MSI GE76 Gaming Book Test: i9-11980HK’s counterattack against “AMD, Yes”

When the MSI GE76 gaming laptop came to Aifaner's office, the first colleague I saw said this: Is it a living RTX3080?

In fact, it is more special that its CPU is i9-11980HK, the current performance king of Intel's 11th-generation Core, and AMD's head-to-head products. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the hope of the whole village.

It just so happens that I am using an AMD R9 5900HX gaming notebook. Before the R9 5980HX was launched, these two processors were basically the ceiling of the current gaming notebooks. Therefore, the lighting effects, screen, and keyboard feel are not important. The most important thing is, which is stronger, i9-11980HK or R9 5900HX?

Considering that when I started the Pistol God 5 Plus RTX3070 version, I couldn't get the RTX3080 version at all, so this test does not involve the performance comparison of the whole machine and the graphics card.

i9-11980HK+RTX3080, what level?

In terms of configuration, the MSI GE76 gaming notebook is already at the top of the pyramid of this year's gaming notebook. The price is also rushing to the 30,000 yuan gear, and the ROG or alien gaming notebook with the 50,000 yuan gear is actually as good as the performance of MSI. GE76 is not much different, so to some extent, MSI GE76 is still a bit cost-effective?

We already know the price, what about the performance?

First, let's run PCMARK 10.

▲ MSI GE76 PCMARK 10 running points

Under the condition of 24 degrees Celsius at room temperature and the strongest performance, the MSI GE76 scored 7336, which is more than 97% of the tested models. The performance of this machine is basically in line with expectations, and it is worthy of the positioning of the top gaming notebook.

Then let's run a PCMARK brother, 3DMARK.

▲ MSI GE76 3DMARK Time Spy running score

In the Time Spy test session, the MSI GE76 scored 11941. Strictly speaking, this score is slightly lower than expected. After all, the average score of the model under the same configuration is 12327.

▲ MSI GE76 hard drive test

In addition, the Samsung 1TB SSD hard drive equipped with the MSI GE76 also performs well, which is considered the top level among notebook hard drives.

These tests basically also explained the performance positioning of the MSI GE76, and of course it also rectified the name of the i9-11980HK. Intel does not plan to let go of the game's position.

Specific to the game, it is natural to try the current graphics killer "Cyberpunk 2077".

Under the conditions of maintaining the highest picture quality options, the highest light pursuit effect, DLSS automatic, 1080P resolution, and direct graphics card connection, the average frame rate of MSI GE76 running "Cyberpunk 2077" is 73fps, the frame rate during the entire game The stability is also good, and the official game scene will not suddenly drop below 60fps.

It can be said that, except for the loud fan and the very hot part on the C surface, the gaming experience is quite good.

In addition, I have to say that with ray tracing on and off, the screen is completely two games.

▲ The highest picture quality, with ray tracing on

▲ Highest picture quality, ray tracing off

At the same time, it can be seen that after the ray tracing is turned off, the frame rate can be increased by about 30%, reaching more than 100fps.

If you want a quiet and calm game experience, you probably won't get it in "Cyberpunk 2077", but the old and firm "League of Legends" can give MSI GE76 a little test.

For MSI GE76, the pressure on "League of Legends" is indeed very small. After turning off the frame rate lock, almost the entire frame rate is above 200, and the average frame rate is 241. At the same time, the CPU load is only 11%. It's also much better.

The performance of other stand-alone games is probably between the HARD difficulty of "Cyberpunk 2077" and the EASY difficulty of "League of Legends". For example, "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" has an average frame rate of close to 130fps at the highest quality.

For the i9-11980HK+RTX3080 combination of MSI GE76, there is almost no game that can stump them. The only thing to note is that the temperature of the air conditioner is lower and the air outlet should not be blocked.

i9-11980HK VS R9 5900HX, who is stronger?

Before the two strong comparisons, it is still necessary to explain the parameters of the two processors.

Intel Core i9-11980HK adopts 10nm process, Willow Cove CPU architecture, Xe GPU architecture, 8 cores and 16 threads, three-level cache 24MB, base frequency 2.6GHz, single/dual core acceleration up to 5.0GHz.

AMD R9 5900HX adopts 7nm process, Zen3 CPU architecture, Vega GPU architecture, 8 cores and 16 threads, three-level cache 16MB, base frequency 3.3GHz, and maximum acceleration of 4.6GHz.

The two books seem to have a win or lose, but still need to compare the running points (the following results each run 3 times, subject to the highest single-core record).

▲ i9-11980HK Geekbench 5 score

In the Geekbench 5 test, the MSI GE76 i9-11980HK scored 1613 in single-core and 9175 in multi-core, which performed quite well. The test environment is still at room temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, and the computer is in performance mode.

▲ R9 5900HX Geekbench 5 score

In contrast, the performance of my own computer R9 5900HX on Geekbench 5 is worse than in the previous section.

It should be noted that the R9 5900HX running score data of my personal computer is quite stable. After running three times, the single-core score difference is in single digits, and the multi-core difference is in double digits. The MSI GE76 is not so stable, single-core sometimes falls below 1600, and multi-core may fall below 9000. But no matter how you run, at least in the Geekbench 5 session, i9-11980HK stabilized the opponent.

When it comes to CINEBENCH R15, the situation is slightly different. R9 5900HX scores 232 in single-core and 2142 in multi-core. The results are quite good, especially in multi-core performance. The i9-11980HK has a single-core score of 238 and a multi-core score of 2040. Here, Intel kept the single-core advantage, but lost the multi-core competition.

In addition, I also tested CINEBENCH R23, and the result is not much different from the above. R9 5900HX single-core 1427, multi-core 12796; i9-11980HK single-core score of 1579, multi-core score of 12105, still win the single-core, lose the multi-core.

▲ i9-11980HK 3DMARK CPU Profile score

▲ R9 5900HX 3DMARK CPU Profile score

The last round of testing is from the CPU test module in 3DMARK, which tests the threading ability of the CPU. In this link, the performance of the i9-11980HK is better than that of the R9 5900HX. The only small project that failed is 4 threads. In terms of single-thread and 16-thread capabilities, Intel has a big lead.

In addition, it should be noted that in the CPU test module of 3DMARK, the green is the score for the unit, the length of the gray bar is the overclocking level, and the black tick mark is the average level of the test. Basically, the R9 of my personal computer is not much different from the average tested level, but the overall performance of the i9-11980HK on the MSI GE76 is not as good as the average. This may be due to the relatively conservative performance of the MSI GE76. The i9-11980HK also There are thousands of miles to dig.

Looking at it as a whole, in these rounds of CPU performance tests, the overall performance of the i9-11980HK is a little better than that of the R9 5900HX, especially at the single-core level, and it has never missed.

▲ i9-11980HK 3DMARK CPU Profile running temperature and frequency

▲ R9 5900HX 3DMARK CPU Profile running temperature and frequency

Another point to note is that in the 3DMARK CPU test, you can also see the CPU's main frequency and temperature changes, thanks to the higher core frequency of the i9-11980HK itself, so in the test, its frequency is basically the same. It is around 4.8GHz, while R9 5900HX is mostly around 4.45GHz. At the same time, the temperature fluctuation of i9-11980HK is also quite large, and the overall heat generation is higher than that of R9 5900HX. The reason is that apart from the fact that the former's 10nm process is a bit disadvantageous, the MSI GE76 does a good job of heat dissipation, so many players will manually change the heat dissipation silicone grease to improve performance.

Through the above table, it is estimated that everyone can also have a concept of the performance comparison between i9-11980HK and R9 5900HX.

So, is MSI GE76 worth buying?

With the passage of time, RTX3080 graphics card game books are no longer scarce. Many brands and models are available from stock, and the market has changed from "Which one has the goods to buy" to "I can compare and see." .

In the single CPU link, the performance of the i9-11980HK is slightly better than that of its opponents, but to be honest, when it comes to specific usage and specific games, these performance advantages are not very perceivable. Therefore, if you are not obsessed with the strongest, you can actually target the graphics card model and see if it is the full-blooded version.

Specific to the MSI GE76, as a game notebook, it is a type with over-assuming and inadequate aesthetics. Compared with the red, green and blue light factories, there is a slight gap. In short, it does not have its own design language inheritance.

In some details, MSI chose to cooperate with friends to enhance the experience. For example, the keyboard is co-operated with the steel factory Sairui, the pressure is relatively large, the keystroke is long in the notebook, the feedback is obvious, the hand feels hard, and it is suitable for violent operation. The speaker cooperates with Dynaudio, the sound is loud and clear, supports Hi-Res, and performs well.

The chicken thief is that it is equipped with a 99.9Whr battery capacity, which can be taken directly on the plane without declaration. It is basically the largest battery in the notebook battery. Although the battery life is not important for gaming notebooks, the larger ones are better after all. Some. In addition, the Thunderbolt 4 interface and Wi-Fi 6 are not absent, and the DDR4-3200 memory will not be a drag.

On the whole, the MSI GE76 has no flaws in the performance configuration. If you have to say, the independent numeric keyboard area and touchpad are a bit small, and the power button is not independent, which is a small disadvantage.

As one of the few models currently equipped with i9-11980HK, for players who are tired of the red side and want to experience the blue side, MSI GE76 might as well give it a try.

In the plastic greenhouse of destiny, every cabbage that has been sprayed with too much pesticide once had a dream of becoming a pollution-free organic vegetable.

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