NetEase Games 520 Conference: In addition to making games, what else does NetEase do?

520 This day is not limited to dog food, it is also good to play games.

May 20, as a new confession festival, is deeply loved by young people. At the same time, this day is also the "520 Game Love Day" for game enthusiasts. NetEase Games used this festival to "confess" to game players.

2021 NetEase Games "Gather! Love to Line Up" 520 online press conference was successfully held. This time, NetEase has done its best. It has brought more than 60 games without precedent in history, and the conference is only 2 hours long, and the rhythm is very tight. It can be said that there is no urine point in the whole process.

▲ 2021 NetEase Games 520 Online Conference Image Source: NetEase Games

As soon as the conference opened, game enthusiasts ushered in the first wave of carnivals in the release of several well-known IP masterpieces. The first games to appear are "Marvel Super War", "Harry Potter: Magic Awakening", work cell IP mobile game, "Diablo®: Immortality" ™ ", "Eve of the Star Wars: Starless Galaxy", "Age of Ice Vapor: The Last Home" and other well-known IP masterpieces

NetEase Games has its own unique understanding of these well-known IPs, and can innovate and expand on the basis of restoring IPs. It can tap new users without hurting old fans.

▲ "Harry Potter: Magic Awakening", picture from: NetEase Games

▲ "Marvel Super War", picture from: NetEase Games

In addition to classic IP masterpieces, this 520 online conference also has a lot of fresh and hot new products.

Among the more than 60 new products at this conference, 31 new products have not yet been launched on the domestic market, such as "Code: ATLAS" with the theme of Ocean Survival Doomsday, and "Unknown Records", a stand-alone plot inference mobile game featuring cyberpunk style. ", sneak into the confrontation mobile game "Mission Zero" and so on.

With the rich themes of the game and the variety of gameplay, it is not difficult to see that NetEase Games has been actively expanding the content of the game, which is undoubtedly a good thing for many game lovers.

▲ "Code: ATLAS", picture from: Netease Games

▲"Mission Zero", picture from: NetEase Games

For the game industry, in addition to high-quality games, a complete e-sports system is also one of the important conditions for its healthy development.

In this year's 520 online conference, NetEase also announced a series of achievements NetEase e-sports has achieved in 2020:

  • NetEase e-sports NeXT;
  • "Fantasy Westward Journey" mobile game Wushen Altar Peak League;
  • Top clans;
  • Fifth Personality Professional League IVL;
  • Global competition COA;

▲ Netease e-sports NeXT, picture from: Netease Games

In particular, NetEase e-sports NeXT, after three years and seven events, has now become one of the top comprehensive e-sports events in China. Netease Games’ rich game product matrix is ​​its biggest advantage.

The NetEase e-sports system built by major events covers all circles and has a high player coverage. Netease Games will focus its efforts on creating a closed-loop event ecosystem and promoting the professional development of events, which has also had a positive impact on China's game industry.

The title picture comes from: NetEase Games

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