Morning Post | WeChat supports digital RMB payment / Station B launches the first NFT / Zhong Nanshan talks about whether he can go home for Chinese New Year

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  • The first NFT at station B is officially launched
  • Tencent accesses digital yuan
  • Zhong Nanshan talks about whether he can go home for Chinese New Year
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE National Bank opens pre-orders
  • The coolest new CES roundup, right here
  • Ali adjusts the organizational structure, Taobao and Tmall will achieve full integration in the background
  • ByteDance invests in Li Weike
  • "Honor of Kings" adds credit limit
  • Music platforms must not sign exclusive copyright agreements
  • SpaceX says Starlink Internet users have exceeded 145,000
  • Vitality Forest has entered the top ten of Amazonian sparkling water in the United States
  • The first edition of the Chengdu Michelin Guide released
  • Modern Sky enters Xianyu
  • Local life company "Big Event" receives tens of millions of Pre-A rounds of financing
  • take it easy friday

The first NFT at station B is officially launched

Recently, the official certification number of station B "Bilibili Digital Collection" released a news, announcing that its first digital art avatar "Pigeon" was officially open for registration, with a limit of 2,333 pieces on the entire network.

This series of avatars is not for sale. Eligible users can sign up and will be distributed randomly. The registration conditions are that the user level of station B reaches level 6, and the users who use Bilibili every day in 2021 must be 14 years old and over, and have completed real-name authentication.

In addition to the collection value, the collection at station B also supports "derivative production" and "online secondary creation".

As for whether it can be traded, Station B stated that the transfer function will be announced in the near future, and any form of digital art avatar hype is not encouraged. (interface)

Tencent accesses digital yuan

Recently, the digital RMB app has been upgraded and updated, and the WeBank (WeChat Pay) digital RMB wallet has been launched.

After users have opened a WeChat Pay digital RMB wallet with their real name, they can use the digital RMB app or WeChat to make payments.

After the activation is completed, users can easily pay for digital RMB by scanning the digital RMB payment code through WeChat, or showing the digital RMB payment code of WeChat to the merchant.

Zhong Nanshan talks about whether he can go home for Chinese New Year

Yesterday, Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was interviewed by reporters. As for whether to go home for the Spring Festival, Zhong Nanshan believes that in areas that are not blocked, that is, low-risk areas, citizens can go home for the New Year conditionally under the premise of good prevention and control, and do not need to completely shut down. (CCTV News)

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE National Bank opens pre-orders, Snapdragon 888 starts at 4,599 yuan

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE officially opened for pre-order on China's official website, offering two versions, 8GB+128GB: 4599 yuan; 8GB+256GB: 4999 yuan.

The shape of the S21 FE inherits the family-style design of the S21, and brings four fresher color schemes. It is equipped with a 6.4-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of FHD+ and supports a 120Hz screen refresh rate (non-adaptive). Machine weight is 177g.

Different from the S21's ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint, the S21 FE uses an optical under-screen fingerprint.

The core configuration part uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, and the built-in 4500mAh battery supports 25W wired charging and 15W wireless charging. The rear is still a combination of three cameras, which are a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, and an 8-megapixel telephoto camera (supporting 30x space zoom), and the front is upgraded to a 32-megapixel camera.

The coolest new CES roundup, right here

BMW's one-click color-changing car, Panasonic's three VR devices, Sony's PS VR2, Razer's Project Sophia, and more.

The coolest new products from second day of CES are here

"BMW released the world's first one-button color-changing car, Razer's "Cyber ​​Mask" has been upgraded, and there are a bunch of weird robots"

Ali adjusts organizational structure: Taobao and Tmall will be fully integrated in the background

Yesterday, Dai Shan, president of Alibaba Group's China digital business sector, issued an internal letter announcing the new organizational structure of the original Taobao Tmall business.

Among them, the most concerned adjustment is that on the basis of the dual-brand operation of Taobao and Tmall, the newly established Industrial Operation and Development Center, Platform Strategy Center, User Operation and Development Center are respectively in charge of Chuixue, Sihan and Xuande. Report to Dashan.

In terms of innovative business, Daofang is in charge of live broadcasting, and Qiancheng is in charge of content ecology such as shopping, and they report directly to Dai Shan.

In addition, Ali Group CTO Lu Su will also serve as Da Taobao CTO, and Group CCO/CRO Shi Tai will also serve as Da Taobao CCO/CRO. Alimama will continue to be in charge of Jia Luo.

The establishment of three new centers means that the two core businesses of Alibaba e-commerce, Taobao and Tmall, have been fully integrated in the background. After this round of adjustment, Da Taobao will form a unified platform mechanism. Previously, although Taobao and Tmall shared the same Taobao application, they had two different platform mechanisms. (Shell Finance)

ByteDance invests in Li Weike, who plans to launch XR glasses this year

Recently, Hangzhou Li Weike Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it has obtained an investment from Beijing Quantum Yuedong Technology Co., Ltd., a ByteDance affiliate, which holds 20% of the shares.

Li Weike was established on October 15, 2021. The founder is Ru Yi, who participated in the creation of Xiaomi TV and voice assistant Tmall Genie.

Li Weike is laying out the XR track and plans to launch mass-produced XR glasses this year.

At present, Li Weike has developed a virtual IP of the same name "Li Weike", which is the first CG metaverse virtual digital character independently developed and created by the company.

According to reports, Li Weike is not a tool-type virtual person. She will interact with users through AI in XR glasses. The core concept is not only to complete tasks, but also to achieve emotional links and social attributes. In the XR mode, she can be projected into reality, become an NPC in the user's real life, assume a specific role in some specific scenes, and realize the reconstruction of the interactive operating system and the user's sensory experience.

"Honor of Kings" adds credit limit

According to the official account of "Tencent Game Credit", the new version of "Honor of Kings" is launched on the Tencent Game Credit threshold.

For malicious messages and other accounts that affect the game's security environment, while maintaining the inherent limitations of the game scene, Tencent Games has added a new credit score limit, requiring players' Tencent Games credit score to be greater than or equal to 100 points, otherwise they will not be able to use speech and social media. Features.

Music platforms are not allowed to sign exclusive copyright agreements to build a good ecosystem of digital music copyrights

Yesterday, the National Copyright Administration held talks in Beijing with major record companies, song and song copyright companies, and digital music platforms, asking all parties in the digital music industry to work together to maintain the digital music copyright order and build a sound ecosystem for digital music copyright.

The interview emphasized that an authorization model that conforms to the laws of music dissemination, the principles of fairness and reasonableness, and international conventions should be adopted; settlement should be based on a deposit plus actual usage share model, and an exclusive copyright agreement should not be signed except in special circumstances. (People's Daily Online)

SpaceX says Starlink Internet users have exceeded 145,000

SpaceX announced that the Starlink Internet service has served more than 145,000 users in 25 countries. The company has launched more satellites into Earth orbit in recent times. SpaceX currently has about 1,800 Starlink satellites in orbit. (Sina Technology)

Vitality Forest has entered the top ten of Amazonian sparkling water in the United States

Yuanqi Forest said that in the last month, its overseas version of the aluminum can sparkling water rushed to the top 10 best-selling list of Amazon sparkling water in the United States, and at the same time swept the top three new products of this category. It is reported that Yuanqi Forest is also the only Chinese beverage brand to enter the list.

In the second half of 2020, a separate overseas business department was established. Yuanqi Forest has launched more than 20 beverage products for overseas markets, and entered 40 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. . (Snack Generation)

The first edition of the Chengdu Michelin Guide released

Yesterday, Michelin officially released the complete list of the first edition of the Chengdu Michelin Guide: 1 two-star restaurant, 8 one-star restaurants and 13 Bib Gourmand recommended restaurants, as well as the special award "Michelin Service Award".

Among them, the first Chengdu restaurant to receive two Michelin stars is Yuzhilan Restaurant; the one-star restaurants include: Chaimenhui, Chengdu Yan, Xiangjing, Mawangzi, Mixun Tea Room, Yinguo, Songyunze and Xujiacai .

Modern Sky enters Xianyu

Recently, Modern Sky announced its entry into Xianyu and opened the "Modern Sky Game Bureau" account. The first batch of new trousers crystal shoes, mosaic mosaic puzzles, Cao Fang's college entrance examination countdown calendar and other band accessories are priced at 9.9 yuan. .

In addition, Modern Sky has also opened a "circle" of the same name in Xianyu, where users can recommend bands, resell musical instruments, or form teams to participate in offline activities such as the Strawberry Music Festival.

This is not the first time that a brand in the music field has entered Xianyu. In August last year, NetEase Cloud Music opened a “Yuncun Grocery Store” in Xianyu, providing users with customized services such as song list blind boxes, and special products such as NetEase Cloud Hot Bottles. (World Internet Business)

Local life company "Big Event" receives tens of millions of Pre-A rounds of financing

Recently, "Big Event", a new consumer company in the local lifestyle category, received tens of millions of pre-A rounds of financing.

Big Event Technology was established in 2015 and has now covered seven cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Its business model connects the B-end and the C-end, and is positioned as a new consumption platform. By contacting consumer businesses such as catering and entertainment, discount products are launched on the small program "Glutton Mall". When the user makes a transaction in the mall, the big event will be split with the merchant. (36kr)

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