NetEase Youdao releases a major new product of education model, AI’s most profound impact on society is happening in this field

NetEase Youdao recently released the 2023 word of the year: prompt. In this year of the rise of large models, prompt is the language of communication between humans and AI.

This is the year that large models have become products. There are more than 200 domestic large models, which are changing the way people work, study, travel, obtain medical care and communicate with each other. More fundamentally, the teaching and learning methods that prepare us for different industries will also change.

At the 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, the first "Educational General Artificial Intelligence Large Model Series Standards" was officially released. NetEase Youdao, which participated in the formulation of this standard, also officially released the first domestic education model "Zi Yue" in July, as well as a series of Family Bucket applications based on large models.

Less than half a year later, NetEase Youdao today launched its large education model Ziyue 2.0, as well as the AI ​​tutor "Little P Teacher" and Youdao AI learning machine X20 as well as software and hardware products.

After watching this press conference, my biggest feeling is that the era is coming when every student will have a private teacher at any time.

I don’t know if you still remember the article “This Screen May Change Your Destiny” that hit the internet a few years ago. It tells the story of 248 middle schools in poverty-stricken areas using live broadcasts to hold classes simultaneously with the famous Chengdu No. 7 Middle School.

The maturity and implementation of large-scale education model products will bring the possibility of changing the destiny of more people.

Youdao launches new product again, launches AI tutor

Running through the context of this press conference is version 2.0 of the country's first large-scale education model, "Zi Yue". Five months after the release of the previous generation, Ziyue Big Model 2.0 has received a comprehensive upgrade in terms of oral dialogue, knowledge question and answer, word processing and other capabilities in educational scenarios.

In real life, one of the issues that many parents are most concerned about is helping their children complete their academic tasks. In view of this, Teacher Xiao P, the first AI tutor released by NetEase Youdao, may be able to help you.

Little P Teacher is an application launched based on the Ziyue Big Model. It has four core functions: multi-modal recognition, AI intelligent explanation, multi-round interaction, and explanation for all school stages and all subjects (10 subjects).

At the press conference, the product manager also demonstrated the process of "Little Teacher P" answering multi-disciplinary questions: for example, when a child asks "Little Teacher P" a math question, he will not give the answer directly, but first give the equation. solution.

If the child feedbacks that he has not learned equations, it will explain it in different ways to ensure that "all questions are answered"; at the same time, "Little P Teacher" also supports "drawing inferences from one example" and "multiple rounds of interaction", and actively recommends similar types to children Consolidate the questions and summarize the key points of solving the problems.

In the demonstration of the difficult and difficult high school entrance examination classical Chinese test questions, Teacher Xiao P was able to give precise explanations for each option and guide students step by step to think and find the correct answer.

When faced with physics questions, Teacher Xiao P did not give answers directly, but paid attention to step by step, explaining the knowledge points behind the questions to students, and inspiring the children to deduce the final answers.

Teacher Xiao P can explain homework in multiple subjects. If you want to practice your spoken English, Youdao also has a speaking partner Hi Echo.

Hi Echo, the world's first virtual spoken language coach, was upgraded to Echo 2.0 last month. Now, it has added the ability of "speaking grading" to support conversation practice at different levels.

If you are a novice in English speaking, you can avoid being "speechless" as much as possible when facing Hi Echo 2.0. If it detects that your pronunciation is inaccurate, it will provide you with a dedicated practice plan.

Hi Echo 2.0 also adds two new virtual human figures, Daniel and Sherry, which are the world's first virtual oral personal training products with a standard MBTI personality model system.

For example, the virtual human Sherry has an ENFJ personality, which is enthusiastic, straightforward, and optimistic. The virtual human Daniel has an ENTJ personality and is full of charm. In addition, more styles of oral private training are still being produced.

In teaching mode, the virtual human Daniel can give advice on English speaking interviews in fluent English. After the conversation ends, Hi Echo will automatically generate conversation notes for the exercise to help users consolidate their knowledge.

The press conference also announced that Hi Echo has reached a cooperation with English Weekly and has officially become the official language training project partner of IELTS. The next generation of virtual humans will feature realistic texture details, natural facial expressions and perfectly matched mouth shapes.

With the implementation of large models, companies including OpenAI began to explore the form of AI hardware.

Today Youdao also released a new hardware product-Youdao Learning Machine X20. This is the latest achievement of Ziyue Big Model in the Youdao learning machine category, the first three-in-one model of learning machine, training machine and student-specific computer.

Youdao X20 is equipped with two "applications", Little P Teacher and Hi Echo, covering high-quality curriculum resources for elementary, middle and high school levels.

Considering that this is a learning computer for children, the X20 specially customizes the ink mode with a high-definition matte-coated eye-protection screen, and supports parent supervision mode to help children take the first step in safely exploring the digital online world.

Finally, the price was officially announced. The 8G+256GB version of Youdao X20 learning machine is priced at 5,999 yuan, and the 16G+512G version is priced at 7,999 yuan.

Duan Yitao, chief scientist of Youdao, also demonstrated a new application of Youdao Translation – "Youdao Speed ​​Reading" at the press conference. Youdao Speed ​​Reading provides five core functions: document Q&A, article summary, key point interpretation, citation reputation and field review, enabling you to read a 10,000-word document in 10 seconds.

For example, after uploading a paper on room temperature superconductivity, Youdao Quick Reading can quickly generate a concise summary of the article, and the citation reputation function provides a description and evaluation of the paper to help you understand the value of the paper faster. If you stay up late to write a paper, you might as well try the Youdao speed reading function.

How should we learn in the AI ​​era?

After the emergence of ChatGPT, people have been discussing which industries will be reshaped and which professions will be replaced. These seemingly anxiety-producing issues are issues that our generation and the next generation cannot avoid.

AIGC is drastically changing the way we create value, which also means that we may need different learning methods before entering society. The education industry needs to change the rules. This may be the area where large models have the most profound impact on society. .

Bill Gates mentioned in an article published this year, "Health and education are two areas with huge needs and not enough manpower to meet these needs. I think in the next 5 to 10 years, AI-driven software will eventually It will deliver on the promise of revolutionizing the way people teach and learn."

When you have used AI products such as ChatGPT and Midjourney in depth, you will probably find that it is not difficult to get AI to output results at the level of an ordinary person. If our AI relies on "test questions" (training data) to form our knowledge structure, it will be destined to be crushed by AI. It is impossible for humans to compete with AI in terms of knowledge reserves.

Luo Boshen, head coach of the U.S. Mathematical Olympiad team and professor of mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University, believes:

The age of mankind’s problem-solving is about to become history. As educators, if teachers want to avoid being eliminated, they must learn to change the way of education and cultivate children's ability to use their brains and solve problems.

This is also the meaning of NetEase Youdao's large education model "Zi Yue" as a product of this type: to allow each student to have his or her own dedicated tutor at any time, to guide students to explore and think through dialogue, to stimulate students' curiosity, and to truly realize teaching in accordance with their aptitude.

In fact, this is also a quality of an excellent teacher. However, in reality, it is almost impossible to provide personalized education for each student, and even small class education cannot be achieved in many places in the world.

American educationist Benjamin Bloom once conducted a study in 1984 – the 2 Sigma problem. The study found that students who received one-on-one tutoring were two standard deviations higher than students who did not receive one-on-one tutoring, pointing out that personalization Education can significantly improve teaching effectiveness.

The arrival of large models makes it possible for everyone to have a super assistant. The Transformer architecture allows machines to better understand natural language, quickly learn knowledge in different fields, become an all-round interdisciplinary tutor, and communicate with you using the most natural interaction method of "dialogue".

NetEase Youdao CEO Zhou Feng also said at the Ziyue Large Model Conference in July, "The emergence of large models brings the greatest opportunity to education to help teach students in accordance with their aptitude. 'Master teaches people, each according to his aptitude.' We hope that children The big model can work toward such educational ideals.”

These changes have begun to occur quietly on some campuses at home and abroad. The AI ​​tutor "CS50 bot" was introduced to Harvard's flagship course Introduction to Computer Science (CS50) last September.

Students can use the AI ​​to help them debug code and answer questions. In Harvard's vision, the introduction of CS50 bot will provide each student in CS50 with a teacher-student ratio of approximately 1:1, providing students with a learning path that is more tailored to their individual needs.

The non-profit Khan Academy collaborated with OpenAI to develop Khanmigo, a GPT-4-based AI teacher that helps students connect what they learn to broader knowledge. Instead of telling students the answers directly, they guide students to think step by step, and at the same time help teachers know different teaching plans for each student.

Of course, there are still many areas for improvement in the current application of AI in the education industry. Many people are worried that students will use AI to cheat, or only use it as a time-saving tool and lose the ability to think proactively. However, the nature of these problems is more worth thinking about. : Do we need to change the way we assess students?

Danny Oppenheimer, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, once questioned:

In the age of Google searches, why do college exams still focus solely on students’ restatements of facts?

With the emergence of large education models and other products such as Ziyue, and universities such as Harvard and Yale gradually introducing AI into the classroom, we see more educators also trying to answer this question in the AI ​​era.

As a learner, the first step for you and me is to try and learn to communicate with AI.

Authors of this article: Li Chaofan, Mo Chongyu

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