Morning Post | Xiaomi responded that the TV screen automatically fell off / Stefanie Sun’s live broadcast viewers reached 240 million / Tesla Shanghai is expected to fully return to normal production capacity in June

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  • Xiaomi responds to TV screen falling off automatically
  • Stefanie Sun's live broadcast has reached 240 million viewers
  • Tesla Shanghai is expected to fully return to normal production capacity in June
  • Gucci Teams Up With Oura For Smart Rings
  • IKEA's "Blue Bag" Transformed, This Time For Musicians
  • "Sailor Moon" and Vans launch a special joint series
  • Samsung's global share of mobile phones increased to 24%
  • Jing Tian apologizes for "illegal advertising endorsement"
  • BBC to cut two channels, switch content to streaming platform
  • The number of Uniqlo stores in China will reach 888
  • Kingsoft Documents teamed up with iQiyi to allow users to use documents to play dramas
  • Wine brand “wimo Portuguese” completes Pre-A round of financing

Xiaomi responds to TV screen falling off automatically

In response to the feedback from netizens that the LCD screen of Xiaomi TV automatically fell off, Xiaomi responded yesterday that Xiaomi has contacted users after sales.

At the request of users, Xiaomi is handling extremely fast exchange processing for users, so as not to delay users' daily viewing of movies as much as possible.

Xiaomi said that because this case is a rare case, the specific cause of the problem has not yet been identified.

Recently, the supply chain has experienced intermittent problems in logistics, warehousing and other links, so it is preliminarily judged that the problem in this case is more likely to occur in the logistics and warehousing links. The faulty products will also be returned to the factory for detailed case analysis to determine the root cause of the problem to improve the corresponding links. (Sanyan Finance)

Stefanie Sun's live broadcast has reached 240 million viewers

In the past weekend, Luo Dayou's first online concert "Childhood" and Sun Yanzi's "How are you" online singing and chatting sessions were held simultaneously on the WeChat video account and the Douyin live broadcast room respectively.

At the end of the two events, Luo Dayou's concert showed that a total of 35.662 million "watched" people, while the live broadcast room of Stefanie Sun's performance reached 240 million.

However, Stefanie Sun's singing and chat planning also attracted a lot of complaints.

In the comment area of ​​Stefanie Sun's Weibo, some fans pointed out that the lighting was too dark and the duration, especially the singing session, was too short. Some viewers also pointed out that the host is unprofessional and "doesn't order songs according to netizens' messages", and even Stefanie Sun questioned "Does anyone really want to listen to this song?" Some netizens felt embarrassed to read the "Youth Pain" letter. (Interface News)

Tesla Shanghai is expected to fully return to normal production capacity in June

"First Financial" quoted insiders as saying that since Tesla Shanghai resumed work and production on April 19, due to factors such as personnel restrictions and logistics, it has maintained single-shift production for about a month until May 23, special Sla started double-shift production, one step closer to full capacity recovery.

Insiders said that with the support of the government, the number of workers in the Tesla factory has increased compared with the initial stage of resumption of production, and the two-shift system still adopts closed-loop production. fully returned to normal levels.

Gucci Teams Up With Oura For Smart Rings

Smart ring brand Oura has teamed up with Gucci to launch a co-branded smart ring priced at $950.

Like Oura's original product ($299/$399), this ring supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis and other health features, but incorporates Gucci designs. Oura COO says the product "brings style and function closer together."

Users who purchase this joint product can also get a series of audio services, including meditation voice guidance, sleep aid audio and other health-related content. (Designboom)

IKEA's "Blue Bag" is about to transform again, this time for musicians

IKEA announced that it will create a joint series with Swedish electronic music group Swedish House Mafia, and pre-announced the transformation of the classic "blue bag" FRAKTA.

This time, the two parties have changed the FRAKTA bag into three versions for the needs of musicians: a small bag for cables, wires and other accessories, a laptop bag, and a large-sized storage that can hold 100 vinyl records Bag.

There are even more pieces in the collection, which will be released in full at Milan Design Week in June. (Hypebeast)

"Sailor Moon" and Vans launch a special joint series

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original Sailor Moon animated series, Vans has launched a special co-branded collection featuring more than 30 styles, covering shoes, apparel and accessories for men, women and children.

The shoe types include Old Skool, Sk8-Hi, Slip-On, Authentic, etc., and the uppers are all covered with classic elements of Sailor Moon, including three black and white color scheme shoes that pay tribute to the original comic series.

Apparel and accessories include tie-dye hoodies, t-shirts, button-up shirts, hats, beanies, backpacks and socks.

The collection will be available in Vans stores, online and at select retailers on June 10. (nowre)

Samsung's global share of mobile phones increased to 24%

According to statistics from Counterpoint Research, in the past April, the global smartphone market shrank by 8%, falling to its lowest point since the outbreak of the epidemic.

However, Samsung's sales continued to grow, and its global market share increased to 24%, ranking first in monthly growth and total sales for three consecutive months.

At the same time, the market share of 24% is also the highest value for Samsung since April 2017.

Analysts believe that its growth stems from the outstanding performance of the Galaxy S22 series, which is popular in India and Latin America. (Fast Technology)

BBC to cut two channels, switch content to streaming platform

The BBC said it would shut down BBC 4, which focuses on art and documentaries, and children's channel CBBC.

The BBC will also continue to produce content for both channels, but will switch to its own streaming platform, BBC iPlayer.

The move is part of a "digital first" initiative announced by the BBC recently. (cnBeta)

Jing Tian apologizes for "illegal advertising endorsement"

On May 28, Jing Tian posted an apology letter on his Weibo, apologizing for the illegal endorsement advertisement incident.

According to the WeChat public account of "Guangzhou Market Supervision", at the end of 2021, the advertising monitoring of the State Administration of Market Supervision found that the actor Jing Tian was suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the Advertising Law for the advertising endorsement of related products of Guangzhou Infinite Health Technology Co., Ltd.

The company's "fruit and vegetable" food has no valid evidence to prove that it can "prevent the absorption of fat and sugar". Jingtian should know that laws and regulations stipulate that ordinary food should not be promoted for treatment, health care and other effects, and there is no effective way to endorse the products. In the case of verification, it still claims to endorse the product in its own name and image in the advertisement. Jing Tian received a total of 2.579 million yuan in illegal income from the above advertising endorsements. (Interface News)

The number of Uniqlo stores in China will reach 888

Uniqlo will add 17 new stores in China in the next two weeks, and the number of its Chinese stores will also increase to 888.

Among the new stores, cities such as Yueqing in Zhejiang, Shengzhou, Jingmen in Hubei and Huainan in Anhui will welcome UNIQLO for the first time.

As of April, Uniqlo had 813 stores in Japan.

The number of Uniqlo stores in China surpassed the number of local stores in Japan for the first time in August 2020, when the number of stores in China was 767. (Ladymax & Nikkei Chinese website)

Kingsoft Documents teamed up with iQiyi to allow users to use documents to play dramas

Recently, Kingsoft Documents teamed up with iQIYI to hold a "document brushing" activity on the hit drama "Night Walker".

The document is divided into four stations: the first station is the informant information exchange office, for check-in and discussion of details; the second station is the dark night walker task area, where daily tasks will be released according to the trend of the plot; the third station is the teahouse rest chat room , the audience can watch the drama together as a team, or share the emoji packs related to the drama; the fourth stop, Huacheng News Broadcasting Center, will announce the latest news of the drama every day.

Wine brand “wimo Portuguese” received millions of dollars in Pre-A round of financing

The wine brand “wimo Portuguese” has recently received a multi-million dollar Pre-A round of financing.

Founded in 2021, wimo Portugal entered the market with a fast-moving consumer goods model, focusing on young people’s food and beverage products. In 2021, it launched the first canned sparkling wine product, and successively launched the special “Sangria” wine. product line.

Its products mainly focus on offline channels, featuring a balance of sweet and sour, refreshing and easy to drink, no added flavors or pigments, and have now settled in more than thousands of restaurants, bars, and supermarkets.

Traditional wine sells scarcity and cultural heritage, and there are more and more attempts to make wine simple and interesting. Last winter, mulled wine became popular on the Internet, and the trend of foreign wines becoming more casual is on the rise, and the “wine+” form that makes wine easier to import has also been continuously developed. (FBIF)

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