Morning Post | Weibo plans to launch “riot mode” / Apple launches Chinese intangible ventriloquism single / Evergrande responds to overseas debt-related matters

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  • Apple launches Chinese non-heritage ventriloquism single
  • Weibo responds to "Liu Xuezhou Incident" and plans to launch "riot mode"
  • Evergrande responds to matters related to overseas debt
  • Hitachi Launches Minimalist Concept Design Refrigerator "Chiiil"
  • Meta releases new artificial intelligence supercomputer
  • It is reported that the founder of Stone Technology made a car and was led by Tencent
  • Rokid Air is about to launch the music metaverse app PartyOn
  • responds to's IPO in Hong Kong
  • Guangshen Wen and Friends "Makeover"
  • The number of lululemon stores in mainland China exceeded 70
  • 2022 Beijing "Michelin Guide" officially released
  • LEGO "The Globe" globe building set officially debuts
  • Fishing Tuesday Guide

Apple launches Chinese non-heritage ventriloquism single

Yesterday, the first season of Ai Faner's digital national quintessence "Vita: Three Sounds of Everything" appeared on the homepage of Apple Music and was launched in more than 165 countries and regions. The Chinese voice of 300 years ago.

"Vita: All Things in Three Voices" was jointly created by the digital fashion brand Aifaner, the fourth-generation inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage ventriloquism project, Fang Haoran, and Guangdong Youchuang. In the process, all animals and natural sound effects such as wind, rain, thunder and lightning are simulated by ventriloquism and produced by Dolby Atmos format, which restores the stunning effect of ventriloquism's live performance.

Weibo responds to "Liu Xuezhou Incident" and plans to launch "riot mode"

Yesterday, the administrator of @Weibo posted a message on the "Family-seeking Boy Liu Xuezhou Incident" that according to user reports and complaints, the community minor protection special team will investigate and clean up the relevant illegal content that leaks the personal privacy of the parties and provoked conflicts and disputes, and cleans up the content. 290 entries.

At the same time, the community has not found that the parties concerned have recently reported complaints against other users on the Weibo station. Sina Weibo said that it deeply regrets and regrets Liu Xuezhou's experience, and the community will continue to pay close attention to the incident.

In the next step, the community will continue to optimize the reporting and complaint entrance, speed up the response and handling, improve the privacy protection function, and improve the user experience and satisfaction. Once important clues are found, the public security department and the local government will take action as soon as possible.

Subsequently, Sina Weibo added that for the protection of user privacy, the website plans to launch two new functions: 1. One-click to open the "anti-riot mode", after which users can isolate comments and private messages from people they do not follow for a selectable period of time. 2. When a user receives a large number of abnormal comments, a pop-up window will prompt the user whether to enable the privacy protection function. (The Paper)

Evergrande responds to matters related to overseas debt

Last night, Evergrande's official website released the "Evergrande Group Statement on Overseas Debt-Related Matters", stating that it is working with relevant advisory agencies to continue to communicate and dialogue with overseas creditors with a positive attitude.

Evergrande said that at present, the group has made a clear statement to overseas creditors that the board of directors, the risk resolution committee and the whole group are sparing no effort to evaluate the business situation, stabilize production and operation, ensure capital turnover, and gather the efforts of all parties to jointly formulate a comprehensive, detailed and comprehensive plan. An effective debt restructuring plan to safeguard the legal rights of all parties. The progress of relevant work has been disclosed by the Group through announcements from December 2021 to January 2022. (Beijing Business Daily)

Hitachi Launches Minimalist Concept Design Refrigerator "Chiiil"

Recently, Hitachi launched a concept refrigerator "Chiiil". This refrigerator is designed in a minimalist style, with straight lines and right angles bringing out an architectural silhouette; 42 cm long, 56 cm wide, and 75 cm high, it is mainly small and lightweight, and can be placed not only in the kitchen but also in other rooms. Become an interior space decoration.

In terms of color matching, Hitachi cooperated with the interior design brand ACTUS to launch 10 colors according to the common color matching of living room, bedroom and other home spaces, ranging from the most basic black and white gray to earth, green, brown and red tones. At present, "Chiiil" has been opened for pre-order in Japan, and it is expected to be officially launched in the first half of 2022.

Meta releases new artificial intelligence supercomputer

Meta has announced that its research team has built a new artificial intelligence supercomputer that the company believes will soon be the fastest artificial intelligence supercomputer in the world.

The supercomputer, called the AI ​​Research SuperCluster (RSC), is the culmination of nearly two years of work, often working remotely during the height of the pandemic, and is led by the Facebook parent company's artificial intelligence and infrastructure team.

Hundreds of people, including researchers from partners Nvidia, Penguin Computing Inc. and Pure Storage Inc., are involved in the project, Meta said. (WSJ)

It is reported that the founder of Stone Technology made a car and was led by Tencent

36kr quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Luoke Automobile, the car-building project of Stone Technology founder and CEO Chang Jing, has completed a $100 million financing by the end of 2021. The lead investor is Tencent Group, and the investment institution Sequoia also participated in the investment.

As the lead investor, "Tencent has invested more than $50 million in this round," according to people familiar with the matter. At the moment, Luoke Auto is carrying out a new round of financing at a valuation of 2 billion US dollars.

Rokid Air is about to launch the music metaverse app PartyOn

XRSPACE, Agora Sound Network and Rokid released what they claim to be the world's first music metaverse app "PartyOn".

At present, PartyOn has been open for testing in the laboratory application of the Rokid Air application store, and the official version will be launched after the Spring Festival. (36kr) responds to's IPO in Hong Kong

It was previously reported that is cooperating with Bank of America, CITIC Securities and Haitong International to go public, and plans to launch an IPO in Hong Kong in 2022, raising $1 billion to $2 billion.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of said: No comment.

On January 11, 2021, JD Group announced the integration of JD Digital and cloud and AI businesses, and officially established JD Technology. The company withdrew its 20 billion yuan Shanghai IPO application in April last year.

Guangshen Wen and Friends "Makeover"

Recently, Guangzhou Wenheyou, which has been in business for more than a year, has undergone a "makeover". The most obvious thing is that the word "Super" on the signboard's logo has been replaced with "Guangzhou", and the flavor of the city label is stronger than before.

The first floor has become a seafood theme, most stalls have built seafood pools, and new products such as seafood barbecue and seafood sashimi have been added to the menu. Rear.

In addition, Shenzhen Wenheyou is also undergoing a second adjustment. In the future, it will present a cyberpunk-style future market, including seafood market, vegetable market and bazaar.

In the past two years, Wen Heyou, who walked out of Changsha, has been questioned that he is not acclimatized. After experiencing the short-lived explosion of opening, he has been adjusting and deconstructing his own business model. (Professional Catering Network)

The number of lululemon stores in mainland China exceeded 70

Recently, lululemon Beijing Blue Harbor new store opened, marking the brand's number of stores in mainland China exceeded 70.

On the following January 27, lululemon Beijing Changyingtian Street store will also open to welcome customers, and lululemon's stores in mainland China will also reach 71 by the end of fiscal year 2021.

In 2021, lululemon will open "first stores" in Nanning, Ningbo, Jinan, Hefei, Lanzhou and Sanya. In addition, the brand is also actively exploring the travel retail industry, opening airport stores at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shenzhen Bao'an Airport, and entering Sanya Hailv Duty Free City.

2022 Beijing "Michelin Guide" officially released

Yesterday, the 2022 edition of the Beijing Michelin Guide was officially released.

This year, a total of 100 restaurants made the list, including 34 star-rated restaurants (2 three-star restaurants, 3 two-star restaurants, and 29 one-star restaurants).

There are also 18 Bib Gourmand Recommendations and 48 Michelin Guide Selected Restaurants. (Ideal Living Lab)

LEGO "The Globe" globe building set officially debuts

Hypebeast news, as part of the LEGO Ideas series, LEGO has launched "The Globe" globe block set, an idea submitted by LEGO player Guillaume Roussel in 2020.

The block has a total of 2585 parts, is more than 40 cm high, and uses a shaft of LEGO parts inside, so that it can rotate smoothly.

The globe is marked with blocks representing oceans and continents. The blocks have luminous effects, and the bottom part is equipped with a "The Earth" nameplate. "The Globe" will be available on February 1st for $199.99.

Touch fish website, unlimited refills

This is the last fishing guide before the tiger in the lunar calendar. I will prepare a "useless" recommendation for you that can be used indefinitely – "The Useless Web", which was born in 2012.

With one click, it takes you to a wacky cute useless website.

Every time you click, there is something new to discover.

And, website builder Tim Holman is gradually collecting the stories behind those useless but lovely sites

I feel that this is enough to cover the KPIs of the Chinese New Year holiday.

#Welcome to pay attention to the official WeChat account of Aifaner: Aifaner (WeChat: ifanr), more exciting content will be brought to you as soon as possible.

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