Morning Post | XBB strain has been detected in Shanghai / there is no specific drug for virus infection / battery warranty fee for old iPhone models increased by 100 yuan

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  • XBB strain has been detected in Shanghai
  • Tong Zhaohui: There is no cure for viral infection
  • Qunar responds to the big difference in the price of hotels booked with different mobile phones
  • "Avatar 2" reaches the main line
  • Samsung will show off the world's first foldable and sliding display
  • Sun Yuchen denies that fire will cut 40% of employees in 2023
  • Douyin launches desktop chat software "Douyin Chat"
  • Twitter sued over rent arrears
  • Samsung Electronics plans to launch high-end memory chip rental service
  •  IKEA matches the chair with a tree
  • The battery warranty fee of some iPhone models will increase by 169 yuan
  • Xiaomi launches 20% off mobile phone battery replacement service in January
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra's night shooting function has been greatly upgraded
  • Geely's new car has a display screen on the front
  • On Pao released the Year of the Rabbit series
  • Holiland x Wanglaoji's new "Herbal Tea Cake Jar"
  • Ronaldo confirms joining Saudi 'Riyadh Victory'
  • "No Name" is scheduled for New Year's Day
  • 'Sherlock Holmes' copyright expires
  • Fortnite is coming back to iOS

XBB strain has been detected in Shanghai

The results of the recent gene sequencing of the new coronavirus in Shanghai. Source: Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine

On January 2, the news that XBB.1.5, which claims to have the strongest "immune escape" ability, has become the "number one epidemic strain" in the United States has attracted widespread attention recently.

· XBB strain has been detected in Shanghai

The joint scientific research team led by Chen Saijuan of Ruijin Hospital and Fan Xiaohong of the Public Health Center said that among the 25 XBB families monitored in Shanghai this time, 3 cases of XBB.1.5 were imported from abroad and did not cause local transmission.

Jin Dongyan, a professor at the School of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Hong Kong, said that XBB.1.5 has not caused significant changes in the number of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in the United States. Except that the immune escape ability has been enhanced to a certain extent, the changes in other aspects are relatively small.

· No significant change in pathogenicity

A screenshot circulated on the Internet stated that the XBB.1.5 strain "mainly attacks the cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and gastrointestinal tract" and can cause diarrhea, which has led to the shortage of montmorillonite powder in recent days.

In this regard, Jin Dongyan also said that although diarrhea is a common symptom of new crown infection, "it is nonsense to focus on the cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and gastrointestinal tract."

· Will it cause superinfection?

Wang Xinyu, deputy director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said that the virus caused by XBB, BQ.1, and BQ.1.1 may spread faster than before.

If you encounter these strains, the probability of reinfection mainly depends on two aspects:

  • One is how much overlap the re-encountered strains had with BA.5 and BF.7. If the virus keeps mutating and the cross-protection effect is reduced, it may cause infection.
  • The second is to look at the level of human autoantibodies.

There is usually an interval between secondary infections, and the probability of reinfection with the same strain is extremely low. Even if it is infected, there will be no obvious symptoms, and it is generally mild.

Source: CCTV & Popular Science China

Tong Zhaohui: There is no cure for viral infection

According to the news on January 2, Tong Zhaohui, director of the Beijing Institute of Respiratory Diseases, interpreted the question about the special medicine for the new crown:

· There is no cure for viral infection. The so-called "small molecule specific drugs" on the market are mainly used to inhibit virus replication, control the development of the disease, and reduce the risk of severe disease.

· However, these drugs cannot eradicate the virus, and antiviral drugs are only suitable for certain groups of people.

· Pay attention to adverse reactions and side effects, and use it under the guidance of a professional physician.

Source: CCTV News

Qunar responds to the price difference of different mobile phone hotel reservations: the higher the membership level, the lower the price

According to news on January 2, some netizens recently said that when booking a hotel in Qunar, the three mobile devices displayed different prices under the same date and room type.

In response, Qunar responded that this is because the higher the membership level, the lower the price:

"There are three mobile phones in the video. The higher the Qunar membership level, the lower the price. The price of 487 yuan is a diamond member, 520 yuan is an ordinary member, and 877 yuan is an unlogged offer. The page clearly prompts to log in to unlock more preferential prices."

Source: Financial Associated Press

The box office of "Avatar 2" exceeded 1.4 billion US dollars, and it has reached the line

According to news on January 2, the global box office of "Avatar: Way of Water" exceeded US$1.4 billion on January 2.

According to the latest report from "Variety", the film's return line is about 1.4 billion US dollars, which means that "Avatar 2" has reached breakeven.

However, in fact, the specific cost of "Avatar 2" has not been officially disclosed. Previously, director Cameron had vaguely revealed that "Avatar 2" "can only start making money when it reaches the top three box office levels in film history (about 2 billion US dollars worldwide)", but later changed its name to "should be the top ten box office in film history (worldwide 15 billion dollars). billions of dollars)".

It is reported that the box office of "Avatar 2" showed a state of "open low and go high", and the total box office only exceeded 500 million yuan in the 7 days of its release. However, with the arrival of the New Year's Day holiday, the box office of "Avatar 2" rebounded and became the domestic New Year's Day box office champion.

Source: Entertainment & Securities Times

CES 2023: Samsung will showcase the world's first foldable and sliding display

On January 2, according to ETNews, Samsung will showcase the world's first foldable + slideable OLED panel at the CES 2023 Expo.

According to reports, this screen supports both folding and sliding: when it is fully folded, the diagonal size of the panel is 8 inches; when it is unfolded, it is 10 inches; and when the hybrid OLED panel is fully unfolded and slid When open, it measures 12.4 inches.

However, Samsung will only demonstrate the technology behind closed doors to its partners.

Currently, Samsung has unveiled the ViewFinity S9, a 27-inch 5K display designed to compete with Apple's Studio Display at CES 2023 , with a built-in 4K SlimFit camera, and the Smart Monitor M8 has also been updated.

In addition, Samsung will also launch the world's first dual 4K gaming monitor Odyssey Neo G9 and an upgraded version of the original G9 Odyssey OLED G9 at CES 2023.

Source: IT House & Macrumors

Justin Sun denies that Huo will lay off 40% of employees in 2023: Huo must be a fire in a bear market

According to the news on January 2, according to Wu, the cryptocurrency exchange Huo is bound to cancel the year-end bonus, and plans to lay off nearly 40% of its employees again.

In this regard, Justin Sun, the global consultant of Huobi, said in an internal reply: "The Huobi layoff plan spread by the media is untrue. It is not easy to survive the winter in a bear market, but Huobi is a fire in a bear market. Huobi's recent business has done very well. Well, daily new additions have reached the first level in the industry, which is a critical period of development, and I believe 2023 will be even better.”

Huobi was first founded by Li Lin in 2013 and was once the world's largest cryptocurrency platform. On November 22, "Huobi" was renamed "Huobi", and the English name was also shortened from "Huobi Global" to "Huobi".

Source: Interface News

Douyin officially launches desktop chat software "Douyin Chat"

According to the news on January 2, Douyin has recently launched a desktop chat software "Douyin Chat", which is available on both Windows and Mac clients.

The overall layout of the software is similar to the computer version of WeChat, and currently only provides chat functions.

It is reported that this is the fourth major move in the socialization strategy since Douyin launched a friend tab known as the "video version of Moments" in 2020.

Source: IT Home

Twitter sued for rent arrears, employees must bring their own toilet paper

On December 31, Twitter was sued for failing to pay $136,250 in rent for an office building in San Francisco.

In addition to rent arrears, Twitter canceled cleaning and security services. Employees even had to bring their own toilet paper to the office, reports said.

At the same time, after Twitter's data center in Sacramento was shut down recently, many Twitter users reported problems, and some users even had their accounts canceled.

At last week's meeting, Musk said Twitter could be in a "negative cash flow position" of about $3 billion in 2023, so he's "cutting costs like crazy."

Source: foreign media

Samsung Electronics plans to launch high-end memory chip rental service

News on December 30, according to "Korea Economic News", Samsung Electronics is considering launching a new business model – high-end memory chip leasing services, seeking to ensure stable sales and revenue streams even when prices become volatile.

It is said that Samsung Electronics has recently finalized "memory as a service" (MaaS) as a new business, and plans to lend memory semiconductors for high-performance computing to cloud service companies such as Google and charge lease fees.

Samsung Electronics hopes the new business will account for at least 10 percent of its overall sales of dynamic random access memory (DRAM), sources said.

Source: Interface News

 IKEA Matches Its Chair With a Tree and Wants You to Feel More Attached to It

IKEA-owned experimental design studio Space10 recently decided to give your chair a tree.

In the design project Carbon Banks, after the user purchases the Froset chair, he will be matched with an NFT tree seed presented in the form of AR.

The tree will germinate, grow and bloom as the chair is used over time.

Space10 believes that the application of NFT is constantly iterating.

At the beginning, we had "digital originality", where collection, community and exclusivity are the value. Then, we started seeing "digital receipts" and "digital twins" in the works.

This time, NFT products are positioned as "digital amplifiers (digital amplifiers)", which can create a visual history of an object by connecting the blockchain and physical objects, showing the relationship between us and the object.

Space10 hopes that NFT can be used to visualize and reward people's sustainable behavior in real life.

For example, after the service life of the chair ends, the NFT tree will bloom for the last time as a souvenir for the user, and then handed over to IKEA for recycling.

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The battery warranty fee of iPhone 14 and previous models will increase by 169 yuan

According to news on January 2, from March 1, 2023, many Apple products, including the iPhone, will see price increases for out-of-warranty battery services.

Currently, Apple's official website iPhone X series ~ iPhone 13 series models need 519 yuan to replace the battery. After the price increase, the battery service charge for these models will be 688 yuan.

Additionally, out-of-warranty battery service charges for Macbook and iPad products have increased.

Users who plan to replace Apple's official battery can currently check the possible fees through the "Get Estimate" tool on the official website.

Source: IT House & Tech Beast

Xiaomi launches 20% off mobile phone battery replacement and 50% off mobile phone screen replacement services

According to the news on January 1, Xiaomi launched a 20% off mobile phone battery replacement service and a 50% off mobile phone screen replacement service in the January service week:

  • 20% off mobile phone battery replacement service participating models: Mi MIX4 (159.2 yuan), Mi 11 (103.2 yuan), Mi 11 Pro (175.2 yuan), Mi 11 Ultra (175.2 yuan).
  • 50% off mobile phone screen replacement service participating models: Mi 9, Mi 9 Pro, Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, Mi 11, Mi MIX 4, etc. The activity price ranges from 315 to 795 yuan.
  • Activity time: January 1st at 10:00 – January 7th at 24:00.

Source: IT Home

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will greatly improve night shooting capabilities, sources say

According to the news on January 2, the tweeter @Ice Universe said that still photos taken in night mode with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will look very bright, like "night vision".

According to previous information, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a rear 200MP main camera, and its sensor will be an upgraded version of ISOCELL HP1.

In addition, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will also be equipped with a 10MP telephoto camera that supports 10x optical zoom, a 10MP telephoto camera that supports 3x optical zoom, and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera.

Source: IT Home

Geely released a new model preview, with a display screen on the front

On January 2, Geely officially released a teaser for a new model.

Judging from the preview, Geely's new energy sedan has a wider body and is equipped with slender LED headlights. At the same time, there is an LCD screen in the middle of the front of the car, which can display information such as welcome animations, weather, battery power, etc. It is said that it is a bit like the "Smart Island" design concept of Apple mobile phones.

The notice does not give much information. It is expected that the car may be a new energy car, but it is still unclear whether it will use pure electric, extended range or plug-in hybrid.

Source: IT Home

Returning to the wild in the new year, On Pao released the Year of the Rabbit series

On December 31, the Swiss sports brand On Angpao released the special edition color scheme of Cloudaway and Cloudvista for the Year of the Rabbit.

The new product draws inspiration from the zodiac rabbit in the wilderness of Mercedes-Benz. The overall upper is presented in white, supplemented by emerald and gold On brand logo embellishment.

The new Year of the Rabbit special edition colors Cloudaway and Cloudvista will be available online and offline at designated stores, with retail prices of RMB 1090 and RMB 1190 respectively.

Hollyland x Wanglaoji's new "Daji Dali Herbal Tea Cake Jar"

According to news on December 30, Holiland and Wanglaoji jointly launched new products such as "Daji Dali Herbal Tea Cake Can" and "Daji Dali Herbal Tea Crisp Tube", which are now available on Holiland's official e-commerce platform.

"Daji Dali Herbal Tea Cake Can" is honey herbal tea and cheese flavor, including herbal tea jelly, herbal tea cheese mousse, original sponge cake embryo, etc., priced at 19 yuan per can.

"Daji Dali Herbal Tea Crisp Cone" has a herbal tea cream flavor, with herbal tea jelly and herbal tea cream wrapped in puff pastry.

The "Daji Dali Pastry Gift Box" contains herbal tea flavors, cocoa chestnut flavors, raw coconut latte flavors and butter egg yolk flavors. The official event price is 38 yuan per box.

Source: Foodtalks

Ronaldo confirms joining Saudi club Riyadh Victory, signing until 2025

According to news on December 31, the 37-year-old C. Ronaldo confirmed to join the Saudi club Riyadh Victory (Al-Nassr FC), and the team subsequently confirmed that the two parties had signed a contract until June 2025.

The Champions League official also issued a farewell to C. Ronaldo : "The legend of the Champions League". Prior to this, C.Ronaldo won five Champions League titles with the team, and maintained two Champions League records for the most appearances and the most goals.

At present, C.Ronaldo has completed the contract medical examination, but the official salary has not been made public. According to reporter Romano, C. Ronaldo's annual salary in Riyadh is close to 200 million euros.

Source: Ideal Life Lab & Sina Sports

Tony Leung and Wang Yibo starred in "No Name" scheduled for Lunar New Year's Day

According to news on January 1, the official announcement of the movie "No Name" will be released on the first day of the Lunar New Year, and a poster will be released.

The film is written and directed by Cheng Er, starring Tony Leung, Wang Yibo, Zhou Xun, Wang Chuanjun, Huang Lei, Zhang Jingyi, Dapeng, etc. It tells the story of underground workers risking their lives to send intelligence and defend the motherland with their lives and blood.

At present, the films that have been confirmed to be released on the first day of the Lunar New Year include "Manjianghong" directed by Zhang Yimou, "The Wandering Earth 2" directed by Guo Fan, and "Bear Infested: Stay with Me "Bear Core"" and so on.

Source: Mtime

The copyright protection period of "Sherlock Holmes" has expired and has entered the public domain

According to the news on December 31, according to Duke University's field research center, the copyright protection period of the last few Sherlock Holmes stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the United States has expired and will be entered from January 1, 2023. public domain.

This means that anyone can use the IP of "Sherlock Holmes" or re-create it afterwards.

"Sherlock Holmes" is a popular adaptation IP, and the TV series "Sherlock" and "Sherlock Holmes: Basic Deduction" are all popular works. In 1994, a costume comedy called "Sherlock Holmes and the Chinese Heroine" was filmed in China.

Source: Yangtze Evening News

Epic CEO: Fortnite will return to iOS in 2023

On January 2, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney hinted that "Fortnite" will return to iOS and iPadOS in 2023.

In a Jan. 1 tweet, Sweeney posted the short text: "Next year on iOS!" and shared a picture of Fortnite in reply.

Outside speculation, Sweeney may be hinting that "Fortnite" will return to the App Store this year, or it may mean that Epic will create an iOS application store.

Since August 2020, Epic has been removed from the App Store by Apple after being accused of violating the rules of Apple's payment system, which also led Epic to file a lawsuit against Apple.

Source: IT Home


Title: "No Meaning"

Author: [US] Woody Allen

Pages: 368

Published: December 2022

"Life can be taken as tragedy or comedy, but I think it is meaningless."

This is an autobiography of Woody Allen, which is also a talk show on paper:

"Living with Woody Allen was a Kafkaesque experience. Unlike Kafka, however, Allen knew how to laugh."

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