Mysterious boulder hotly discussed around the world, an unsolved mystery in the new world?

Unexpectedly, a stone recently will cause several global heated discussions.

On November 18, investigators from the Public Safety Bureau of Utah in the United States suddenly discovered a shiny, unidentified metal object while scanning bighorn sheep in the Red Rock area at high altitude.

Turn around! Turn around! There seems to be something there, go take a look!

The plane immediately turned and landed on the ground. A bright silver-white columnar boulder came into view.

It is about 3.6 meters high and has a three-dimensional structure. It is independent from the world against the background of the vast red rock, as if it does not belong to this planet.

Pilot Hutchings said that there is no sign of how the boulder appeared. He said, "That was the strangest thing I encountered during the entire year of flying."

▲The investigators found a metal boulder. Picture from: Reuters

As soon as the news came out, opinions were quickly divided.

Where is the sacred boulder?

Some people say that it is an advanced product of alien civilization, just like the boulder in "2001 A Space Odyssey" in 1968, it is about to transmit the wisdom of aliens and open a new path of human evolution.

▲ Picture from: Stills of "2001: A Space Odyssey"

Some people say that it is an art installation made by art lovers. It pays tribute to the work of minimalist sculptor John McCracken. They have the same avant-garde, cold, and futuristic sense.

▲ Picture from: Pinterest

Some people say that it was just a prop from a sci-fi movie and was abandoned because it is very close to Canyonlands National Park. It used to be the location for film and television dramas such as "Western World", "Alien Battlefield", and "Indiana Jones". As a result, a few days later, a spokesperson for the Utah Film Commission clarified: it is not a movie prop.

Utah officials also issued a statement following a wave of enthusiasm:

It is illegal to install buildings or artworks on federally managed public land without authorization. No matter which planet you are from.

The last sentence instantly aroused the enthusiasm of the onlookers, and explorers soon flocked to them to find out on the ground.

However, the staff refused to disclose the coordinates, worried that too many tourists were trapped in the desert, but nothing could stop them, their yearning for freedom.

One by one, the explorers became Conan clones and began to search for clues.

Someone tracked down the Sheep Counting Unit of the Utah Public Safety Administration. Through the flight trajectories of their helicopters, they found that the two helicopters were registered as N352HP and N325SL. Later, someone narrowed it down to the confluence of the Colorado River near Canyonlands National Park.

Finally, they determined the coordinates of the boulder on Google Earth: 38.343080°, -109.666190°.

After cracking the coordinates, they rushed to the field, but found that they couldn't find out what was going on when they arrived, so they quickly and rationally changed the expedition goal to taking pictures and punching in.

YouTube user Justin McBride said that he was the first to find the boulder before the sun rose. He found that the surface of the boulder was covered with handprints, which could not be erased like a seal, presenting the mystery that the crowd expected.

Thousands of tourists then went to the local area. There were long queues of cars in the desert, and some even went directly to visit by helicopter.

The boulder is infinitely beautiful overnight, like a sacred monument, and the most attractive new landmark on social media.

David Surber, a former U.S. Army infantryman, drove 6 hours overnight to visit, and expressed a worthy trip :

The trip to visit the boulder today was great. No matter who built it or where it came from, this is a positive escape from this bad world.

Similarly, some people quickly escalated the strange wind of this boulder carnival.

In the TikTok video posted by tourists, someone pointed out that a black unknown creature appeared in the cracks of red rocks all over the video.

The local government felt that it had nothing to do with it. Netizens from all walks of life were full of enthusiasm and began to use their wisdom and wisdom to jointly explore the source of the boulder.

Reddit user Tim Slane found that this boulder was not recent, based on Google Earth images . It stood there as early as sometime between August 2015 and October 2016.

However, I didn't expect this huge rock to come quickly and disappear quickly.

Last weekend, the Utah Bureau of Land Management issued a statement on Facebook saying :

We have received reliable reports that this is an illegally installed object that has been removed from the public land of the Land Management Bureau (BLM) by an unknown party.

But the "carnival" surrounding the mysterious boulders did not end.

▲Ross Bernards photographed the boulders under the moonlight. Picture from: New York Times

The boulder is gone, the carnival continues

People's curiosity burns even more: How did the boulder disappear in just 10 days?

There are rumors that the Utah Bureau of Land Management demolished the boulder, but the spokesperson Kimberly Finch said that they did not take it away and are not responsible for it. The government will not investigate crimes committed on private property.

Other tourists said that this was an organized behavior and they saw a group demolish it on the night of November 27th.

Hikers Riccardo Marino and Sierra Van Meter claimed that they first arrived at the scene during the disappearance of the boulder, and found a message written in the soil on the scene, which read a literary and unfeeling sentence:

Goodbye, forever.

The two also recalled the scene in the video and said that when they went to the boulder at night, they heard some strange noises, and there was a truck "dragging a large object. It was tied to the car and the door was still open."

On December 1, things gradually became clear.

According to the New York Times , when photographer Ross Bernards went to the local area to shoot the boulder, he witnessed the entire process of the boulder being demolished at 20:40. Four unidentified men pushed the boulder down, then loaded it on a wheelbarrow and transported it away.

The photographer said that this group of figures came from the task. They believed that the boulder was a pollutant to the environment and landscape, and then it took 10-15 minutes to pull the boulder out. The boulder is hollow inside, and when they removed it, they still mumbled "Don't leave any traces."

▲ Picture from: Daily Mail

The disappearance of the boulder has been solved, but the online carnival of the boulder is still climaxing.

Just when the Utah boulder disappeared, a similar metal boulder appeared on the mountain in northern Romania.

This huge rock is located in the Dacia fortress group built in the 1st century BC, facing the local sacred mountain Ceahlau, which is one of Romania’s seven natural wonders and a holy place for local people’s beliefs.

It is four meters high and it is also a triangular prism, but it is obviously not the same as the boulder in Utah.

The surface of this boulder is full of dense twisted lines. It seems that the artificial traces are much heavier, and there are even welding traces.

If it is made by aliens, obviously their budget is insufficient this time and the manufacturing time is very tight. Reviews:

First, exclude aliens, just by looking at the welding, you can build a spaceship with a hammer.

Because it is located in an archaeological site protection area, the local government has started a detailed investigation.

But the same thing happened to the Romanian boulder-it quickly disappeared.

Reuters reported that the disappearance of the stone may have been done by a local welder, and now only an empty hole is left where the boulder is located.

▲ Picture from: India Today

After entertaining the world, the story of these two huge rocks now seems to have come to an end.

It's just that although we know their whereabouts, we still don't know the origin of the two huge stones, and we don't know who the creator is.

However, their disappearance is not the end. What is certain is that more metal boulders will be produced all over the world in the future.

On December 2nd, at the top of Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California, USA, a huge boulder appeared again .

Unstoppable "Big Rock Obsession"

The obsession and worship of megaliths in human culture has always existed since ancient times.

In ancient Chinese myths and legends, Nuwa was to refine five-color stones to fill the sky. Monkey King was also born from a piece of fairy stone that had been cultivated for many years. These mysterious boulders are still full of fantasy colors.

In reality, the British Stonehenge, the Easter Island statues, and the pyramids, these "classic monoliths" are still covered with a sacred halo of unsolved mysteries in the world.

As a prehistoric culture marked by huge stone structures, megalithic civilization began to be distributed in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceania and other places from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.

▲ One of the world's top ten megaliths: Uluru megalith. Picture from: Weyf / Wikimedia Commons

The Middle East is generally considered to be the origin of megalithic culture , where there are a large number of megalithic cultural phenomena, such as the big pyramid stele, the Baalbek temple in Lebanon, the victory pillar found on the banks of the Tigris River and so on.

In prehistoric European society, megaliths can be said to be the most fashionable buildings.

Archaeologists have counted all the megalithic sites in Europe and found as many as 35,000 of them. Stonehenge in Britain is not only one of the most mysterious monuments in the world, but also one of the most popular tourist attractions in Britain.

▲ Stonehenge, UK. Picture from: Visit United Kingdom

One of the strangest boulders on earth: the Anasra boulder in Saudi Arabia, with a straight crack of the same width in the middle, like a giant swinging a sword to split the boulder in half.

There is no evidence to prove how this seam can be divided so evenly, smoothly and neatly. Until now, people still think that it is the work of aliens or some mysterious force.

▲ Picture from: Unusual Places

There is also one of the largest megalithic relics on the planet: Puma Pengku, which is full of magnificent boulders weighing tens or even hundreds of tons.

But these stones are located at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, and the places where they were mined are hundreds of kilometers away. They are extremely hard. Only diamond knives and lasers under modern technology can cut them. The remains were moved and manufactured.

It seems that only legends can explain -they were created overnight by a group of giants 20,000 years ago, or were the masterpieces of super-wise ancestors who lived in mysterious seclusion.

A large number of legends and mysteries about the boulder have made the boulder and other stories behind it have been curious and hotly discussed throughout the ages, and it has also inspired countless research and exploration.

Although it is often said that China does not have a "megalithic civilization," in fact, ancient Chinese loved to view the stone and enlighten the Tao, and now there are many dolmens, stone sheds, stone statues, etc. in Northeast, Xinjiang and other places.

Tibet has a kind of big stone culture . This tradition developed from the Neolithic Age. They would engrave mantras, Buddha statues, and scriptures on the stones to worship Buddha. For the Tibetans, the huge rocks standing tall are not only a place of atonement for pilgrims, but also contain the fantasy of gods.

▲ Picture from: Ninlawan Donlakkham/

Megaliths play a variety of roles in the process of human development. From religious sacrifices to life viewing, it can be seen that the image of megaliths always symbolizes gods, power, and miracles, and is projected by people to imagine, worship, and yearn.

This powerful meaning has become more turbulent in the digital age, and it is also easier to arouse topics and heat.

In the future, people will continue to have a "big stone culture" in the fields of technology, life, and art.

▲ The new Kadokawa Cultural Museum built by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is composed of more than 20,000 pieces of granite, each weighing 50-70 kilograms, built into an irregular megalithic building.

Whether the boulder is used as a cutting-edge art installation, a mysterious entertainment tool, or a publicity gimmick for a scenic spot, it will continue to be rapidly spread in this information age, to be watched and heatedly discussed, to be dug and renovated.

What people are really obsessed with is actually the hidden creativity behind the boulder, a new turn in the boring Internet life, or just obsessed with the unchanging boulder itself.

In the current impetuous chaos and rapid changes, the boulder always stands quietly, like a solidified truth.

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