New collaboration between Google Cloud and SpaceX for ultra-fast connection

SpaceX, as we all know, is the company created by the brilliant mind of Elon Musk in 2002 with the intention of giving easier and faster access to space, not only for astronauts but to start space travel open to all. Beyond space and the colonization of Mars, the company also deals with satellites to improve Internet access on our planet: the Starlink fleet . Here comes the collaboration between Google Cloud and SpaceX.

Elon Musk and SpaceX continue to forge important alliances worthy of being marked in history, last but not least the one that has occurred in recent days, with Google Cloud. Even the big G has decided to invest and take advantage of the space service, but how? Let's see what the new collaboration between Google Cloud and SpaceX will consist of.

Google Cloud: how do you want to approach Space X in this collaboration?

New collaboration between Google Cloud and SpaceX
Starlink satellites ready to be released into orbit. Credits: SpaceX

The objective of the Cloud platform would be to use the Starlink satellites to have a greater breadth and stability of data distribution on the planet . As we all know, however, the partnership sees two factions helping each other therefore: what does SpaceX earn?

In one word: connectivity. Thanks to Starlink's terrestrial servers which will include Google data centers for companies and individuals , saving and transferring data from one connected device to another will be much safer, more reliable and faster . Furthermore, given the huge presence of satellites and Cloud servers it will be much easier to reach every corner of the world.

If it were not known, the data centers would be the "machine room", the place where there are the equipment, computers and tools to be able to process data, manage servers, everything that is sent and received in the world of the internet , without the data centers, for example, we could not send a message on Whatsapp or read this article.

An increasingly online world

New collaboration between Google Cloud and SpaceX

Cloud services are a series of servers with different roles, located all over the world, which allow us to navigate and process different data. It is thanks to cloud services that we can keep our data, whether it is our favorite music, our films or our documents, in safe places and accessible only by us through a security password.

Among the examples of Clouds programmed for the collection of films we have Netflix, Prime Video and the various streaming platforms that give us the opportunity to watch films, documentaries and TV series without necessarily having to download them and have the copy on our device, at the same Spotify for music. But even before the use of clouds for streaming, we were already thinking about companies or individuals.

Apple's iCloud service allows us to save our documents and share them with all devices connected to our account, so we can access them at any time. In the same way, the Google Drive service from Google has also taken over, with the possibility of sharing the material with whoever owns the link or by requesting access, always if in possession of the link to the document.

Cloud services allow us to take a step forward with technology, to be faster and more immediate in information . More and more companies are using these services to pass information quickly between staff members, with secret passwords and security codes to prevent leaks or spying by rival companies, and the services are increasingly secure through updates and improvements in their systems. defence.

The innovation that will take place with this partnership will be a very important piece in technological development, the information network will be faster and more united and it is something truly electrifying.

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