Netflix: video games will arrive on the platform, it’s official

Netflix, gaming and chill: video games will officially arrive on the streaming platform . This was announced by the company itself in a letter to its shareholders , in which it explains how important the gaming category is, promoting investments in it. There had already been some confirmation, especially following the hiring of Mike Verdu, former executive of Electronics Art, but now the official has arrived.

Video games land on Netflix

Streaming video games, movies and TV series all in one platform: Netflix expands its content park by adding a gaming section for all fans. Unlike Google Stadia , a new subscription will not be needed: subscribers to the service will have free access to video games .

We see Gaming as another new category of content, similar to our expansion on original films, animation and Unscripted TV (e.g. talk shows, docu-series and game shows, ed). The games will be included in the Netflix subscription, at no additional cost to members, such as movies and series. Initially, we will mainly focus on mobile games.

From the letter to Netflix shareholders

At the moment the company has announced that it is still in the initial stages of defining the gaming service, without providing further details. The shareholder document focuses on past experiments such as the interactive Bandersnatch movie and the Stranger Things video game. For the moment, Netflix will focus on titles for mobile devices , probably to test the waters and the response of the public, which currently stands at 209 million. For now there is no news on possible dates and waiting times. The service is likely to be deployed initially in the United States, which will become the test bed for the rest of the world.

Netflix will include video games in its subscription.
Netflix will include video games in its subscription.

Films and TV series since 1997

Although the platform arrived in Italy relatively recently, Netflix has 24 years of activity behind it . It was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997 and began as a DVD rental and online video game (a kind of specialized Amazon). The online streaming service only arrived in 2008, while the rental ended in 2011.

Since 2010, the platform has experienced a growth that has never stopped, also thanks to the production of original content. First of all the famous House of cards , followed by Orange is the new black and Arrested development . 2013 is the year that marks the success of the platform, which has become known all over the world. In the same year, in fact, collaborations with giants such as Marvel Entertainment begin : the agreement gives life to series such as Jessica Jones , Luke Cage, Daredevil and Fist of Steel , attracting an even larger and heterogeneous slice of fans.

One of Netflix's first collaborations was with Marvel.
One of Netflix's first collaborations was with Marvel.

Among the most successful series on Netflix we find Bridgerton , The Witcher , Lupine, The house of paper, Stranger Things, The queen of chess, Fate – the Winx Saga, What happened to Sara? , Ratched and The Umbrella Academy . The success of the streaming service is to be found in the variety of content it offers , suitable for everyone's tastes and always updated on the latest trends.

Upcoming releases on Netflix

The most used streaming service in the world offers numerous titles, many of which are among the most loved by all fans of movies and TV series in the world. Each month, then, the library is enriched with new contents , trying to satisfy even the most demanding "palates". Here are the most anticipated releases in the coming months:

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
  • Shaman King
  • The kissing booth 3
  • Attack on Titan (part one fourth season)
  • The paper house 5
  • Sex Education 3

Netflix subscriptions start at € 7.99 per month for 1 standard viewing screen; 11.99 euros per month for viewing on 2 HD screens; 15.99 for 4 screens in HD / UHD 4K.

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