Morning Post | Youku member price increase / Celis responds to Huawei store fire / Microsoft IE browser officially retired

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  • Youku members match Tencent Video after price hike
  • Celis responds to fire in Huawei store
  • Microsoft's IE browser officially retired today
  • NIO releases five-seat SUV ES7
  • DJI announces DJI RS 3 and DJI RS 3 Pro
  • Intel Sharp A380 Graphics Coming Soon
  • iQiyi denies Baidu selling its stake
  • Adobe will make Photoshop available for free on the web
  • Huawei's performance appraisal will add a "partner satisfaction" option
  • Tea Yanyuese will open its first store in Jiangsu and Zhejiang in Nanjing
  • China Li Ning releases June "Summer Party" collection
  • Cereal food "Magic Spoon" completes tens of millions of dollars in financing

Youku members match Tencent Video after price hike

On June 15, Youku announced that it will adjust the prices of Youku VIP and Kumiao VIP members on June 21.

After the adjustment, Youku VIP monthly card, quarterly card, and annual card fees are 30 yuan, 78 yuan, and 258 yuan, respectively, and the continuous monthly, seasonal, and continuous annual fees have risen to 25 yuan, 68 yuan, and 238 yuan, respectively.

At the same time, all users who are in the automatic renewal status of Youku VIP or Kumiao VIP before 0:00 on June 21, if they do not change the current automatic renewal status, will enjoy the renewal price before adjustment until June 20, 2023.

This is the second time Youku has adjusted its membership price since 2017, tying up with Tencent Video and iQiyi, which have raised prices several times in the past two years. Alibaba 88VIP will not be affected for the time being. (Interface News)

Celis responds to shopping mall fire

On the evening of June 13, a fire broke out in a Huawei mobile phone store in Ordos, killing two people. The burnt vehicle in the online video is the AITO M5 of Celis, which was jointly launched by Huawei and Celis.

In response to this, Celis said that after analyzing the background data of the on-site vehicle, it was found that the charging stop time was later than the fire time, and the probability of the fire caused by the spontaneous combustion of the vehicle battery pack was low. It can be initially confirmed that the fire source did not come from the vehicle.

Sailis also introduced that in accordance with the requirements of the National Testing and Management Center for New Energy Vehicles, AITO Automobile has built a remote data monitoring and management system, which will report the basic data of the vehicle to the cloud as soon as possible. (Sina Auto)

Microsoft's IE browser officially retired today

On June 15, Microsoft announced that it will end support for the web browser "nternet Explorer (IE)" on the 16th Beijing time, and its functions will be taken over by the Edge browser.

The Edge browser is built on the same underlying platform as Chrome, Chromium, so it is compatible with Chrome extensions and supports most of the same functionality. At the same time, Edge can still turn on support for IE mode until 2029.

In addition, Bloomberg wrote that Japan may be the country most affected by this. A survey in March this year showed that 49% of companies in Japan are still using Internet Explorer. (Bloomberg)

NIO releases five-seat SUV ES7

On the evening of June 15, NIO ES7, a medium and large 5-seat SUV, was officially released.

The Weilai ES7 comes standard with 480kW (653 horsepower) front and rear dual motors, uses an aluminum alloy carbon fiber hybrid body, and has an axle-to-load ratio of 50:50.

In the vehicle intelligent hardware and vehicle computing platform part, NIO ES7 is equipped with NIO's second-generation intelligent system Banyan, standard Aquila super-sensing system and Adam super-computing platform, which can realize high-speed, urban, parking, battery swap and other scenarios autonomous driving experience.

In addition, Weilai has integrated the concept of Design for AD into the SUV for the first time, and the lidar and observation tower camera on the roof can realize the complete NAD function.

If the whole vehicle is purchased, the NIO ES7 75kWh battery version is 468,000 yuan, and the 100kWh battery version is 526,000 yuan, which will be delivered in August this year.

DJI announces DJI RS 3 and DJI RS 3 Pro

On June 15, DJI released the third-generation RS camera handheld stabilizers "DJI RS3" and "DJI RS 3 Pro".

In terms of overall structure, the DJI RS3 has a self-weight of 1.3kg and a load-bearing capacity of 3kg, and adopts a detachable battery structure. Its battery capacity is 3000mAh and supports 18W fast charging.

In terms of screen, the DJI RS3 uses a 1.8-inch color touch screen. At the same time, the newly added mode switch can quickly switch among the three modes of first-person main vision, left and right follow mode, and pitch and heading follow mode.

The official price of DJI RS 3 is 2,999 yuan, and the official price of DJI RS 3 Pro is 5,499 yuan.

In addition, DJI also simultaneously launched the first independent film-grade wireless image transmission system "DJI Transmission", the official price of the package is 13,499 yuan.

If you want to know more about "DJI RS3", you can check Ai Faner's evaluation:

Intel Sharp A380 Graphics Coming Soon

Recently, Intel announced that the first A3 series graphics card for desktops, the Intel Ruixuan A380 GPU, will be launched in China.

Allegedly, the graphics card supports all DirectX 12 Ultimate features including hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and supports mainstream games such as "League of Legends", "The End of the Moon", "Eternal Catastrophe" and "PUBG Mobile". Smooth gaming experience above 1080p @60fps.

Starting this month, Intel desktop ecosystem partners such as Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, Lanji, HP and MSI will gradually adopt it. The suggested retail price based on Intel Ruixuan A380 discrete graphics card is 1030 RMB.

iQiyi denies it will be sold by Baidu

Recently, Reuters reported, citing anonymous sources, that Baidu is negotiating with potential acquirers to sell its 53% stake in iQiyi, attracting buyers including Hong Kong private equity firm PAG, China Mobile and others. The potential deal values ​​iQiyi at $7 billion.

In response, iQIYI responded: "This news is not true, it is purely a rumor." Baidu remained silent on this.

In the first quarter of 2022, iQIYI achieved a quarterly revenue of RMB 7.277 billion, which was the first time iQIYI achieved a quarterly profit. (Caitong News Agency)

Adobe will make Photoshop available for free on the web

Adobe has announced plans to open up the web version of Photoshop for free to everyone in an effort to attract more regular users.

The web version of PS, released last October, is positioned as a collaboration tool that allows basic image editing and comment sharing among project collaborators. The latest version has updated tools and features for color correction, curves, converting smart objects, and more.

The web version of PS is currently being tested in Canada and is expected to expand to other regions. At the same time, Adobe will still retain some features that are exclusive to paid subscribers. (engadget)

Huawei's performance appraisal will add a "partner satisfaction" option

From June 15th to 16th, the Huawei Partner and Developer Conference 2022 was held online. Hu Houkun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, mentioned the changes in employee performance appraisal standards during the meeting.

Starting in 2022, Huawei will add the option of "Partner Satisfaction" to the individual performance appraisal indicators, collect real evaluations of employees' services from customers and partners, and appropriately reduce the proportion of sales indicators in the evaluation weight.

Hu Houkun also said that there have been Huawei employees who violated the rules under the pressure of assessment, and ultimately harmed the interests of partners. Huawei will make bold improvements in terms of process-based and IT-based system implementation, establishment of an effective supervision mechanism, and optimization of employee evaluation and traction. (China News Network)

The first store in Jiangsu and Zhejiang will be located in Nanjing

On June 15, Chayan Yuese announced that Nanjing will be the first city in Jiangsu and Zhejiang where the store will be opened.

The first two stores will be located in Nanjing Xinjiekou IFCX and Nanjing Jingfeng in Jiangning District. The opening time is expected to be in mid-August.

Not long ago, Chayan Yuese's four stores in Chongqing opened simultaneously on June 1. Nanjing is the third city outside the province to be officially expanded after Wuhan and Chongqing. (Interface News)

China Li Ning releases June "Summer Party" collection

Li Ning recently teamed up with the youth culture label BKStore to launch a series of costumes themed on "Summer Party Party Time", as well as three shoes of "Cloud Slay", "Reignition Slipper" and "MIX Shell".

Inspired by the Woodstock Music Festival, the collection presents 1970s clothing details in on-trend silhouettes, with the words "Music" and "Party Time" in Oracle as the visual centerpiece, bringing a cheerful and rhythmic emotional expression .

At present, this series has been put on the Li Ning official mall, Li Ning Tmall flagship store and offline stores one after another. (Nowre)

Cereal food "Magic Spoon" completes tens of millions of dollars in financing

Recently, the cereal manufacturer “Magic Spoon” completed an $85 million Series B financing.

Founded in 2019, the brand focuses on high-protein, low-carb functional breakfast cereals.

Its product features a high-quality protein source blended with milk and isolated whey protein, and uses stevia, mangosteen and allose to naturally sweeten protein cereals. There are currently four flavors: Cocoa, Frosted, Cinnamon and Fruit.

Funds from this round of financing will be used for brand building and product innovation. (Knife Institute)

Ginkgo Swan Lake Periscope Toilet @ Zhejiang China

Toilets are supposed to be the most private spaces, especially public toilets.

But the designers of the periscope toilet hope to resolve the contradiction between openness and privacy within the physical space.

"When you go to the toilet by the beautiful lake, you should enjoy the scenery with the breeze on the lake"

The periscope-inspired design expands the physical boundaries of the space while maintaining privacy.

The ventilation grilles hidden under the mirrors and the ventilation holes at the top create a convection of air, which also helps to provide a more comfortable interior environment.

The rotatable mirror design allows users to enjoy the view from different angles even when sitting on the toilet

Each periscope toilet has a different height, allowing users in each toilet to gain a different view.

Modular buildings form a staggered landscape

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