Motorcycle companies “shocked”, sailing from the spring breeze to the extreme core

This month, ZEEHO, the electric motorcycle brand under Chunfeng Power, released its second electric motorcycle product AE6+. Compared with the high-performance AE8, the more entry-level AE6+ has a more affordable price of 11,980 yuan.

Despite its entry-level positioning, AE6+ still uses a side-mounted motor that is rare at the same price, and has dazzling configurations such as a CBS linkage braking system, ATL soft-pack battery, and adjustable rear shock absorption.

Of course, when it comes to the field of travel, it is almost impossible to pursue perfection. In the process of product development, you will always face various problems and resistance from all sides.

This extreme core AE6+ is of course no exception, but before introducing it, let’s talk about another question——

What is an electric motorcycle? What is electricity again?

There are also two wheels, what is the difference between them?

The two-wheeled vehicle driven by pure electricity has become an indispensable part of daily travel. It is also a tram. It has a wider coverage than BBA and Wei Xiaoli, and its acceptance is also higher. It seems to be more capable. Cater to the current wave of new energy.

You may not see electric cars driving into the entrance of your village, but countless electric bicycles and electric motorcycles have left ruts on the dirt alleys of the village.

However, under this background, there are still many people who are not very clear about the difference between electric motorcycles and electric bicycles. Many similar questions have appeared in the backstage comments of the Board of Directors, so let’s chat with you today. chatter.

1. Credentials

Electric bicycles refer to electric bicycles. When you see the word "bicycle", you should be able to understand that this thing is a non-motorized vehicle. Driving this type of vehicle does not require a motor vehicle driver's license. You'll be fine riding it.

Electric motorcycles are electric motorcycles. Although the appearance of some electric motorcycles is no different from that of electric motorcycles at first glance, as long as you have anything to do with motorcycles, you need to obtain a corresponding driver's license. Specifically, an F certificate is required to drive an electric moped, and an E certificate or D certificate is required for an electric motorcycle.

▲ Riding a motorcycle is also a test

The following sentence is the most important:

Driving electric mopeds and electric motorcycles on the road without a license shall be fined 1,000 yuan and may be detained for up to 15 days.

2. Licensing & annual inspection

Electric bicycles need to provide the identity certificate of the vehicle owner, vehicle qualification certificate, vehicle purchase invoice and other materials to register and enter the house, and do not need to participate in the annual inspection during the use of the vehicle.

The registration process of electric motorcycles is the same as that of cars and ordinary motorcycles. It is necessary to provide the identity certificate of the vehicle owner, vehicle qualification certificate, car purchase invoice, compulsory traffic insurance, and pay vehicle and ship taxes. The vehicle must also participate in regular annual inspections.

3. Vehicle Appearance

It is actually very simple to distinguish the two from the appearance – see if it has pedals.

▲ Electric bicycle with pedals

According to the "Safety Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycles" (GB17761-2018), electric bicycles need to be equipped with pedals and have pedal riding functions, while electric motorcycles do not need pedals.

4. Vehicle Specifications

First of all, from the perspective of vehicle quality, electric bicycles should be less than or equal to 55kg, and electric motorcycles are not required.

The second is the power of the motor. The motor power of an electric bicycle shall not exceed 400W, and that of an electric moped shall not exceed 4kW. If the power exceeds 4kW, it shall be an electric motorcycle.

The most intuitive thing is of course the speed. The maximum speed of an electric bicycle must not exceed 25km/h, and an electric moped must not exceed 50km/h. Anything faster than this is an electric motorcycle.

From "Oil" to "Electricity"

Well, after introducing the difference between electric motorcycles and electric motorcycles, it's time to talk about the core.

If you have a little knowledge of motorcycles, then you must have heard of Chunfeng Power, a brand established in 1989, and some representative models, such as 250NK, 250SR, 450SR, etc.

Over the years, Chunfeng has not only attracted a large number of motorcycle friends, but also "iron riders" from many places are also its "fans".

2015 is the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance and the World Anti-Fascist War. At the military parade on September 3, the first one to pass through Tiananmen Square was not the guard of honor of the three armed forces, but an armed police motorcycle consisting of 45 Spring Breeze 650G State Guest cars. Protocol team.

The Spring Breeze 650G State Guest car represented the highest level of the domestic motorcycle industry at that time. It was equipped with an engine with a displacement of 650CC, and its top speed could reach 177km/h. distribution, accounting for 45%, including Hong Kong, China.

Although Chunfeng Power has achieved good results in internal combustion engine motorcycles, the era of electrification is unstoppable, and Chunfeng needs a new brand to extend their pride to electric motors.

Such a heavy burden finally fell on the shoulders of the polar core. Pretty cool name, right?

The AE6+ launched by Jinuo this time is designed by Chunfeng Power European R&D and Design Center, and the vehicle styling emphasizes lightness and flexibility.

The soft and compact front face line outlines a Greek letter "Ω". The four-in-one light group consists of U-shaped position lights, integrated headlights and LED turn signals. At the rear, there are swallow-style taillights and honeycomb brake lights Composed of surrounding split taillights, the lighting effect is bright and delicate.

Since it has a youthful positioning, rich color matching is naturally essential. The AE6+ has 3 body colors: Vitality White, Competitive Gray, and Dimensional Black. It doesn’t sound like a lot. This is because the core has played a little trick.

Polarcore has arranged 6 quick-release areas on the body of AE6+, and provides users with 5 quick-release parts in different colors. Users can match them at will. As long as they are matched "properly", it is difficult for you to meet one on the road. You are exactly the same polar core AE6+.

After talking about the appearance, let's talk about the configuration. The highlight configuration of the AE6+ has two main aspects: power configuration and intelligent configuration.

Among the various configurations of the Polecore AE6+, the most unique thing is its side-mounted motor, which is different from the common hub motors on the market. The side-mounted motor has a lot of advantages in terms of performance and stability.

The motor equipped with AE6+ has a peak power of 5.5kW, and it only takes 4.6 seconds to accelerate from 0-50km/h. Before reaching this speed, AR6+ provides Eco and Street driving modes, which can meet most usage scenarios.

Interestingly, the polar core also added a small switch to this motor.

When the vehicle speed is higher than 50km/h and the battery meets certain conditions, AE6+ can also activate the Sport mode. In this mode, its top speed can exceed 80km/h. As an electric motorcycle, the AE6+ has the hard power of a 125cc scooter.

In terms of intelligence, the Aecore AE6+ continues the Z Link extremely intelligent interconnection system on the AE8, which supports vehicle OTA upgrades, five-mode positioning anti-theft and other functions. Like most new energy vehicles, you can use the mobile app to achieve Remote vehicle control, vehicle condition detection and other functions.

In fact, the functions mentioned above can only be regarded as icing on the cake. What really brings a lot of improvement to the daily car is Easy Ride! The induction system realizes the function of driving away when you sit down, and the function of automatically powering off when you leave, which is quite convenient.

After all, it is the cost

My colleague Martin rides an electric bicycle to and from get off work every day, and the round trip is close to 40km a day.

Seeing this extreme core AE6+, his first reaction was: "The battery life is too short."

Yes, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Polar Core AE6+ is not perfect, and its shortcoming lies in battery life.

The polar core AE6+ is equipped with a 69V 27Ah lithium battery pack as standard, with a battery life of 65km under working conditions, not to mention Martin, who commutes less than 30km to and from get off work like me, and needs to be charged once every two days. Fortunately, its charging speed is still fast enough. Using the original 750W charger, the battery can be fully charged in 3 hours.

For the battery life of the Jcore AE6+, Jcore is also quite helpless. The choice of a platform-based battery is also out of cost considerations. After all, the battery is bigger, and the price is not the same.

As for battery life, combined with your own reality, it is good enough.

Tell a good story.

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