Morning Post | WeChat chat box supports enlarged editing / iPhone may have a ceramic body / The first case of human-to-dog transmission of monkeypox virus

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  • WeChat chat dialog supports zoom in and edit
  • The Lancet reports first human-to-dog transmission of monkeypox virus
  • Xiaopeng responded that the car owner was killed by the guardrail in a car accident
  • Cambridge: Global diets have gotten sweeter over the past decade
  • Yu Minhong talks about Oriental selection: pay more attention to its long-term development
  • GAC Aian: Cooperation with Huawei has no bargaining power
  • Steam free games directly into the library
  • The death of "daily active users"
  • The minimum threshold for iPhone renewal has been shortened to 3 months
  • iPhone may have a ceramic body
  • Ulefone Introduces First Rugged Phone With Built-in Headphones
  • LOEWE inflatable sunglasses on sale
  • Zhong Xuegao's coffee pop-up event returns
  • Blueglass launches China's first pet camping yogurt theme store
  • "Secret Garden" hits theaters August 19
  • "New God List: Yang Jian" will be released on August 19
  • "Top Gun 2" launches today

WeChat chat dialog supports zoom in and edit

Recently, WeChat has updated the "full screen input" function for chat dialogs.

After the user enters more than three lines of text in the chat box, a small upward-pointing arrow will appear on the left side of the edit bar. After clicking, the size of the chat box will be enlarged to the entire page, which is convenient for users to enter text content in the global editing mode.

This update solves the problem that the WeChat chat box was too small in the past, which made it difficult for users to edit too long text, and it is more convenient for some users to communicate with complete sentences in paragraphs.

The Lancet reports first human-to-dog transmission of monkeypox virus

Sophie Seang, an expert at the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Sorbonne University in Paris, and her research team reported the first case of a dog infected with the monkeypox virus through human transmission in the international medical journal "The Lancet" on August 10. The case has been confirmed.

The two patients, and subsequent symptoms in their dogs, suggest that monkeypox virus can be transmitted from human to dog, the paper noted.

Currently, monkeypox virus is only found in wild animals (rodents and primates) in monkeypox virus endemic countries. Transmission of monkeypox virus in prairie dogs has been documented in the United States; infection in captive primates following contact with imported infected animals has been documented in Europe.

But given this is the first reported case of a domesticated animal being infected with a human, it may be necessary to keep pets away from infected patients, the researchers said.

Source: Financial Associated Press

Xiaopeng responded that the car owner was killed by the guardrail in a car accident

On July 27, a Xiaopeng car owner in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province had a traffic accident while driving, causing the roadside guardrail to be inserted into the car, unfortunately causing the driver's death.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the vehicle had no obvious braking marks at the time of the accident, and the airbag did not deploy after the collision. The dash cam video showed that the vehicle showed no obvious signs of slowing down before hitting the guardrail.

In this regard, Xiaopeng Motors responded that the facts have been ascertained as follows:

"At the time of the incident, the vehicle did not turn on the driving assistance function, and it was in a manual driving state. Before the inferred collision point, the vehicle had been accelerating, and the switch opening was about 27%. After the collision point, the brake pedal was depressed, and the maximum braking pressure was 37Bar. Moderate braking."

Source: Red Star News

Cambridge: Global diets have gotten sweeter over the past decade

Food and drinks are getting sweeter globally, according to a new study from the University of Cambridge.

The research team found that global per capita levels of non-nutritive sweeteners in beverages were 36 percent higher, while sugar levels in packaged foods were 9 percent higher, compared to nearly a decade ago.

This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in developing countries such as China and India, as well as in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia.

Dietitian Zoë Palmer-Wright says that's because "people are getting more and more interested in changing their mood with these sweeter and sweeter foods," while the food industry is making consumers more comfortable with more sugar and sweeteners. Craving for these products.

At the same time, Palmer-Wright also pointed out that sugar and sweeteners may also hide in "savory foods", such as many cereals and cereal bars. Even most of the ingested sugar may actually come from these hidden sugars.

Here are some tips for those who want to control sugar:

  •  Check food ingredient lists and avoid foods high in ingredients such as aspartame, acesulfame potassium, saccharin, and sucralose;
  •  buy sugar-free alternatives to common foods;
  •  Eat high-protein foods to increase satiety.

Yu Minhong talks about Oriental selection: pay more attention to its long-term development

On August 15, New Oriental founder Yu Minhong talked about the development direction of New Oriental in the second half of the year in his personal WeChat public account "Lao Yu Gossip" .

Among them, for the live broadcast business of Dongfang Selection, he said that Dongfang Selection is a business model established based on external platforms, and its anti-risk ability is weak. Therefore, Dongfang Selection is currently more concerned about consolidating the foundation for long-term development:

"We don't pay attention to the hustle and bustle of the moment, and we pay more attention to the long-term development." "Behind the hustle and bustle of the selection in the East is our longer-term layout of the agricultural and daily necessities industry chain and supply chain."

In addition, he also said that although outsiders pay more attention to the dynamics of Oriental selection, the internal affairs of New Oriental still focus more on the development of the education system and education products.

Source: Interface News

Steam free games directly into the library

On August 15th, the Steam Store updated the game purchase page, adding the "Add to Library" button.

Previously, Steam players needed to click "Start Game" and install them when claiming free games. After the update, Steam players can add free games directly to their library without having to install them when they claim them.

At present, Steam free games include "Breeze", "Hundred Heroes" and so on.

Source: IT House

The death of "daily active users"

Last week, the Pew Research Center released a 2022 study on social media use among U.S. teens.

In the report, the research explored how often teens use five online platforms: YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

Of those, 35 percent said they used at least one of these "almost constantly". 19% said they always use YouTube, and 16% said TikTok.

Such findings may not seem surprising.

But The Information CEO Jessica Lessin pointed out that if you compare previous reports, you can find that the research institute no longer sets "daily usage" as one of the questions in the questionnaire, but directly asks young users which services "frequently" use .

Such a change implies that using social media a few times a day has become an unlikely phenomenon to count – because the frequency of use is often too high to be measured in terms of "number of times."

It's also worth noting that at the same time, 55% of respondents believe that the amount of time they spend on social media is reasonable.

For the full research report, you can view it on the Pew Research official website:

The minimum threshold for iPhone renewal has been shortened to 3 months

Yesterday, Apple's official website's "iPhone Yearly Renewal Plan" qualification was updated from "10-13 months" to "3-13 months".

Users who qualify for the "iPhone Yearly Renewal Program" can enjoy a 50% discount on the original device price when purchasing a new iPhone.

Users planning to participate in the campaign should also note the following:

  • Requires additional AppleCare+ service plan in the same transaction.
  • You can enjoy the upgrade and redemption service online or in-store.
  • Can be paid in full or in up to 24 interest-free installments.
  • Remember to back up your existing iPhone data.

iPhone may have a ceramic body

According to Forbes, an Apple patent shows a zirconia ceramic material that could be used in watches and iPhones.

It means that Apple can use ceramic material to replace the tempered glass on the back of the current iPhone, so as to obtain a more durable and scratch-resistant ceramic matte textured back cover.

Previously, ceramics have been used in phones from Xiaomi and Samsung, perhaps the best known is the Xiaomi MIX series. And Apple has also used ceramic materials to create the case in the Apple Watch Edition version.

Ulefone Introduces First Rugged Phone With Built-in Headphones

Following the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio, Shenzhen-based mobile phone manufacturer Ulefone, which focuses on overseas markets, launched the Armor 15, which is said to be the world's first rugged phone with built-in TWS earphones.

The machine is equipped with MediaTek Helio G35 processor, uses a 5.45-inch 1440 × 720p display, has 6GB of memory and 128GB of storage space, runs Android 12, and supports NFC.

The Ulefone Armor 15 early bird price is $169.99, or about 1150 yuan.


LOEWE inflatable sunglasses on sale

LOEWE recently released 2022 autumn women's clothing, launching a variety of inflatable sunglasses.

The 'mask' style is a single-piece lens with a bold and avant-garde design; the 'rectangular' is a rectangular design consisting of two separate lenses; and the 'cateye' is a modern interpretation of a classic, more feminine style.

At present, the series of sunglasses products have landed on the official website of LOEWE, and the price is about 2418 yuan.

Source: Nowre

Zhong Xuegao's coffee flashback

Image source: Xiaohongshu@江 Thick Thick koko

Recently, Zhong Xuegao joined hands with nearly 600 cafes across the country to launch a coffee pop-up event again.

From August 12th to August 25th, consumers across the country can taste different specialties of "Brown Chang Zhong Xue Gao" at designated times and designated stores. The price of a single product is 45 yuan.

In addition, consumers can also randomly get a "redemption ticket" to exchange for the corresponding peripherals.

Source: FoodTalks

Blueglass launches China's first pet camping yogurt theme store

Recently, Blueglass's first pet camping theme store in China opened in Shanghai.

The new store is located in the BFC pet-friendly business district, which houses more than 90 pet-friendly stores with comprehensive pet-friendly facilities.

The store adopts an open camping space design and is committed to creating a better social space for pet lovers and pets. During the opening, Blueglass also launched pet-themed limited cup sleeves and stickers.

"Secret Garden" hits theaters August 19

Click on the picture to jump to see the preview

Adapted from the classic novel of the same name, the film tells the story of a little girl, Mary Renrox, who was sent to live in her uncle Craven's manor in Yorkshire, England, and accidentally broke into a long-closed and deserted garden.

The film was created by the producers of the "Harry Potter" and "Paddington Bear" series, starring Colin Firth and Dixie Agricus, and is scheduled to be released nationwide on August 19.

"New God List: Yang Jian" will be released on August 19

Click on the picture to jump to see the preview

The story interprets the classic myth of "splitting the mountain to save my mother" from a new perspective. It tells the story of Yang Jian, who was down and out due to damage to his eyes, and his nephew Chenxiang, who was eager to save his mother, and went on a fantastic adventure together.

The new film is in the same overhead world view system as the previous work in the series, "New God List: Nezha Rebirth", reshaping the three immortal islands of Penglai, Fanghu, and Yingzhou in mythology, and will be released nationwide on August 19.

"Top Gun 2" launches today

Click on the picture to jump to see the preview

"Top Gun 2: The Lone Ranger" tells the story of Pete Mitchell, after serving more than 30 years as the Navy's top aviator, who decides to take on a bigger challenge by breaking out of the system and becoming a test pilot.

The film, starring Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, and Miles Teller, will be launched on the Korean VOD service on August 16.


I'm fine. Thank you.

"If I die from the heat, the corpse trace fixing wire must be the fan wire closest to me."

Russian cartoonist Anton Gudim is good at using simple pictures to complain about life and depict brain holes. Although he is not a professional painter, his insight into life may also resonate strongly with you.

It’s not a problem to lift irons in the gym, but you still have to take the elevator to the second floor.

When I went out to listen to music, one of the earphones died.

In his new works, he also described a lot of life after the outbreak of the epidemic, encouraging readers to remain optimistic and humorous even when they are in distress.

Current state of life: The body temperature is normal, but the heart is cold.

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