NIO arrives to Europe: it is the Xiaomi of electric cars

nio et7

We are preparing for the expansion of the electric car market, thanks also to companies like NIO that are expanding outside of China . Here in the West, when it comes to EV cars, we are used to more typically mainstream brands: first of all Tesla, but also BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, to move on to Fiat, Nissan, Dacia and Renault. But in a few years the situation could change, as it has happened in the world of telephony. From Western giants (or pseudo-such) such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony and LG, we have moved on to having Asian brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO as main brands.

The world of Chinese electric cars arrives in Europe with the debut of NIO

The same seems to be happening in the world of electric cars, a sector where the Chinese market is focusing a lot. I talked about it in more detail in the video above, but just think that the aforementioned telephone manufacturers are also throwing themselves into this undertaking. Not only is Xiaomi designing its own car , but OPPO is also doing the same , while Huawei is already actively collaborating with various car manufacturers.

Returning to NIO , the vice president of the European division Hui Zhang thus spoke of the landing of our continent: ” We fully believe that, in Europe, the awareness of environmental protection and sustainability is much greater for the consumer than on any other continent. of the world “. The company is already present on our continent, with an engineering center in Oxford and a design center in Munich.

Which NIO cars will arrive in Europe?

Although not a well-known brand in the West, NIO is one of the leading companies in the electric car sector in China . Despite the pandemic, the company recorded record sales in 2020 , thanks in part to the O2O (Online 2 Offline) sales model. The NIO app can count on 200,000 daily active users and 1.4 million downloads, a spread that has helped sales even during the pandemic situation. However, doubts have been raised about the effectiveness of a similar sales model in Europe. According to research conducted by NIO, 2 out of 3 European customers do not buy until after taking a driving test.

NIO is a company that was born in the middle of the digital age and it is clear that Tesla is its main inspiration and rival. Suffice it to say that the prodigious NIO ET7 was able to beat the company of Elon Musk, placing itself as the EV car with the most autonomy in the world . But this model is not yet available in China, so it is highly unlikely that it will arrive in Europe, if not later. The most eligible models are the ES6 and ES8 SUVs, but also the EC6 SUV-coupé: “we will consider very carefully which is the best model for the European market, ” said Zhang.

Apart from cars, one of the most intriguing innovations at NIO is what has been called the BAAS ( Battery as a Service ) system, which is the first battery replacement station in the world. It is capable of replacing 312 batteries per day, thus extending the longevity of EV cars more easily and economically. And that’s not all: as the vice president specifies, “ the BAAS system makes it possible to reduce the price of the ES6 by approximately € 9,000 ”.

Obviously NIO will have to contend with stricter economic and infrastructural regulations than China, so we will see how their start continues. According to the company’s roadmap, Norway will be the first country to mark NIO’s debut in Europe, which could be followed by Germany and the UK .