NPC trend on TikTok: what it is and why it became popular

When we think we've seen it all, a new trend pops up to make us think again: TikTok's latest NPC trend is a testament to this . This trend, which has taken hold among the creators of the well-known video sharing platform, shows us how virtual space is fertile ground for the birth of fashions and cultural movements that may seem extravagant, but which in reality reflect our incessant search for connection, expression and, in a certain sense, recognition in an increasingly interconnected world.

What does this NPC trend on TikTok consist of and what is it

NPC, which stands for 'non-playable character', refers to TikTok creators who livestream themselves repeating certain phrases or actions , similar to video game characters. This trend, led by creators like PinkyDoll, is not just a bizarre fad but a growing source of income for those who participate.

Why the NPC trend is gaining popularity

The appeal of the NPC trend lies in its simplicity and the nostalgia of video game culture. Creators like PinkyDoll have capitalized on the repetitive nature of video game NPCs, performing limited actions or catchphrases that resonate with their audiences. This imitation creates a familiar and engaging experience for viewers, who can interact with these creators through in-app gifts, triggering programmed responses and contributing to the creator's income.

Monetization through micro-revenues

The NPC trend is more than just entertainment; it is a monetization strategy. While individual gifts may cost just a few cents, they add up, providing a significant source of income for creators. For example, PinkyDoll reported earnings between $2,000 and $3,000 per live stream . This micro-revenue model is a testament to the power of digital platforms in offering unconventional new ways for creators to earn money.

Not just for profit

Some creators who followed this trend admitted that they only exploited it to gain popularity and an audience, before revealing their true intentions on the platform, such as singing, painting or expressing other forms of art. This situation is very questionable and at times we can define it as "sad" because art, although it is a compromise between what you want to do, your talent and the demands of the public, should not need to exploit trends of this type. Furthermore, the question arises whether people, after seeing an artist conforming to the trend of the moment, will take him seriously or look at him with the same respect. There is also the question of whether the audience acquired with this trend will actually be interested in the artist's real work. Despite this, we now know that times have changed and so have the forms in which art is expressed.

The future of the NPC trend

While the NPC trend is currently experiencing a surge in popularity, its longevity remains uncertain . However, experts like Jess Maddox, assistant professor and internet culture expert, see potential for its continuation, drawing parallels to the sustained interest in ASMR content. The adaptability of the trend and the potential for brand collaborations suggests that NPC content could become a fixture in the diverse world of social media entertainment.

A new monetization strategy on social media

The NPC trend on TikTok, despite its questionable usefulness, is more than just a fad; represents the innovative ways content creators can engage audiences and monetize their creativity. As social media platforms evolve, so do the opportunities for creators to explore new forms of content and revenue streams. The NPC trend is a clear indicator of this dynamic digital economy, where even the most unconventional ideas can lead to financial success.

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