NIO launches new product! 2024 models are on sale across the board, but one model has been forgotten

Just now, Weilai announced that the 2024 ES8, ES7, EC7, ES6, EC6, ET5, and ET5T have officially opened orders. The starting price remains unchanged. The prices of each model are as follows:

As for the 2024 ET7 not mentioned in the table, it will be released in April .

NIO said that all 2024 models will use the new central computing platform ADAM and be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8295P cockpit chip. Other product upgrades mainly include:

2024 ES8

  • 4 new soft pillows are added as standard, and a new optional color "Moonlight Silver" is available
  • The "Multifunctional Executive Desk" specially developed for the ES8 will be officially launched in the car mall in March. Users of the 2023 ES8 who have already taken delivery of the car can also choose it according to their needs. The current price is unknown.

2024 ES7

  • Added standard rear seat massage function and 4 soft pillows to improve riding comfort
  • New steering wheel levers are adopted, and the size of the enhanced head-up display system (HUD) is upgraded to 16 inches to improve ease of use.
  • More options added: new color "Moonlight Silver", "22-inch forged high-gloss wheels", "N-Box enhanced entertainment console"

2024 EC7

  • 4 new soft pillows added as standard

2024 ES6 and EC6

  • Through software optimization, the CLTC operating range of the 2024 ES6 and EC6 equipped with a standard range battery pack (75kWh) and 20-inch wheels has been increased to 500km and 505km respectively (originally 490km and 495km).
  • The battery life of 2023 models will also be improved through software push.

2024 ET5

  • New optional "N-Box enhanced entertainment host" added

Delivery times for 2024 models are as follows:

  • ES8, EC7, ES6, EC6, and ET5T will be delivered in March 2024
  • ET5 will start delivery in April 2024
  • ES7 will start shipping in May 2024

Currently, the 2023 models are still on sale, and NIO also provides a certain discount on car purchases. However, it should be noted that the 2023 models do not support upgrades to the 8295 chip .

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