Netflix: stop free sharing of passwords outside the household

Netflix's 2022 announcement that it plans to end the sharing of passwords outside the household generated a number of expectations. However, the precise date for the implementation of this new policy had not been disclosed. Preparations have begun that Netflix has decided to put in place to provide alternatives to free password sharing. The company, aware of the impact this decision has had on viewers, wishes to avoid disappointing them.

An up-and-down year for Netflix: losses and successes

2022 has been a difficult year for Netflix, with the loss of subscribers and revenue. However, towards the end of the year, thanks to hit shows such as the Harry and Meghan docufilm and the Addams Family television series Wednesday , the company saw an improvement in its performance. The increase in the practice of free sharing of passwords among family, friends and acquaintances has led Netflix to adopt a stricter policy regarding this behavior. In fact, it is estimated that around 100 million people enjoy Netflix services without paying.


The issue of sharing passwords

In the terms of use, Netflix does not officially allow the sharing of passwords, but over time this has become a common practice among users. The company has decided to take the time to develop alternatives for its audience. Thus the possibility of specific subscriptions was born by paying an additional cost . The October 2022 announcement sparked several controversies. Many users expected a change in password sharing rules as early as January 2023. But Netflix had specified that an exact date had not been established. Meanwhile, the company had already started working on new features that could improve the user experience.

Netflix blocks shared accounts: what will change?

One of the alternatives considered by Netflix is ​​the introduction of specific subscriptions that require a small supplement. For example, a model has already been presented in some countries that allows you to add sub-accounts to your personal subscription . This incurs an additional cost of $2.99 ​​per month. This option allows you to add new "spaces" or profiles to your account.

Among the proposed alternatives, there will also be a cheaper subscription which aims to encourage the purchase of a standalone subscription. The price will be equal to 5 euros in Europe and 7 dollars in the USA. Netflix is ​​starting to send emails to Italy warning of the imminent blocking of shared accounts in the country, explaining how to transfer profiles and buy extra users. The company has also opened a page dedicated to the topic, providing further details on the changes made to account sharing. It can be read on the page:

“Your Netflix account is for one household only – you and those living with you. Everyone in your household can watch Netflix wherever they want – at home, on the go, on vacation – and enjoy new features like Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices.”


The future of Netflix

In an effort to manage account sharing , Netflix offers a few options such as transferring a profile to a new paid subscription and purchasing an extra user for $4.99 a month. Netflix is ​​preparing to face a new phase in its streaming service. The company seeks to balance user needs with the need to preserve its financial interests . That's why in the future it will be possible to take advantage of alternatives that improve the subscriber experience and incentivize the purchase of standalone subscriptions. The future of Netflix could therefore lead to greater restrictions on the shared use of accounts, but also to better customization of the offer to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse audience.

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