Morning Post | Xiaomi Motors sold 50,000 units in 27 minutes after launch/Baidu responded to cooperate with Apple/DingTalk AI upgrade launched multiple functions


Xiaomi automobile officially launched

DingTalk AI upgrades and launches multiple functions

Tongyi Qianwen launched Dimensity 9300 mobile platform for the first time

Vice President of Douyin E-commerce will join TikTok E-commerce

Amazon invests an additional $2.75 billion in artificial intelligence companies

Baidu Shen Dou responds to cooperation with Apple

Li Auto Mind GPT officially passed the national registration

Legend Holdings’ revenue drops 10% in 2023

Stellantis lays off nearly 3,000 employees to cut costs for electrification transition

OpenAI will test GPT usage-based revenue with developers

Lei Jun said the price was reduced by 30,000 the day before the press conference

Changan UNI-Z model officially launched

Zhipu AI PC smart assistant officially released

OPPO Find X7 takes the lead in supporting 5.5G mobile communications


Xiaomi automobile officially launched

Yesterday, Xiaomi Automobile launch conference was officially held. This time, Xiaomi SU7 standard version, Xiaomi SU7 Pro version, and Xiaomi SU7 Max version were released. The specific prices and configurations of the models are as follows:

  • The standard version of Xiaomi SU7 is priced at 215,900 yuan and is a rear-wheel drive/long battery life/smart driving version.
  • The Xiaomi SU7 Pro version is priced at 245,900 yuan and is a rear-wheel drive/ultra-long battery life/high-end smart driving version.
  • The Xiaomi SU7 Max version is priced at 295,900 yuan and is a high-performance four-wheel drive/ultra-long battery life/high-end smart driving version.

In addition to the regular version, Xiaomi SU7 has also prepared a founding edition model limited to 5,000 units. The original version of Xiaomi SU7 is 215,900 yuan; the original version of Xiaomi SU7 Max is 299,900 yuan.

After the press conference, you can see through the Xiaomi Auto App that the founding edition has been sold out. After the Xiaomi car was launched, the large order quantity exceeded 10,000 in 4 minutes, the large order quantity exceeded 20,000 in 7 minutes, and the large order quantity exceeded 50,000 in 27 minutes.

In addition, this conference also brought Xiaomi auto accessories and related peripherals. Xiaomi Mi 14 also released five limited edition color versions.

big company

DingTalk AI upgrades and launches multiple functions

On March 28, DingTalk AI Assistant was upgraded. After the upgrade, product capabilities such as image understanding, document speed reading, and workflow were launched, and it took the lead in exploring the implementation of multi-modal, long text, and RPA technology in AI applications.

Based on the Alibaba Tongyi Qianwen large model, the upgraded DingTalk AI assistant can do:

  • Enter the AI ​​assistant dialog box and send long files, online documents, web links, and video content, and you can identify people and places based on the content, analyze, answer questions, translate, summarize, extract text, and even conduct intelligent Q&A through multiple rounds of interactions. .
  • It can accurately describe and identify picture information, and perform information reasoning, extended creation, text extraction, translation, etc. based on pictures, which is equivalent to an all-round "picture encyclopedia".
  • You can quickly read local files such as Word, PDF, PPT, Excel, etc., DingTalk documents, web links and other formats, and easily parse various academic papers, product manuals, tutorials, data tables, news reports, and books in multiple languages. wait.

DingTalk AI Assistant has also launched workflow capabilities. Workflows can not only dismantle and orchestrate the process of AI execution tasks at the time of creation, but can also open up external system data and API capabilities, further expanding its action capabilities.

Currently, users can directly use various functions of the AI ​​assistant on the DingTalk APP or PC client, including multi-modality, long text and workflow, to experience the convenience and efficiency brought by AI.

Tongyi Qianwen launched Dimensity 9300 mobile platform for the first time

On March 28, Alibaba Cloud and MediaTek, a well-known semiconductor company, jointly announced that Tongyi Qianwen’s 1.8 billion and 4 billion parameter large models have been successfully deployed on the Dimensity 9300 mobile platform, which can smoothly run real-time and accurate multi-round AI dialogue applications offline. Achieve substantial improvements in mobile phone AI experience.

Tongyi Qianwen's large open source model with 1.8 billion parameters has far better performance than previous SOTA models on multiple authoritative test sets, and can infer 2048 tokens using a minimum of only 1.8 G of memory. It is a low-cost, easy-to-deploy, and commercial-friendly model. Small size model. The Dimensity 9300 integrates MediaTek's seventh-generation AI processor APU790, and its generative AI processing speed is 8 times that of the previous generation AI processor.

Alibaba Cloud and MediaTek have also launched a joint exploration of AI agent solutions plan, integrating the AI ​​computing power of MediaTek Dimensity Mobile Platform and the large model capabilities of Alibaba Cloud Tongyi Qianwen to provide developers and enterprises with a more complete combination of software and hardware Develop a platform to explore and create a next-generation smart terminal application ecosystem that truly has situational awareness, autonomous learning and real-time interaction functions.

Vice President of Douyin E-commerce will join TikTok E-commerce

According to 36 Krypton reports, Mu Qing, vice president of Douyin e-commerce, is about to leave his original position and switch to TikTok e-commerce, responsible for non-clothing operations in cross-border e-commerce.

Before the transfer, Mu Qing was mainly responsible for the operation of the Douyin e-commerce brand merchant business. Compared with the relatively mature Douyin e-commerce business in China, the TikTok e-commerce business that Mu Qing is about to take up is still in its early stages.

Insiders said that Mu Qing’s position adjustment means that Byte is trying to combine its domestic e-commerce business experience with TikTok’s e-commerce business. This also proves that Byte still has great expectations for TikTok’s business.

Amazon invests an additional $2.75 billion in artificial intelligence companies

Yesterday, Amazon announced an additional investment of US$2.75 billion in artificial intelligence company Anthropic. Combined with the US$1.25 billion invested in September last year, Amazon's total investment in Anthropic reached US$4 billion.

Amazon said Anthropic will use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its primary cloud provider for mission-critical workloads, including security research and future foundational model development. Anthropic will use AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips to build, train and deploy its future models, and has made a long-term commitment to provide fully managed services on AWS to AWS customers around the world.

Dr. Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Data and Artificial Intelligence at Amazon AWS, commented on the collaboration, saying that Amazon and Anthropic have been working closely together to help organizations around the world deploy advanced generative artificial intelligence applications. Anthropic’s vision in the field of generative AI, combined with Amazon’s best-in-class infrastructure and managed services, allows customers to innovate with generative AI more quickly, safely, and responsibly.

Baidu Shen Dou responds to cooperation with Apple

At the "Digital Economy of Integration and Innovation" sub-forum at the Boao Forum for Asia 2024 Annual Conference, Shen Dou, executive vice president of Baidu Group and president of Baidu Intelligent Cloud Business Group, responded to cooperation with Apple in an interview.

Shen Dou said that Baidu already has an example of cooperation with terminal manufacturers, and that is Honor. "I think cooperation with terminal manufacturers still has great potential."

Previously, it was reported that Baidu will provide AI functions for iPhone 16, Mac system and iOS 18 released by Apple this year.

Li Auto Mind GPT officially passed the national registration

Li Auto announced that its fully self-developed Mind GPT has officially passed the national "Interim Measures for Generative Artificial Intelligence Service Management" registration, becoming the first self-developed large model by an automobile manufacturer to pass the registration.

Mind GPT is a large multi-modal cognitive model fully developed by Li Auto. Li Auto claims that “this is a large model truly built around in-vehicle scenarios, with the capabilities of understanding, generation, knowledge memory and reasoning.”

Legend Holdings’ revenue drops 10% in 2023

Legend Holdings released its 2023 annual results announcement. Judging from the announcement:

  • Last year, Legend Holdings’ annual revenue reached 431.589 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 10%.
  • The net loss attributable to equity holders of Legend Holdings was RMB 3.874 billion. Last year, the net profit of equity holders of Legend Holdings was RMB 1.167 billion, a year-on-year decline.

Li Peng, CEO of Legend Holdings Co., Ltd., said that compared with the same period last year, Legend Holdings' operating performance has declined significantly, which also shows that "there is still a lot of room for improvement in our business layout and the management of some enterprises."

In 2024, Lenovo emphasized that it will continue to improve the efficiency of transformation of scientific and technological achievements and high-quality development goals, make full use of its advantages in fields such as artificial intelligence, and continuously strengthen the company's competitiveness.

Stellantis lays off nearly 3,000 employees to cut costs for electrification transition

According to Jiemian News, multinational automobile giant Stellantis laid off 400 technical workers and software engineers in the United States last week.

On Tuesday, Stellantis announced that it had reached voluntary layoff agreements with two unions, resulting in a total of 2,500 layoffs in Italy.

On Wednesday, the FIOM union said in a statement that Italian factories had reached a new layoff agreement and more than 1,000 production line workers and employees in other functions will be laid off at several factories, although the union has not yet signed the agreement.

The main reason for the layoffs is to cut costs and improve efficiency to adapt to the needs of electrification transformation. A spokesperson for Stellantis also said that the layoffs are part of transformation initiatives to address the employment impact of the current energy and technology transition.

OpenAI will test GPT usage-based revenue with developers

OpenAI announced on social platforms yesterday that they are preparing to test usage-based GPT revenue with some US developers.

The reason for this is because OpenAI wants to create a vibrant ecosystem where developers can be rewarded for their creativity and impression.

When OpenAI launched the GPT Store in January this year, OpenAI mentioned in the official website blog, "In the first quarter, we will launch the GPT developer income plan. In the early stage, US developers will be compensated based on users' participation in their GPT. "We will provide detailed information on payment standards in the future."

At present, OpenAI has not disclosed the details of developers’ participation in the test and the specific terms of revenue sharing.

Lei Jun said the price was reduced by 30,000 the day before the press conference

Last night, the price of Xiaomi cars was announced. After the press conference, Lei Jun said in an interview with the media that the most difficult thing about pricing is the profit and loss point. Xiaomi originally wanted to price the phone at 239,000 yuan and the top version at 350,000 yuan. "We started discussing at 7 o'clock yesterday (March 27) whether it would be 30,000 cheaper than Tesla. Regarding other issues about Xiaomi cars, Lei Jun also responded in the interview

  • Regarding the price war: Xiaomi has enough cash reserves to cope with any fierce competition in the next five years. If possible, Xiaomi will further accumulate cash
  • Regarding competitiveness: All intelligence is a variable. This is Xiaomi’s strength. There is a big difference between smart cockpit and smart driving.
  • About ecology: Lei Jun’s ultimate understanding of ecology is whole-house intelligence. The underlying software and chips are all connected, so it doesn’t matter whether you are at home or in the car.
New product

Changan UNI-Z model officially launched

Changan Automobile announced that the new UNI series model UNI-Z has been officially launched. This is the first model equipped with the new Blue Whale power platform. There are three configurations of UNI-Z available, with the official guide price ranging from 117,900 yuan to 131,900 yuan.

In terms of listing rights and interests, Changan provides the following services:

  • First owner’s lifetime vehicle warranty
  • 10,000 yuan replacement subsidy for all brands
  • 15% down payment (term up to 60 installments or 24 installments, 0 interest)
  • Basic traffic is free for life
  • Value-added traffic is free for five years
  • Lifetime free OTA system upgrade
  • 888 yuan to enjoy a 7kW charging pile for 3500 yuan
  • Free installation of charging piles

Zhipu AI PC smart assistant officially released

Recently, at the 2024 new Intel commercial client AI PC product launch conference held in Beijing, the "Wisdom Spectrum AI PC Smart Assistant" based on the ChatGLM client-side model was officially released.

"Zhipu AI PC Intelligent Assistant" is the latest end-side AI model trained, adapted and deployed based on the ChatGLM end-side model for Intel's new Core Ultra processor. It can provide PC users with a more relaxed and efficient AI experience.

Zhang Fan, COO of Zhipu AI, said that thanks to the powerful computing power of Intel Core Ultra processors and the targeted optimization of Zhipu AI, PC smart assistants can work efficiently even when offline, fundamentally changing the way users interact with computers. , allowing more room for imagination and implementation of large models in various scenes.

OPPO Find X7 takes the lead in supporting 5.5G mobile communications

According to Jiemian News, China Mobile's 5G-A commercial launch conference was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, at which the official commercial launch of China Mobile's 5G Advanced network (5.5G) was announced.

At the same time, OPPO also released news on social platforms, stating that the entire OPPO Find X7 series is the first to support 5.5G mobile communications, with network speeds increased by up to 300%, and said that it is "the first to enter the 10G mobile network."

new consumption

NetEase and Marvel team up to create 6 v 6 team shooting game

The actual promotional video of the 6 v 6 team shooting game "Marvel Confrontation" co-created by NetEase and Marvel has been exposed, mainly showing the unique skills of multiple characters in the game battle.

The game is currently open for pre-order and is expected to open a closed beta in May and log on to Steam and Epic platforms.

Luckin Coffee x Kweichow Moutai Chinese style theme store opens in Shenzhen

According to the first store's early report, Luckin Coffee will launch a "Four O'clock and Eight Festivals" theme store together with Kweichow Moutai. The store has landed in Shenzhen and will open on March 29.

The store design combines the beautiful scenery of the "four seasons" of spring, summer, autumn and winter in master Qi Baishi's calligraphy and paintings with the charm of the "eight festivals" of Beginning of Spring, Vernal Equinox, Beginning of Summer, Summer Solstice, Beginning of Autumn, Autumn Equinox, Beginning of Winter and Winter Solstice, creating this Chinese-style national style themed offline store. Experience store.

Nayuki’s tea revenue will increase by 20.3% year-on-year in 2023

Nayuki's Tea released its 2023 annual report, with annual revenue of nearly 5.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.3%. Among them, store operating profit was 829 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 76.3%.

Among Nayuki's three major tea businesses, the revenue of "fresh tea drinks" reached 4.692 billion yuan; the revenue of "RTD bottled tea" reached 267 million yuan, achieving growth for three consecutive years; the tea represented by "Nayuki Tea House" Retail business revenue exceeded 100 million yuan, doubling growth.

Nayuki's Tea stated that in 2024, it will increase the upgrade and promotion of classic products such as the "Nayuki Eight Fragrance" series of drinkable perfumes, and maintain reasonable and active marketing efforts through joint activities and other methods to consolidate consumers' trust. need. At the same time, we will continue to invest in franchise business and overseas market expansion to target consumers in a wider market.


Domestic animated film "Xiao Qian" releases preview

The first film "Xiao Qian" produced by Light Animation has released a final trailer and will be released on April 30.

This film is directed by Mao Qichao and is adapted from "Nie Xiaoqian" in Pu Songling's novel "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio". It also adds traditional elements such as "spirits" and "ghost markets" to tell the classic story in a new look.

"Garfield" animated film will be released in North America on May 24

The classic animated "Garfield" has released new movie character posters. The movie will be released in North America on May 24, 2024.

The movie is adapted from Jim Davis' work of the same name, and Star-Lord actor Clete Pratt will voice the role of Garfield.

BBC documentary "Planet of Mammals" will be launched on March 31

The documentary "Planet of Mammals", co-produced by Youku and created by BBC Studios, will be exclusively available on Youku on March 31.

The documentary has a total of 6 episodes. Sir David Attenborough, known as the "Father of Nature Documentaries", will lead the audience through the lens to reveal how mammals conquered the earth and thrived.

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