Musk’s underground tunnel opened to traffic, although it did not live up to expectations

This week, the LVCC Loop double tunnel system built by The Boring Company under the name of Elon Musk under the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) began to transport passengers. The system is currently in trial operation. It is expected to officially operate in June.

This tunnel is about 1.29 kilometers long and there are two in total. Cars can drive fast in the tunnel to improve the efficiency of transportation.

▲LVCC Loop, picture from: The Verge

This LVCC Loop system has a total of three stop points, among which the entrances and exits of the start and end points are on the ground, and the middle stop is located about 9.1 meters underground and the same depth as the tunnel.

The Boring company once stated that passengers can request a car through an app, but this test did not use the online method of car-hailing. The test requires passengers to directly take an idle vehicle after entering the tunnel.

In this test, Boring Company used dozens of Tesla cars before and after, including Model 3, Model Y, and Model X.

▲Picture from: The Independent

It is understood that the traffic in the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center is very congested, especially after the addition of a brand-new wing in the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center, it takes a long time to call a taxi or online car-hailing.

The Boring company claims that the LVCC Loop will eventually shorten the 45-minute walk to 2 minutes, and even claims that the speed of the underground tunnel can reach a maximum of 241 kilometers per hour, but this week's test did not reach such a level.

One of the testers said that it takes an average of 3-5 minutes to get in the car, and the car travels at a speed of only 64 kilometers per hour.

▲Picture from: The Independent

In addition, the tester said that the most time-consuming part is the congestion of the underground stop, and the driver needs to bypass other parked vehicles to let passengers get on and off. In order to save time, the driver even asks the disembarked passenger not to close the door to shorten the time it takes for the next passenger to board the car.

For Boring, the biggest problem is how to build such underground tunnels on a large scale. In addition to the LVCC Loop, Boring also hopes to build a huge tunnel system that will operate throughout Las Vegas, including the Las Vegas Strip and the airport.

Their goal is to transport 50,000 passengers per hour .

▲Picture from: The Boring Company

In addition, Boring also stated:

Reaching the highest speed is one of the most important things.

To achieve this goal, the Tesla in the tunnel must first realize the automatic driving. It is almost impossible for the driver to drive at a speed of 241 kilometers per hour in such a narrow tunnel.

But obviously, the current operation of this tunnel still has to rely on the driver to achieve.

The title picture comes from: The Boring Company

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