Nubia Z30 Pro experience: a “star trail” artifact that can stand on the desktop

In this era, almost all Android manufacturers have made their products as round as possible for the feel of mobile phones. Whether it is the screen, the back cover or the middle frame, there is a handy arc. The tough appearance of the fuselage is also getting less and less, and everyone is "forever" on the road to "round corners".

Is there a mobile phone that can balance the tough appearance and the fit feel?

The Nubia Z30 Pro is such a special product that can stand on the desktop and hold it with one hand.

After two years, there is no new machine released, this time it is back again, Nubia is still the same, and it will always bring some different products to users.

Inside circle outside, counter-intuitive feel

Before I actually held the phone in my hand, I always felt that the right-angled body of the Z30 Pro must be difficult to describe. But in fact, after the hand, the hand feel is really counter-intuitive. It can not only be held with one hand, but the right-angled body will not feel awkward. On the contrary, the narrower body also allows my fingers to cover the entire touch screen horizontally. , At least one-handed photography is completely fine. However, it is really impossible to operate the long and narrow screen with one hand.

The Z30 Pro also has several other elements of excellent feel. The arcs of the front and rear surfaces are symmetrical to ensure that the middle frame will not cut hands and the transition to the middle frame is well connected.

The upper and lower borders are a flat "circular track" design, which is why the mobile phone can stand on the desktop.

This right-angled body design makes the area between the body and the R corner of the screen appear to occupy a larger area. But whether it is for the protection angle of the screen or the tough appearance, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This also allows me to see that the design team of the mobile phone still has a certain degree of self-seeking, and has not been kidnapped by the "screen-to-body ratio" design, and has not compromised for the sake of ratio.

Of course, the screen-to-body ratio of this phone itself is no longer low. The center-mounted digging hole and the ultra-narrow screen frame, if you put aside the 1080p resolution, the positive look and feel of this phone is definitely no less than that of this year. a cell phone.

However, the screen does not have the regret of 2k. The Z30 Pro has found it in other dimensions of the screen, whether it is a high refresh rate of 144Hz or a touch sampling rate of 240Hz, as well as a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and 10 Bit color depth. Let this screen have a smoother and silkier experience and a more brilliant display effect. From this point of view, the lack of 2k resolution is more like a "strategic abandonment."

The back panel design of the Z30 Pro is also very colorful this time, and the application of the AG process is more delicate and less likely to be contaminated with fingerprints. While obtaining a better touch of the back cover, a customized "glossy area" is also demarcated on the right side of the camera module.

This design also makes this product have its own unique style in the recognition of the back cover, and the glossy surface is placed on the top, so you don't have to worry about fingerprints on the index finger when you use it in a bare machine.

A mobile phone that can't "shoot" star trails is not a good camera

This time, the Nubia Z30 Pro is probably the most proud of its imaging capabilities. In the publicity, it vigorously highlights the camera capabilities of three 64-megapixel lenses. However, unlike other manufacturers' approach to the size and size of the sensor, Nubia has "developed a different path" and wants each camera to have enough imaging capabilities that meet the standard, without stacking the "longboard" of the wooden barrel extremely high.

This can also be seen from the appearance design of the image module. Except for the periscope zoom lens, the apertures of the other three cameras are very similar, giving a sense of "three main cameras".

This can also be seen from the words 3×64MP marked on the right side of the periscope lens. At the same time, the small print below indicates that the Z30 Pro four cameras cover the 13-123mm "equivalent focal length" from ultra-wide angle to telephoto, and aperture f/1.6-f/3.4.

In actual shooting, the imaging effect of the main camera in a cloudy environment is still good, but the angle of view may be wider than that of other manufacturers' main cameras.

Of course, the ultra-wide angle with an equivalent focal length of 13mm also has a wider angle of view, allowing you to take photos of grand architectural scenes.

The more brilliant is this medium-focus lens, the 64-megapixel medium-focus lens is indeed more practical in composition.

Although the five-fold zoom of the periscope is only 8 million pixels, it is enough to take pictures of airplanes in the sky under good light conditions.

The actual picture of the maximum 50x zoom may indeed be unusable, but it is still very useful to use as a "binoculars" in stadiums or concerts.

Although the actual imaging capabilities are indeed quite satisfactory, another "different way" of the Z30 Pro is that it has at least 20 interesting camera gameplay built into the phone.

Perhaps the most unique one is the "star trail mode", which allows users to take star trails with their mobile phones. However, the principle is actually the "p-picture". Through the various sensors built into the mobile phone, combined with the different positions, angles, orientations, and times of the mobile phone, the "real" star trail image at this point in time is synthesized.

After the actual shooting, there is actually a real sense of sight of a "star trail blockbuster".

However, different star trail modes must be selected according to different scenes, otherwise it will appear to be more inconsistent.

And while shooting, it will automatically generate a "time-lapse video", especially with the feeling of "fighting the stars".

Of course, this delay is also synthesized, and it is obvious that the cars on the bridge below have not changed.

But this star trail mode is not actually a gimmick. For professional photographers, there is actually an "artifact" that simply predicts the position and effect of the star trails. Before shooting, use the Z30 Pro to "find" the position of the star trails and choose the angle of view you want. This also greatly improves the efficiency of the photographer.

In addition to star trails, Z30 Pro can also "shoot" the starry sky in seconds, but the recognition rate of the sky is obviously not as good as the star trail mode, and the probability of "rolling over" is still very high.

It’s a bit difficult to really take a good-looking Milky Way with it, but whether it’s star trails or starry sky mode, Z30 Pro has a built-in professional mode that can get real blockbusters through long exposure + algorithms.

In addition, I also tried its "light painting" mode, and tried to take a picture of the car tracks on the bridge. However, the effect is actually not ideal. It may be due to the mismatch between the shutter speed and the vehicle speed. Although the exposure time is long enough, the lights are not completely connected.

But the advantage is that it will also generate a time-lapse video in light painting mode at the same time. In addition to shooting car tracks, it may be a better choice to shoot light painting fonts, which can be used as a confession artifact.

Other gameplays may be more commonplace. Although the filters of art cameras are rich, they are also more conventional, but it may be more convenient to integrate them in the camera App.

"Not environmentally friendly" 120W charging head and "reverse" motor vibration

This time, the Nubia Z30 Pro's box also included a 120W GaN charging head and a type-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter cable. Although it is "not environmentally friendly", it is very conscientious.

The 120W charging speed allows the phone to charge from 0 to 100% in 15 minutes. Although the battery is slightly smaller and only 4200mAh, the ultra-high-speed fast charging also makes my "life anxiety" disappear. At the same time, the 120W charging head can also be used with It is common for computers that support PD fast charging. You only need to bring one cable and one charging head when you go out, which also greatly saves the space in the bag.

In other respects, this phone, like most of this year's flagship phones, is also equipped with the Snapdragon 888 processor, so the performance is needless to say. And the game space has made a handheld interface that automatically recognizes the game in the mobile phone.

After all, it has a game mobile phone product line, Red Devils, so don't worry about the optimization of the game. Coupled with the performance of Snapdragon 888, 144Hz high brush, graphite + VC liquid cooling heat dissipation, basically all mobile games can be played smoothly.

However, I still have to complain about the vibration of this motor. Nowadays, domestic manufacturers are increasingly emphasizing the vibration of linear motors. At the same time, the motor of Nubia Z30 Pro is a bit bad. I even thought it was a "rotor motor." But I still hope to re-optimize this problem before the next system update.

In short, through the Nubia Z30 Pro, it can be seen that the mobile phone team wants to make some "different places". It turns out that some of these changes are indeed difficult to see in mainstream manufacturers’ products. Today, when products are becoming more and more homogenous, it is indeed not easy to have such a few "niche" manufacturers.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s "different for the sake of difference" or "itself unique". When most mobile phones on the market adopt the same design language, we should be thankful that some manufacturers are willing to take the risk to try something different. The same thing.

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