Nike teamed up with Roblox to create a virtual sports park for you

Dear players, welcome to the virtual world of "Nikeland" .

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There are a variety of Nike-themed buildings, runways and arenas for players to participate in various mini-games. Its design is inspired by the Nike headquarters in Oregon, USA.

You can bounce freely on the trampoline, and play hide-and-seek with nearby players.

You can also parkour on the glowing magma track.

You can also play exciting fun dodge ball.

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If you don’t want to expend too much energy, you might as well take a swim in the lake alone or take a nap on a park chair. This is like a virtual amusement park, Nike hopes to give a new attempt to classic games, "the future of sports is created by you."

By the way, remember to enter the digital showroom and dress up your virtual avatar. There are a variety of Nike sneakers, clothing and accessories that can be unlocked, including Air Force 1, Nike Blazer, Air Max 2021, Mercurial series football shoes and other styles.

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Players who use mobile devices can activate special skills such as long jump and light speed running with the help of real-world movements through sensing devices.

Yes, Nike has also entered the meta universe. It settled in Roblox , a 3D sandbox creative community, and built this virtual world "Nikeland", which is currently free to play. In the future, Nikeland will continue to update virtual content, add star athlete characters or branded products, and even simulate international events, such as the World Cup or Super Bowl.

This is not the first time Nike has cooperated with Roblox, nor is it the first time Nike has stepped into the virtual world.

In March 2019, Nike and Roblox collaborated on “Nike Air Max Day” to launch an exclusive “virtual item pack”; in May 2019, Nike collaborated with the online game Fortnite to promote the Jordan brand through in-game items , The character wears the classic Air Jordan 1.

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In early November of this year, Nike submitted seven trademark applications , stating that it intends to manufacture and sell virtual sports shoes and clothing. On October 23, Nike also released recruitment information for the digital product creation team.

The trademark agent Josh Gerben stated at the time:

Nike’s trademark application is obviously a recognition of Metaverse. If others try to use it in an unauthorized manner, the new trademark provides additional protection for Nike. The trademark application will also add value to the entire brand portfolio, because the trademark is A form of property.

▲ Trademark application. Picture from: CNBC

In fact, digitalization, including Metaverse, is the focus of Nike's future layout.

Nike’s current CEO John Donahoe previously served as the CEO of eBay and software company Servicenow. He believes that “the accelerated transition of consumers to digitalization will continue to exist, and digitalization is driving us to create the future of the retail industry”; Nike Chief Financial Officer Matt Friend said: "We are capable of realizing our vision of owning 40% of our digital business in fiscal year 2025."

Nike places such importance on digital business, on the one hand because of the consumption inertia since the epidemic, on the other hand, because compared with wholesale revenue, Nike’s digital revenue gross profit margin is usually about 10% higher, and it has been striving for on its website and apps. Customers are more loyal, allowing Nike to reduce customer acquisition costs and increase returns on advertising expenditures.

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While the virtual world is "in fanfare", Nike's "physical world" has recently fallen into a supply chain bottleneck. In September of this year, Nike lowered its forecast for the 2022 fiscal year due to consideration of the long transportation time, labor shortage and long-term production shutdown of the Vietnamese factory.

In short, Nike's virtual world serves real turnover. What they value is whether the ascendant concepts such as Meta Universe can connect with the new generation of athletes and consumers.

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Roblox, as a community of many sandbox games, attracts not only adults, but also many younger players. Roblox officials also strongly encourage developers to create games for younger players. According to comScore , children under the age of 13 spend more than 50 hours on Roblox desktop each month. The view of Sam Poser, an analyst at Williams Trading Company, is clear and direct:

Nikeland is not only a way to introduce Nike to children, but also a testing ground for observing the effects of new products. If they knew that a group of kids were wearing it on Nikeland, then they would launch it in the real world.

Nike’s Chief Financial Officer Matt Friend once said, “We can improve the operational efficiency of digital business through predictive modeling tools, membership personalization and inventory staging.” In this way, Nikeland can at least promote Nike’s digital business, but more features will follow. Still to be developed.

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