Morning Post | “WeChat Official Account Collapsed” Hot Search / Huawei Responds That This Year’s Car Sales Target Is Difficult To Achieve / “Lunch with Buffett” is the last session this year

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  • 'Lunch with Buffett' will be filmed for the last time
  • Huawei's response to this year's car sales target has been difficult to achieve
  • Hot search on "WeChat official account has collapsed"
  • French designer unveils wearable seat
  • Dr. Martens launches Pink Clash series
  • LEGO unveils Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder set
  • ByteDance has surpassed Tencent and Baidu in the number of M&A companies
  • Glory refutes rumors of listing
  • Huawei responds to the problem that some mobile phones cannot be fully charged
  • Nai Xue's Tea responds to the news of investing in a bottled tea production line
  • Instant coffee brand "Huatiancui" received seed round financing
  • DTC health platform Hims & Hers sees 83% revenue growth last year
  • watch a good ad on wednesday

'Lunch with Buffett' will be filmed for the last time

For the 20 years before the pandemic, Buffett held an annual charity lunch auction to raise money to help the San Francisco Glade Foundation.

This year is the last one.

The week-long auction will begin on June 12 with bids starting at $25,000. The winner will have the chance to invite seven people to lunch with Buffett at Smith & Vronsky's Steakhouse in New York City.

The only thing that wasn't on the table at the lunch, though, was what Buffett might invest in next.

There are predictions that the event could be a record auction. (World Wide Web)

Huawei's response to this year's car sales target has been difficult to achieve

Yesterday, Hu Houkun, the rotating chairman of Huawei, was interviewed and responded to previous reports that due to the lack of cores in the global and Chinese auto industry, Huawei has been unable to achieve the sales target of 300,000 smart cars this year.

Hu Houkun said: "Huawei is a newcomer in the smart car industry. There are many things to learn, and many mistakes may be made. I hope everyone will be more tolerant."

Hu Houkun also predicted that Huawei will release new smart cars this year, whether it is a smart selection model or an inside model. (Financial Network)

Hot search on "WeChat official account has collapsed"

Yesterday, some netizens reported that the WeChat public account system had crashed, and the tweet preview of the official account had only one line of characters, and the page could not be opened normally.

At 23:00 last night, WeChat responded that the related functions had been restored.

At the same time, the topic "WeChat official account has collapsed" made it to Weibo's hot search list. Some netizens suddenly realized that it was not their own account that was the problem; in addition, some netizens hoped that they could collapse for a long time and let themselves rest for a while.

French designer unveils wearable seat

Earlier, when French industrial designer Camille Lingenbach visited a vineyard, he saw workers squatting to pick grapes, a posture that was very unfriendly to the workers' bodies.

Therefore, Ringenbach devised an excellent solution. She made a comfortable wearable seat out of tinted waterproof foam. Lingenbach said she studied different placements of the foam, placing it on the heel, and ended up with a surprising but perfectly balanced result. (core77)

Dr. Martens launches Pink Clash series

Recently, Dr.Martens launched the new Pink Clash series for spring and summer, and it has been officially launched.

The collection features 1460 8-hole boots, 1461 3-hole shoes and 2976 Chelsea boots, all in Virginia leather with heart-shaped metal accents and light pink details. (Ideal Living Lab)

LEGO unveils Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder set

LEGO has announced an Ultimate Collector Series version of Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder brick set, hitting store shelves on May 4th.

This set is composed of 1890 parts and has a total length of 49 cm. The curved windshield of the model and the intricate details exposed on the left engine are highly restored to the appearance of the Landspeeder.

The model set also comes with Luke and C-3PO character building blocks. In order to allow players to better display, the display card attached to the model details the data of the X-34 Landspeeder. (Hypebeast)

ByteDance has surpassed Tencent and Baidu in the number of M&A companies

According to, up to now, ByteDance has acquired a total of 54 companies, more than Tencent and Baidu.

Its M&A companies involved social networking, games, VR, logistics, education, real estate, consumer brands and other fields, with the largest number of corporate services, 14. (late)

Honor responds to listing rumors

Yesterday, Bloomberg quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Honor is negotiating pre-IPO financing with investors, considering a 2022 listing and seeking a valuation of more than $45 billion.

In response, Honor replied that “Honor’s plan to raise US$45 billion and plan to go public in 2022” is false news.

Huawei responds to the problem that some mobile phones cannot be fully charged

Recently, Huawei issued an announcement under the Mate 40 series section of the Pollen Club, saying that it has recently received feedback from some users that the mobile phone cannot be charged after charging to 80%, and the phenomenon of "scanning" is always displayed when using the mobile phone housekeeper to clean up and accelerate.

The official said that after receiving the feedback, the R&D engineer will be arranged for analysis as soon as possible, the cause of the problem has been located, and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

Before that, users can operate through "Settings -> Apps and Services -> Application Management -> Phone Manager -> (four dots in the upper right corner) to uninstall updates", and then restart the device to return to normal. (IT House)

Nai Xue's Tea responded to the news of investing 1 billion in the bottled tea production line

Yesterday, it was reported that Nai Xue's tea was in urgent need of acquiring the RTD (Ready To Drink) production line due to the recent surge in sales of ready-to-drink products, with an estimated investment of 500 to 1 billion yuan.

Later, Nai Xue's tea responded that it is indeed vigorously developing the bottled beverage business. In 2021, Nai Xue Beverage Technology Company has been established, and 7 bottled tea products have been launched. However, it is not convenient to disclose the investment matters reported on the Internet. (Securities Times)

Instant coffee brand "Huatiancui" received seed round financing

Tsingshan Capital announced that it has completed an exclusive multi-million dollar investment in instant coffee brand “Cha Latte”.

"Huatiancui Cha Latte" is positioned as "Chinese-style coffee", and the first batch of products such as "Dahongpao Tea Latte", "Double Rose Latte" and "Hot Milk Latte" have been launched on Tmall, and other malls. (New consumption Daily)

DTC health platform Hims & Hers sees 83% revenue growth last year

The DTC platform "Hims & Hers" announced that its 2021 full-year revenue was US$270 million, an increase of 83% year-on-year; the gross profit margin was 75%; and the net loss was US$110 million.

In recent years, Hims & Hers has been expanding its product sales channels. In 2021, online direct sales and offline wholesale revenue were US$259 million and US$12.708 million, up 84% and 58% year-on-year, respectively.

Hims & Hers is a DTC health platform that provides products for skin problems, sexual health, mental health and more, mainly on a subscription basis. In addition, Hims & Hers also provides consumers with services such as doctor consultations and prescription drugs through video, telephone, online chat and other forms. (Brand Planet)

This sale is so weird

Duration: 1 minute 6 seconds

In order to convey the ecological and sustainable development concept of its brand products, Castorama, a French home furnishing brand retailer, introduced a salesman who looked a bit "weird" in the new advertisement.

Who is he?

( Station B )

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