Numeow Cyberboard keyboard experience: a man’s happiness is that simple

Human sorrows and joys are not interlinked. Just like everyone facing the Cyberboard keyboard released by Numiao Technology, many people think that a keyboard with only a base, no shaft and keycaps will cost more than 3,000 yuan. This is not cutting leek. what? Those who are in the keyboard customization circle pondered it a bit and compared the workmanship with the configuration. They felt that this thing was sold for only more than 3,000, which was quite kind.

Before leaving from Meizu, Li Nan, the founder of Numiao Technology, was full of controversy. This controversy also continued on the Cyberboard keyboard. Fortunately, it only sold 1,000 copies, which is not a mass consumer product, but it is still hard to find.

I'm probably somewhere between these two controversial arguments: playing with mechanical keyboards and keycaps, but I haven't gotten into the pit of customization, mainly because it takes too much money and effort to play customization. The Cyberboard keyboard is also the beginning of my customization, so there will be some "cute new" perspectives here.

Although I had prepared for it to be very heavy before I received the keyboard, I didn’t expect it to be so heavy: Without the shaft and keycaps, the Cyberboard keyboard body weighs 2.5KG. After the cap and shaft are installed, the weight is about 3KG, which is almost equivalent to the weight of 3 thin and light notebooks.

Because the Cyberboard keyboard is not equipped with shafts and keycaps, after you buy it, you have to purchase shafts and keycaps yourself. This is also the fun of customization: to create a keyboard that rarely resembles in feel and vision .

Nowadays, the keyboard customization circle is not too small, so there are still many channels for us to buy shafts and keycaps. Of course, the most popular is certain treasure, and of course there are also "equipment front lines" where players gather.

In addition to the five most common cherry red, green tea, black and silver shafts on the market, there are also many niche shafts. For example, I bought the "Zealpc Aqua Zilent Blue Shaft V2". In the shaft market, the three colors of green, green and blue often mean the most paragraph-like feel, and it also shows that they are often accompanied by a huge sound, which is the most representative of the crisp crackling sound of a mechanical keyboard. The mute blue axis is to reduce the noise generated by percussion while retaining this sense of passage.

As for the keycap, I found one on a certain treasure. Compared with the choice of shaft body, the range of keycaps to choose from is wider, but there are also many places to be particular about, such as the height of the keycap. , Keycap material, etc. These will also affect the feel of typing, just like the shaft.

In addition, after purchasing the keycaps and the shaft body, you must also purchase the satellite shaft. This is to ensure a stable feel similar to the large keys such as the space bar and the Enter key. In short, having a Cyberboard keyboard is just the beginning. The cost of buying a set of keyboard and axis body basically costs more than 1,000 yuan, so in fact, if you want the Cyberboard keyboard to work normally, the required amount is at least 4,000 yuan or more.

Speaking of the Cyberboard keyboard, the initial packaging is very careful. The outer packaging is a silver-white metal box. This is also a packaging form often used in high-end keyboards. It is nicknamed "arms box", which is probably the kind of "straight man's romance". . The front side of the metal box is printed with the noun CYBERBOARD, and the back side is three cat claw scratches. We can pay attention to some printing details on the metal box:

  • 75% Size, 81 Keys, Hotswap
  • 200 LEDs, Custom lighting control
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wireless charge

These are the main features of this keyboard: 75% layout, 81 key positions, hot-swappable, 200 LED beads, support for lighting effect customization, support for Bluetooth 5.0, and wireless charging.

After everything is ready, we can proceed with the installation.

As an adorable new customized keyboard, I made a mistake, that is, I started to install the keycaps directly on the keyboard base. After I installed the keycaps one by one, I realized that the satellite axis could not be installed, so there was a key. Pull off the caps one by one, disassemble the keyboard shell and start to explore and install the satellite shaft.

After I thought I installed the satellite shaft and started to install other keycaps again, I found that the satellite shaft was not installed properly, the buckle was not fully buckled, and the big key position could not rebound at all, so I performed mechatronics in the office again Product disassembly technology. Colleagues who came and went saw me sitting at the table, holding a screwdriver and screwing the screws one by one, indicating that I looked like Luo Yonghao's world famous painting of "craftsman spirit" that tossed products under the lamp in the room.

After twisting two or three shafts, I finally completed the assembly of the keyboard. At least, it looks like a normal keyboard. As for whether it can be used, I have to connect to the computer to try.

Ah yes, why is it connected to the computer? At this time, I just remembered that there are also manuals. If I read the manuals and install them according to the steps earlier, it would not make so many detours. Fortunately, after connecting to the computer's Bluetooth, the keyboard can work normally, and the typing and gaming experience is good. The delay should be less than the human perception limit and will not cause operational problems.

Here we can talk about the design of this keyboard. This is also its biggest controversy. Whether it is a tribute to the appearance of Tesla Cybertruck, or the light array composed of 200 LED lamp beads, it is unusual.

Many people think that imitating Cybertruck's lines and making the keyboard tilt angle up to 10° will result in a bad typing feel, but in fact, after using it for a long time, I found that this tilt angle will not have any effect on the use (I Optional is the contour keycap). Again, we must fully believe in the adaptability of people. If the keyboard is a few millimeters high and the angle is inclined a few degrees, people can adapt quickly.

It must be praised that Li Nan, a mechanical keyboard from the smartphone industry, can be said to be a dimensionality reduction blow, and the 2.5KG weight of the Cyberboard keyboard has become the word "texture". Aluminum alloy is uncommon in the smartphone industry, but this very well-processed material meets a good anodizing process. The color and metallic texture presented are definitely in the circle of customized keyboards. First gear. Even if some people think that the price of this keyboard is cut leek, they will not deny the level of craftsmanship.

The level of craftsmanship is objective, but the design is good or bad, there are many subjective elements. In the eyes of many car designers, Tesla’s Cybertruck is almost in the category of industrial waste, but this does not prevent many people from thinking that it is what the future pickup truck should look like. . As for the Cyberboard keyboard, it actually lacks some of the bulky and cold feeling of Cybertruck, such as the silver-white body with creamy white keycaps and even unexpected delicate feelings. But to be honest, I don't think this green one is good with keycaps.

▲ The light array that the user sees is probably like this

As for the 5×40 light array, it can almost be said to have no practicality (a little practicality is that it can display the time or power), and in the user’s perspective, its viewing effect is not good, more , Or its external display effect, no one can ignore the colorful and eye-catching presence in the office.

Although Numeow Technology suggests to put "Fxxk 996" on it, just as Sakai does not recommend that everyone imitate Naoki Hansawa in the workplace, we do not recommend this cyberpunk method to protest workplace injustice.

Many people who play keyboards or PC DIY have a special liking for RGB lighting effects. The 200 LED lamp beads of Cyberboard keyboard give people who like to play lighting effects more space. Many people wonder what is the use of this light array (screen)? We might as well take another angle, not only accept the interesting but useless soul, but also accept this interesting but useless lamp array, it is enough for it to be bright and active.

▲ DIY an ifanr lighting effect

It may be due to the lack of software development manpower for Numiao Technology. Although the Cyberboard keyboard has good DIY hardware conditions, the software is still very rudimentary. The lighting effect editing needs to be completed on the web page, and then downloaded into a json file, and then imported A loader with almost no interaction, and then wait for the light effects to be generated. It stands to reason that Numiao should develop a local software to edit, store and switch lighting effects.

Obviously, the Cyberboard keyboard is not a product linked to practicability and cost performance. After all, you only need to spend one-tenth of its price and buy a cheap mechanical keyboard, which will not be much different from it. But more money is spent on the design concept, lighting effects, and the added value of doing it yourself. This added value is the so-called "men’s happiness." After all, every man has this innate enthusiasm for hands-on. From one or two hundred scattered keycaps and shafts to one that can be connected to Bluetooth, The lighted keyboard, the joy in it, is so simple and pure.

The logic of this product is completely incomparable with smart phones. Smart phones pay attention to the supply chain and cost, seeking the greatest common divisor of user needs and seeking the optimal solution. But the ultimate goal of a customized keyboard is to pursue personalization and find an audience willing to spend money on it. Now it seems that this group is not a minority, at least, the first 1,000 keyboards of Numiao Technology will soon be sold out.

In the plastic greenhouse of destiny, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too much pesticide has a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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