moto edge s experience: the first moto of the Snapdragon 870, I want to “beat down” the price of the flagship phone

Hello Moto

This is a sentence I blurted out when I got moto edge s. It somewhat reveals the meaning of age. After all, this slogan may be very unfamiliar to the aborigines of the Internet today.

Even though the Android system is still full of vitality so far, the moto mobile phone that was once the pioneer of Android can only be classified as Others and appears in the annual mobile phone shipment list.

So every time, a little action of moto in the country can become news, and then quickly fall silent, unable to arouse conspicuous splashes.

So this time Moto announced the news of the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor. The path of its transmission is still familiar. It got a wave of transmission in the digital circle, and then it was forgotten.

After using moto edge s for a period of time, I discovered that maybe moto is no longer the sharp-edged moto we were familiar with in the past, but it has also learned to conform to the market and be close to consumers.

Slender body, both grip and beauty

This time, moto edge s has launched two color schemes, and the naming has also taken the metaphysical route. They are called "Emerald Glazed Light" and "Xue Ji Chu Qing".

Just listen to the name, I guess 99% of people can't make up the actual color of the phone.

However, moto cannot be blamed. With the upgrading and iteration of spraying and coating processes, the color matching of digital products can no longer be described simply by the monochrome "red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple".

For example, the color matching of the snowy snow in my hand is a little bit purple and blue, and when viewed from certain angles, it will have a little golden light.

The moto's LOGO can only be seen from certain angles. This design can make the back cover look more concise. The rear four-camera system uses a stacked design, which is visually harmonious.

When it comes to the front, the first thing that catches the eye is this "long face." The 21:9 display ratio screen makes the overall body look very slender.

When moto chooses such a display ratio, the advantages and disadvantages are obvious.

The advantage is that there are more content displayed on the same screen. When playing horizontally, it is like a physical plug-in, and the grip feels very good. It will not be too fat to hold like a normal mobile phone.

The disadvantage is that this display ratio can only be displayed when the movie is watched. For the more common 16:9 ratio video content, the black borders on both sides become wider and more obvious.

This LCD screen is 6.7 inches in size, has a 90Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 2520×1080. The display is delicate enough and the look and feel is not bad in daily use. However, once it is compared with other OLED screens side by side, the brightness will be low. Undoubtedly exposed.

The front screen is straight, and the middle frame has a curved design. On the left is the direct key, long press will pop up a menu, you can choose your frequently used apps and functions, one key direct. Nowadays, you have to look at the health code wherever you go. This button is designed in a timely manner, but it is not an innovative feature.

▲ The long-lost 3.5mm audio interface, but the internal packaging does not include headphones

On the right side is the volume button and the power button, both have side fingerprint function. moto edge s is equipped with a large 5000mAh battery, which makes the body thickness a bit large, reaching 9.69mm, so it chooses the design of curved sides, which makes the visual and hand feel light and thin, but the 215 grams of the whole machine Weight, still betrayed it.

It is acceptable for the sake of large batteries.

The curved back cover also brings some effects: sometimes when the power button is pressed, the fingers will slide back along the curved surface, which may cause the "tragedy" of the crash. Fortunately, a transparent mobile phone case is included. This problem is eliminated.

The first Snapdragon 870

This time the release of moto edge s can become the focus of everyone, mainly because of its internal "core", Qualcomm Snapdragon 870.

I think everyone is quite curious about the performance of the Moto Edge s, which launched the Snapdragon 870. Before that, let's review its configuration.

This one I have is a second-top version priced at 2399 yuan, with 8GB LPDDR5 running memory and 128GB UFS3.1 storage.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor can be regarded as an upgraded version of the 860 Plus. It is based on the 7nm process and contains an A77 (3.19GHz) super core, three A77 (2.42GHz) large cores and four A55 (1.8GHz) small cores. The core and GPU are still Adreno 650, and the 5G baseband is also X55 5G.

The lift is slightly smaller and the knife technique is accurate.

I brought two other mobile phones to compare with moto edge s, namely OnePlus 8T equipped with Snapdragon 865 and iQOO 7 equipped with Snapdragon 888.

Let’s take a look at the running scores of AnTuTu. The three scores are 580,000 (8T), 640,000 (edge ​​s), and 710,000 (iQOO 7). From these, we can see that the Snapdragon 870 processor is similar to our previous guess. The quality is inseparable.

In the actual game, the performance of moto edge s is quite satisfactory, although it is not too brilliant, it is not bad.

Test three mobile phones with "Peace Elite" and "Call of Duty Mobile Games".

OnePlus 8T and iQOO 7 have done a good job of optimizing these two games. In addition to the extreme frame rate mode, there is also a 90 frame mode (only for Peace Elite). No matter which frame rate mode, the operation is quite smooth. There are fluctuations but does not affect the gaming experience.

▲ The performance of OnePlus 8T and iQOO 7 in the Peace Elite (90 frames smooth)

Currently, moto edge s only has the limit frame rate mode. It runs in high quality or high frame rate mode, and it is very smooth. The smoothness of the game is the same as the other two. Just keep up with the optimization steps of other manufacturers, such as opening high frames as soon as possible. Mode, it's not a bad idea to become a generation of arcade games.

▲ The performance of edge s playing Peace Elite, the previous fluctuations were recorded before the game started, and the frame rate during the game was stable at 58fps

However, during the game experience session, we encountered some minor situations.

When I teamed up with a friend to play "Peace Elite", we communicated with the microphone all the way. At this time, I could only hear the sound of his microphone. The ambient sound and game sound effects were filtered out, and I could not hear the footsteps around me. The ambient sound resumed after the microphone was turned off.

I personally suspect that the moto Nicam function of the mobile phone is working. In order to ensure the call effect, it filters out the ambient sound in the game as noise, and the Nicam function cannot be actively turned off in the settings. I hope that moto will see This article can be improved.

In the above game test session, I performed infrared temperature measurement on three mobile phones. The temperature ranges from high to low are moto edge s>iQOO 7> OnePlus 8T, but the body temperature is the most obvious with iQOO 7 and the highest temperature on the back. They are 44.3, 42.4, and 42.2. At this time, the room temperature is about 25 degrees.

The performance is in line with expectations. This is my conclusion on the Snapdragon 870 equipped with moto edge s.

In terms of performance, moto edge s is on par with mainstream flagships. If you can work hard on optimizing individual games/software and look at its starting price of 1999 yuan, most mobile game players can tell from the bottom of their hearts. One sentence "true fragrance".

Camera and battery life

Flip the phone to the back, the four-camera system is very eye-catching, but the two cameras on the left are commonly used.

The 64-megapixel main camera, f/1.7 aperture, the photos taken are basically error-free, the white balance is accurate, and the saturation is slightly lower. The first impression may not be pleasing to the eye, but there is room for later.

The 16-megapixel 121-degree wide-angle macro camera is also very commonly used, with obvious smearing, and poor performance in low-light environments.

It is worth mentioning that the heart rate measurement function realized by the front camera is the heart rate result after holding the phone in the circle for 15 seconds. In a better light environment, the reading is the same as the result measured by the smart watch. It was almost the same, which surprised both my colleagues and I.

5000mAh, 20W fast charge, this is the relevant indicator parameters of moto edge s on the battery. Both are non-mainstream configurations. The former is bigger and the latter is smaller.

I use it to watch streaming movies. In the Wi-Fi environment, the brightness is adjusted to the maximum and the volume is 50%. After watching a "Hunger Games 2", it uses 23% of the battery. I know that the movie is 2 hours long. 23 In terms of length, except for the 12-minute credit for the credits, this result is also satisfactory. Regarding it as a daily main machine, its endurance makes me feel at ease.

There is no big problem in meeting the mid-intensity use of workers for a day, but this 20W fast charge may disappoint some users. Starting from 12%, connect to the original power supply for charging, and charge to 70% after 60 minutes. Continue to charge for 30 minutes. At this time, the battery level shows 93%.

It takes almost 2 hours to charge at a time. If you want to choose between fast charging and long battery life, what choice will you make?

As far as the process of using moto edge s in the past few days is concerned, I will choose the long battery life brought by the large battery. After all, the fast charging of my own agreement cannot be realized anytime and anywhere.

Finally, I would like to talk about the MYUI system used by this phone. It is developed based on Android 11 and is quite easy to use. The UI still retains a trace of the shadow of the original system, but I change the icon style and font. From the perspective of appearance, Still quite in line with the aesthetics of the Chinese people.

After many years of using moto products again, there has been a lot of freshness. The moto, which has been behind for many years, has become law-abiding in this moto edge s. There is no great innovation of moto Z and Blade 5G, but in terms of configuration and cost performance, it is quite It is grounded.

In the face of the starting price of 1999 yuan, this phone is extremely cost-effective, and functions such as HDR10, WiFi 6, dual card dual standby, memory card expansion, etc. are not absent.

I very much hope that the advantages shown by moto edge s will continue. Perhaps the moto edge may be worn out to find a place for myself in such a fiercely competitive mobile phone market.

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