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The poet Bei Dao wrote the shortest poem "Life" in the world. The whole poem has only one word: net.

To describe the billions of lives of billions of people with a word that can make people infinitely reverie, infinity is greater than gigantic.

Applying it, smart life is also a network: if this smart life experience is built on the Hongmeng ecosystem and based on Huawei's 1+8+N strategy, then after July 4, this network will become even bigger. Much denser and denser.

Of course, grand words such as ecology or strategy are fascinating, but if we put our perspective as close as possible to the micro-level of the "net", count the meshes, and look at the nodes, there will be a different landscape: innovation, yes How to change the specific details of each intelligent life? Do these details constitute a better intelligent life?

How can nova in 1+8+N evolve?

In Huawei's 1+8+N strategy, 1 refers to mobile phones, the smart devices that have been with us for the longest time.

However, when we talk about smartphones, there is often a feeling that the novelty has disappeared and it is commonplace. I always feel that the innovative electronics in this category are almost exhausted, and the ever-longer replacement cycle seems to confirm this.

However, the just-released Huawei nova10 series actually confirms that there is room for innovation in both the pain point function breakthrough and the whole product level.

When most manufacturers chose to make the front camera smaller or even disappear, Huawei did the opposite and still chose to choose a dual-camera solution on the nova10 Pro. This obviously does not make the function subordinate to the design, but the function first. choose.

In the user portrait of the nova mobile phone, selfie love is obviously an important label, and functional innovation is required to meet the needs of users and even exceed the expectations of users.

This is the first new front-facing binocular stereo vision imaging system for the nova10 series: a front-facing 60-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, with the industry's highest front-facing 60-megapixel, 100-degree ultra-wide-angle, 1/2.61-inch outsole, and support for 4K image quality ; Another 8-megapixel portrait close-up lens that supports 2x optical zoom and up to 5x digital zoom.

Unlike digital camera lenses that can optically zoom, the focal length changes of mobile phone shots require several lenses to work together to relay the focal length coverage. Therefore, the front dual camera can definitely cover more focal lengths, so as to solve the problem that the selfie lens of many people is not wide enough, or the focal length may be too long when you want to take a close-up selfie of a single person.

However, focal length coverage is only an entry-level skill for this system, and dual-camera matching is not its bottom line.

When we watch live broadcasts with goods, we often see such a scene: the anchor takes out lipstick and wants to show it, but the focus of the camera is still on the anchor's face, and the lipstick in front is very vague and can't be seen clearly at all, so the anchor Reach out to cover the lipstick, let the camera refocus on the front item, and then remove the handle, so that the focus of the camera will finally fall on the lipstick to achieve the purpose of product display.

Huawei's nova10 Pro is the industry's first front-end QPD full-pixel precision focusing technology. With a dual-camera system, you can get a new focusing experience. Because all pixels are involved in focusing, coupled with closed-loop motor support, it can focus quickly in complex texture environments and low-light environments. Recently, it can perform close-up focusing shots of 14 cm.

The front focal length coverage of 0.7X-5X and the front QPD full-pixel precise focusing can well cover the needs of beauty anchors: panoramic shooting in the live broadcast room, half-length shooting, face close-up, special beauty products, Close-up close-up of lips and eyes after trial of lipstick and eye shadow, etc.

Of course, the front binocular stereo vision imaging system has an additional benefit, that is, the dual camera can provide a better blur effect than the single camera. The reason is very simple. The dual camera can obtain more depth of field information than the single camera. Coupled with the optimized algorithm, the hair-level blur effect is not a problem.

The reason why I take the example of a beauty anchor is because in this scene, the requirements for the focus segment and focus are very complex and unpredictable. If this scene can be handled, then the Selfie needs of ordinary users will naturally be handled with ease. .

The rise of live streaming outlets has spawned more complicated mobile phone usage scenarios. The previous front-facing cameras of mobile phones began to be stretched thin. At this time, user insight and product capability evolution are particularly important.

Innovation is an empty word, but once the technology hits the scene, it's endearing.

Technology and innovation are not always advances in chip process, screen pixel density or image sensor size, but in every detail.

We always said before that the cost of CMF (color, material and craftsmanship) is also cost, and beauty is also productivity. Don’t always focus on the running score.

For the nova series, the aesthetic design and mobile image experience are more important on the balance, so a lot of writing and ink are used to describe the front-end binocular stereo vision image system. It is also an important part of the definition of this product. In addition, we can see the star ring design and star logo design in the nova 10 series. Under different angles and light, the camera modules of the nova10 series will produce completely different light effects.

Although these lights will not make the system smoother and make the photos more gorgeous, but who told us to believe in light?

So far, the nova series has had a large number of users. Most of these nova stars are young, love images, are sensitive to trends, and do not follow blindly. It is not easy to gain the approval of this group of people.

The evolved nova imaging capability is also an extension of Huawei Imaging XMAGE

Whether it is the detailed video explanation at the press conference, or the dazzling photography skills of chasing the stars and the moon, over the years, "taking good pictures" has become a strong perception of Huawei mobile phones for many consumers. In the arms race of mobile phone photography, Huawei It is also the one with the most investment, perhaps not one of them, and now it is a faction of its own in terms of imaging capabilities.

The perceptual perception of "take a good picture" may be because a certain user has seen the hundreds of times digital zoom photos of the P40 Pro+, or it may be the portraits taken by the earlier P10 series mobile phones. Of course, the nova series of selfie photos are shared. This awareness may also be deepened in the circle of friends. During this process, Huawei mobile phone users spread word of mouth, and word of mouth continued to spill over.

Why is "take a good picture"? In addition to many fragmented and perceptual cognitions, a clear definition is needed.

He Gang, COO of Huawei Terminal BG, said:

Huawei Imaging XMAGE will be the exclusive logo of Huawei Mobile Imaging, announcing our leadership and maturity in the imaging field, and will also represent our continuous breakthrough and commitment.

This is the significance of Huawei Imaging XMAGE becoming a new technology brand on July 2, 2022, which will technicalize, brand and systemize Huawei's imaging capabilities.

"Front binocular stereo vision imaging system" and "front QPD full-pixel precision focusing" and other new capabilities in the nova series are naturally an extension of Huawei's imaging XMAGE.

What is Huawei Imaging XMAGE?

To summarize, Huawei Imaging XMAGE is divided into 3 major aspects:

  • Technological innovation: Continuous investment in technological innovation is the unswerving strategy of Huawei Imaging XMAGE. From the three dimensions of optical system, imaging technology, and image processing, Huawei Imaging XMAGE has built an industrial technical specification for future computational photography, formed a unique mobile photography technology system, and has become a milestone in the development of the imaging industry.
  • Shooting experience: All the technological innovations of Huawei Imaging XMAGE are not for dazzling skills, nor for technological innovation. Huawei Imaging XMAGE is to let consumers get better color experience (capture color), better brightness and contrast (perceive light and shade), better telephoto experience/zoom experience (across space), better capture experience (Freeze the moment), get a professional-grade mobile image shooting experience.
  • Image culture: Huawei Image XMAGE focuses on building the cultural connotation of high-end brands. Over the years, Huawei's new image program [Continuous Innovation Competition], [Never Ending New Image Exhibition], [School of Advanced Learning], [For everyone to learn and exchange] , community building and community culture that inspire each other], and Huawei's new image golden rooster mobile phone movie plan, continue to promote in various fields, encourage more people to use mobile phones to devote themselves to video creation, and create a sense of atmosphere for the next generation of video culture for users.

Therefore, we can see that the evolution of the nova10 series is actually still within the system that Huawei has already planned, and the technical details everywhere coincide with the connotation of Huawei's imaging XMAGE.

For example, the "front binocular stereo vision imaging system" is actually from the perspective of the optical system, and the "front QPD full-pixel precision focusing" is based on the shooting experience, and the 0.7X-5X zoom and Huawei Image XMAGE's concept of spanning space Inheritance…

Of course, features such as "close-up double recording", "front 4K ultra-wide-angle video" and "full-link P3 wide color gamut" are also included in this system.

This is another dimension of innovation and technology: it serves specific people and specific scenarios, but at the same time it is based on a main line with complete concepts and rich connotations.

It is not isolated, but on a line.

1+8+N is not one evolution, but everywhere

As mentioned earlier, if you put the perspective at the micro level, you will find that there are countless innovations in Huawei's 1+8+N strategy. The evolution of images in the nova10 series follows a main line, so it is naturally the same in other aspects.

A "net" is made up of countless intertwined main threads.

Going back to Huawei's press conference on July 4th, 8 and N in 1+8+N also ushered in many blockbuster new products. It is these products as nodes that are connected to each other and build the "network of smart life". ".

The lightweight smart watch Huawei WATCH FIT 2 brings a 10-day long battery life experience in typical usage scenarios; supports up to 97 sports modes, and has made progress in personal smart fitness and smart life guidance, while retaining many smart functions , With the support of HarmonyOS 2.1, third-party watch apps such as Baidu Maps, Countdown Days, Focus List, and Air Travel can all run.

The Huawei Children's Watch 4 Pro combines two popular Chinese comics – "Journey to the West: The Return of the Great Sage" and "Deep Sea" to launch new Huawei Children's Watch 4 Pro models: the Hero of the Great Sage and the Deep Sea Fantasy, bringing an exclusive IP dial and themes. Huawei Children's Watch 4 Pro supports 9-level AI positioning, and can record high-frequency footprints when worn to protect travel safety; it is also equipped with a 5-megapixel high-definition camera, which supports WeChat and QQ for children, allowing children to make voice and video calls on WeChat.

In the field of communication industry, Huawei released the new mobile WiFi 3 Pro, which supports full Netcom, can access the Internet by inserting a SIM card, the maximum downlink rate can reach 300Mbps, and is equipped with a large 3000mAh battery with a long battery life of 12 hours.

Huawei's whole house intelligence has also evolved to 2.0, bringing a new spatial interaction experience. The addition of the desktop central control screen enriches the family form of the intelligent central control screen. From the wall to the desktop, it truly realizes one screen in one space. The new UX design interface equipped with HarmonyOS realizes the storage and control of subspaces, subsystems, and sub-scenes, and the hierarchical interactive entrance is controlled step by step, with the upgrades in lighting, security, shading, network, and heating and cooling subsystems.

Caring about living, of course, also caring about traveling, AITO M7 was also unveiled at this conference. As the first large-scale extended-range SUV under AITO, it is not just big. HarmonyOS smart cockpit may be the most suitable for passengers. A friendly cockpit, if it happens to be a Huawei family bucket user.

Basically, the above products are all in the Hongmeng ecosystem, with a unified interface and close connection, including food, clothing, housing and transportation. It is the connection among them that builds a full-scene smart life. In my opinion, 1+ 8+N is an intuitive category arrangement, but the possibility is 1×8×N.

If "Life" is a "net", then our expectations for it should be intelligent, convenient, and interconnected.

Technological innovation is the needle and thread of dream-building and weaving. Between needles and threads, equipment and equipment, ecology and life are linked together, and life is "netted" together.

In the plastic greenhouse of fate, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too much pesticide once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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