Morning Post | WeChat publicly apologizes for Moments bug/Musk responds to long-term drug abuse rumors/China may be one of the next batch of Vision Pro sales countries


 Apple Vision Pro distribution work is in full swing

 WeChat’s private circle of friends was complained about a bug

 Sources say Microsoft executives have joined OpenAI's board of directors

 Sources familiar with the matter say Musk has been a "drug user for a long time."

 NIO head of mobile phone Yin Shuijun resigns

 Zhou Hongyi shares the top ten trends in large models

 Midjourney receives a major upgrade

 Qualcomm launches second-generation Snapdragon XR2+ platform

 Honor Magic RSR Porsche Design mobile phone official announcement

☕ Starbucks co-brands Havoc in Heaven to launch new products

 Over 8.5 million people subscribed for Moutai in the Year of the Dragon

 "Dragon Ball" x Graniph collaboration series will be released soon

 Hello Kitty x Crocs joint shoes are coming soon

 Butler returns for live-action How to Train Your Dragon movie

 Kung Fu Panda 4 releases new stills

 Meghan sequel to be released next year


Apple Vision Pro is about to be released, and the distribution work is in full swing

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, a small amount of Vision Pro is currently being shipped to warehouses across the United States and then distributed directly to Apple retail stores in preparation for its official release in February.

Gurman expects Apple to make a Vision Pro-related announcement this week or so to seize the spotlight at the CES technology show, which starts on January 9, local time.

On January 21, local time, all Apple Stores in the United States will hold an unusual three-hour meeting for all employees, which may involve training and explanation of sales procedures related to the device.

Gurman also pointed out that Luxshare Precision, the Chinese assembler of the Vision Pro, held a delivery ceremony last month, marking the first official shipment of the finished product, and that Apple has applied for design patents for both the software and hardware parts of the device.

It is unclear whether Vision Pro will be available through online reservations, and Apple may initially only provide online reservation services at Apple stores. The UK, Canada and China are expected to follow the US in launching the product.

WeChat’s private circle of friends was criticized for having a bug, but it has been completely fixed.

According to Sanlian Life Weekly, a woman recently posted her annual summary to Moments and set the status to private, but then she discovered that her friends could see her post on Moments, although they could not see the specific content.

Immediately afterwards, the topic #微信精品福利 circle was criticized for having a bug# quickly became the top trending topic on Weibo, and many netizens expressed that they had encountered similar situations.

In response, at noon yesterday, the Tencent WeChat team issued an apology and stated that the bug had been completely fixed:

"Sorry to trouble everyone. On January 1st, a very small number of users posted a private circle of friends. Friends could see the red dot of the user's avatar in the circle of friends, but could not see the specific content. This bug has been completely fixed."

big company

It is reported that Microsoft executives have joined the OpenAI board of directors without voting rights

On January 7, Bloomberg reported that Microsoft executive Dee Templeton has joined the OpenAI board of directors as a non-voting observer member, which is part of the previous OpenAI board of directors reorganization measures.

Dee Templeton has worked at Microsoft for more than 25 years and is Microsoft's vice president of technology, research partnerships and operations, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Sources revealed that she has begun attending board meetings to discuss personal matters. OpenAI and Microsoft did not respond to requests for comment as of press time.

It is worth mentioning that OpenAI previously announced a reorganization of its board of directors. Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, and Quora CEO and current director Adam D'Angelo have all become members of the OpenAI board of directors. .

People familiar with the matter said that Musk has been a "long-term drug user", and Musk himself responded

According to the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is suspected of "long-term drug use," which has raised concerns about his company's operations.

According to people familiar with the matter, Musk often smokes cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs at private parties around the world, and participants have to sign confidentiality agreements or hand over their mobile phones to enter.

Musk's lawyer Alex Spiro responded that Musk regularly undergoes drug testing at SpaceX and has never failed a test. In addition, in his opinion, the "Wall Street Journal" report contained false descriptions.

Regarding the accusation of "long-term drug use," Musk also responded on X (former Twitter):

"Following that interview with Rogan, at NASA's request, I agreed to undergo random drug testing for three years, and no trace of drugs or alcohol was found.

@WSJ (Wall Street Journal) It’s not even suitable for lining a parrot cage because even bird droppings are disgusting. "

NIO mobile phone head Yin Shuijun resigned, hardware head Bai Jian also took charge

According to 36 Krypton news, an internal email from NIO on the evening of January 5th showed that Yin Shuijun, the head of NIO’s mobile phones, will resign, and the mobile phone-related business will be concurrently taken over by NIO’s head of hardware, Bai Jian.

It is understood that Yin Shuijun previously served as president of Meitu Mobile. Since joining NIO in 2022, Yin Shuijun has been mainly responsible for the implementation of mobile phone business.

Bai Jian joined Weilai in November 2020 and was responsible for the Weilai intelligent hardware team, reporting directly to Li Bin. Before joining Weilai, Bai Jian served as the former director of the OPPO Research Institute Hardware Research Center, Xiaomi Chip and Forward Research Department Former General Manager.

Sources said that the mobile phone and battery self-research team is the key business of this adjustment. In addition, downsizing the team does not mean shutting down the business. Industry insiders say that Weilai will make at least the third generation of mobile phone products.

Zhou Hongyi shares the top ten trends in large models

According to the AI ​​Large Model Factory, Zhou Hongyi, founder of 360 Group, participated in the "2023 Feng Ma Niu Year-End Show" and shared his top ten trend predictions for large models in 2024.

  • Large models are everywhere and become standard in digital systems
  • The explosion of open source large models
  • "Small models" emerge and run on more terminals
  • The large model enterprise market is rising and developing towards industrialization and verticalization.
  • Agent intelligence unleashes the potential of large models and becomes a super productivity tool
  • 2024 is the year of large model application scenarios, and killer applications will appear in ToC
  • Multimodality becomes standard for large models
  • Breakthrough growth in AIGC functions such as Vincent Pictures and Vincent Videos
  • The robot industry ushered in revolutionary development
  • Large models drive breakthroughs in basic science

During the speech, Zhou Hongyi joked: "Unfortunately, I have said everything backwards, which means I understand everything, but I just don't want to tell you."

New product

Midjourney receives a major upgrade

Recently, Midjourney officially released another update to the V6 model, improving some details of the previously released version:

  • Image magnification is 2x faster (and uses 2x fewer GPU minutes)
  • Aesthetics, coherence, prompt following, and image quality improved
  • Text rendering improved (text must be enclosed in "quotes")
  • Improved performance with high –stylize (in terms of image quality, aesthetics, text rendering, and hint accuracy)

Based on the same prompt word, let us take a look at the comparison of the generated images before and after the update (left is before the update, right is after the update):

Qualcomm launches second-generation Snapdragon XR2+ platform

Recently, Qualcomm released the second-generation Snapdragon XR2+ platform. According to Qualcomm officials, this product adopts a single-chip architecture and can provide spatial computing with 4.3K display resolution at 90 frames per second, bringing amazingly clear visual effects to work and entertainment.

The second-generation Snapdragon XR2+ platform supports Qualcomm’s latest FastConnect ™ The mobile connection system brings a delay-free extended reality (XR) experience through ultra-fast Wi-Fi 7 and Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 and 5.2 wireless connections. The throughput is 60% higher than the previous generation FastConnect, and the delay is reduced by 50%. .

In order to help OEM manufacturers accelerate product launch, Qualcomm Technologies also launched a new MR and VR reference design developed by Goertek and uses Tobii's eye tracking technology. The reference design supports two configurations: single-eye 3K (powered by the second-generation Snapdragon XR2) and single-eye 4K (powered by the second-generation Snapdragon XR2+).

Qualcomm also said it is working with at least five hardware manufacturers, including HTC, including Samsung, HTC Vive, Immersed and Play for Dream, and a fifth unnamed customer will launch a mobile phone on January 8, local time. A new product.

Honor Magic RSR Porsche Design mobile phone official announcement

Recently, Honor Mobile officially announced that the new product designed by Honor and Porsche will be named RSR (translated as racing sports car) and will be released on January 11.

It is understood that this new product represents the highest level of Porsche racing and interprets the brand spirit of Porsche design that is not afraid of challenges and is pioneering to the extreme. It is known as "pioneer technology empowers pioneering design and glorifies Porsche design's new masterpiece."

new consumption

Starbucks co-brands Havoc in Heaven to launch new products

Yesterday, Starbucks China’s official Weibo posted that Starbucks will launch a Starbucks x Havoc in Heaven co-branded drink on January 9.

At that time, Starbucks will launch a series of drinks with the theme of "Peach Blossom Banquet", bringing a variety of surprises. Customers will have the opportunity to experience the "peach-flavored" atmosphere in the store.

Over 8.5 million people subscribed for Moutai in the Year of the Dragon

Recently, Jiachen Dragon Year Kweichow Moutai has officially opened for purchase on the i Moutai digital marketing platform, with the market guide price being 2,499 yuan/bottle.

Moutai in the Year of the Dragon has opened two subscription channels. First, a total of 5,010,375 people subscribed for Moutai in the Year of the Dragon through i Moutai's "Xiangyu·Moutai" channel, and 9,476 people successfully subscribed. This is also the regular subscription channel for i Moutai Dragon Year Moutai.

Second, a total of 3,578,842 people subscribed for Moutai in the Year of the Dragon through the special event of "Jade Rabbit Says Goodbye to the Old Year, Dragon Soars into the Sky", of which 9,999 people successfully subscribed.

According to a reporter from China Securities Journal, the current price of Dragon Year Moutai on the third-party platform has soared to 5,499 yuan/bottle.

"Dragon Ball" x Graniph collaboration series will be released soon

Graniph has teamed up with Dragon Ball to launch the Year of the Dragon collection, incorporating its classic characters into a wide variety of apparel.

Items include a trainer's jacket with a dragon embroidered on the back, house slippers featuring somersault cloud Goku, hats with Goku Shooting Turtle Style Qigong or red ribbon graphics, socks with Hoipoi capsules, and Bulma embroidered Shopping bags etc.

The "Dragon Ball" x Graniph collaboration series will be officially released in Graniph stores in Japan on January 16th (Tuesday), and the deadline for pre-orders on the official website is January 15th.

Hello Kitty x Crocs joint shoes are coming soon

Recently, the classic cartoon character Hello Kitty and Crocs, which was born in the 1970s, launched a new cooperation series.

The latest collaboration Hello Kitty x Crocs Clog shoes perfectly combine comfort and playfulness. The white upper is paired with a red heel and a blue midsole, echoing Hello Kitty’s iconic color design; the Hello Kitty brand logo and printing on the insole Patterns make the whole design more complete.

The co-branded shoes will be available on January 17th on the Crocs official website and at designated retailers such as Foot Locker, including different sizes. Among them, the women's model is priced at US$70, the children's model is priced at US$55, and the infant model is priced at US$50.


Butler returns for live-action How to Train Your Dragon movie

Gerard Butler returns to play Hiccup's father Stoick in the live-action "How to Train Your Dragon" movie.

Mason Thames ("Black Telephone") plays Hiccup, Nicole Parker ("The Last of Us") plays Astrid, and animated director Dean DeBlois returns to direct, write and serve as producer. Once again telling the adventure story of humans and flying dragons, it will be released in North America on June 13, 2025.

Kung Fu Panda 4 releases new stills

"Kung Fu Panda 4" released new stills, directed by Mike Mitchell ("Shrek 4"), Jack Black continues to voice Po, Kwan Chi-wai, Awkwafina, Wu Hanzhang, the film will be released in March 2024 Released in North America on the 8th.

Meghan sequel to be released next year

Violet McGraw, star of the hit horror film "Megan", has confirmed that production of the film's sequel "Megan 2.0" is about to begin and she will return for the sequel.

The film is scheduled to be released in North America on January 17, 2025.

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