Netflix about-face: shared password block removed

We recently told you about the new shared password lockout policies and how the checks would happen. Now Netflix is ​​backtracking on what it announced, trying to dispel any doubts and avoid confusion. Which, however, remain, as for now the company has not yet finished reviewing its plans for sharing accounts.

Netflix's about-face between errors and misunderstandings

The misunderstanding seems to have arisen from some directives introduced in certain Latin American countries. In fact, Netflix had carried out account verification tests in Peru, Chile and Costa Rica to stem the sharing phenomenon. What appeared in the FAQ therefore had to refer to other markets, which was later confirmed by the assistance centre.

On the dedicated page, in fact, there are no more words indicating to access the main location every 31 days. This policy, which Netflix had introduced as a measure for verifying membership in the so-called household . Where the addition of new members would be paid and in any case those outside the nucleus will have to take out a new subscription.

backtrack netflix

As a spokesman for the giant therefore states, the new rules are still currently in force, but not yet in the United States . The confusion arose because, initially present on the site, Netflix then removed the anti-sharing and account verification policies on Wednesday 1 February. The Netflix spokesperson confirmed that if and when the company were to make such a significant change, it would not start implementing it without first communicating the details to customers.

So what are the intentions of the video streaming giant?

In the last year, as mentioned, the service has tested anti-password sharing measures in several Latin American countries in an attempt to find the best solutions before launching them to subscribers from all over the world; unfortunately for Netflix, like the whole device lockdown idea, those tests often resulted in significant grumpiness from customers.

According to last quarter's financial report, Netflix plans to start rolling out paid sharing more widely . Current widespread account sharing (over 100 million households ) undermines its long-term ability to invest and improve service, as well as build business.

Although the terms of use limit Netflix use to one household, the company acknowledges that this is a change for members who share their account with others outside the household. For this reason, the developers have worked hard to create new features that improve the Netflix experience. These include the ability for members to control which devices use their account and to transfer a profile to another user.

backtrack netflix

While this transition takes place, Netflix is ​​aware that short-term engagement could be negatively impacted . That's why some users stop watching and don't convert to extra members or paying accounts. However, the company believes the model will be similar to what is seen in Latin America, with engagement growing over time as the large program offering grows. And whoever shares the account will sign up for a new subscription.

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