Morning Post | Xiaomi ThePaper OS official announcement, bid farewell to MIUI / Apple releases two new products / Huawei says Petal Payment will not compete with Alipay WeChat


Xiaomi’s new operating system ThePaper OS official announcement

The Mac version of WeChat now supports independent display of chat windows

Apple will donate 25 million yuan to China Rural Development Foundation

Huawei responded by launching “Petal Payment”

The whereabouts of Weimar Chairman Shen Hui remains a mystery: insiders say he is indeed no longer in the country

LinkedIn announces 668 layoffs

Singer John Legend: The human part of music cannot be replaced by AI

Ming-Chi Kuo: New 24-inch iMac will be launched next year


Apple releases 10th generation iPad cellular version, new Apple Pencil

Wenxin large model 4.0 officially released

Ideal MEGA official picture released, Li Xiang once said that if the design is like this, he will jump off the building

Intel releases Core 14th generation desktop processor

Honor of Kings 8th anniversary limited skin unveiled


Starbucks launches new espresso/series coffee

KAWS "BETTER KNOWING" wooden figure will be released soon

Poster for Hathaway's new film "Irene" revealed

"The Crown" Season 6 Reveals New Stills

The Japanese version of "The Hidden Corner" will be released next spring


Xiaomi’s new operating system ThePaper OS official announcement

Yesterday, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun announced that the official version of Xiaomi’s new operating system, Xiaomi HyperOS, has been packaged.

The Xiaomi Mi 14 series will be the first mobile phone equipped with the new system. It has been delivered to the factory and production has officially started. From this moment on, Xiaomi ThePaper OS will gradually succeed MIUI.

Lei Jun said: "For Xiaomi, this is an epoch-making milestone and a key leap towards a "full ecology of people, cars and homes".

According to reports, Xiaomi's ThePaper OS is based on the integration of deeply evolved Android and self-developed Vela systems, "completely rewriting the underlying architecture and preparing a public base for the Internet of Everything for tens of billions of devices and tens of billions of connections in the future."

The Mac version of WeChat now supports independent display of chat windows

WeChat macOS version has been officially released, adding a number of new features, including the ability to display a chat in a separate window, the ability to search for emoticons in the chat, etc.

In the chat list of Mac WeChat, double-click a chat to display the chat in an independent window; or right-click the chat and select "Display in independent window".

In the new version, a "Search" button is added to the toolbar at the bottom of the emoticon panel of the input box. Click to directly search for massive emoticons.

In addition, a "Take a look" button has been added to the function panel on the left side of WeChat on Mac. This page mainly displays the content of public accounts recommended to users by WeChat through algorithms.

big company

Apple will donate 25 million yuan to China Rural Development Foundation

Apple announced yesterday that it will donate 25 million yuan to the China Rural Development Foundation. This is based on Apple's cooperation with the China Rural Development Foundation in supporting local communities in China over the past ten years.

The additional donation will be used to help farmers learn new skills to grow their businesses and provide technology and digital education resources to empower students and teachers in rural areas.

It is reported that Apple’s support for the China Rural Development Foundation began with disaster relief and reconstruction after the Lushan/Ya’an earthquake in 2013.

Since then, the two parties have cooperated to establish Shanpin Commune to support agricultural development, "Smart Classroom" to introduce iPads into rural school teaching, and Sichuan University, which has provided more than 2,400 rural cooperative directors with advanced skills courses including e-commerce and quality control. Mengdingshan Cooperative Development Training Institute.

Huawei responded by launching “Petal Payment”: accelerating the construction of Hongmeng ecosystem and not competing with Alipay and WeChat

Recently, Huawei's payment institution "Xunlianzhipay" was renamed "Petal Payment".

In March 2021, Huawei acquired a 100% stake in Xunlianzhi Payment and obtained a mobile payment license. Huawei has also become the second smartphone manufacturer to obtain a payment license after Xiaomi.

According to the "Kechuangban Daily" report, regarding this change, Huawei responded that the name change is not a big deal. In essence, Huawei has accelerated the construction of Hongmeng ecological infrastructure, and the newly upgraded negative screen will also fully support Huawei payment.

Huawei said: "This is an important step in promoting Hongmeng Yuan services. Now major partners such as Didi, Meituan, Maoyan, and Tongcheng have all settled in the negative screen in the form of Yuan services."

According to reports, Huawei’s positioning of payment is not just mobile payment, but a full-scenario payment platform. As the underlying infrastructure of the Hongmeng ecosystem, Huawei Pay will be deeply integrated with the Hongmeng system.

Huawei's developers and partners can directly complete closed business loops in the Hongmeng ecosystem. Payment operations on multiple Huawei terminal devices can be transferred to mobile phones across devices, allowing users to complete payments conveniently and securely.

The whereabouts of Weimar Chairman Shen Hui remains a mystery: insiders say he is indeed no longer in the country

According to the Shanghai Securities News, it was previously reported that Shen Hui, the founder and chairman of WM Motor, used the pretext of attending the Munich Auto Show in Germany, and then transferred to New York, the United States, and traveled overseas, leaving behind nearly 40 billion yuan in investments and debts as well as debts owed to him. Well-paid Weimar employees.

A person close to Shen Hui revealed that Shen Hui is indeed no longer in the country. He has not appeared publicly in the company since the Spring Festival in 2023, and his family also moved to the United States before that.

The updates Shen Hui posted on Weibo were also posted by a dedicated person, so the addresses displayed were all in Beijing.

While Shen Hui's whereabouts remained a mystery, many services of WM Motor, which was in deep crisis, also fell into "downtime."

Recently, a number of WM Motor owners said on social platforms that the WM Motor system and mobile app showed that they could not be loaded and were in a suspended service state. At the same time, the Bluetooth keys on their mobile phones were also unavailable.

LinkedIn announces 668 layoffs across engineering, talent and finance teams

According to Reuters, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn announced on Monday that it will lay off 668 employees from its engineering, talent and finance teams in the second round of layoffs this year due to slowing revenue growth.

The layoffs account for about 3% of the more than 20,000 employees, further exacerbating the tens of thousands of layoffs in the technology industry this year.

LinkedIn said it will continue to invest in future strategic focus areas while adjusting its organizational structure and streamlining decision-making, "and ensuring we continue to deliver value to our members and customers."

The tech industry has laid off 141,516 employees in the first half of this year, compared with about 6,000 in the same period last year, according to employment firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

LinkedIn has laid off 716 employees across its sales, operations and support teams this year to streamline operations and eliminate layers to speed up the decision-making process.

 Singer John Legend: The human part of music cannot be replaced by AI

Recently, at the Wall Street Journal Tech Live conference, singer-songwriter John Legend said: "There is still a human part in music, which artificial intelligence cannot replace."

Speaking about concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence on the creative arts, he argued that computer-generated songs will never be as successful as music created by humans, in part because audiences like to know the artists and the stories behind the songs.

"Music, songwriting, and our interactions with audiences are still very much human," he said. "AI will be able to help us generate ideas, but it won't replace many of the human experiences that people still crave."

John Legend also mentioned that he will launch a social application called "It's Good" to provide users with personalized food and travel recommendations.

The app seeks to surpass existing platforms like Yelp and Google Reviews with a more curated and personalized approach.

New product

Ming-Chi Kuo: New 24-inch iMac will be launched next year

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a post that Apple will release a new 24-inch iMac product in 2024.

Ming-Chi Kuo's prediction is consistent with previous revelations by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman. Gurman previously said that Apple plans to use the M3 chip in the new iMac.

The M3 chip is expected to feature an 8-core CPU and a 10-core GPU, and since it is built on the new 3nm process, it will improve performance and efficiency.

The current 24-inch iMac was launched in April 2021 and is equipped with the M1 chip, which is more than two years ago.

In addition, Ming-Chi Kuo also said that a high-end iMac equipped with a mini-LED 32-inch screen will be launched in 2025.

Ming-Chi Kuo did not elaborate on the product, but according to MacRumors, this iMac may be positioned as the "iMac Pro" to replace the 2017 model that Apple discontinued two years ago.

Apple releases 10th generation iPad cellular version, new Apple Pencil

Apple officially releases the Chinese version of iPad (10th generation) wireless LAN + cellular network model.

According to official reports, the new iPad (10th generation) supports eSIM in mainland China for the first time, enabling fast, smooth and secure cellular data connections without the need for a physical SIM card. Apart from this, other configurations remain unchanged.

This model will be available for pre-order on October 19th and will be officially launched on October 25th. The 64GB version is priced at 4,799 yuan and the 256GB version is 5,999 yuan.

In addition, Apple announced that it will release a new Apple Pencil in early November, which will use a USB-C interface and will be priced at 649 yuan.

Apple named this Apple Pencil Apple Pencil (USB-C), not the third-generation version.

The new Apple Pencil features a matte finish and a flat side design that magnetically attaches to the side of your iPad to put it to sleep and save power.

However, the new Apple Pencil does not have wireless charging capabilities. There is a USB-C port hidden under the sliding pen cap. Users can use a USB-C cable to pair and charge the new Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil (USB-C) has the same pixel-level accuracy, low latency, and tilt-angle sensing features as the previous first- and second-generation products, but the pressure sensitivity function is removed.

Wenxin large model 4.0 officially released

Robin Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Baidu, announced the official release of Wenxin Big Model 4.0 and opened invitation testing.

He said that this is the most powerful Wenxin large model to date. It has achieved a comprehensive upgrade of the basic model and has significantly improved its understanding, generation, logic and memory capabilities. Its comprehensive level is "nothing compared to GPT-4." inferior".

Robin Li introduced that Wenxin 4.0 has also started inviting beta tests simultaneously. The audience can scan the QR code of the guest ID card, log in to Wenxin Yiyan’s official website or download the latest version of Wenxin Yiyan APP to experience it;

From now on, corporate customers can also log in to the official Baidu Intelligent Cloud website and apply to test the API of Wenxin 4.0 on the Qianfan large model platform.

He also demonstrated on-site more than ten AI native applications such as Baidu search, Ruliu, map, network disk, and library based on Wen Xinyiyan, hoping to expand everyone's imagination and "inspire everyone to make more amazing things together" AI native application."

Ideal MEGA official picture released, Li Xiang once said that if the design is like this, he will jump off the building

Yesterday, Li Xiang posted two undisguised gray Ideal MEGA appearance pictures on Weibo and said, "Just guess the drag coefficient."

Judging from the pictures, the Ideal pure electric MPV MEGA has a rather unique shape. The front face adopts a closed design, the star ring light is located under the windshield, and the steeply inclined A-pillar will also help reduce wind resistance. In addition, a lidar is installed on the roof of the car.

The body side has smooth lines, a short front and rear overhang design, and a large wheelbase. It is expected that the car will provide flexible seat layout and adjustment solutions.

The official image of Ideal MEGA released this time sparked heated discussions. Many people thought that the shape of MAGA was very similar to the previous renderings. At that time, Li Xiang complained that this was a "jumping off building" design.

Intel releases Core 14th generation desktop processor

Intel announced that it has officially released its 14th generation Core desktop processors, including a total of six K-series and KF-series unlocked models.

All six processors will be available at retailers starting at 21:00 on October 17th. At the same time, major OEM partners will also launch products equipped with 14th generation desktop processors.

  • 24 cores, 32 threads, 5.8 (6.0) GHz Core i9-14900K: US$589 (National Bank 4,999 yuan)
  • 24 cores, 32 threads, 5.8 (6.0) GHz Core i9-14900KF: US$564 (National Bank 4,799 yuan)
  • 20 cores, 28 threads, 5.6GHz Core i7-14700K: US$409 (National Bank 3,499 yuan)
  • Core i7-14700KF with 20 cores, 28 threads, 5.6GHz: US$384 (National Bank 3,299 yuan)
  • 14 cores, 20 threads, 5.3GHz Core i5-14600K: US$319 (National Bank 2,599 yuan)
  • 14 cores, 20 threads, 5.3GHz Core i5-14600KF: $294 (National Bank 2,499 yuan)

This time Intel has raised the default maximum turbo frequency of the i9-14900K to 6.0GHz, and introduced support for WiFi-7 and Thunderbolt 5 in the Core 14th generation.

At the same time, a new XTU overclocking tool was released that supports AI overclocking, increasing the XMP speed of DDR 5 memory to more than 8000MT/s, and also brought a new Intel application optimizer.

new consumption

Honor of Kings 8th anniversary limited skin unveiled

The limited skin for the 2023 anniversary of Honor of Kings is themed "Yangtze River Ecological Protection" – the lovely Yangtze River spirits will meet Aguduo, the girl who protects life in the canyon.

In the background setting of this skin, Agudo has become an innocent and cute little painter. His recent paintings mainly focus on the Yangtze River and the fish in it, which also coincides with the ban on fishing in the Yangtze River in the past three years. theme.

Agudo's anniversary-limited skin is a free skin. Players can obtain it by participating in anniversary event tasks. Find the anniversary skin event entrance in the activity center on the right side of the game homepage, and then enter and complete the task to receive this skin for free.

Starbucks launches new espresso/series coffee

The first lineup of Starbucks espresso/series coffees includes 4 drinks: Curido, Red Velvet Curido, Cococino and Rich Coconut White.

According to reports, the espresso/series is not just a simple fusion of coffee and milk, but seeks to release more fragrant coffee bouquet in a small space.

The new range also comes with its own exclusive paper cup. The cup body is made of the same color as the green apron (Apron Green), with logo text. The double-layer cup design also has the characteristics of heat insulation and anti-scalding.

KAWS "BETTER KNOWING" wooden figure will be released soon

Recently, KAWS released a new wooden version of its "BETTER KNOWING" figure to commemorate the release of the new book "KAWS: NEW FICTION".

"BETTER KNOWING" is made entirely of African mahogany. KAWS's classic character COMPANION is presented in a posture of sitting down and meditating, with legs crossed and a wooden stick in hand.

It is reported that the wooden figure is limited to 100 pieces worldwide, with a retail price of US$14,000. It will be sold on the official website at 12:00 noon on October 17th, Eastern Time.


Poster for Hathaway's new film "Irene" revealed

A poster has been released for the new film "Eileen" starring Anne Hathaway and Thomasin McKenzie, which will be released in North America on December 8.

The film is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Ottesa Moshfe. It tells the story of a severe winter in Massachusetts in 1964. Young Erin works as a secretary in a prison. When the charming counselor Rebecca becomes her new colleague, she can't help but… Be deeply attracted to each other.

Their relationship changes after Rebecca reveals a dark secret, pushing Erin down a sinful path.

"The Crown" Season 6 Reveals New Stills

The sixth season of Netflix's popular drama "The Crown" has released many stills. This season is the final season and will be broadcast in two parts. The first half will be broadcast on November 16 and the second half will be broadcast on December 14. Start broadcasting.

The timeline of the final season is from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, involving the death of Diana in a car accident.

The Japanese version of "The Hidden Corner" will be released next spring

Directed by Shusuke Kaneko and starring Masaki Okada, the movie "ゴールド・ボーイ" is confirmed to be released in Japan in the spring of 2024.

The film is adapted from Shikane Chen's novel of the same name "Bad Boy" and the drama version "The Hidden Corner". Masaki Okada will star as the villain Tosho, while Yamamura Hitoshi, Hoshino Hoshino, and Maede Yoshi will star respectively as Amuro Asahi and Kamima Natsuki ( Pu Pu), Kamijian Hao.

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