Naxue’s oil citrus tea is on fire. Young people like this sour and astringent fruit?

The things the young people were chasing turned green with the spring grass.

Of course, besides the fund, it may also be oil citrus tea.

In recent months, the niche fruit of Youkan has been spotted by various new tea brands. They have launched intensively new products related to Youkan and tried to win by "quantity." The stronger the taste, the better.

For a while, all major social media KOLs drank all kinds of oil citrus tea for evaluation in order to catch up with the hot spots. The circle of friends is full of this green drink. If you fail to be at the forefront of consumption, you will almost think that "green" has changed in the youth circle.

What is the charm of oil tangerines that can attract new tea brands and young people at the same time? Will this be the beginning of niche fruit flavors overcoming popular fruit flavors?

Hit and hit, the niche fruits are out of the circle

This sudden wave started last year. Several local tea brands in Shenzhen-star full cups, mixed juices, little monsters of tea power, and tea-seeking friends turned their eyes to oil tangerine, a fruit that is abundant in southern China.

You should know that before tea brands focused on oil citrus, oil citrus was actually called a "niche fruit." In my country, oil tangerines are mainly produced in southern China, but even people who have lived in Guangdong and Guangxi for a long time may not be familiar with oil tangerines. Compared to the more popular fruits such as mangoes, watermelons and grapes, tangerines are more popular in the Chaoshan area of ​​Guangdong.

In the eyes of an ordinary young man in Chaoshan, every time around Mid-Autumn Festival, the fruit of oil tangerine began to appear on the table of every household. The light green fruit was stuffed into the mouth and chewed a few times, and the bitterness came to the tip of the tongue at first. After a while, sweetness returned to his mouthpiece.

▲ Picture from @奈雪的茶

But in the final analysis, the wind reviews of oil tangerines still show polarities. These two poles mainly appear in the taste, and the astringency of the tangerine often makes people uninterested. If it is said that some people can still feel the "returning sweetness" of oil tangerines, some people simply cannot understand the attractiveness of this fruit. In addition, the oil tangerine season is in autumn, if it is not in season, the sour tangerine is even more resisting.

When I told my Chaoshan friend, A Wei, the news of the oil citrus tea fire, he was very surprised. In his opinion, no one would actively choose this kind of fruit, let alone sell it as a drink.

However, before new-style tea drinks incorporate oil tangerines into their products, there are indeed old-fashioned beverage brands that have already taken the first step to make oil tangerines into beverages. In May 2019, Dongpeng Beverage Company, a major energy drink company, launched a new non-energy drink product "Yougan Lemon Tea", which changed the style of Dongpeng Beverage, a long-established Shenzhen company, and used the special combination of "oil orange + lemon tea" to occupy young people. Consumer position. It is worth noting that Lin Muqin, the founder of Dongpeng Beverage, is from Chaoshan.

▲ Picture from @由橘柠檬茶

Nayuki is a marketing expert who really makes oil citrus tea a consumer trend.

In March of this year, Naxue officially launched a new oil orange drink "Domineering Yuyou Tang" and officially entered the very fine track of oil orange drinks. According to Jiemian News, the sales volume of the domineering jade oil citrus rose rapidly after it was put on the shelves and became a hot product. At present, the sales volume of Naixue tea products has exceeded 20%. This surpassed the explosive products such as the domineering cheese strawberry that has always been at the top of the list.

Nayuki's flow physique increased the volume of the oily citrus tea. Nayuki's official also claimed to use 66 oil oranges to squeeze a cup, "slightly astringent in 3 seconds, and sweet in 5 seconds."

▲The picture comes from Nayuki's tea WeChat public account

This caused dissatisfaction with the tea brands that entered the track first. After Nai Xue launched the "Domineering Jade Oil Mandarin", the mixed juice official account said, "Someone said that they used 66 oil oranges in a cup?", "It's more real than seeing someone else! It's thicker!", " With 33 capsules in a cup, the juice is thick enough! It overflows!" This move was also regarded by netizens as targeting the new tea giant Nayuki.

▲ From the public number of mixed juice

Later, Star Man Cup also joined the battle. "The effort of 33 oil tangerines—not enough sweetness, and the effort of 66 oil tangerines—too thick and too astringent", so I pulled out that there were only 50 oil tangerines—the concentration returned to sweetness, which was just right.

▲ From @星满杯 Public Account

Although it was impossible to tell which brand of oil citrus tea is delicious for a while, the trend has spread to young people unknowingly. People began to call themselves addicted to the circle of friends holding oil orange bottles. Because of the "scraping" effect of oil tangerines, some people regard oil tangerines as a "functional drink" for drinking.

There are more than 8,700 notes related to "Youkan" in the Little Red Book of Grass Planting Holy Land. Topics related to Youkan include "Youkan Naisue", "Youkan Diarrhea", and "Youkan Efficacy". In Douyin, tens of millions of topics related to oil tangerine have been broadcast.

When people were still shouting "Don't fight" at Naixue and other local tea brands in Shenzhen, the once extremely niche fruit was completely out of the circle.

Squeezed tangerine

Why is oil tangerine?

The most intriguing taste in the popular logic of oil tangerine tea is the niche nature of oil tangerine-the origin and taste of oil tangerine have limited its chances to compete with popular fruit-flavored drinks.

A niche band will get more attention after boarding a popular variety show, and the niche products will naturally become "net celebrities" due to the marketing and dissemination of popular brands. This can be clearly felt in the body of oil citrus tea.

Take Dongpeng Beverage's Lemon Tea from Mandarin Orange as an example. The beverage company that made oil Mandarin as a beverage earlier had spent a lot of money on marketing. Public data shows that from January to June 2020, Dongpeng beverage sales expenses will be 452 million yuan, of which promotion expenses will reach 159 million yuan. What is impressive is that the young actor Yang Zi was hired by the mandarin lemon tea as the image spokesperson.

▲ The picture is from @由橘柠檬茶 Weibo

However, even though Dongpeng Beverage spent a lot of money on marketing, the Yugan lemon tea at that time was not yet connected with the term "net celebrity". Although the addition of Shenzhen's local brands has made oil citrus tea products younger, due to limited stores, oil citrus tea has not yet produced a chemical reaction outside of South China. Until Nayuki's tea, which hit the IPO, was added, the brand tonality and the number of stores gave oil citrus tea the foundation for becoming a "net celebrity".

From this perspective, although Dongpeng Beverage's Yugan Lemon Tea is considered an elder in the development of oil orange drinks, and its sales are not bad, it still lacks the genes that allow oil oranges to "appreciate" significantly.

From the perspective of product packaging design, Naixue, who launched oil orange drinks later, undoubtedly referred to several local tea brands in Shenzhen. The oil orange tea is packaged in a glass bottle, so that the original color of the oil orange can be expressed through the glass. On the one hand, consumers can directly see the concentration and quality of the oil orange tea. On the other hand, it can also pass a healthier and soothing "Orange" attracts people's attention.

▲ Picture from @奈雪的茶

Here, all kinds of glass bottles are launched by tea brands, large, small, barrel-shaped and even bear-shaped. The purpose of these brands is very consistent. The good-looking appearance can increase the price of cheap niche fruits, and can also attract young consumers to buy.

In terms of marketing, brands have expanded the topic of oil orange tea by comparing the "concentration of oil orange" with each other. Marketing experts like Nayuki took a short video to convey the value of oil orange. In the video, the son who returned home was frustrated at work and he was seen by his father. The father used sixty-six oil tangerines to make oil tangerine tea for his son to drink, and he warned his son that life is also "first astringent and then sweet". This practice is oil tangerine. Tea drinks have entered a new emotional value.

▲ Screenshot from @奈雪's tea jade oil tangerine commercial

Efficacy is also the value obtained by major brands after squeezing oil tangerines. According to research on the food and beverage industry, Lin Muqin, chairman of Dongpeng Beverage, once said:

It is refreshing, juicy, and has the effect of removing fat and helping digestion. This not only makes the food in my hometown more recognized by more people, but also targets the consumer demand for big health drinks.

In the introduction to oil oranges, there are often mentioned medicinal values ​​such as "producing body fluids to quench thirst" and "treating indigestion and abdominal pain." According to data records, Li Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty once said that oil oranges have "long-term use of light body and prolonged growth." In modern science, there is also evidence that oil tangerine can treat and prevent gastric cancer.

▲The picture is from @奈雪的茶

For contemporary young people, the greatest effect of oil tangerine is "scraping oil." Many review bloggers use "drinking a belly" as a gimmick when drinking oil citrus tea, so besides Wallace, oil citrus tea has also been given the nickname "jet fighter". The oil tangerine that can be diarrhea after drinking makes the young man who is anxious in body and body a drug. People can't help linking the image of oil tangerine tea with the slimming tea that was popular a few years ago.

In terms of taste, the major tea brands have reconciled the bitter taste of oil citrus. They use sugar and flavoring agents to neutralize the taste of oil citrus tea into a flavor that is acceptable to the public, but at the same time retain the taste. A hint of astringency and sweetness. This makes many tea lovers feel good.

The most important thing is that the niche population of oil tangerines has its own charm, because they have not tried it and cannot buy this kind of fruit in most areas of China. People will naturally want to try it fresh, plus a series of tea brands. Marketing and promotion, the fire of oil citrus tea is inevitable.

All the factors work together, the value of the oil citrus is squeezed by the brands, and it becomes the oil citrus tea into the large glass bottle.

You tangerine, a niche fruit, has been put in front of more people by tea brands.

Behind the circle of oil tangerines, a new type of tea to attack

It is of course a good thing that you tangerines go out of the circle.

For the farmers who grow oil oranges in the Chaoshan area, oil oranges have the support of tea brands. Tea brands need to introduce a large amount of raw materials for the production of oil citrus tea. In the battle of "stronger than anyone else," farmers are the ones who will definitely benefit.

In addition, the popularity of oil citrus tea is also an opportunity for niche fruits. The homogeneity of current tea brand products is serious, and the emergence of new niche fruit flavors can promote the innovation and research and development of tea brands, and tap more flavored beverages. . After the launch of "Domineering Yuyou Tang", Nayuki soon launched the combination of "You Tang + Lemon", and the blended juice also launched the combination of "You Tang + Olive". There are many innovative flavor combinations like this. . This is also a good thing for consumers.

▲The picture is from @奈雪的茶

But the burning oil citrus tea also has its crisis.

First of all, as a niche fruit, the sudden popularity has made the supply of oil orange tea insecure, whether it is a one-time use of 66 oil oranges Nayuki, a one-time use of 33 mixed juices, or a 50-star full cup , The quantity of oil tangerine required for a single cup of oil tangerine tea is very large. The output of niche fruits is inherently small. If the supply of raw materials is insufficient, then the supply of tea will not be mentioned, and it will even destroy the quality control emphasized by major tea brands.

In order to ensure quality, for a big brand like Nayuki, it is urgent to build its own supply chain. As a result, fruits that cannot be standardized will directly cause the cost of new tea brands to rise.

Public data shows that in the first three quarters of 2018-2020, Naxue’s material costs were 3.84, 9.16, and 811 million yuan, accounting for 35.3%, 36.6%, and 38.4% of revenue. Naixue is cooperating with the producing area to develop tea, and has also established an exclusive strawberry farm in Yunnan. Naixue’s competitor, Hey Tea, also took over Guizhou’s own tea gardens to provide tea raw materials for hundreds of Hey Tea stores.

How to make oil citrus tea have a stable, high-quality, and cost-effective supply chain is one of the problems faced by new tea brands in developing niche fruit flavors.

Secondly, although oil citrus has broken through the imagination of new tea products, and to a certain extent, it has got rid of homogenization. However, due to the strong copying and imitating ability of the tea industry, oil citrus tea will soon be the same as popular fruits. Swept the entire industry. At present, even Michelin and other brands have joined the ranks of the research and development and sales of oil citrus tea, and each brand on the packaging is packaged in glass bottles, which can be described as similar. Perhaps someday, oil citrus tea will also fall into the circle of homogeneity. By then, for consumers, which brand of oil citrus tea to choose may not be so different.

▲ Comparison of various oil citrus tea packaging

At the marketing level, oil citrus tea may not be suitable for over-promoting effects such as "scraping". Take Naixue as an example, it naturally connects "dominant jade oil orange" with "de-greasy". This technique greatly weakened the adverse effects of oil tangerine, which is a cold fruit, to people's stomach. The oil tangerine itself needs to control the appetite. Excessive drinking attempts to remove the oil or even lose weight may cause physical discomfort for consumers.

Some netizens in Chaoshan said that the role of oil tangerine itself has nothing to do with weight loss and oil scraping. It is the main effect of oil tangerine. If too much emphasis is placed on the efficacy of oil tangerines, it may cause potential risks for tea brands.

▲ Xiaohongshu netizens cried about oil citrus tea

But all in all, the research and development of niche fruit-flavored tea drinks has more advantages after all. At this point, even if tea brands such as Nai Xue, Xingman Cup, and Mixed Juice are suspected of over-marketing, they all show their dedication in product selection and hard work in product development.

The media "Kamen", which pays attention to the tea industry, has counted that after the epidemic stabilized last year, Nayuki began the rhythm of "new in every month". There were more than 30 new drinks such as coffee or tea, including Including bakery and retail products, Nayuki launched more than 100 new products last year. Among them, niche fruit-flavored teas such as mulberry and longan have been developed. The new frequency and the quality of the selection are surprising.

▲ Picture from @奈雪的茶

Although oil citrus tea has become popular as a niche fruit, the outlook is still unstable. But it provides a "wealth code" for new tea brands:

Keep innovation and keep quality.

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