Murder, cosplay, soul conversion… Why do more and more people fall in love with script killing?

In 2016, when the first season of "Celestial Detective" premiered, the program crew might not have expected that so many people in China would be addicted to similar role-playing reasoning games in the next five years. In the past five years, the script-killing shops have opened all over China. Countless players have spent money for a chance to play. They wear women's clothing and wigs in this game, live in a world they have never experienced, and wash themselves there. Clear suspicion.

It can make a man with a wide back and a wide waist willingly wear women's clothing, and it can also make a petite and cute girl become the leader of martial arts and the head of the family. This is the unremarkable charm of the script.

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Experience a different life in the script kill

Script kill is a reasoning game that has become a fire in recent years. Each player will get his own script before the game starts. The script has a completely different background setting from real life. You need to play your role in the overhead world. At the same time, the word "kill" in the script killing also means that someone has been murdered. The murderer is among the players, and you need to cooperate with other players to find the murderer.

There are two kinds of scripts, online and offline. Online Script Killer will use the script and play inference provided by the app. Offline is divided into two modes: real scene and board game, but in both modes, you will almost be dressed up and hairstyles are made to make you look closer to the characters.

The real scene will provide a larger immersive scene for players to search for evidence, from three rooms and one hall to a 600-square-meter base may be the scene of the detection. In board games, the dressed up players discuss the plot around the table, trying to find the real murderer.

▲ The script kills the dressing room, with more dress styles. Picture from: CGTN

This may be the favorite cosplay game of post-90s and post-00s. Compared to Coser, who is superior in stature, he can confidently appear in Manzhan, and most ordinary people may not have such courage. In this case, a script-killing game that can be experienced for a few hours for about 200 yuan is a cosplay game that everyone can experience. Your friends will play with you, and you will play different roles. Coupled with a well-made scripted story, this is simply a great value added service.

"People's Daily" also stated that "the script has become a new social trend for post-90s and post-00s." For many young people, this new and interesting way of playing games can not only use their brains, but also spend time with friends well, and is a new social choice.

Today, a few hard-core script kill players will choose to fight with others, but more people will choose to group games with friends for a private experience, defining it as a social activity between friends.

▲ Antiquity theme script kill, many props

Of course, not all young people will like this new game. Due to various factors such as script and price, some players still feel that they are not as expected after the experience and are unwilling to try again. For players who are unwilling to try, the cost-effectiveness of the game is a very important reason.

Player Huo got a character who was not the core character in his first script killing experience. During the five hours of long reasoning, he once wanted to use his mobile phone to watch the live broadcast. The second play experience with friends was not unpleasant, but the price of nearly two hundred for one experience made him decide to stop for a while because it was "too expensive."

▲ Some players who cannot accept the real-time price will also choose online free script kill, and there are many choices

Jonathan also felt that the price of nearly two hundred times was too high: "40 times may be acceptable." For him, the first real-scene script killing in his life awakened the soul of "beating workers", a game. Playing it was like a 4-hour brainstorm meeting.

The interesting point is: this is a rare occasion, everyone can put down their mobile phones, put down their masks, and be a brand new person/ghost in a brand new world.

Dramatic live show, script kill online start

Hu Ningfeng, the founder of NINES, the script-killing inference hall, believes that script-killing allows players to experience a "third life". "The first life is the inevitability that you are born with; the second life is the ideal life you dream of, and the third life can help you see the world from the perspective of God. Only the third life can see the world, You can reflect on your first life and shape it into your ideal life."

▲ Hu Ningfeng, founder of NINES. Picture from: Pandaily

Cui Hua, a full-time host of a script-killing theme shop in Guangzhou, told us that the guests who come to play script-killing are people who like to chat and discuss. Some players really like reasoning and don't care if the script is a real-life script. There are also some players who are "playing jingles". What they like is the process of violent play. The scene setting and servicing of the script killing make them feel especially substituting.

In addition to the host, I am also a script killer, and colleagues in our store will go to other stores to "print" after get off work.

I also like script kills. At the beginning, I liked reasoning. Later I felt that the real charm of script kills lies in the interpretation of others. The moment I finish reading the script, I am not me, I am the character in hand. I learned about TA's life and tried to think about problems in TA's way of thinking. During these hours of the game, I can also interpret TA's life.

After playing a lot of script kills, I don't care much about the so-called victory or defeat. It is more important to restore the truth of the story. Looking for details in everyone's limited vision, trying to track down some unknown things, in my opinion is the real charm of script killing. When this game is over, return to my life and continue my life.

By constantly switching identities from every script killing, trying to get rid of the dualistic thinking mode, I can also understand the world better.

▲ A small scene in the script "School of Magic" in Cuihua's work shop

The host of Script Kill has seen a lot of "drama spirits" with too much investment. Too much involvement in the role, decided to protect the players who love to hide the key clues; because they are immersed in the background world, entangled in the details and unshakable details of the background setting; there are also "detectives who are involved in the drama and do not care about the results of the detective ".

From this perspective, the script-killing shop is nothing more than a stage for the pursuit of drama. The shop provides better scripts and characters, but the rendering effect is still determined by the actors.

And when you play someone else and show your charm in the game, you return to the real world and still have a lot of real connections with the player. Many people have met new friends here and have a new close relationship. The host Cuihua we interviewed, her boyfriend is the host she met when she played the script for the first time.

There are only a small number of players who play script killing with the idea of ​​"want to meet new friends", and most of them still want to try new things with their friends. This is a social event and the best game for people to escape the real world for hours.

▲ The script of "Magic Academy", where Cuihua is located, was played for more than four hours

If the game can escape reality for a few hours, who can not love it?

When I heard that I was going to play for 6 hours at first, I was very resistant. Later, I discovered that such a long play time is not enough, because you have a lot of conjectures to be confirmed. And in these few hours, I basically didn't think that my boss would suddenly come to me, and I didn't think that there was not much left in my salary this month. As a member of the elves, all I want to do is find the murderer and hide my true identity.

This unreal world that allows me to forget the reality and temporarily immerse myself in it is quite precious to me.

The script-killing player said with peace of mind that "beyond reality" is an important factor in her love of script-killing. When a game allows you to play as another person and live immersively in another world, it also creates a safe haven for you for a few hours. There, the troubles of reality have nothing to do with you.

Similar games that can help people escape reality are not just script kills. They create a harsher, more realistic, and more immersive environment, and sometimes even make people want to escape from the real world and live in that false world.

The "Oasis" game in "Ready Player One" is a great example. VR glasses are immersed in reality and have a customizable appearance. The fantasy world created in the game is a place where people have infinite possibilities. Even if there is no entrepreneurial asset to cite, the players who are addicted to this game are definitely the majority.

▲ Picture from: "Number One Player"

In order to escape reality, VR studio VR Retreat also produced a mini VR game " The Hillary Wins VR Experience " when Trump won the election. There, TV and newspaper news tell you that Hillary won, and you can be happy for a few minutes.

Even if I remember that this is not true, I can pick up a beer bottle and throw it to the TV to vent.

▲ Hillary won the election in the game

But in general, this VR game has too little playability. If you want to be real, you have to look at the "game" of prison management.

In Korea, there is a way to spend the weekend that is slowly becoming popular, that is, going to jail . The owner built a prison-themed hotel called "Prison inside Me (Prison inside Me)". Guests staying in will hand over their mobile phones and watches. The cell is only 6 square meters in size, without any entertainment facilities, only some washing facilities, and three meals a day are extremely simple.

▲ The 3,000 yuan prison hotel is very simple

It can be said that the residents of this hotel lead a life like a monk. But they are all voluntary, and spent nearly 3,000 yuan a night to enjoy this service. Perhaps life without a mobile phone is like jail for modern people, but it is an alternative and effective decompression center for people who are out of breath due to work pressure.

After reading these three extreme examples, perhaps you can understand the light and immersive consumption of script killing. This kind of paid "role play" is actually an emotional therapy for people to soothe themselves.

Moreno, a psychiatrist, proposed this concept many years ago and began to promote "psychodrama . " It calls the client the "protagonist", the person who assists in other roles is called the "supporting role", and the therapist who assists and directs the play is called the "director." During the performance of the psychodrama, the protagonist solves his inner troubles with the help of the director and supporting actors. From this perspective, script kill is undoubtedly a role-playing psychodrama.

▲ "Star Detective" also has a healing theme

Think about it, when your family is talking about love, career, and salary during the Spring Festival, someone provides an excellent environment to ignore these real factors. You can also interact with old friends in an independent space there. Such entertainment will only be more popular during the Spring Festival.

The Cuihua we interviewed said that their store would continue to operate during the Chinese New Year because "the Spring Festival in previous years (have) more customers than usual."

This may be our real world "Escape is costly but useful".

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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