Moutai launches wine-flavored ice cream, it is not so easy to make young people fall in love with liquor

The word Maotai has frequently appeared in the eyes of young people recently.

Because they are getting more and more news.

"i Moutai" was launched, and you can see that this app topped the App Store free rankings that day; Moutai launched the mini version of Feitian Moutai, 100ml sold for 399 yuan/bottle, and some people immediately analyzed what the mini version was good at; Cooperate with Mengniu to promote ice cream, and melt this kind of wine, which is very important in the hearts of the elders, into the sweet ice cream for the younger generation to eat.

▲ i Moutai

Online, mini version, cross-border selling ice cream… Although Maotai did not walk at the top of the current business wave, it definitely kept up with the times. Compared with the beloved brand of the elders that young people originally held in their hearts, this time Maotai is a bit different.

Moutai has made so many changes and wants to be grounded and let young people know about this brand. This is probably because young people don't like to drink liquor anymore – it doesn't matter if you are Maotai or Jiang Xiaobai.

Young people refuse liquor and buy it as a gift for investment

How unpopular liquor is among young people can be seen from the brand Jiang Xiaobai.

This is a very fun brand, once known as the "advertising company in the liquor industry".

▲ The existence of Jiang Xiaobai has brought some impact to the liquor circle

Tao Shiquan, the founder of Jiang Xiaobai, once recommended Jiang Xiaobai to 100 people on the street, and this down-to-earth experience was recorded on Douyin. In the short video, some customers bluntly said to Tao Shiquan that they did not want to give it away for free, and there were many who firmly refused when they heard the brand name. Not to mention whether the wine is good or not, it is actually difficult to fail a brand whose founder is so willing to go out and understand marketing.

Regrettably, what Jiang Xiaobai is determined to do is "the first sip of baijiu for young people".

▲ Jiang Xiaobai's fruity wine

For the audience of baijiu, Jiang Xiaobai is not enough "old cannon", its wine tastes as impure as water; for young people, they don't need this baijiu at all.

Xiao Zong is the only one of my friends who has downloaded the i Moutai app, although it has now been uninstalled.

He himself is not an audience of baijiu, and his impression of baijiu is that after drinking it, his throat seems to be on fire, which is very choking and spicy. "Drinking baijiu is suffering, and drinking good baijiu is just not so painful" is his comment. I don't like it so much and I still download i Moutai, it's completely planning for the future.

▲ i Moutai Mascot

One is for investment and financial management, and I plan to resell the expensive ones on the official platform, and I can earn hundreds of dollars if I change hands. It is a pity that he has not been hit, which has also become the reason for his uninstallation. The second is to make some "grand plans" for his life-long events. Although he doesn't like it, the elders around Little Worm like it. Having been in love with his girlfriend for 5 years, he felt that it was time to prepare something for his parents. Maotai was what he liked – even if the parents didn't drink it, he would definitely show his sincerity.

Bugs usually drink alcohol, and like to drink beer when it's hot. The point is not to get drunk, but for the "refreshing feeling" of carbon dioxide hitting the throat. These things cannot be given by liquor with high degree and choking throat.

Panda, who is a teacher at the university, doesn't like baijiu either. "I've had it once, and I don't want to try it again." In Panda's opinion, even if it's Jiang Xiaobai's improved drink, it's a little bit of a taste to her. "Too much".

▲ Improved fruity liquor

When it comes to gatherings where friends gather, it is not acceptable for Panda to drink a lot of alcohol (especially white wine) until they are broken. Friends drank too much, and all the trips after dinner were canceled. The sober people were responsible for sending them home one by one. There was absolutely no point in gathering. On the contrary, some low-alcohol alcohol can keep the party atmosphere just right, and a little drunk will not affect the continued play.

The way she likes to drink may be at the end of the drinking contempt chain-a little bit of foreign wine, paired with drinks such as Sprite, Coke, Eye-catching, and Fanta, it is delicious and not intoxicating. I don't like white wine, but I like fruit wine and sparkling wine with a lower degree of concentration. It's not just Panda's choice. She said to us:

The most baijiu of the students I brought was Jiang Xiaobai, but most of them were beer and Rui Ao.

▲ Rio alcoholic beverages

Liquor + everything young people like, will it get better?

Today, almost every brand on the track suffers from "fear of aging" because they need to tell a story of rapid growth. The existing customer base is mature and stable. Only when young people who are financially independent begin to become interested in your products can they embark on a healthy growth path.

It is a pity that today's young people buy Maotai either for gifts or for appreciation. It can be said that it is a rise of "Youth Leek", trying to make hundreds of dollars to the upper generation through the luck of winning the lottery, this is a rare counterattack. But for the liquor industry, this is a bad signal – the green and yellow are not connected.

Existing customers are getting older and younger customers are not interested. In this case, getting young customers interested has become a top priority for liquor companies.

▲ Different kinds of liquor

If you want young people to like it, first go to see what young people like. Coffee and special bartending are the answers that some companies get, and the fusion of the two categories has become the direction that many brands try.

Young people don’t like high-level liquor, so it is a good choice to mix it with other ingredients to make cocktails, and let the young people who love wine transition slowly. This is not only the idea of ​​liquor brands, but many bar operators are also experimenting with liquor-based bartending innovation, but this innovation has not yet caught on.

In an interview with the Southern Metropolis Daily, He Yinghui, the founder of the ice room in front of the temple, which was rated as one of the TOP 50 bars in Asia, said that the number of bars in China that use baijiu for bartending can be counted on five fingers. But in a situation where baijiu is not popular, there are 12 flavors of Chinese baijiu that can also bring more flexibility to the mix of cocktails.

We try to mix with 50% white wine and 50% gin, so that the aroma of the white wine can be released without being too strong, making young guests feel very fashionable.

▲ The ice room in front of the temple

Bars are positive, drink brands are more positive.

Fenjiu, Wuliangye, and Mengzhilan often take the initiative to associate themselves with cocktails. Others use their products as base wines to prepare them. The brands are not only not angry, but also rewarded. Many brands have launched a Chinese liquor cocktail making competition, and the winner will also receive a bonus.

The old brand is rich and powerful to "sprinkle coins" to develop new categories, and the new brand takes root offline and plans to "encircle the city from the countryside".

The new liquor brand Tangbai is not only actively cooperating with bars in Shenzhen, Chengdu and Guangxi to launch cocktails using Tangbaijiu as the base wine, but also actively teaching people how to use their own products to make a cocktail with a different taste online. I only wish that you love Wujiwu and Baijiu.

▲ The cooperation between the new liquor brand Tang Bai and the bar

Not only cocktails, but also coffee are being targeted. From 5.6 to 6.6, the liquor brand Tangbai and 6 local coffee shops in Shenzhen launched a variety of liquor and coffee special blends. They called this event "Coffee Plus Tang". I don't know if it's good or not, but the score in the novelty column on the test paper is full.

Tea and coffee are already very "rolled", and now there is liquor. I will not be surprised to see which brand launches "Baijiu XX Tea" in the future. I heard that Maotai International Hotel has now launched a new tea drink of the liquor category.

The big three in the beverage industry are paired with each other, don't worry about whether it is good or not, anyway, the attitude of cross-border joint name and mutual borrowing has been corrected.

▲ Baijiu X coffee, Tang Bai's public account promotion map

The predecessors have pointed out the way, and it is not surprising that the later big brother Maotai also wants to choose a category to expand the user base. You may be able to experience all of the above mentioned in Maotai Town, but the ice cream of baijiu may be really unique.

This is not an ordinary ice cream, but an ice cream jointly launched by Maotai and Mengniu. The blessing of the two major brands does not look like a small fight. This ice cream has 14 flavors including original Moutai and vanilla Moutai, and is currently the only one that can buy it in the Moutai International Hotel. The hotel revealed that these ice creams are priced in the 39.9-100+ yuan range – more expensive than Haagen-Dazs.

▲ Moutai ice cream

Considering that the alcohol concentration of this ice cream is 3%, and the raw materials used are Moutai, if we really calculate the proportion and value of Moutai, this ice cream may be more expensive than the hottest Feitian Moutai. Users who tasted this ice cream on the spot said that it does have a sauce flavor, which may not be felt if you drink and eat it, but overall it is an obvious Moutai-flavored ice cream (money flavor warning).

Integrate with everything young people like, does it all work?

From strong to slightly drunk, the efforts of liquor have to look at the overall

A friend who had tasted special liquor cocktails in a bar gave a negative comment. Although it is good to try early adopters, it is a bit difficult for him to promote sales through such a linkage of alcohol and beverages. Savvy consumers have quickly completed the calculation after tasting – a bottle of cocktail base liquor liquor costs nearly 200.

▲ confession

At this price, it is enough to buy more high-quality wines. Other highly numbered wines are more familiar to him and taste better, and the interesting combination of liquor and cocktails can only make him taste it, and it is still difficult to switch to buying.

The reason why young people do not want to buy baijiu is also very simple. Chloe, who has seen her father often get drunk, fundamentally hates baijiu. People who drink it are easy to cause trouble for others. The experience of drinking half a glass of baijiu under pressure from elders when she was a child also made her feel good about it. I don't like this drink. Even when going out with friends, she will choose mild fruit wine, and her favorite is the less intoxicating rice wine.

▲ The low-alcohol sweet wine in rice wine seems to be the opposite of white wine

In addition to choking, high degree and disliking the taste, another important reason for the rejection of liquor is the disappearance of the wine table culture in the younger generation.

In the past, we had to talk about things at the wine table. If you didn’t drink, you wouldn’t give face. The better the wine, the more respectful you were. But the post-00s have sued 4 companies through labor arbitration in one year, how can they not "strike hard" on the wine table culture? The reason why the younger generation refused to drink before was due to mild alcohol allergies and new surgery. Now they simply don’t want to drink. The last thing they don’t want to drink is the choking and high-level baijiu.

▲ The wine table culture is regarded as a bad habit by some young people

Although baijiu brands are working hard and want to sneak into the youth group with coffee, cocktails and ice cream, it may take a long time to achieve the effect of "moisturizing and silent".

Of course, there is such a possibility, that is, after the brand has tried it, it has to admit that young people just don't like to drink liquor.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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