New consumer brand advanced “diary”, how to be more “perfect” in the next step

In recent years, "new consumption" has become a leading introduction word that all innovative brands want to have. Because it not only means great attention from the market, but also represents that the brand's growth has reached an astounding level after making the right choice.

And what kind of choice is the right choice, all of this may have something to do with you, an ordinary consumer. Your influence on brands is not only whether to buy their products, but also where to buy their products.

Behind your purchase is the history of brand development

As an ordinary consumer, your consumption habits are more important than you think.

10 years forward, your spending habits are mostly offline counters. At that time, online e-commerce platforms were cheap, but you were always a little worried about pure online brands and product quality. At that time, many new brands that blossomed offline ushered in their glorious years, because they found the right CS channel composed of cosmetics stores, daily chemical stores, and boutique systems, and they were very popular offline.

Maridella is a brand that will be mentioned at this stage. It created the first lipstick vending machine, launched the first beauty pop-up store in China, and opened the first unmanned beauty store in China. In recent years, it is still doing pop-up stores for electronic syllables and organizing offline art exhibitions. It can be said that it is a well-recognized new retail brand during its heyday offline.

▲ Offline channels of Maridella

When customers see your store offline, the more confident they are in your brand.

But it is not your opponent who defeats you, and it is not your peers who subvert you. From a new retail brand to a retail brand, Maridella may have missed an outlet in the eyes of others, because consumers have begun to buy and buy online.

When people around you no longer think that online products are of poor quality, but instead believe that online shopping is guaranteed and products are of the same quality at low prices, online e-commerce channels become more important. Because ordinary consumers have become accustomed to online shopping and buying online.

At this stage of turning the time back 5 years, the most impressive may be the Pechoin. As an old brand for more than 80 years, it has successfully seized the opportunity, took off its old-fashioned coat, successfully created an online celebrity product, and completed the update of the brand impression in the minds of consumers.

If you have a good memory, you probably remember Pechoin's "1931" commercial. This is a content marketing work that has achieved great success in WeChat, and the comics in the end have triggered huge discussions. Within a short period of time, there were 2,481 WeChat articles discussing it, with a total of more than 100 million exposures. Since then, "Four Beauties Unhappy" and "Sanshenghua" have also won the attention of users.

▲ Pechoin in the mirror advertising "1931"

At that time, many people said that this was not a good advertisement, because despite the huge attention it received, the conversion of the product was not good. On its main e-commerce platform, the products advertised in "1931" only had 2,300+ reservations. From today's perspective, saying that Pechoin is not a good advertisement may be a "Versailles" behavior. After all, it is a success that the brand can obtain such a high degree of discussion.

When Pechoin was actively engaged in social marketing, it achieved the No. 1 domestic product on Tmall. Through social marketing to reach consumers, and then purchase on the e-commerce platform to promote conversion, Pechoin, which is closer to customers online, has a lot of glory in those years.

It's just that when e-commerce platforms become more and more attractive, the cost of purchases has also risen. The competitive track is not so good with the old method, and you need to be closer to the consumer.

New buy buy buy birth of a new consumer brand

The change in consumer habits continues to move forward on the basis of the previous stage. After buying the goods they want on the e-commerce platform, most consumers who receive the package will also get a red envelope card to buy the brand. Some of this card asks you to give cash back for five-star praise, while others put a card with a QR code. The merchant asks you to scan the code to add customer service to receive the red envelope.

▲ Perfect Diary Offline Store

At this stage, consumers are more "lazy". Because they didn't need to move, the brand began to find ways to present information to consumers. Moments, one-on-one chats, and communities have all become channels for new brands to reach consumers. Their existence also brings the communication between the brand and the customer one step closer, and the brand can reach the consumers who know the brand without buying the quantity.

For example, the perfect diary of a new consumer brand that is highly discussed today. Many people of "Xiaowanzi" and "Xiaomeizi" know that Perfect Diary is also one of the first brands to start operating the community with corporate WeChat.

Xiao Wanzi is the customer service staff of Perfect Diary. Unlike most brands that are operated by beauty consultants on WeChat, Perfect Diary's operation is more like a well-prepared regular army. With the support of corporate WeChat and IT systems, Xiao Wanzi can serve multiple communities as efficiently as possible, make quick answers to content, and complete the conversion by multiple small programs.

If offline CS channels provide one-to-one services, and online e-commerce channels provide one-to-many services, then Perfect Diary in WeChat provides one-to-many group services. In the tens of millions of communities of Perfect Diary, each Xiaowanzi serves more customers, and the human efficiency ratio is far higher than other brands.

As a brand co-founded by several straight men, Lu Jianhua, the co-founder of Perfect Diary, once said that this new channel choice was not only for more efficient conversion, but also to help brands understand the new generation of female consumers. Through the labels and data in the enterprise WeChat, Perfect Diary is not only transforming, but also listening to customers better and pushing back the iterative upgrade of products.

Lu Jianhua mentioned in the Digital Management Summit Forum that brands use digital systems to predict product trends. This is a typical case of completing product upgrades based on customer understanding.

A simple example is when doing consumer insights, we see that certain products may be very good trends in the next three to four months. Because we anticipated this trend in advance, we will do a lot of research and development in advance, including product development and cooperation between supply chains and suppliers to help us optimize efficiency.

Choosing the right channel, how to be more "perfect" in the next step

Looking back at the changes in consumers' buying habits, you will find that after every change, brands have seized the opportunity to take advantage of the wind. The word "new" in new consumer brands means that these brands have made new achievements in new channels.

In three different stages, the relationship between brands and consumers is renewing. The relationship between the brand and the consumer is getting closer, and the further connection is the reconstruction of the relationship between the brand and the consumer. Consumers are no longer buyers of products, but also providers of data and behavior. Furthermore, they will become feedbackers of product demand and help brands make decisions.

Perfect Diary connects consumers through WeChat, and then feeds back consumer behavior data to the internal data system. When Perfect Diary itself is also using this system to communicate, the bonus of data is even more powerful to them. Internal collaboration can also use the feedback of this connection to promote the upgrading of some industries, and closer connections also represent new opportunities.

Chen Chunhua, Dean of the BiMBA Business School of the National Development Research Institute, released the new digital management research result "AIRS Value-added Ring". It is mentioned that the improvement of data and communication efficiency will bring value-added, and the integrated integrated management platform will change the cost. Under the influence of these two, the brand has the ability to reconstruct the scene and upgrade the brand, which is what Perfect Diary is already doing.

The last link mentioned in the "AIRS Value Added Ring" is symbiotic value. Chen Chunhua said that after good connections, new scenes emerge, and scene-driven innovation values ​​emerge, companies will establish symbiotic organizations with customers.

That is to say, when the brand is doing a good job of connecting internally and connecting consumers, all links of the brand product industry chain will be continuously incorporated into this system to jointly improve efficiency, complete changes, and finally achieve industry The upgrade of the chain.

As a new consumer brand, Perfect Diary is also aware of this. Lu Jianhua said that the customers that the brand should serve are not only consumers, but may also include our business partners.

Beauty brands are responsible for product R&D and sales. In the upstream of this industry chain, there are also R&D, raw materials, production, and OEM links. Perfect Diary wants to stand from the perspective of the industry. In the future, more suppliers in the industry chain will also be drawn into the information-synchronized connection tools to improve efficiency and promote the transformation of the industry.

At present, the industry has many pain points, such as inventory, orders, production…These things are all they will encounter many problems, many times the entire industry is in short supply, and when it is bad, there may be no orders.

At this time, as an industry-biased brand marketing and front-end consumer operator, how to quickly pass some consumer information to our partners is of great help to them in optimizing the entire operation management.

▲ The perfect diary explorer twelve-color animal eyeshadow palette was a success

Under the trend of channel transformation, more and more brands will face consumers directly, and brands can complete industrial upgrades through the data provided by consumers. But behind the closer connection between brands and consumers, there is actually a set of service systems that have been fully integrated internally and are extremely efficient.

In the eyes of consumers, brands and products are part of this service system. The brand informs consumers of information, and the efficiency of information circulation is extremely high. Where consumers can't see, this service system also includes many behemoths in the B-end industry chain. They can get feedback from consumer information, complete production collaboration more efficiently, and finally complete the transformation of the entire industry.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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