Nubia Z50S Pro experience: challenge an inch! A 35mm main camera phone with a high degree of completion

In the middle of the year, taking advantage of the time when the leading version of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 was launched, Nubia released the Z50S Pro, which completed the long-lost big cup between the Z50 and Z50 Ultra, and also affixed the revised and upgraded S letter.

Because the new machine uses the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 leading version, the camera and design have been fully upgraded. Naturally, it is more innovative than the two Z50 machines.

sign design, comeback

The appearance of Z50S Pro is a combination of Z50 and Z50 Ultra. Positioned in the middle of the two, it does not choose the curved screen design of Z50, but returns to Nubia’s classic straight screen and right-angle frame design.

The surface of the whole machine is filled with a 6.78-inch straight screen, and the feeling of holding a screen in your hand is back.

Perhaps considering the positioning and differentiation, the Z50S Pro does not use the Neovision UDC full screen of the Z50 Ultra, and the camera is placed directly in the middle of the top of the screen.

The side of the fuselage is the regular arrangement of the Z50 series. There are volume keys and red power keys. The top retains a custom switch, which can be customized as a switch for camera, game mode and silent mode. Even when the screen is locked, you can directly start the camera or game mode through here.

The top of the Z50S Pro is occupied by the antenna, infrared, and microphone and speaker openings, and the 3.5mm headphone jack is absent here.

The bottom is the speaker, card slot and USB-C interface. What needs to be praised is that the C port here uses the USB Type-C 3.1 version.

The back of the fuselage is where the Z50S Pro has changed the most. Nubia has used the "calfskin glass process" to create a camera skin-like effect on 4/5 of the back cover, and another matte frosting process for the remaining 1/5 area, combining a design similar to a classic card camera or rangefinder camera.

In order to echo the camera design of the card machine, the rear multi-camera module of the Z50S Pro has also changed from a square structure concentrated on the upper left side to a large round pie design similar to a card machine. The main camera with a larger opening is placed in the middle, the lens on the right is an ultra-wide-angle lens, and the one with a smaller opening at the bottom is a telephoto lens.

As a flagship mobile phone that focuses on images, the Z50S Pro achieves "similarity" in design and CMF. Whether it is the color contrast design and the leather-like texture of the glass, as well as the huge round cake and the main camera, it is all hinting to the user: put me sideways, open the camera interface, and press the shutter.

Therefore, taking pictures is the highlight.

Make a full 35mm main camera

In terms of camera hardware, the main camera of the Z50S Pro uses a 50-megapixel 1/1.49-inch sensor.

The lens module and light aperture of the Z50S Pro have also been enlarged. The light aperture has been increased to 5.21mm, and the aperture has been increased to f/1.59. The overall light intake of the main camera has also increased significantly.

At night and in some low-light environments, the photos of the Z50S Pro can still maintain a relatively high brightness, while ensuring that the picture is relatively clean and there will be no obvious color noise.

Thanks to the increased aperture, the Z50S Pro is easier to achieve the effect of background blur when shooting close-range still life. If there is a light source in the background, the edge of the formed spot will be slightly sharper.

At the same time, because the night algorithm of this generation is upgraded to 2.0, the phone will brighten the picture again when shooting in night scene mode, and the photo will feel brighter. Of course, because AI intelligently recognizes the scene, we don’t have to jump to the dedicated night mode when shooting, and it can be turned on directly in normal mode.

In the daytime scene with normal light environment, the overall look and feel of the Z50S Pro is not bad. Compared with other Android phones with the same positioning, Nubia prefers high-contrast, transparent and sharp images, and slightly higher brightness. With a viewing angle equivalent to 35mm, the Z50S Pro is very suitable for humanistic street photography.

In addition, the camera supports a shooting mode in which spot metering and focusing can be separated, and exposure adjustment can be more flexible. Users can also obtain photos with a higher contrast between light and dark in bright scenes and a more "humanistic" feel.

▲ Shooting in automatic mode

▲ Lock the exposure and shoot after manual calendering

It’s just that in an environment with a large light ratio, if you need to lower the exposure of the screen to achieve the effect, you need to turn off the camera’s AI first or long-press to lock the exposure before adjusting the light and darkness.

▲ 100% magnification

For the lens part, the Z50S Pro uses a custom 1G+6P lens, which can bring lower dispersion than the previous version. It’s like taking photos in broad daylight. After zooming in at 100%, you can see that the purple fringing on the metal security window is very inconspicuous.

This 35mm-equivalent main camera comes with OIS optical image stabilization. In professional mode, hand-held shooting with a shutter speed of about 1/10-1/8 seconds has a relatively high success rate.

Especially in the night environment, if you still want to do some pedestrian walking or track effects, then the stability of the main camera of the Z50S Pro is sufficient to meet the needs.

This kind of effect can also be achieved by switching to an ultra-wide-angle equivalent of 13mm. On the whole, the handheld shooting experience of the Z50S Pro can be regarded as a relatively versatile one in mobile phones.

Let’s talk about the humanistic street shooting mode. This time, Nubia set the quick start of the mode to the custom switch by default. Interestingly, no matter which side the switch is on, just flip the switch to turn on the camera and start shooting.

In the humanistic street shooting mode, you can set the filter and the exposure compensation, saturation and sharpness when taking photos. After the settings are completed, switch the mode back and forth and then come back here to set the parameters. For users who like a certain shooting style, it saves a lot of time and effort to set back and forth.

In the street shooting mode, there is no conventional long-press continuous shooting function. Instead, there are two fixed continuous shooting functions of "exposure bracketing" and "white balance bracketing". After it is turned on, it will automatically take three photos for you according to the situation on the spot.

In addition to hardware and algorithms, Z50S Pro still has a rich collection of filters, including film simulation and conventional styles.

If you want to use its camera as a filter camera with three focal lengths of 35mm, 50mm and 80mm, the filters provided by Humanities Street Shot mode are quite sufficient and rich in choices.

If Nubia can add the conventional continuous shooting function and shutter speed control in the subsequent version of the street shooting mode, the practicality and playability of the street shooting mode will be even higher.

It is also its investment in humanistic street photography. Although the viewing angle is different, when you hold the Z50S Pro just like holding a GR, you will suddenly want to shoot black and white:

Next-Generation Flagship Performance Benchmark

Z50S Pro continues to use the combination of LPDDR4X + UFS 4.0, with options of "12GB+256GB", "12GB+1TB" and "16GB+1TB".

Since the span between 256GB and 1TB is slightly larger, and this phone is positioned as a video flagship, if the budget is not lacking, it is recommended to use the 1TB version.

The charging combination of the Z50S Pro is a 5100mAh battery + 80W fast charging, which belongs to the first-class echelon.

In this day of intensive testing, I ran an AnTuTu and Geekbench test in a state of close to full power, and then took pictures intermittently for 2-3 hours at night and the next night, and briefly brushed "Yuanshin" during the commuting time. By default, both data and Wi-Fi are turned on on the mobile phone. When shooting, the brightness is the highest at all times. The communication software logged in is a backup number, and there are not many daily information communications. In this mode, the remaining power of Z50S Pro is 49% until the next day to complete the shooting. There is no charging in the middle, and the overall battery life is good. As long as it is not used heavily, there is almost no need to consider the power bank.

The focus of performance updates is actually on the SoC.

Z50S Pro uses Qualcomm's current strongest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 leading mobile platform, and the super-core main frequency is increased to 3.36GHz. We have the 12GB+256GB version. Under the early firmware, the running score of AnTuTu is about 1.62 million to 1.63 million points. The Geekbench running score is 1545 for single-core and 4921 for multi-core.

Considering that this Z50S Pro is still using the advanced firmware, the factory will continue to optimize it in the future. The overall score of AnTuTu has exceeded 1.62 million points, which is also in line with the expectations for the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 leading version.

▲ Z50S Pro "Honkai: Star Railway" test

▲ Z50S Pro "Yuan Shen" test

The game part used "Original God" and "Star Railway" for a 20-minute operation test. During the test, the game's highest quality and 60fps options were turned on, and the mobile phone turned on the game mode:

The game is stable for most of the time. After the motion blur is turned off in "Yuan Shen", the battle angle switching is comfortable and smooth, and the skill release can keep up with the control. In the face of "Star Railway", which mainly focuses on dialogue and turn-based battles, the performance of the Z50S Pro can be satisfactory, and it can meet the requirements of the leading version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile phone.

It's just that when "Original God" runs the map, there will occasionally be one or two obvious freezes and frame drops, and sometimes the operation will be stuck. Fortunately, the freeze will not appear in the battle scene. I hope that the official version of the firmware will be released to improve.

The other is heat. The heat dissipation speed of the Z50S Pro is not particularly fast, but because it is summer in Guangzhou, the temperature of the phone is still relatively high after running with full load for a while. In view of the fact that the Red Magic phone does not have a built-in fan design, so when using it to play large-scale games this season, it is recommended to add a back-clip radiator.

The most complete 35mm mobile phone

In general, the Nubia Z50S Pro is a mobile phone that focuses on shooting functions, and it is also a mobile phone that fully captures the shooting experience of the 35mm main camera.

The new body design makes it look more like a camera, and the optimized camera module can improve the imaging performance in detail, thereby improving the completion of the entire camera system.

If you put aside the positioning configuration restrictions, then the Z50S Pro should be the most complete 35mm main camera phone at present. It may also be because of this that Nubia put forward the slogan "beyond an inch" on the Z50S Pro.

This is Nubia’s conspiracy: it’s not a parameter in an absolute sense. Now that the main camera angle of a mobile phone camera is getting wider and wider, users either zoom in when shooting, or crop after shooting. Why not just make the more general-purpose 35mm focal length?

Nubia also mentioned it when it was released, which probably means:

If you need 35mm, and the main camera of your one-inch mobile phone needs to be enlarged by 1.3x to 1.5x to achieve this viewing angle, then under the same specifications, choose a mobile phone that can make the 35mm viewing angle full from the beginning, in order to have a better shooting effect.

Back to the product itself, the Z50S Pro is indeed a mobile phone with a good comprehensive shooting experience: the imaging effect is good, the presentation and operation logic of the camera interface are closer to the camera, not only the touch wheel with feedback but also the camera’s regular focal length display, which is also very friendly to users like me who are used to taking pictures with the camera.

If your type of shooting is more street photography and life recording, the common focal length is 35mm, and you don’t need to worry about the quality of long zoom, then Z50S Pro is a very good choice as your main mobile phone and optional portable camera.

"Buy it, it's not expensive."

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