Musk’s xAI releases first product! There is one thing that is not as good as ChatGPT, and it can still be used in Tesla.

Late last night, Musk’s xAI released its first large model product, Grok AI.

A few months ago, Musk stated on Twitter, which had not changed his name at the time: "The goal of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe," thereby announcing the establishment of xAI to the world.

Now more than three months have passed, and this team dedicated to developing AI technology has produced the first batch of research results, namely the Grok AI assistant, so much so that Musk couldn't help but advertise it on X in advance: " In some ways, it's the best (artificial intelligence) that exists right now."

So how does Grok AI actually perform?

Musk’s Grok AI is more humorous than ChatGPT

Judging from the screenshots released by Musk, Grok AI seems to be able to set the tone according to the user's personal preferences. It can be "teasing" as much as you want. You can even choose a more humorous or "odd" reply style.

For example, when a user asked Grok AI how to make cocaine step by step, Grok replied humorously:

First, you have to get a chemistry degree and a DEA license, then build a secret laboratory in a remote area and obtain a large amount of coca leaves, various chemicals and other raw materials.

Then you can make cocaine, but hopefully you don't get blown up or arrested…

Just a quick joke! Making cocaine is illegal and extremely dangerous. I won't encourage you (to do such a thing).

Grok AI, which "it's easy to enjoy the shade against a big tree", also supports real-time search on the X platform, allowing all information on the X platform to be obtained in real time. Thanks to the huge information pool of the X platform, Grok AI is extremely sensitive to news and can identify elements of emergencies from massive amounts of information. In Musk’s view, this is a huge advantage that competing products such as ChatGPT do not have.

Of course, in addition to linking with X, a product belonging to Musk, a "scaled down" version of Grok AI may also be able to run locally in Tesla cars, making full use of the vehicle's computing resources. Doesn't it feel far away from the "talking" version? Megatron, who can't transform, is one step closer?

So how can it be used? Musk said that once early testing ends, Grok AI will be available to all X Premium+ subscribers for only $16 per month (approximately RMB 116.7). For comparison, the subscription price of ChatGPT Plus is $20 per month.

As an early tester of Grok, blogger @BrianRoemmele on X (formerly Twitter) also revealed more information. Grok AI can handle up to 25,000 characters compared to ChatGPT's 4,096 characters, which means it can better understand and respond to lengthy queries and instructions.

ChatGPT's "Stop generating" will often make you feel crazy, but this situation may not happen with Grok AI, because its response speed is extremely fast and can provide instant feedback, almost as fast as the screen refresh rate.

A paper from Microsoft this week revealed that the training parameter set of ChatGPT version 3.5 is only 20 billion. We don’t care whether it is true or false for now, but the blogger said that the Grok AI assistant directly uses Exabytes data on the X platform for fine-tuning, and the amount of training data is huge. Additionally, Grok AI plans to launch an API, which means users can integrate its functionality into other applications.

In addition to the "little fuss" in the text part, Grok AI seems to be an all-rounder. It can handle all functions such as image generation, image recognition, and audio recognition. It is equivalent to integrating tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney.

It’s worth mentioning, why is the chatbot named “Gork”? Some netizens believe that this was inspired by the concept of "Gork" in Robert Heinlein's science fiction novel "Stranger in a Strange Land". This statement has also been confirmed by Musk.

In the Martian language invented by Heinlein in the book, "Grok" literally means the modal particle "drink", but it has a profound meaning, symbolizing understanding, resonance, and interpersonal relationships, not just superficial or superficial meanings. Intellectual assimilation.

Therefore, choosing to name the AI ​​assistant “Grok” also fully expresses Musk’s vision for artificial intelligence in understanding and communication. He hopes that artificial intelligence can transcend mechanical information processing, truly understand human emotions and needs, and achieve deeper, more More intuitive human-computer interaction and understanding.

xAI of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

At the beginning of the year, The Infomation reported that Musk was actively "recruiting" with the intention of building a new research laboratory to launch a strong rival to ChatGPT.

xAI’s official website also details the start-up team with 12 core members. In addition to Musk, the other 11 members and their backgrounds are as follows:

Igor Babuchkin:
An artificial intelligence researcher who has accumulated rich experience working at DeepMind and OpenAI. Participated in the AlphaStar project (using AI to defeat the human champion in StarCraft).

Manuel Kroiss:
software engineer. He has worked at technology giants such as Google and DeepMind, and has made important contributions in the fields of reinforcement learning and artificial intelligence. Co-author of the paper "Reverb: A Framework for Experience Replay".

Yuhuai (Tony) Wu:
Artificial intelligence researcher and computer scientist. Known for his work as an automated mathematician and formal reasoning on the Google N2Formal team and a secretive startup.

Christian Szegedy:
Expertise in deep learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, image analysis, and formal reasoning. Previously worked at Google as a research scientist. He holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Bonn.

Jimmy Ba:
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto. Currently leading a research project on the development of efficient learning algorithms for deep neural networks. Chair of CIFAR-AI (Canadian Institute for Advanced Study in Artificial Intelligence and Society) and recipient of the 2016 Facebook Machine Learning Graduate Scholarship.

Toby Pohlen:
Formerly a DeepMind research engineer, he has extensive experience in the fields of machine learning and reinforcement learning. Participate in projects such as AlphaStar League and Ape-X DQfD. Graduated from RWTH Aachen University in Germany with a major in computer science at the top of his class.

Ross Nordeen:
A former technical project manager at Tesla, he will help the team construct the filter.

Kyle Kosic:
He has worked for AI companies such as OpenAI. Has rich academic background in machine learning, physics and applied mathematics.

Greg Yang:
He once worked at Microsoft Research and won the Morgan Prize Honorary Award in 2018.

Guodong Zhang:
A researcher in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, he once worked at the University of Toronto and the Vector Institute. He is famous for his research on the training, adjustment, and alignment of large language models, and has written many papers in related fields. He is the recipient of the 2022 Apple PhD Fellowship and the 2020 Borealis Artificial Intelligence Fellowship.

Zihang Dai:
A former Google researcher, he holds degrees from Tsinghua University and Carnegie Mellon University. He has conducted research internships at Baidu US Branch and mILA at the University of Montreal.

In addition to these 11 core members, Musk also invited Dan Hendrycks, director of the U.S. Artificial Intelligence Safety Center, to serve as x.AI’s AI safety consultant. Previously, Dan Hendrycks published an open letter to global leaders, warning that AI poses as much of a threat to human survival as pandemics and nuclear war.

Of course, it is obviously unrealistic to launch the Grok AI assistant with just these 11 core members, so xAI has also started a recruitment plan to recruit AI-related technical talents to join.

Even if you know nothing about AI-related technologies, xAI also focuses on recruiting some writing talents. In August this year, xAI issued a sincere invitation on X:

We are hiring creators, teachers, and curators to help improve our models!
If you are extremely good at writing and an expert in your field, pls DM us evidence of your most exceptional work
We're hiring creators, teachers, and curators to help improve our model!
If you are very good at writing and are an expert in your field, please PM us with evidence of your best work

What can I say, friends who meet the requirements are already eager to give it a try after seeing this? The xAI official website recruitment link is as follows. Do you want to try to be a colleague with Musk?

Recruitment link  :

It is worth mentioning that Musk, 52, is running six high-tech companies at the same time with amazing energy: Tesla, SpaceX, X (Twitter), Neuralink, Boring company and xAI.

Doug Jones is Musk’s idol. The book that had the most profound impact on Musk when he was a boy was “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

There is a supercomputer "Deep Thought" in the book, whose mission is to find "the answers to the ultimate questions of life, the universe, and all." At first glance, this does not coincide with the founding goals of xAI.

Judging from the fact that Musk just issued a notice the day before yesterday and "applauded" Starlink for obtaining Berlin's authorization, xAI's research results are only part of its ambitions at best. His ambitions are not limited to generative AI technology.

Whether it is Neuralink, which implants microchips into the human brain, Optimus, a humanoid robot, Dojo, a supercomputer that simulates the human brain, and the smarter Grok AI assistant, these projects that Musk is actively promoting are vaguely pointing to one ultimate goal: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

That is to say, creating an intelligent system that can perform various tasks like humans, has human-like intelligence, independent decision-making and learning capabilities, can perform a variety of tasks, and has the ability to understand and reason about the world to solve various complex problems. .

Of course, achieving this ultimate goal is by no means an easy task, but Musk, a man full of determination and ambition who can always realize his "bragging", has already set out on this challenging road.

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