Morning Post | WPS officially shuts down third-party commercial advertising/Apple Vision Pro plans to be released in February/Xiaomi Car may be released next week


Sugar factory’s new “digital dopamine” product will be released tomorrow

China Space Station and Hongmeng were selected into the top ten global projects in 2023

Xiaomi car may be released next week

Stability AI announces subscription service

Thailand’s Luckin claims 10 billion from China’s Luckin


Volkswagen announces it will use Tesla charging plugs

WPS officially shuts down third-party commercial advertising

Slipknot frontman says he doesn’t like AI music

Apple Vision Pro planned to be released in February

Google releases multi-modal large language model VideoPoet

Microsoft Copilot adds new music creation features

Baidu cloud native database GaiaDB 4.0 released

NIO ET9 will adopt a 900V high-voltage architecture

Shanghai Disney’s “Zootopia” Park Opens

Supreme x Timberland launches 2023 autumn and winter joint series

The second-generation remake of the "Mysterious Island" series is online on the Steam page

Warner and Paramount in merger talks

'Shawshank Redemption' director to direct 'Stranger Things' final season

"Peaky Blinders" will launch two spin-offs

Sugar Factory’s new product “Digital Dopamine” will be released tomorrow

* "Sugar Factory" is a hardware brand under the digital fashion brand Ai Faner


China Space Station and Hongmeng were selected into the top ten global projects in 2023

According to CCTV News Client, on the morning of the 20th, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and other units released the 2023 Global Top Ten Engineering Achievements and the "Global Engineering Frontiers 2023" report in Beijing.

Among them, the Chinese Space Station and Hongmeng operating system were successfully selected, and the other eight achievements are: ChatGPT, exascale supercomputer, Baihetan Hydropower Station, double asteroid redirection test, RTS, S/AS01 malaria vaccine, Spot & Atlas robot , lithium-ion power batteries, unmanned aircraft.

The "Top Ten Global Engineering Achievements" selected this time mainly refer to the major innovations in engineering science and technology that have been completed in the past five years by engineering science and technology workers from all over the world, either collaboratively or individually, and have been proven effective in practice, and have had a global impact.

The China Space Station has completed on-orbit assembly and construction after 11 launch missions. Its body consists of 3 cabins. The space for astronauts to move is 122 cubic meters, which can accommodate 3 people in the long term and 6 people in the short term. The completion and operation of China's space station can provide broader prospects and opportunities for human exploration and development of space.

For the first time, Hongmeng OS uses a distributed architecture for a terminal operating system, providing users with a seamless collaborative operating experience across terminals. This technology provides solutions for the interconnection of people, equipment, and scenarios, and represents technological innovation for the all-scenario smart era.

Xiaomi car may be released next week

Yesterday, Xiaomi launched rice fan recruitment for the "Xiaomi Annual Technology Feast" event in the official community. The official has not yet announced the details of the event. The recruitment information shows that the event will be held in Beijing this month.

Therefore, there are rumors that the long-awaited Xiaomi car may be released at this annual Xiaomi event.

Blogger @电竞科技 previously stated on Weibo that Xiaomi has internally confirmed that a Xiaomi car launch conference will be held in Beijing on the 28th, mainly focusing on the selling points of appearance, interior, performance, smart driving, etc., and will be announced at that time. The pre-sale price of a new car.

big company

Stability AI announces subscription service

Stability AI, the developer of the Stable Diffusion AI model, has announced that it will launch a subscription service to standardize and change the way users use its models for commercial purposes.

The company said the new membership structure "redefines" the way commercial rights are granted to users and aims to strike a balance between profitability and openness.

Stability AI launches three membership levels:

  • Free version: for individuals and researchers, no need to pay any fees;
  • Pro version: for creators, developers and startups, currently priced at $20 per month;
  • The Enterprise Edition, aimed at large enterprises, provides all the functions of the Professional Edition and may add more enterprise-specific services.

Users at all levels can access its latest AI models, but only paid-level members can apply the models for commercial purposes.

Stability AI said: "As the company continues to mature and scale, Stability AI membership will play a key role in funding the research and development of our future core models."

Thailand’s Luckin claims 10 billion from China’s Luckin

According to multiple media reports in Thailand, on the 19th, Thailand’s Royal 50R Group (50Rgroup) formally submitted a lawsuit to the court, requesting the court to order China’s Luckin Coffee to compensate it for economic losses of 10 billion baht (approximately 2.046 billion yuan). The court has accepted the case.

50Rgroup stated in documents submitted to the court that it legally registered the "Luckin" trademark with the Thai Ministry of Commerce in 2020 and was allowed to use the trademark to operate related coffee businesses. Previously, China's Luckin had repeatedly forced it to stop using the trademark, and many The other party's property was forcibly seized, causing serious economic losses.

In response to this, China's Luckin responded, "Regarding the claim of 10 billion baht from fake Luckin in Thailand, the situation has yet to be verified." At the end of the response copy, a Thai sentence was attached: "ฉันอ่านไม่ออกแต่ฉันตกใจมาก!", which translated into Chinese means "I can't understand it, but I'm shocked!".

Domestic netizens were very shocked by the series of operations of Luckin Thailand: "Where did the counterfeiters get their confidence? Is it really Li Gui suing Li Kui?"

Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi announce plans to use Tesla's electric vehicle charging plugs

The Volkswagen Group recently announced that its brands, including Audi, Porsche and Scout Motors, will adopt Tesla’s electric vehicle charging standards in future electric vehicles.

Volkswagen is developing related adapter solutions to ensure that current owners of Volkswagen electric vehicles can use Tesla's Supercharging stations, and plans to launch the adapter in 2025. Volkswagen's new electric model will also be produced in the same year and equipped with Tesla's charging socket.

The Volkswagen Group is one of the world's largest automakers and owns well-known brands such as Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche and Lamborghini. Therefore, Porsche and Audi have also joined Tesla's charging standards together with their parent company.

For Tesla, with the addition of Volkswagen, it has taken another important step in the popularization of its electric vehicle charging standards.

WPS officially shuts down third-party commercial advertising

WPS official Weibo stated that starting from the 20th, the domestic personal version of WPS Office will officially close third-party commercial advertising. Users can update WPS to the latest version to obtain a more refreshing and concise office experience.

Last year, WPS announced that it would officially shut down third-party commercial advertising at the end of 2023 to provide users with a better experience. Now that the promise has been achieved, WPS calls it "the company's mission to uphold simple creation, easy expression, and value-realizing connections."

Advertisements in WPS have always troubled users. On the one hand, too much information will cause the software to freeze, and the entire user experience has never been optimal because of the presence of advertisements. On the other hand, the rich functions integrated into WPS itself, It makes many people unable to leave it.

Now, the source of the impact on the experience has finally been uprooted, and with the continuous updates of WPS AI, WPS should become a productivity tool favored by more people in the future.

Slipknot frontman says he doesn’t like artificial intelligence-generated music

Corey Taylor, the lead singer of the band Slipknot, recently expressed his views on the current development trend of artificial intelligence and the problems in its application in music, and pointed out that he does not like the music generated by artificial intelligence: "We need to focus on real things."

Although the topic of artificial intelligence creating music is not new, discussions of such issues in the music industry only really began in 2023. While AI creation provides users with many benefits, it also causes headaches for many professional musicians. The way of music creation seems to be being rewritten.

Corey offered a potential solution in the interview, focusing on the real thing.

He believes that "people should not focus on AI, but on real things and focus on the human relationships that we need to repair when it comes to beliefs, conspiracies, hatred or violence."

Artificial intelligence is like Pandora's Box in the music world. People in the industry are discussing whether this technology will completely replace artists. People are worried about the crisis it will bring, but they are also lost in the development of AI technology.

New product

Apple plans to release Vision Pro in February

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is stepping up production of Vision Pro and plans to launch it in February next year. The factory has been producing at full speed for several weeks.

On Wednesday, Apple sent an email to software developers, encouraging them to test their applications with the latest tools and send the software to Apple for feedback in preparation for the launch of Vision Pro.

Google releases new multi-modal large language model VideoPoet

Google's newly released VideoPoet is based on multi-modal large language model technology. This LLM application can perform a variety of video generation tasks, such as text generation video, image generation video, video stylization, patching and expansion functions, and even video to VideoPoet is capable of converting audio.

According to blogger @guizang's AI toolbox, almost all existing video generation models are based on diffusion model technology, and VideoPoet is different from other models of diffusion methods in that it can concentrate multiple video generation functions into a single LLM (Large Language Model), and utilizes LLM training infrastructure to improve generation efficiency.

Therefore, almost all the functions supported by the diffusion model VideoPoet can be completed, among which the more eye-catching functions are: the ability to obtain information from video content to automatically generate ambient audio; convert videos to other styles through depth and light information; use the last part of the video to second to predict the content of the next second to generate a long video, etc.

VideoPoet can continuously generate video content through a similar method, and can maintain coherence with existing videos during repeated generation.

Microsoft Copilot adds new music creation features

Recently, Microsoft announced a partnership with the AI ​​music creation platform Suno and introduced its functionality to Copilot, allowing users to generate multiple types of music through text.

Suno is an AI music creation tool available on Discord that can generate a complete song from a single sentence, including lyrics, instruments and vocals. Now Copilot users will be able to use Suno directly through the plug-in.

Copilot users only need to open the Microsoft Edge browser, visit, log in to their account and enable the Suno plug-in, or click on the "Make Music with Suno" logo to start creating.

"You don't have to know how to sing, play an instrument, or read sheet music to bring your musical ideas to life." Microsoft Bing officials said that the Suno plug-in has begun to roll out and will be gradually promoted in the coming weeks.

Baidu cloud native database GaiaDB 4.0 released

Baidu officially released its self-developed cloud native database GaiaDB 4.0. The new database enhances parallel query capabilities, which not only breaks through the single-machine computing bottleneck and enables cross-machine multi-core parallel query, but also performs better in mixed load and real-time analysis business scenarios. , the performance is improved by more than 10 times compared to the previous generation.

Currently, GaiaDB 4.0 launches "column storage index" and "column storage engine" for different workloads, which can improve the query speed of data of different sizes. Among them, the column storage engine can support complex analysis of PB-level data at most, and is closely related to transaction processing business. Strict complex isolation.

At the same time, GaiaDB 4.0 has improved the overall performance of the fourth-generation database by more than 60% through a series of in-depth data flow optimizations such as consensus protocol optimization, link optimization, and adaptive dynamic playback storage multiple versions.

NIO ET9 will adopt a 900V high-voltage architecture

Bi Lu, assistant vice president of NIO's electric drive and high-voltage systems, said that NIO ET9 will be equipped with a 900V high-voltage architecture that breaks the industry upper limit, which means that it can not only reduce the weight of the high-voltage wiring harness, but also speed up the charging performance of the entire vehicle.

At the same time, NIO has reduced the weight and size of the motor on its new smart electric drive platform and adopted a number of "black technologies" to achieve higher power density.

"Fully wire-controlled intelligent chassis" is one of the black technologies. According to NIO's official introduction, this chassis system is currently the only truly fully wired intelligent chassis in the world that integrates three core hardware systems, which can improve the comfort of vehicle driving. , control and security.

NIO CEO Li Bin said that NIO ET9 will be launched at the 2023 NIO Day on December 23.

new consumption

Shanghai Disney’s “Zootopia” Park Opens

On the morning of the 20th, Shanghai Disney’s eighth largest park, “Zootopia”, officially opened. In addition to the upcoming New Year's Day holiday, Shanghai Disney tickets from Thursday to Saturday this week and next Monday are shown as "sold out". According to official reports, Shanghai Disney has welcomed 13 million tourists this year, a record high.

According to Tongcheng travel data, the number of ticket bookings at Shanghai Disney Resort in the past week has increased three times compared with the previous week, and the boosting effect of "Zootopia" is very significant. Before the new theme park was officially opened, a three-week trial operation had been carried out. Visitors who had the opportunity to try it out felt that there were still many different surprises in the new park.

The park not only restores the scenes and popular characters in the movie to reality, but also has a large-scale amusement facility "Hot Pursuit", which is the first trackless ride in mainland China.

In the seven years of operation of Shanghai Disney Resort, there have been two expansions. The first was the "Toy Story" theme park, and this time "Zootopia" was the second. Aifaner's "Playing Things" column also conducted an in-depth exploration of the new park. Interested friends can go to learn more ⬇

Supreme x Timberland launches new 2023 autumn and winter joint series

Supreme x Timberland's new joint shoe model is released, based on 6-inch waterproof boots, and comes in three different colors: sand, pink and black.

In addition to using waterproof nubuck leather to make the shoe body, special diamond-shaped embossed details similar to metal panels are added to the upper.

The series will be available in Supreme stores in North America and Europe on December 21st, and will also be released in Japan and Seoul on December 23rd.

The second-generation remake of the "Mysterious Island" series is online on the Steam page

The remake of the second-generation "Riven" in the famous puzzle game "Myst" series has been launched on the Steam page. The release date of the game is tentatively determined and it supports Chinese.

According to reports, this is a journey to explore a surreal island. In addition to new visuals, sound effects, puzzles and interactive content, the narrative part of the game has also been further expanded.

As the investigation deepens, you will gradually understand a story about conspiracy, betrayal and a lost civilization.


Warner and Paramount in merger talks

Warner Bros. Discovery Channel and Paramount Universal have been in talks about a potential merger of the two media companies, Variety has confirmed.

Sources said Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav met with Paramount Worldwide CEO Bob Bakish at a lunch in New York on Tuesday to discuss Possible merger matters.

Representatives for Paramount Worldwide and WBD declined to comment at this time. Axios first reported the talks.

'Shawshank Redemption' director may direct 'Stranger Things' final season

According to "World of Reel", two episodes of the final season of "Stranger Things" may be directed by "Shawshank Redemption" director Frank Darabont and are currently in negotiations.

Frank Darabont's credits include The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist, and Season 1 of The Walking Dead.

According to previous reports, the final fifth season of "Stranger Things" is scheduled to start filming in early January next year and is expected to be broadcast in 2025.​​​

"Peaky Blinders" will launch two spin-offs

According to Bloomberg, the popular drama series "Peaky Blinders" will launch two new spin-offs.

One is set in Boston in the mid-20th century, a few decades after the end of "Peaky Blinders", and the other is focused on the young story of Polly, an important member of the family.

It is worth noting that Helen McCrory, the actress who played Polly, died of cancer in 2021 at the age of 52. Therefore, if this drama comes true, different actors will inevitably be found to interpret it.

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