Nothing wants to disrupt the mobile phone market again with Phone (2a)

The Nothing Phone, with its unique design language, has always been a hot topic in the mobile phone industry. Its new mid-range phone (2a) will be officially released in Europe on March 5.

However, at the MWC World Mobile Communications Conference in Barcelona, ​​this new phone couldn't help but "jump ahead".

▲ Nothing Phone (2a) at MWC (Source: Android Authority)

New design brought by "technical warmth"

Nothing's industrial designer Chris Weightman pointed out in Nothing's official video introducing the Phone (2a) that the Phone (2a) is a product designed from scratch, compared to the Phone (2) that is more like an evolution of the previous generation.

This is first reflected in the design of the mobile phone.

Compared with the stunning appearance of the 1st generation light strip back panel, Phone (2) completely continues the design of the 1st generation, which has been complained about "lack of new ideas", while the redesigned light strip back panel of 2a is a new one handed over by Nothing. Answer sheet.

In order to redesign a brand new mobile phone, the design team led by Weightman regained inspiration from American designer Massimo Vignelli. This designer's most famous work is the New York subway map, which reorganized the originally messy subway plan into a simple and orderly one. The practical way of display inspired Nothing to propose the design concept of "technical warmth", which is to try to strike a balance between personality and practicality.

▲New York subway map designed by Massimo Vignelli

▲New York map route map designed by Massimo Vignelli

As the 2a is about to be released, there are still doubts on the Internet about the meaning and practicality of the Glyph light strip back panel, but the discussion it brings proves that this design has been successful in terms of "personality."

And Nothing won the 2023 Red Dot Design Award for all its current products, which also shows that the design concept of "technical warmth" has also been affirmed.

Therefore, on Phone (2a), all familiar Nothing design elements such as light strips and transparent back panels will be presented in a brand new way:

Changing the camera arrangement from "vertical" to "horizontal" should completely get rid of the shadow of the iPhone. Some netizens think that the "small eyes" design makes the phone more cute. Of course, some people think it is not as simple as before, and even looks a bit like a pig's nose.

However, the original 11 light strips in the 2nd generation were reduced to only 3, greatly reducing its coolness.

▲ Nothing Phone (2a) at MWC (Source: Android Authority)

"The perfect mid-range phone"

When Nothing CEO Pei Yu introduced the Phone (2a), he mentioned how current overseas mid-range phones are disappointing: the camera module looks fancy, but in fact the image sensor is very small; the system UI is full of advertisements; plastic The body feels cheap…

Nothing describes itself as a group of "young people who are dissatisfied with today's technological landscape and want to break the deadlock." Therefore, Nothing wants to create a better mid-range model that "meets the needs of different consumers while still maintaining innovation." The true".

In order to create a "perfect" mid-range model, Nothing said they will do a better job in design, software and hardware combination, and configuration. Although the imaging configuration of Nothing has not been officially revealed, Nothing officials are very confident. Pei Yu calls it an "excellent camera." In terms of SoC, Nothing officially stated that it uses MediaTek’s Dimensity 7200 Pro processor.

Nothing's product marketing manager Raymond Zhu also mentioned the reason for using this chip in Nothing's official video: This chip is more powerful in performance than Snapdragon's competing products at the same price, Snapdragon 7 Gen 2 and Snapdragon 782G. The 7200 Pro uses TSMC's 4-nanometer process, which Zhu believes is more advanced than Samsung's 4-nanometer process used in 7 Gen 2. Therefore, Nothing ultimately adopted MediaTek processors, which are more difficult to promote in Europe, in order to provide users with better processors. performance.

Phone (2a) "Compromise"?

Nothing has been emphasizing how it spends a lot of energy to ensure that the experience of Phone (2a) is "near perfect." Pei Yu also said that the supply chain is willing to supply goods at a lower price, which is also an important condition for the birth of Phone (2a).

However, although the Nothing Phone (2) is equipped with a flagship-level processor, it is essentially a more mid-range phone. The Verge also called it "a good mid-range phone." In terms of screen, imaging and other aspects, the performance of Nothing Phone is not as eye-catching as its industrial design. Especially for waterproofing, Phone (2) only supports splash-proof level waterproofing.

▲ Nothing Phone (2)

On the lower-positioned “affordable version” Phone (2a), it can be expected that these shortcomings will be further amplified.

However, until specific products are officially available to the public, all numerical experiences will be on paper. Nothing itself agrees with this view. Although MediaTek chip performance is indeed leading in terms of running scores and other numerical values, Zhu said that they also care about the actual user experience, such as feel, system optimization, software and hardware integration, etc.

In the comment area of ​​a website speculating on the configuration of Phone (2a), a comment from a foreign netizen was as follows: "Will Nothing Phone have a small window function that is as useful as xiaomi?"

This shows that domestic deeply customized UIs and domestic models going overseas have gained certain recognition. Nothing Phone (2a)’s competitors are no longer just European and American mid-range models with average product capabilities. Nothing OS, which is proud of its customized Android UI and hardware, will face challenges from domestic customized UI.

However, judging from the video released by Nothing, Nothing is confident in this product.

"We are here to disrupt the market"

Pei Yu said this in the video. On the screen, the mid-range mobile phones released overseas by Chinese brands flashed across the stage, including Redmi, OPPO and OnePlus.

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