Netflix: the future of the streaming platform could be video games

Netflix is ​​one of the most established and successful companies in the world of streaming TV series and movies online. The US company has a global reach, conquering millions of viewers and users in different countries. In Italy, Netflix has an extremely large market with over 4 million subscribers continuing to grow steadily. Could Netflix enter the world of video games?

Despite the Netflix Italia catalog, as well as that of other nations in the world, is continuously expanded and tries to satisfy all types of users, the company has not yet targeted a highly competitive sector: online gaming. The business plan carried out by the platform to date and a possible saturation of the streaming market in the coming years, leads us to think that the company could give space to video games in an attempt to continue to increase and engage users.

Why could Netflix enter the video game market?

Netflix video games

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. For this reason, many companies are trying to carve a slice. An example is Facebook, which has launched the Facebook Gaming service with which it allows players to live and share their videos while they play, monetizing this activity. Even Netflix, in the near future, could expand towards video games. Here are the main reasons for this prediction:

– Online video games compete directly with Netflix

Even though online gaming and movie streaming seem to be two unrelated services, in terms of people's entertainment they compete against each other. In reality, platforms engaged in one or the other sector compete with each other by trying to gain the same users and their time spent in front of the screen. In this sense, Netflix has already recently highlighted how games like Fortnite are a problem for the company's business, since they involve many of the same customers that the streaming platform also aims at.

To the same target of customers is also added the fact that the video game sector is much larger than that of online streaming. To put the question in numbers, the online gaming market is worth around 130 billion euros, while that of online streaming is “only” 20 billion. It is clear that companies with the technical skills and an already large number of customers are interested in expanding into this highly profitable industry.

– Netflix's technical features match the needs of next-generation gaming

Gaming is moving towards cloud solutions where it is no longer necessary to develop all the hardware components to deliver content. Users will have less and less need for devices created specifically for playing and will be able to access their favorite video games on a different number of devices. Some companies are already working towards this, such as Google and Microsoft which have already launched their own cloud gaming service. Netflix's technical features and know-how perfectly match the needs of next-generation gaming, accessible on all devices in a fluid and unlimited way.

Additionally, Netflix has an important partnership with Amazon, leveraging AWS technology for nearly all storage and database needs. This collaboration could be developed further, also taking into account Amazon's strong interest in the world of video games, to develop a unique gaming solution allowing players to play, stream and access the content related to the gaming world they want.

In summary, Netflix and video games appear to be a winning relationship for the future. We just have to wait to see if the US company will move in this direction.

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