Morning Post | Xiaomi press conference is scheduled, 14 Ultra unveiled/Gaohe Automobile announced a 6-month suspension of production/It is reported that Byte has mobilized many executives to increase AI research and development

 Sources say foldable iPhone development plans have been put on hold

 OPPO founder calls AI mobile phones the third stage of the industry

 Gurman: Apple will launch second-generation headset in at least a year and a half

 Tesla responds to Cybertruck rust after being exposed to rain

 Sources say ByteDance has mobilized several executives to increase AI research and development

 Xiaopeng releases 2024 construction start letter

 Meizu stops new traditional “smartphone” projects

 Gaohe Automobile suspends production for 6 months

 Pika founder responds to Sora's release

 Xiaomi Renchejia full ecological launch conference is scheduled

 Two new colors of Ideal MEGA announced

 BYD looks up to U9, more information announced

 Arc'teryx launches brand's first shoe collection

 Shanghai Auntie sprints towards Hong Kong stocks

 Massimo Osti Studio officially launches its first collection

 Amy Winehouse biopic released poster

 ️‍♂️ "Argyle: The Secret Agent" starts pre-sale

 "Still Think You're the Best 2" reveals ultimate poster trailer


Sources say foldable iPhone development plans have been put on hold

Recently, according to @fixjiaodigital news, Apple suspended the development of the foldable iPhone after the supplier's folding screen failed to pass the Display test standard, while the R&D team of the leading supplier is still working harder to improve the overall specifications of the folding screen.

According to The Information, after more than five years of research and development, Apple has been actively building at least two foldable iPhones.

It is reported that these two iPhone prototypes can be folded horizontally like a clamshell, but they do not appear in Apple's 2024 or 2025 product roadmap. The report pointed out that the foldable iPhone may still be canceled if it does not meet Apple's standards.

Earlier this month, Korean media The Elec also reported that Apple is considering launching its first foldable device in the next few years, with a size of 7 to 8 inches, which may eventually replace the 8.3-inch iPad mini.

big company

OPPO founder calls AI mobile phones the third stage of the industry

Yesterday morning, OPPO founder and CEO Chen Mingyong issued an internal letter to all employees.

In Chen Mingyong’s view, 2024 is the first year of AI mobile phones. In the next five years, the impact of AI on the mobile phone industry will be comparable to that of when smartphones replaced feature phones.

"From the perspective of industry development stage, AI mobile phones will also become the third stage of the mobile phone industry after feature phones and smartphones."

Chen Mingyong said: "This is a major judgment for us in the mobile phone industry. Through AI, we can redo the mobile phone experience and help users achieve higher value.

Obviously, this round of AI technology supported by large models is reshaping the future of the mobile phone industry. I believe that if we look at 2024 two years later, we will have a deeper understanding of the significance of this judgment. "

According to IDC data, OPPO ranks third in the domestic mobile phone market with a market share of 16.7% in 2023, and ranks fourth globally.

Gurman: Apple will launch second-generation headset in at least 18 months

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman in the latest "Power On", it is believed that Apple may be at least 18 months away from launching the second-generation Vision Pro.

According to reports, when customers return Vision Pro, Apple employees will ask in detail the reason for the return. At the same time, employees need to report to managers to ensure that all feedback can be delivered to the headquarters in Cupertino, California in a timely manner.

  • By talking to more than a dozen Vision Pro users who had returned the product, Gurman found that they all gave similar reasons for returning the product:
  • The device is too bulky and difficult to carry, causing headaches and discomfort.
  • It currently has very few apps and video content, which isn't enough to support its high price.
  • Its work function does not make people more efficient than using a Mac with an external monitor, and it is not convenient for long-term use.
  • The display is too reflective, the field of view is too narrow, and using the device may cause eye fatigue and vision problems.
  • Products can alienate relationships and currently lack meaningful shared experiences.

Tesla responds to Cybertruck rust after being exposed to rain

Recently, some Tesla Cybertruck owners discovered that their vehicles had rust after being exposed to rain. In addition to orange rust spots appearing on the surface of the car, prolonged exposure to rain may also cause the seams of the car to darken.

In response, Tesla Cybertruck’s official account responded, “Just wipe it.” Cybertruck chief engineer Wes Morrill further explained:

"The surface of stainless steel contains active iron, which can cause rust. It is just surface contamination that can be easily removed. I recommend using Bar Keeper's Friend, which works well, and citrisurf77, which can also loosen stains and just need to be wiped.

If you have stubborn stains, use the blue scratch-resistant Scotch Brite pad as it won't leave any scratches on the metal. "

Sources say ByteDance has mobilized several executives to increase AI research and development

According to Tech Planet news, multiple departments under Byte are actively expanding their research and development efforts on AI products.

For example, in addition to launching AI products such as bean bags and buttons, the Flow department will also launch the AI ​​character interactive APP "Hua Lu" and an AI product "PicPic" that may be targeted at the image field.

Recently, Zhang Nan also announced that he would step down as CEO of Douyin Group, turning his focus to film editing, and going all out to seek breakthroughs in the field of AI-assisted creation to launch an AI-generated photo and video product.

In addition, other business departments such as Douyin E-commerce, Douyin Life Services, Huoshan Engine, and Toutiao are also actively exploring the application of AI.

ByteDance’s official recruitment website also revealed clues about its AI strategy. Douyin E-commerce and Douyin Life Services are recruiting for positions such as intelligent creation product managers, and may launch related AI products.

Xpeng's 2024 start letter: 30 cars planned within 3 years

On February 18, Xpeng Motors CEO He Xiaopeng issued a start-up letter to all employees.

He Xiaopeng said, "Being pained and happy, daring to think and dare to do it" is the true portrayal of Xiaopeng people in 2023. "There have been a lot of adjustments in organization, planning, business, operations, and efficiency. I have experienced a lot of pain, but also huge gains."

2024 is the tenth year since the establishment of Xpeng Motors. He Xiaopeng's goal is, "The performance must more than double, the organization must make up for all shortcomings, and the operation must take the first step towards high quality."

He Xiaopeng also emphasized that 2024 is the first year for the accumulation and explosion of Xiaopeng’s products and technology platforms. Xpeng Motors plans about 30 new products and facelifts within three years. Specifically, by 2024, Xpeng Motors will bring two new cars, anchored in the price range of 300,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan respectively, completing Xpeng Motors' layout in the 100,000-400,000 yuan level.

The open letter also revealed that Xpeng Motors will invest more than 40% of its R&D budget in 2024 year-on-year, including US$3.5 billion in AI technology with smart driving as its core. At the same time, more manpower will be invested and approximately 4,000 people will be recruited.

Meizu stops new traditional “smartphone” projects

On February 18, Meizu announced a strategic adjustment. While All in AI, it will stop the development of new traditional smartphone projects and fully invest in "Tomorrow's Devices" AI For New Generations, entering a promising new wave of AI technology.

Meizu will gradually complete its All in AI vision through three years of ecological layout and technological accumulation. According to the plan, Meizu’s new mobile operating system for the AI ​​era will undergo system updates in 2024 to build the infrastructure capabilities of the operating system in the AI ​​era.

In addition, Meizu’s first AI Device hardware product will be officially released within this year and will compete head-on with the world’s top AI Device manufacturers.

In this regard, Li Nan, a former Meizu executive and founder of Numiao Technology, commented: "We must change the track. We have done a lot of work a year ago, and I am very pleased that Meizu's determination is firm. There will be no future if we don't change the track. Those who are doing A brand that promotes AI in mobile phones is obviously a gimmick.

It’s time for Meizu mobile phones to end. It just lacks a more grand ending. In addition, the previously mentioned Open All Hardware For AlI LLM is also on the horizon, so you can look forward to it. "

Gaohe Automobile suspends production for 6 months

According to Jiemian News, Gaohe Automobile held an internal meeting yesterday and announced that it would suspend production for six months starting from now.

According to insiders, Gaohe Automobile said that employees’ wages before February 18 will be paid as usual; employees who remain at Gaohe Automobile before March 15 will only be paid basic wages; after March 15, employees will only be paid Shanghai basic salary.

Previously, Gaohe Automobile held an all-staff meeting and announced that January wages would be postponed, year-end bonuses would be cancelled, and all employees would be reduced in salary. The salary for January will be paid back at the end of February.

Pika founder responds to Sora's release

Recently, OpenAI released its first video generation model, Sora, which can generate complex videos with multiple characters, specific types of actions, and theme backgrounds based on user prompts, with a length of up to 1 minute.

In the face of Sora’s “menacing”, Pika founder Guo Wenjing responded to TMTpost: “We think this is very exciting news. We are already preparing to directly compete against Sora.”

In addition, Guo Wenjing also revealed that he is currently recruiting people, but the specific plans cannot be disclosed to the outside world yet.

New product

Xiaomi Renchejia full ecological launch conference is scheduled for February 22

Xiaomi announced that its first ever "Full Ecosystem for People, Cars and Homes" conference will be held on February 22nd at 7pm.

At the press conference, the Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra mobile phone will also be officially unveiled. The pictures posted by blogger @手机uncle show that for blind ordering of Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra, you can choose the desired configuration and color in advance, a first-sale high-end phone gift box, and additional mysterious gifts, which is known as "get the ready-made product as soon as possible on the first sale day."

Yesterday morning, Xiaomi mobile phone product manager Wei Siqi responded to netizen comments saying that Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra "does not have a glass version", but there will be other materials. On the afternoon of the same day, Xiaomi Group President Lu Weibing posted on Weibo and revealed: "This time Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra will not only have a technical nanoskin version, so please stay tuned."

Early this morning, Lei Jun also announced the black and white color options of Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra on Weibo.

Two new colors of Ideal MEGA announced

Yesterday, Li Auto announced two new exterior colors for the MEGA, one is elephant gray special edition pearl paint, and the other is white pearl paint.

The brand new elephant gray special edition pearl paint, matched with the ideal MEGA's water drop shape that transcends the times, seems to have traveled from the next era. At a specific angle, it will have a faint warm glow, and it will be calm and radiant.

The white pearl paint of Ideal MEGA can particularly show the simple elegance of the lines. During the day, it looks like the first snow covering the warm sun at noon; at night, it is most suitable for the warm light pouring out of the window at home, clean and warm, white and not cold.

BYD looks up to U9, more information announced

On February 18, BYD's high-end car brand Yangwang released more parameter details of its latest supercar model Yangwang U9, claiming to "refresh a new perception of supercars." The car is scheduled to be officially launched on February 25.

According to reports, the car is equipped with the "global original" Yi Sifang U-shaped motor, which is more compact in size and has a lower center of gravity. When paired with a resolver sensor, the recognition accuracy and response speed will be much higher than traditional supercars.

In terms of detailed parameters, the peak torque of the four motors is 1680N·m, the peak speed is 21000rpm, and the maximum horsepower of the vehicle exceeds 1300ps.

In addition, Yangwang U9 is equipped with 12 sets of multi-functional active and passive aerodynamic kits, which together with the thermal management system can meet different track performance needs.

Equipped with the leading intelligent driving assistance system in the supercar industry, the new car can realize a variety of intelligent driving functions such as road preview, easy parking, and remote control parking.

new consumption

Arc'teryx launches brand's first shoe collection

Arc'teryx launches a new shoe series, which is built with outdoor activities as the main axis. It is also the first self-designed shoe product in the brand's history.

The new products include three shoe styles: Sylan, Vertex Alpine and Kragg. The Sylan is a speed-focused, technical mountain running shoe built for high altitudes and rugged terrain, featuring a dual-density midsole and a prominent profile on a Vibram Megagrip outsole.

Vertex Alpine is tailor-made for mountaineering enthusiasts. It has a double midsole that provides comfort and stability, and the upper is made of Cordura material. Finally, the Kragg is specifically aimed at recovery and quick access to the mountains, inspired by the fact that climbers often switch to more comfortable shoes before and after climbing.

This series of shoes is expected to be released on March 6th at Arc'teryx.

Shanghai Auntie sprints towards Hong Kong stocks

Recently, Shanghai Auntie officially submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and plans to list on the main board.

This is the fourth ready-made beverage company planning to be listed in Hong Kong, following Chabaidao, Guming, and Mixue Bingcheng. Prior to this, the China Securities Regulatory Commission had approved the IPO application of "Cha Baidao" last year.

According to CIC Consulting, as of September 30, 2023, in terms of the number of stores in the entire system, Shanghai Auntie ranked first among the mid-priced ready-made tea drink shop brands in northern China; among the mid-priced ready-made tea drink shop brands in China Ranked third; ranked fourth in China's freshly made tea shop industry.

Massimo Osti Studio officially launches its first collection

Since CP Company announced the launch of the new brand Massimo Osti Studio at the end of last year, the brand's first series has been officially unveiled.

This series shows elegant silhouettes with classic tailoring techniques. It is made of Alcantara® material, which has excellent wear resistance and has been treated with waterproof technology.

The items include a hooded long coat, trousers, short coat and a practical yet elegant backpack. The color scheme is black and light khaki, showing a sophisticated and high-end feel. At present, this series has been officially launched on the brand’s official website.


Amy Winehouse biopic released poster

The Amy Winehouse biopic "Back to Black" released a poster and will be released in North America on May 17.

The film stars Marissa Abela, Jack O'Connell, Eddie Marsan, and Lesley Manville, is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson ("Fifty Shades of Grey"), and is directed by Matt Screenplay by Greenhalsh ("Gay," "Nowhere Boy").

"Argyle: The Secret Agent" starts pre-sale

The secret agent-themed action thriller "Argyle: The Secret Agent" directed by Matthew Vaughn has announced that pre-sales have started in mainland China and will be officially released on February 23.

The movie tells the story of introverted spy novelist Elly Conway, whose book's content overly alludes to the reality of an underground evil organization, putting herself in danger until the real spy Aiden appears to rescue her.

"Still Think You're the Best 2" reveals ultimate poster trailer

The movie "Still Think You're the Best 2" recently released the final trailer of "Wedding Rhapsody" and the final poster of "The Ceremony", announcing that it has officially started pre-sale and the film will be released nationwide on February 24.

The film is produced by Jiang Zhiqiang and directed by Chen Yongshen. It stars Stephy Tang, Zhang Jicong, Wang Wanzhi, Lin Mingzhen, and Chen Zhanwen, as well as Tse Junhao, Wei Junsheng, and He Qihua, and Hu Feng, Luo Lan, Michelle, and Liao Ziyu star in family roles.

When two couples who are afraid of getting married decide to get married by mistake, the wedding scene turns into a gossip scene. Faced with the love adventure of marriage, will they choose to step in bravely or turn around and leave?

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