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  • Zhang Wenhong explained why he felt that there were more white lungs
  • A total ban on the production of mercury thermometers from 2026
  • Huawei expects sales revenue of 636.9 billion in 2022
  • WeChat chat records support custom time cleaning
  • iPhone 15 chip upgrades battery life
  • Lu Weibing Officially Appointed President of Xiaomi Group
  • Gome responds to receipt of bankruptcy liquidation application
  • Mastodon Turns Down Silicon Valley VCs

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  • "It doesn't make sense to worry about what ChatGPT will replace"
  • "Musk may want to hand over Twitter to this "rolling king""
  • Is the 'Blue Rabbit' Stamp Really That Ugly? "

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  • Handy: Money Traces
  • Good-looking: "Pelé: Legend of Brazilian Football (Pelé)"
  • Good reads: short story collection "Sentry", "Star", "Love This Universe"

Zhang Wenhong explained why he felt that there were more white lungs

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· Why do you think there are more white lungs?

According to CCTV news, Zhang Wenhong said that the current epidemic strain in our country is still the Omicron strain. The proportion of pneumonia caused by Omicron is much lower than that of Delta and the original strain.

However, due to the large base of infected people, the number of patients with white lung, that is, severe pneumonia, will also increase. Other bacterial pneumonias, that is, all severe pneumonias, cause white lungs, which are not a hallmark of Omicron.

· In the wave of returning home, how can vulnerable groups do home monitoring?

In the popular science live lecture, Zhang Wenhong gave four indicators for home monitoring of vulnerable groups: symptoms, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and pulse.

  • In terms of symptoms, fever, sore throat, cough, etc. are common symptoms, but when vulnerable and susceptible people develop high-risk symptoms such as dyspnea, chest pain, confusion, and persistent high fever, they should seek medical treatment in time.
  • In terms of oxygen saturation, Zhang Wenhong recommends keeping an oximeter at home. When the oxygen saturation continues to be lower than 95%, attention should be paid.
  • In terms of body temperature, Zhang Wenhong recommends that everyone keep a thermometer at home. It is best for susceptible people to take their body temperature once in the morning and at night.
  • In terms of pulse, you can monitor the pulse in time through a smart watch or an oximeter.

In terms of dietary care, Zhang Wenhong suggested that special attention should be paid to the supplementation of high-quality high-protein, milk and dairy products.

Source: Securities Times Comprehensive Surging News & CCTV News & People's Daily & News Network

A total ban on the production of mercury thermometers from 2026

On the 30th, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a notice on October 16, 2020, clearly requiring that from January 1, 2026, my country will completely ban the production of mercury-containing thermometers and mercury-containing sphygmomanometers.

According to statistics in 2014, there are 50 million mercury thermometers distributed in China's hospital and household markets. However, due to the toxicity of mercury itself, if it is accidentally broken, it will cause harm to the body. Many countries around the world have successively banned medical devices containing mercury.

Source: The Paper & Jiemian News

Huawei expects to achieve sales revenue of 636.9 billion yuan in 2022

On the 30th, Xu Zhijun, Huawei's rotating chairman, said in his New Year's speech that it is expected to achieve sales revenue of 636.9 billion yuan for the whole year, and the operating results are in line with expectations.

Huawei's revenue in 2021 will be 636.8 billion yuan, which is basically the same as that in 2022.

The speech mentioned the performance of Huawei's various businesses in 2022. Among them, the ICT infrastructure business maintained steady growth, the downward trend of the terminal business slowed down, the digital energy and Huawei Cloud business grew rapidly, and the competitiveness of smart car components and user experience improved.

Full text of New Year's speech:

Source: Interface News

WeChat update chat history custom time cleaning function

According to the news on the 30th, WeChat recently released the 8.0.32 internal beta version, adding the function of clearing the chat records at a custom time.

Previously, users could choose to clear the time range of chat records as "three months ago", "one year ago" and so on. Now, users can choose to customize the time and only clear the records of a certain day, or they can freely choose the records of a longer period of time.

In addition, the new version also adds functions such as the withdrawal function of WeChat group announcements and the indoor positioning of some shopping malls displayed on WeChat positioning.

Source: Lei Technology

The A17 chip of Apple's iPhone 15/Pro series will focus on battery life

According to news on the 29th, TSMC’s 3nm chip has announced the start of mass production. It is expected that the new 3nm process technology will be applied to the A17 chip of the iPhone 15 series.

According to 9to5mac, TSMC puts more emphasis on power efficiency than performance when discussing the 3nm process.

Mark Liu, chairman of TSMC, also said at the mass production ceremony that its 3nm process has better performance than 5nm chips while reducing power consumption by about 35%.

Therefore, it is expected that the A17 chip will likely focus more on improving battery life than graphics processing power. At the same time, 9to5mac also pointed out that more emphasis on improving battery life does not mean that the performance improvement of the A17 chip will be less than before.

Source: 9to5mac & IT House

Xiaomi announces important personnel adjustment: Lu Weibing succeeds Wang Xiang as group president

On the 30th, Xiaomi Group issued an announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, announcing that Lu Weibing was promoted to president of the group:

  • Mr. Lu Weibing was promoted to the president of the group, and continued to serve as the president of the international business department of the group, while managing the mobile phone department, ecological chain department, major appliance department, China region, and India region of the group;
  • Mr. Wang Xiaoyan was promoted to vice president of the group and concurrently served as president of the group in China;
  • Mr. Qu Heng was promoted to vice president of the group, concurrently served as the chairman of the group technical committee, and managed the group quality committee and procurement committee;
  • Mr. Ma Ji was promoted to the vice president of the group and concurrently served as the general manager of the Internet business department of the group.

According to his resume, Lu Weibing joined Xiaomi Group in 2019 as the president of China, and was promoted to a partner of the group in 2020. From March 2021, he also served as president of the international business department. Prior to this, Lu Weibing served as president of Gionee.

Source: Daily Economic News

Gome Electric received a bankruptcy liquidation application from the court, and Gome Retail said that its creditor's rights have not yet been confirmed

On the 29th, Gome Retail announced that its subsidiary Gome Electric had recently received a court bankruptcy liquidation application, and the applicant claimed to recover the payment of 4.706 million yuan.

Gome Retail stated that the applicant was a supplier of Gome Retail’s subsidiary company after internal verification by the company, but these creditor’s rights and debts have not been confirmed by effective legal documents. There is no direct business relationship between the applicant and Gome, and Gome does not owe the applicant any payment for goods.

However, at present, there are more than 10,000 creditors in Gome's retail business system. Not only suppliers are chasing the money owed, but employees are also chasing wages owed. Huang Guangyu, the founder of Gome Retail, has provided 500 million Hong Kong dollars of interest-free and unsecured loans to Gome Retail.

Source: China Business News

Mastodon rejects Silicon Valley VCs, wants to stay nonprofit

On the 28th, according to foreign media, Twitter’s competitor Mastodon “Mammoth” has rejected more than five investment proposals from Silicon Valley venture capital firms in recent months.

This is said to be because its founders wanted to maintain Mastodon's non-profit nature, as Mastodon's "independence" and "moderation styles" are part of its appeal".

Mastodon was founded in 2016 by German software developer Eugen Rochko. Mastodon has seen a surge in users since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion in October.

Mastodon's long-term goal is to replace Twitter and other commercial social networks, Rochko said.

Source: arstechnica

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It is meaningless to worry about what ChatGPT will replace

If you care about technology, you should have read several articles about AIGC by now; if you don't care about technology, you probably won't click on this one.

Without wasting time, let's talk about a question right now:

What is the difference between a human and a machine when it comes to creation?

After Musk was "removed" by netizens, he may hand over Twitter to the "roll king" who brought the whole family to sleep in the company

If the world is a level-based turn-based game, then Musk’s new level is chosen by himself—or after he owes a large debt, he chooses it deliberately, all for the purpose of building the perfect social network in his mind.

It is difficult for the outside world to know how Musk will rate his performance on the new level. But when Musk used a vote to ask for evaluation, the answers he got were not very good:

Change it, it will be better without you.

Is the controversial "Blue Rabbit" stamp really that ugly?

If enough discussion is the criterion for judging stamps of the zodiac, then the 2023 Year of the Rabbit stamps have exceeded the standard.

In just a few days, the pattern of this blue rabbit stamp has been discussed wave after wave.

It's all just because the rabbit looks "monstrous".

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Good-looking: "Pelé: Legend of Brazilian Football (Pelé)"

Pelé died yesterday at the age of 82.

To this day, he is still the only football player in the world to win the World Cup three times. The 1,283 goals he scored in his career is not only the "Guinness World Record", but also makes him the "Thousand Goal Scorer" officially recognized by FIFA.

The Netflix documentary focuses on Pele's illustrious 12-year career, from 1958 to 1970, and features many newly restored kicks.

It is worth mentioning that Mario Zagallo, Gal Ventura Filio, Roberto Rivelino and other stars also appeared in the interview.

Good reads: "Sentry", "Star", "Love This Universe"

If you have seen the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" adapted from Arthur Clarke's novel, you may be familiar with his short story "Sentinel", because "Black Slate" originally came from here.

The three books "Sentry", "Star" and "Love This Universe" are actually three volumes in the short story collection of Arthur Clarke. They contain a total of 104 classic short stories written by Clarke in the past 70 years. The shortest one even has only 31 English words.

It’s worth mentioning that “The Sentinel” originally started as Clarke’s submission to an essay contest, but it wasn’t even a finalist. That's why Clark pointed out in brackets at the beginning of this article: "I often wonder who is the one who wins in the end."

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