time and Space" box office exceeded 1.8 billion

Recently, according to real-time statistics from the Beacon Professional Edition, the box office of the film "Bear Bears Reversing Time and Space" exceeded 1.826 billion, surpassing "30,000 Miles from Chang'an" to become the top two animated film box office in Chinese film history.

The film is the tenth film in the "Bear Bears" series and the tenth anniversary film of the series. It is directed by Lin Huida and Ding Liang, written by Xu Yun, Wan Qin and Jiang Lin, and written by Tan Xiao, Zhang Wei, Zhang Bingjun, Zhang Ming Waiting for dubbing, it will be released in mainland China on February 10, 2024.

2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards Announced

The 30th Screen Actors Guild Awards were officially announced yesterday at the Temple Theater in Los Angeles, California. The awards honor actors with outstanding performances in film and television in 2023.

Among them, "Oppenheimer" won three awards for Best Ensemble, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in the movie category, and Lily Gladstone won the Best Actress; "Succession" won the TV series award. Best Drama Ensemble, "The Bear's Restaurant" won Best Ensemble in a Comedy. The full list is as follows:

Movie category:

Best Ensemble: "Oppenheimer"
Best Actress: Lily Gladstone, "Killers of the Flower Moon"
Best Actor: Cillian Murphy, "Oppenheimer"
Best Supporting Actress: Damien Joy Randolph, "The Keeper"
Best Supporting Actor: Robert Downey Jr., "Oppenheimer"
Best Stunt Ensemble: "Mission: Impossible 7"

Drama category:

Best Ensemble, Drama: "Succession"
Best Actress in a Drama Series: Elizabeth Debicki, "The Crown"
Best Actor in a Drama Series: Pedro Pascal, "The Last of Us"
Best Ensemble in a Comedy: "The Bear's Diner"
Best Actress in a Comedy: Ayo Adweli, "The Bear"
Best Actor in a Comedy: Jeremy Allen White, "Bear's Diner"
Best Actress in a Television Movie/Limited Series: Ali Wong, "A Life of Anger"
Best Actor in a Television Movie/Limited Series: Steven Yeun, "The Furious"
Best Stunt Ensemble: "The Last of Us"

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