Morning Post | Yu Chengdong: There will be good news about Pura 70 in two days/Wen Xinyiyan’s number of users exceeds 200 million/iPhone 16 Pro may start with 256 GB storage


Yu Chengdong responded to when Pura 70 will go on sale: There will be good news in two days

Wen Xinyiyan’s number of users exceeded 200 million, Robin Li talks about open source of large models again

Tesla layoffs: Employees found out they were laid off when they arrived at the factory gate, high-performing employees were not spared

AI scholar Li Feifei’s team released the “2024 Artificial Intelligence Index Report”

OpenAI offers 50% discount on off-peak GPT API

Baichuan Intelligent responds to financing and valuation rumors of 13 billion

OpenAI CEO, COO: AI costs can be reduced to near zero

Baidu releases "the world's first AI native operating system" DuerOS X

PS5 Pro developer kit now available for order

BYD's Fangbao product matrix unveiled

iPhone 16 Pro may have starting storage of 256 GB

Geely Galaxy E8 Two Dragon Editions Officially Released

Shadowstone Insta 360 X4 action camera released


Yu Chengdong responded to when Pura 70 will go on sale: There will be good news in two days

Yesterday, Huawei Managing Director and Terminal BG CEO Yu Chengdong revealed to China Business News that Pura 70 can be regarded as P70, and "there will be good news in two days."

The day before yesterday, Yu Chengdong and Huawei officially announced that the Huawei P series brand has been upgraded to Pura. The Pura series will bring comprehensive upgrades in image, design, and style.

Subsequently, the first promotional video of Huawei's Pura series was released. In the video, the triangular shape is particularly prominent, and it is also confirmed from the side that the Huawei Pura 70 series may adopt a new triangular camera island design.

big company

Wen Xinyiyan’s number of users exceeded 200 million, Robin Li talks about open source of large models again

Yesterday, Baidu held the 2024 Create AI Developer Conference. At the conference, Baidu founder Robin Li announced the latest progress of its generative AI Wen Xin Yi Yan and Wen Xin Large Model.

Wenxinyiyan was released in March last year. The number of users and average daily API calls have so far exceeded 200 million, the number of customers served has reached 85,000, and the number of AI native applications developed using the Qianfan platform has exceeded 190,000.

At the conference, Robin Li again talked about the disadvantages of open source for large models:

People used to use open source and thought it was cheap. In fact, in large model scenarios, open source is the most expensive.

Robin Li also previously stated in an internal conversation that large model closed source has a real business model and can gather talents and computing power.

Robin Li also talked about multi-modal large models at the conference, believing that this is the only way to general artificial intelligence (AGI), and Baidu will invest in these fields for the long term.

Tesla layoffs: Employees found out they were laid off when they arrived at the factory gate, high-performing employees were not spared

The day before yesterday, Tesla notified its global employees through an internal email that it would lay off 10% of its employees. Some employees only found out that they were fired when they arrived at the company's factory on the second day.

An employee said that he arrived at the factory by shuttle bus on Monday morning local time, and then waited in line for two hours to conduct a one-by-one work badge inspection. After checking, the fired employees would be sent to another car to leave.

Workers at the Fremont plant said they were told by security that if their badges were unusable, they would be fired.

TechCrunch reported that the layoffs also involved some high-performing employees, with more layoffs for lower-priority projects.

Domestic blogger @FathuShawn revealed that domestic Tesla has begun to communicate with stores about the layoff list, and the compensation standard is "N+3". Basically, people in every store have been laid off.

AI scholar Li Feifei’s team released the “2024 Artificial Intelligence Index Report”

Yesterday, Stanford University's Human-Centered AI Institute, co-led by AI scholar Li Feifei, released the "2024 Artificial Intelligence Index Report."

Vanessa Parli, research director of the project, believes that the most exciting advantage of AI research is the combination of large language models with robots and agents.

The report tracks the ten major trends in global AI development in 2023:

  • AI can outperform humans at some tasks, but not at all;
  • Compared with academia, industry continues to dominate cutting-edge research on artificial intelligence;
  • Cutting-edge AI models will be more expensive;
  • The United States has become the main source country of top AI models;
  • For large language models, reliable and standardized responsibility assessment is missing;
  • Investment in generative AI surges;
  • AI is more productive than manual workers and the quality of work is higher;
  • AI accelerates scientific progress;
  • The number of U.S. AI regulations has increased dramatically;
  • People are more aware of the potential impact of AI and are more anxious.

OpenAI offers 50% discount on off-peak GPT API

OpenAI launched the Batch API to developers yesterday, which can provide results within 24 hours and provide half-price discounts.

The Batch API is suitable for processing large amounts of text, images, and abstracts. OpenAI will provide processing results within 24 hours, so that OpenAI can process these data during off-peak periods and save server resources.

The detailed usage of the Batch API has been introduced in the OpenAI API documentation, including how to create, retrieve, and cancel Batch batch processing.

Baichuan Intelligent responds to financing and valuation rumors of 13 billion

Yesterday, it was reported that Baichuan Intelligence, founded by Wang Xiaochuan, had a new round of financing of hundreds of millions of dollars. Participating investors confirmed that Baichuan Intelligence has been valued at more than US$1.8 billion (approximately RMB 13 billion) this year.

Baichuan Intelligent responded to Sina Technology by saying that the company has not disclosed the latest financing information, and the amount involved in the report is not accurate.

Baichuan Intelligence was founded in 2023 by former Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan and claims to be creating the "Chinese version of OpenAI".

 OpenAI CEO, COO: AI costs can be reduced to near zero

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and COO Brad Lightcap recently accepted an interview with 20VC.

During the interview, Altman believed that the key to limiting the development of AI today is geopolitical, socioeconomic and other instability, which may even be the "fundamental reason."

He also said that OpenAI can reduce the cost of very high-quality AI technology to "near zero," which will be very beneficial to most things in the world.

Lightcap believes that enterprise supply chains "are in great need of AI technology support" and that applying ChatGPT to the supply chain management process can reduce expenditures in specific areas by 20%.

New product

Baidu releases "the world's first AI native operating system" DuerOS X

At yesterday's Baidu Create 2024 conference, Xiaodu Technology announced the launch of "the world's first AI native operating system" DuerOS X.

According to reports, the operating system relies on the Baidu Wenxin large model and has been deeply optimized. It has made "significant progress" in multi-modal perception and humanized performance, and can realize all-day wake-up-free voice interaction functions for Xiaodu devices.

DuerOS was launched in 2017 and is used in products such as Xiaodu smart speakers. DuerOS

PS5 Pro developer kit now available for order

PS5 Pro is a high-end version of the PlayStation 5 series, codenamed "Trinity", and is rumored to be released at the end of 2024.

Developers can now order test kits, and Sony requires developers to ensure that their games are compatible with PS5 Pro. It expects that all games submitted for certification in August will be able to run normally on PS5 Pro.

According to reports, the PS5 Pro will be equipped with a more powerful GPU, with rendering performance 3 times that of the base PS5. This will allow for better support for ray tracing, higher resolutions, and higher frame rates.

Sony yesterday sued a Youtube blogger who leaked PS5 Pro information in a video and removed the relevant video.

BYD's Fangbao product matrix unveiled

At the "Fanghua" Fanghua brand spring conference held last night, the Fangbao product matrix was released.

Leopard 5 is known as the "optimal solution for new energy off-road vehicles". Since its launch in November last year, a total of nearly 20,000 vehicles have been delivered.

The Leopard 8 officially released at the conference is known as the "hardcore flagship in-depth solution" and is positioned as a large SUV. It is equipped with a DMO hybrid system and Yunnan-P intelligent body control system. The price has not yet been announced.

The concept car Leopard SUPER 3 is positioned as a medium-sized SUV. Its design is inspired by "Star Chariot". It is equipped with a drone kit on the roof and an interactive screen on the front of the car that can display charging status and customized content.

The conference also announced Formula Leopard's first concept car, the SUPER 9, which is a professional sports car in the Speedster category and adopts a "space cockpit" style dual cab and open roof design.

At the Beijing Auto Show to be held this month, Fangbao will also appear with its product matrix to have close contact with the public.

iPhone 16 Pro may have starting storage of 256 GB

@leaksapplepro broke the news that the starting storage space of Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro models will be increased to 256 GB.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has increased the starting storage capacity to 256 GB, and the price has also increased by $100, while the price of the iPhone 15 Pro remains the same as the previous generation, and the starting storage remains at 128 GB.

Although the iPhone 16 Pro may have upgraded storage space, the price is expected to remain unchanged at $999.

Geely Galaxy E8 Two Dragon Editions Officially Released

Yesterday, Geely Auto officially released two new versions of the Geely Galaxy E8, the "550km 400V two-wheel drive Dragon Edition" and the "620km 800V four-wheel drive Dragon Edition", which are priced at 165,800 yuan and 215,800 yuan respectively, which are lower than the original entry model. 10,000 yuan and 13,000 yuan, and three new body colors: Xizi Blue, Smoke Gray and Dawn Black.

It is reported that the Galaxy E8 has a wheelbase of 2925mm, the world's first 45-inch 8K unbounded large screen, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 flagship cockpit chip, built-in "Galaxy Unbounded Cockpit", and cooperates with Meizu Flyme to support three-finger task transfer, address transfer and other functions.

Shadowstone Insta 360 X4 action camera released

Yesterday, Insta 360 released a new 8K action camera X4, which can shoot 8K 30 frames + 5.7K 60 frames ultra-high-definition panoramic video, 72-megapixel photos, and supports 4K 100 frames slow-motion shooting. The bare metal can achieve 10 meters of water resistance.

X4 also brings a new natural wide-angle FOV, which can eliminate fisheye lens image distortion, and is also equipped with self-developed FlowState anti-shake technology and 360° horizontal correction function.

In terms of battery life, the X4 has been upgraded to 2290 mAh. It can shoot continuously for 135 minutes at 5.7K 30 frames, and the battery life is increased by 67%.

X4 has been sold on multiple platforms including Shadowstone Official City, Tmall Official Flagship Store, and Official Flagship Store, with prices starting at 3,499 yuan.

new consumption

CASETiFY embarks on a journey of reinvention

CASETiFY launches "JOURNEY TO Re/BiRTH", aiming to promote positive changes in the environment through a series of environmentally friendly practices.

As part of the campaign, CASETiFY launched the "Re/CASETiFY Renewal" mobile phone case recycling program. This plan has been implemented in more than 40 stores around the world. By setting up recycling bins, consumers are encouraged to participate in environmental protection actions and jointly contribute to reducing the burden on the earth.

The recycling program consists of four steps: collecting old mobile phone cases, polishing them, converting them into recycled raw materials "Re/CASETiFY particles", and using these particles in the production of new products to achieve product durability and sustainability .

Lay's launches new snail noodles and other 5 regional flavor potato chips

Yesterday, Lay's officially announced the launch of 5 new flavors in limited areas.

The five regional flavors are: limited to the three northeastern provinces of stick bone stewed with pickled cabbage, Hebei Shijiazhuang limited beef noodles flavor, Qilu Shandong limited pancake roll green onion flavor, Guizhou Zunyi limited Zunyi mutton powder flavor, Guangxi limited snail rice noodles flavor.

Chabaidao launches new series of "Iced Coconut Ice Cream" ice cream tea drinks

Chamoido's three new ice coconut ice cream products were launched yesterday and will be available for a limited time of 10 days.

The three iced coconut ice cream flavors are:

  • Watermelon iced coconut ice cream: refreshing watermelon + smooth custard + coconut ice cream
  • Black tea iced coconut ice cream: mellow black tea + brown sugar pearls + coconut ice cream
  • Matcha iced coconut ice cream: fresh matcha + smooth custard + coconut ice cream

Hayao Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle" starts pre-sale

Hayao Miyazaki's classic movie "Howl's Moving Castle" officially opened pre-sales yesterday and is scheduled to be released in mainland China on April 30.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the film's release. Studio Ghibli also announced yesterday that it will give out a surprise gift prepared by Hayao Miyazaki and producer Toshio Suzuki at the Shanghai premiere on April 27.

Set in a fictional kingdom against the backdrop of a war with another kingdom, the film tells the story of Sophie, a young milliner who is cursed to become an old woman by the Witch of the Wilds. Then she met a wizard named Howl, and was involved in the struggle and love for the king.

Biographical film about writer San Mao begins to look promising

In the former residence of Sanmao in Ayong City, a netizen met the crew who were conducting scene scouting for the movie "The Story of Sahara". In the photos shared, you can see what appears to be director Xue Xiaolu and screenwriter A Mei.

The synopsis of the film's registered story is as follows: It mainly tells the story of writer San Mao's growth experience as an idol in the literary world. She uses her unique life journey to show the detached, independent and true appearance of women in the new era, as well as her deep affection for her lover and her persistence in love. , is a modern romantic love movie story.

Netflix movie division restructured

According to reports, after Netflix film director Wei Lin took office on April 1, he fired 15 people from the film executive team, basically all senior executives, accounting for about 10% of the film department’s employees.

He also said that in the future, Netflix movies will not only shoot high-investment star action movies, but will use different budgets to produce more diversified movies to cater for the different interests of Netflix's 260 million users. In the future, we will focus more on the needs of the audience rather than the needs of the creators. Regarding stars' remuneration, the previous model of high advance payments will be changed.

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