Not just “big fonts”, don’t forget to install these 7 age-appropriate apps for your parents when you come home during the Spring Festival

Going home on the weekend, I always talk to my grandmother about life. Once I asked my grandmother if the new mobile phone I bought for her was easy to use, but she hesitated to prevaricate. After asking carefully, I found out that except for taking it out to check WeChat at night, my grandma didn't use this new mobile phone very much, so she kept it in the biscuit box for a long time.

She said that she knows that the mobile phone has many functions, but most of the time she can't see the words clearly. It is vaguely unusable and afraid to use it. It is better to watch TV.

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Digital life has brought us a lot of convenience, but it has drawn a "digital divide" invisibly. Young people here enjoy the benefits of digitalization, while the elderly on the other side seem incomprehensible under the digital torrent. .

I thought that buying a large-screen smart phone for the elders could bridge this invisible gap. After the elders got used to it, they found various complex interface interactions on the smart phone, indistinguishable small text and other unfriendly experiences. It is their biggest obstacle to getting on the Digital Express.

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To this end, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Special Action Plan for Internet Applications to Adapt to Ageing and Accessibility” last year, requiring 43 commonly used apps to be adapted to ageing according to the usage habits of the elderly.

Before the Spring Festival came, the first batch of applications suitable for aging had been launched. In order to enrich my grandma's mobile phones when I returned home during the Spring Festival, I took the lead to experience the role of the elderly.

Information App

Baidu large print version

Baidu should be the fastest response to the aging transformation of the major giants, and it has already launched the big-character version of Baidu apps in major application stores.

Comparing the original version of Baidu app with the large-character version of Baidu, you can clearly feel its full sincerity for the elders: In addition to modifying the UI interface, it also adds a lot of functions specifically designed for the elders.

The first screen is still the familiar search box, and the size and font of the search box have been enlarged, making it easy for elders to click and read.

The treasure box and companion radio in the second column are new features added to the large print version. It is not difficult to see from the naming that it is intended to facilitate the daily life of the elders.

For example, there are many practical functions in the treasure box, including knowledge of things, watching iQiyi, square dance teaching, lottery and stock market information, garbage sorting guidance and so on. Each functional module uses bright large color blocks to increase the font design, which is simple and clear, and there is almost no barrier to getting started.

Considering that some elder friends stare at their hands for a long time and cause visual fatigue, it may be a better choice to listen to the radio instead of watching the news.

The companion station at the C position is like a 24-hour automatic news broadcast station, which can broadcast current affairs news through electronic reading. Almost all news sources are from regular news websites, so you don’t have to worry about adding some vulgar articles that catch the eye. This is better than the original app.

UC large print

Compared with the original version, the large print version of UC has played down the flavor of many browsers, and looks more like an information portal. The functions are divided into four modules: watching news, watching videos, listening to major events, and reading novels.

The UC large print version also has the "Listen to Events" function to listen to the news. Compared with the Baidu large print version, the news content tends to be more relaxed and entertaining in life topics. The UI adopts the design of the radio, and the experience is more like listening to the radio.

Reading novels for free may be the favorite feature of many elders on the UC browser, and now it has also undergone an aging transformation. For example, the content catalog with large color blocks is convenient for searching related types of novels. When looking for or reading books, the fonts are enlarged accordingly. If you are tired, you can also choose to listen to the books. You can use UC large print as a novel reader.

As for the last "make money" module, I personally dislike it very much.

The elderly’s ability to understand and discriminate network information is far inferior to that of young people. In the application of aging, more attention should be paid to improving the experience of the elderly, instead of trying to induce the elderly to use daily activity. UC should assume more More social responsibilities instead of simply copying the routines used on young people to the elderly.

Audiovisual app

Cool dog music large print version

Kugou Music is the first mainstream music platform to undergo aging adaptation. This is worthy of recognition (it is indeed the player that my grandfather loves to use), but in terms of experience, the large print version of Kugou Music is a bit too much. enriched.

In the job of playing music, Kugou Music has done quite well. The homepage gathers all kinds of music genres that elders often listen to. It also uses a brightly colored large color block design to facilitate elders to find music they want to listen to.

In the "Popular Singer" column, you can see that they are basically adapted to the tastes of the elders. Classic songs like Teresa Teng can be easily found, which reduces the tedious search operation.

The big character version of Kugou Music also integrates the K song function. If you want to sing, you can reach "KTV" at one point. There is no need to download other components or apps. It is very suitable for the elders who love to team up to sing K.

However, in addition to the first screen, other functions seem to have nothing to do with music. "Kandian" is a collection of short videos, news, and long videos, "Kooyou Circle" is like the dynamics near QQ, and "mine" is a variety of mystery check-in tasks.

Not only that, the endless advertisements can even defeat the goodwill accumulated at first glance. The big character version of Kugou Music is one of the few apps that still release screen ads on it after transformation, and the singer background page on the playback page will be replaced with short video ads from time to time, not to mention some hidden posts in the corner Advertisement.

Judging from the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to "de-advertise", the large print version of Kugou Music is somewhat of a failure.

Himalaya listen to big print mode

Just when I thought "the world will not be better", Himalaya sounded like a pot of water to wash away my bad impression of the aging app (because of the large version of Kugou Music).

▲ Left: Original app right: Care version

Himalayas did not make a separate "care version" app, but added a large-character mode switch on the basis of the original app, and you can enter a comfortable world after opening it.

Yes, the large-character mode can arouse my comfort everywhere, the functions are simple and easy to use, the design is easy and clear, and the interaction logic is simple and easy to understand. It can be said that Himalaya is the aging app template we want.

The first screen uses a large color block design to integrate most of the frequently listened content sections. After selecting the reading material you want to listen to, you can set the double speed and timing off in the playback interface. There is nothing else, there is no advertisement waiting to be ambush. There are no operating reminders that are abruptly shocked, and there is nothing annoying, you can safely install and use it for your elders.

Under the big-character mode, the reading resources of Himalayas are still quite rich, whether it is storytelling, cross talk, drama, stock market quotes, and online novels, they basically cover it, and the news section will be updated in time according to daily current affairs.

It should be noted that after entering the big print mode, you cannot search for other resources through the search bar. You can only select readings from the big color block catalog. However, this does not affect its ease of use. It is easy to use, concise, and without ads. Himalaya has filled in all the questions in this "Aging Test Paper" correctly.

Life App

Didi Travel Care Edition

Taxi travel has become one of the indispensable modes of travel for people nowadays. Didi Chuxing has also made aging modifications for the convenience of elders to take taxis. The caring mode can be activated in the settings of Didi Chuxing.

▲ Left: Original app right: Care version

If conciseness is used as the result of aging reform, Didi Chuxing may win the first place: there is nothing but taxis. This is very different from the original bloated app that can do shopping, financial management, moving, auto beauty and even buying a car in addition to taxis. To be honest, I can’t go back after using the caring version.

In the care version, in order to simplify the operation, the pick-up point is canceled. The system will automatically set it according to the user's location. The elders only need to enter the location of the destination in the search bar to call the express (no carpool, taxi, special express, etc.) (Optional, call express by default).

You can also set 5 frequently used addresses and call for a car with one click.

In addition to the transformation on the app side, Didi Chuxing also launched the "Didi Senior Edition" applet, in which you can use the phone call function to get a taxi, eliminating the need for typing and typing by the elders. It should be noted that calling a car by phone only supports destinations set as common addresses.

After experience, the interface of Didi Travel Care is clean and refreshing, and the functions are simplified as much as possible. Compared with the elders who used to squint their eyes on the street waiting for a taxi, the travel experience brought by simply tapping the screen twice has improved by more than a little bit.

Taobao Family Care Edition

Taobao Family Care Edition does not need to download another app, it can be activated directly on the original Taobao.

The activation operation is a bit cumbersome. First, you must initiate a family account invitation to the elder account on your mobile phone. After forming a Taobao family, the elder’s mobile phone can enter the care mode.

▲Left: Original app Right: Caring version

The Taobao Care version enlarges the product pictures and text on the homepage to facilitate the browsing of the elders. The more reliable Tmall store entrance becomes more conspicuous, which can reduce the risk of elders buying fake and shoddy products to a certain extent.

When the elders encounter problems in the purchase, they can also send them to their relatives with one click to solve them. It is much more convenient to communicate with the product hyperlinks in a timely manner than to make a phone call to explain.

However, the shopping road for the elders is still not unblocked. Some shopping channels (including Tmall supermarket) or the fonts are still not enlarged and adapted when browsing product details, and the reading is not so friendly.

To stimulate the purchasing power of the silver-haired group, Taobao may have to work hard on the adaptation of the care version.

Alipay large print version

Alipay is similar to Taobao. Both have a built-in care mode. You don't need to download an additional app. Search for "care version" in the search bar to enter the care mode.

▲ Left: Original app right: Care version

However, the care mode cannot be maintained all the time. Every time you exit and open the application, you need to click the care mode button to enable it, which is a bit cumbersome.

In the care mode, frequently used functions are extracted and enlarged, replacing the original complicated interface. The health code, payment code, and scan functions commonly used in daily life are displayed in the first column, and the operation is clear at a glance.

In addition, there are functions such as quick use of travel cards, social security cards, and knowledge of life and health. The icon font size and UI design have been enlarged.

However, it may be to keep up with the brother Taobao, and Alipay's font enlargement adaptation is not ideal. For example, after clicking on the epidemic report function module, the font is restored to its original size. From the perspective of the two major applications of the Ali department, the aging adaptation seems to be still on the surface, and there is still a certain distance from the complete aging experience.

According to the "2020 Elderly Digital Life Report" released by Alipay, in the past three years, the number of Alipay elderly users has increased by 4.5 times, and the growth rate in areas below the third tier has reached 5.5 times. Faced with more and more silver-haired users, Alipay has greater motivation to speed up the process of adapting to aging and meet the needs of the elders for a convenient life.

Suitable aging applications need to be perfected, but it is worth looking forward to

After a round of experience, although some parts of my words are a bit harsh, these aging applications are much more friendly to the elders than the original.

One of the interesting points is that the operating logic of each application is almost the same after the aging modification. For example, the content directory is arranged in large color blocks, and the upper and lower columns slide left and right to switch functions, and so on.

This is also a key point of the ageing transformation. Through similar interaction logic, the learning cost of the elders can be reduced, so that the elders can also use the simple tap to explore the function without the help of their children, which solves the problem of "dare to use" to a certain extent. problem.

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Our common annoying reminders, such as pop-up advertisements and verification code operations, are almost removed from aging applications, which further simplifies the difficulty of getting started for the elders. Not only is it easy for the elders to use, it is also not easy to fall into the consumption trap.

This also makes me look forward to more commonly used applications that can be adapted to aging as soon as possible, such as commonly used map, takeaway, and video applications, which can enrich the travel and entertainment life of the elders.

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, as of the end of 2019, my country's population of 60 years old and above has reached 250 million, accounting for 18.1% of the total population. Research results released by the Evergrande Research Institute also show that China will enter over 14% of the total population by 2022. It will enter a super-aging society with a proportion of over 20% around 2033, and it will continue to rise rapidly to about 35% in 2060.

In the face of the "ageing age" that cannot be underestimated, it is a general trend to adapt to aging.

For each manufacturer, fitness aging is not an additional question, but a mandatory question. Judging from the first batch of retrofit applications that are suitable for aging, there are still many areas that need improvement, such as inconsistent font adaptation, mixed with inductive advertisements, and so on.

Adaptation to aging is a big project, and it is still in the exploratory stage. It involves the collaboration of software and hardware manufacturers and other fields, which cannot be accomplished overnight.

In the future, there will be more manufacturers launching application versions suitable for aging, and advertising versions with enlarged fonts will be launched at a faster rate than drafting. I hope they can truly understand the physical and mental needs of the elderly and launch really useful applications for aging. , Instead of simply turning "adaptable age" into a formality.

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