Morning Post | Yu Chengdong refutes the rumor that “you will be fined 10,000 for being far ahead”/Xiaomi SU7 starts delivery today/Vision Pro sells about 15,000 units in a single week


Xiaomi Motors SU7 first batch delivery ceremony held today

OpenAI CEO no longer has venture capital fund ownership

Yu Chengdong refutes rumors, "I'm far ahead of others in saying that I'll be fined 10,000 yuan"

Apple Vision Pro sells approximately 15,000 units in one week in the United States

20% of Alibaba Cloud’s future code will be written by Tongyi Lingma

Alipay opens "AI medical assistant" solution

GAC Aian and Didi establish Guangzhou Andi Technology Co., Ltd.

XPeng Motors product chief Liu Yilin will resign

Wang Huiwen participates in the work as a consultant of Meituan

Demis Hassabis says huge AI funding will lead to hype and 'scams'

Tiangong skymusic opened invitation test yesterday

Nubia’s 2024 spring new product launch conference is scheduled for April 9

Apple may launch low-priced AirPods and new AirPods Max this year

DJI Mic 2 camera hot shoe adapter launched


Xiaomi Motors SU7 first batch delivery ceremony held today

Lei Jun announced on Weibo yesterday that the first delivery ceremony of Xiaomi SU7 will be held today at the Xiaomi Automobile Factory in Yizhuang, Beijing. At the same time, delivery centers in 28 cities across the country will also start delivery simultaneously.

As of the early morning of April 2, the number of locked orders for Xiaomi SU7 reached 40,000.

This is accompanied by an extension of the delivery cycle. On April 2, the Xiaomi Auto App showed that the delivery cycle of the Xiaomi SU7 standard version is expected to be 21-24 weeks after the order is locked, the Pro version is expected to be delivered in 20-23 weeks, and the Max version takes Delivery 29-32 weeks.

According to people familiar with the matter, Xiaomi Motors' original April production plan was about 5,000 units. Based on the current booking situation, Xiaomi Motors is currently negotiating with suppliers to increase production capacity.

It is reported that Xiaomi Motors requires suppliers to increase production capacity to 10,000 units per month, with high-end models being required to focus on increasing production capacity.

big company

OpenAI CEO no longer has venture capital fund ownership

According to foreign media axios, according to the latest information disclosed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), OpenAI CEO Sam Altman no longer owns or controls venture capital funds related to the company.

OpenAI's venture capital funds are mainly raised from external limited partners by Sam Altman, who also leads investment decisions. The fund was launched in late 2021 to invest in other artificial intelligence startups and projects.

Control of the venture capital fund has been handed over to Ian Hathaway, who has helped manage the fund since its inception in 2021.

Yu Chengdong refutes rumors, "I'm far ahead of others in saying that I'll be fined 10,000 yuan"

On April 2, some media published an article saying that Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei had issued a ban within Huawei to Yu Chengdong, Huawei's managing director and terminal BG CEO, and fined him a fine of 10,000 yuan for "far ahead". When Yu Chengdong responded to China Business News, he said "rumors are flying everywhere."

The term "far ahead" first appeared at the launch of Huawei's Mate40 mobile phone. Yu Chengdong used this term many times when introducing the various functions of the phone.

Later at the Mate50 press conference, Yu Chengdong used "far ahead" to describe Huawei's world-first satellite communication function. By August 2023, due to the release of Huawei Mate60 series mobile phones, "way ahead" became a hot word on the Internet.

Apple Vision Pro sells approximately 15,000 units in one week in the United States

According to Wall Street Insights, Apple’s Vision Pro achieved weekly sales of approximately 15,000 units in the U.S. market, thanks to the high conversion rate in stores and the rapid growth of application content.

In addition, supply chain sources say that Apple will release the standard version of Apple Vision in the fall of 2025. Apple hopes to control its BOM (bill of materials) cost to 2/3 of the Vision Pro level.

20% of Alibaba Cloud’s future code will be written by Tongyi Lingma

Alibaba Cloud began to fully implement AI programming internally on April 2, using Tongyi Lingma to assist programmers in writing code, reading code, checking bugs, optimizing code, etc. Alibaba Cloud also assigned a formal employee ID number to Tongyi Lingma this time – AI001.

An Alibaba Cloud official said that 20% of the company's code will be written by Tongyi Lingma in the future, but programmers will still be the core of research and development. "They will have more time to focus on system design and core business development."

Taking API development and testing work as an example, Tongyi Lingma can shorten the manual test writing time from tens of minutes to seconds, saving programmers more than 70% of the test code workload.

Alibaba Cloud will subsequently fully configure the Tongyi Lingma plug-in in internal JetBrains IDEs, Visual Studio Code and other development tools for use by all employees.

Alipay opens "AI medical assistant" solution

Alipay yesterday released the "AI Medical Assistant" solution, which aims to use technologies such as AI large models and digital humans to help medical institutions provide patients with "AI accompanying medical care" services covering before, during and after medical treatment.

The specific solutions are as follows:

  • Before seeing a doctor: Describe your symptoms online and match with the corresponding department, so you are not afraid of calling the wrong number.
  • After arriving at the hospital: "Assistants" customized by the city and hospital will plan your medical treatment and provide services such as guidance, report checking, and medical insurance payment.
  • After treatment: In addition to electronic medical records, prescriptions and report inquiries, the health assistant will also establish a health file for you that is common both inside and outside the hospital, allowing patients to conduct long-term health management through Internet Hospital and other functions.

GAC Aian and Didi establish Guangzhou Andi Technology Co., Ltd.

According to China Business News, GAC Aian and Didi officially established GAC Aian Technology Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 420 million yuan.

In May last year, GAC Aian signed an in-depth cooperation agreement with Didi Autonomous Driving Company to jointly launch the autonomous new energy mass production vehicle project – the "AIDI Plan" and announced the establishment of a joint venture.

The first mass-produced model of the cooperation between the two parties will be based on the AEP3.0 platform, Xingling architecture and industry-leading multi-fusion sensing autonomous driving mass production technology, equipped with Didi's autonomous driving L4 urban generalization engine and unique autonomous driving for travel services. Driving technology program.

XPeng Motors product chief Liu Yilin will resign

Yesterday, HiEV Research Institute learned from people familiar with the matter that Liu Yilin, senior director of Xpeng Motors' autonomous driving products, will leave the company, and this change has been announced internally.

Liu Yilin joined Xpeng in 2018 and was responsible for the Xmart OS vehicle system and user experience in the early days. Then he joined the autonomous driving department and reported to Wu Xinzhou.

During his tenure in the autonomous driving department, Liu Yilin participated in Xpeng's high-speed NGP, urban NGP work, and unmap city NOA development work.

Wang Huiwen participates in the work as a consultant of Meituan

According to 36 Krypton, Meituan CEO Wang Xing issued an internal email stating that Wang Huiwen has gradually recovered and will participate in work part-time as a consultant for Meituan.

In June last year, Wang Huiwen was hospitalized due to illness, and the company he founded, Light Years Beyond, was also acquired by Meituan. After nearly a year of treatment, Wang Huiwen's condition has become relatively stable, but she has not yet fully recovered.

At the same time, doctors also believe that short-term resumption of some regular stressful work will help recovery. Therefore, Wang Huiwen chose to participate in the work as a consultant.

Demis Hassabis says huge AI funding will lead to hype and 'scams'

DeepMind co-founder Demis Hassabis has warned that huge amounts of artificial intelligence funding have led to some cryptocurrency-like hype, masking scientific progress in the field.

In an interview with Financial Time, Hassabis said the billions of dollars poured into generative AI startups and products have led to a flurry of hype and even some scams. Some of that has now spread into artificial intelligence, which he thinks is a bit unfortunate. its impact on science and research

Regarding the fact that artificial intelligence is being hyped, he said that to a certain extent, the hype of artificial intelligence is not enough, but in a sense, it is too much hype.

Despite this, Demis Hassabis claims that he remains convinced that artificial intelligence is one of the most transformative inventions in human history.

New product

Tiangong skymusic opened invitation test yesterday

Yesterday, Kunlun Wanwei's large-scale AI music generation model "Tiangong SkyMusic" opened free testing to the public from now on.

"Tiangong SkyMusic" adopts a Sora-like model architecture in the music audio field and has the following five characteristics:

  • High quality AI music
  • The human voice is "fake and real"
  • Lyric paragraph control
  • Various music styles
  • Learn singing skills

This round of invitation testing will open 1,000 free places to industry media, experts, and interested music practitioners. In addition, the official version of "Tiangong SkyMusic" will also be released to the whole society along with "Tiangong 3.0" on April 17. Free and open.

Nubia’s 2024 spring new product launch conference is scheduled for April 9

Nubia Mobile announced on social platforms that it will hold the Nubia 2024 Spring New Product Launch Conference at 14:00 on April 9.

According to the warm-up poster released by Nubia, this conference will bring the Nubia Mavericks 5G mobile phone, Nubia Filp 5G mobile phone, and the Nubia Z60 Ultra Photographer's Edition mobile phone that was launched some time ago.

Apple may launch low-priced AirPods and new AirPods Max this year

Jeff Pu, an analyst who studies companies in Apple's supply chain, said Apple plans to release a lower-priced version of AirPods later this year.

He claimed that a Foxconn subsidiary will become one of the suppliers of low-cost AirPods and that Foxconn will increase the assembly of AirPods at a factory in India in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Jeff Pu also expects an updated version of AirPods Max to be released in the fourth quarter of 2024. Gurman previously said the USB-C charging port would be the only new feature of the headphones, with the possibility of new colors.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman previously said that Apple plans to release two fourth-generation AirPods models in September or October, including entry-level and mid-range models. He said both models will feature a new design with a better fit, improved sound quality, and an updated charging case with a USB-C port, while the mid-range model will also come with active noise cancellation and Find My position-tracking speakers.

DJI Mic 2 camera hot shoe adapter launched

DJI yesterday launched a camera hot shoe adapter for DJI Mic 2, priced at 199 yuan.

Judging from the product overview given by DJI’s official website, this camera hot shoe adapter supports the following functions:

  • No need to connect 3.5mm TRS cable, it can be connected to the MI hot shoe interface of Sony camera
  • Support digital audio reception
  • A camera can be used to power this product

Currently, the DJI Mic 2 camera hot shoe adapter only supports some Sony camera models.

new consumption

The mystery visual novel "Who is the One" released preview trailer

The mystery visual novel "Who is the One" has released a preview trailer. The game is expected to be launched on Steam in the fourth quarter of 2024.

The person in charge of the company where the famous Vtuber Kulipa belongs was murdered in the office. The suspects in the case are the six employees who held the keys. The strange thing is that three employees claimed to be Kulipa's target, using "being present at the time of the crime" as their alibi.

In the game, players will play the role of the prosecutor responsible for the investigation and uncover the truth of the case.

UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON 2024 spring and summer collaboration series will be launched soon

UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON launch the 2024 spring and summer series, which will be available on the UNIQLO official website and offline stores on April 12.

This series pays more attention to practicality in modern life. From men’s plaid shirts and baggy trousers to women’s bright color-blocked dresses and casual skirts, each piece of clothing is designed to adapt to the vagaries of daily life.

In addition, the collection also includes accessories such as jacquard knitted socks and tote bags.

adidas Originals and atmos team up to launch joint shoes

adidas Originals and atmos announce the launch of the SAMBAE W "Stacked Denim" joint shoe.

The theme of this cooperation is denim fabric, and the uppers are made of denim fabrics of different shades, showing a special aged effect.

The design of the heel is inspired by the zipper of jeans and is decorated with a metal clover zipper.


Daniel Wu joins Kevin Kwan to star in new film

According to an exclusive report by deadline, Daniel Wu will join the new film "With Love" starring Kevin Kwan. This film is Kwan Ji-wei's first starring film since he won the Oscar for Supporting Actor for "The Universe".

The film is directed by veteran action director Jonathan Eusebio. This film is also his first feature-length film and is scheduled to be released in North America on February 7, 2025. The plot and characters of the movie are currently under wraps.

"Dune 2" extended release in mainland China to May 7

The movie "Dune 2" announced on its official Weibo yesterday that the film's screening key will be postponed to May 7.

The film was released in mainland theaters on March 8. The box office has now reached 335 million yuan, and the global box office has exceeded 630 million US dollars.

Son Ye-jin to star in director Park Chan-wook's new film

Son Ye-jin will partner with Lee Byung-hun in Park Chan-wook's new film "Axe". The film is expected to start filming in the second half of the year.

The film is adapted from the novel "The Ax" by American writer Donald Westlake. It tells the story of a middle-class man who kills potential competitors in various ways in order to find a job after losing his job.​​​

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