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Multi-platform release of self-media account front desk real-name announcement

WeChat adds independent send button

Xiaomi ranked third in the world in terms of mobile phone shipments in the third quarter

Touch Bar retired from history, Apple discontinued 13-inch MacBook Pro

X’s latest valuation is less than half of Musk’s acquisition price

DJI was fined 44 billion yuan in response to online rumors

Li Auto’s monthly sales target of 40,000 units is about to be reached

Co-founder of Google DeepMind: There is a 50% chance of realizing AGI by 2028

iPhone 16 Pro lenses will be further upgraded

Tongyi Qianwen 2.0, a large model with hundreds of billions of parameters, is released

BYD's new B-class pure electric sports car model Song L starts pre-sales

Huawei nova 11 SE mobile phone released

Li Jiaqi responds to the fight for the lowest price: Price is not the only factor

Phoebe Philo releases first collection of personal brand

lululemon releases Wunder Puff down series

"It Behind" sequel announced

Luc Besson's new film "Dog God" is expected to be introduced

Romantic trailer for Hayao Miyazaki's "Porco Rosso"


Multi-platform release of self-media account front desk real-name announcement

Yesterday, WeChat issued an announcement regarding the display of real-name information by top “self-media” accounts:

WeChat will guide "self-media" accounts with more than 500,000 "fans" to display real-name information in batches and stages. In the near future, it will first guide "self-media" accounts with more than 1 million "fans" to display real-name information to the outside world.

Douyin officially announced that "self-media" accounts that have 500,000 fans and publish content involving current affairs, society, finance, education, medical and health, justice, etc. must authorize the platform to display certified real-name information on the account homepage.

In addition, Xiaohongshu, Kuaishou, Bilibili, Weibo and other platforms have successively disclosed detailed rules for displaying real-name information to the outside world.

Judging from the announcements of various platforms, the real-name information will be displayed to the outside world by delimiting areas and the number of fans. Unreal-name accounts will be restricted in terms of traffic and other aspects.

WeChat iOS version 8.0.43 official version released, new independent send button

Yesterday, WeChat for iOS received the 8.0.43 official version update. In the new version, a separate send button has been added.

Click My – Settings – General, and you will see the display of this independent send button switch.

After turning it on, the original "send" of the iPhone's built-in input method has been changed to "line feed". On the right side of the dialog box is the send key, which can realize one-click carriage return and line feed.

This update also became a hot search on Weibo yesterday, sparking heated discussion. Some netizens said: "I have been waiting for this function for a long time, and I am no longer afraid of sending it by mistake." Some netizens also said: "This feature has always been available by default on Hongmeng and Android."

Xiaomi ranked third in the world in terms of mobile phone shipments in the third quarter

Canalys' latest research shows that in the third quarter of 2023, the global smartphone market declined slightly by 1%. As manufacturers improved their inventory conditions in the second quarter and launched new products in the third quarter, shipments reached 290 million units.

Samsung ranks first, thanks to its earlier iteration of new folding screen products that has stabilized its market position, with shipments reaching 58.6 million units and a market share of 20%.

Driven by demand for new iPhone 15 series products, Apple followed closely behind, with shipments reaching 50 million units and a market share of 17%.

Thanks to Xiaomi's strong performance in emerging markets, it ranked third, with shipments reaching 41.5 million units, achieving an annual growth of 2%.

In addition, Xiaomi announced a good start to Double 11 last night. As of 23:59:59 on October 31, Xiaomi’s Double 11 had a good start and the cumulative payment amount across all channels exceeded 10 billion yuan.

It is said that the sales volume of the Xiaomi Mi 14 series has increased to 6 times the total first sales volume of the Xiaomi Mi 13 series in just 5 minutes after it went on sale.

big company

Touch Bar retired from history, Apple discontinued 13-inch MacBook Pro

With the release of the new 14-inch MacBook Pro equipped with M3 chip, Apple has discontinued the last 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar design.

The Touch Bar was first added to the MacBook Pro in 2016. While it had its fans, it wasn't popular enough for Apple to stick with it long-term.

Apple removed it from the redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro launched in 2021.

Currently, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is no longer sold through Apple’s official website, but it can still be purchased from Apple’s official refurbished stores and retailers until supplies last.

X’s latest valuation is less than half of Musk’s acquisition price

According to Fortune magazine, Company X is granting employees restricted stock units at $45 per share, valuing the company at approximately $19 billion. Musk purchased the company a year ago for $44 billion.

Since taking over, Musk has overhauled Company X and the social platform. More than 80% of the 7,500 employees have resigned or been fired.

According to previous reports, Musk's acquisition saddled Company X with $13 billion in debt. Over time, his changes to the X platform's verification process and content review rules also caused the company's advertising revenue to drop by nearly 60%.

Musk remains optimistic about the company's future. Last week, at a company meeting celebrating the first anniversary of the acquisition, Musk said that X can become a "universal app" with a range of functions such as dating services, employment recruitment, and financial services.

DJI responds to online rumors that it was fined 44 billion yuan: As of now, there is no updated judgment information

Recently, market rumors that "DJI was fined 44 billion yuan by the United States" have attracted attention.

According to the Shanghai Securities News, DJI responded that the above-mentioned rumors were fermented by self-media. The jury's verdict in the relevant case in April this year was US$278.9 million (currently approximately RMB 2.042 billion), and the case is still under trial. middle.

Previously, Textron sued DJI in a local court in the United States, claiming that DJI's multiple drone products infringed on two U.S. patents owned by it. In April this year, a local court jury in the United States issued a fine of US$278.9 million.

DJI responded to the jury's verdict at the time: "DJI disagrees with the jury's verdict. DJI's products do not use Textron's technology. The other party is a military helicopter company, while DJI is a civilian drone company." A machine company is not a product at all."

DJI stated that the core patent used by Textron in this lawsuit was applied for in 2011, but DJI used this technology in the launch of XP3.1 in 2009.

"The company will consider continuing to appeal and believe that local law will eventually reach a fair conclusion."

Li Auto’s monthly sales target of 40,000 units is about to be achieved, and it will continue to challenge monthly sales of 50,000 units

Li Auto announced its sales last week (10.23-10.29), with weekly sales reaching 10,000 vehicles. As of October 29, Li Auto has sold 36,800 vehicles this month and is about to reach its monthly sales target of 40,000 vehicles.

In terms of sales of new energy brands in the Chinese market, Li Auto ranks among the top three and "is the highest-ranking luxury brand on the list."

At the same time, Li Xiang, CEO of Li Auto, announced the next stage goal: "After the monthly delivery of the three cars is 40,000 yuan/month, we will continue to challenge the next higher difficulty: 50,000 yuan/month overall, and 20,000 yuan/month for the Li Auto L7. ”.

 Co-founder of Google DeepMind: There is a 50% chance of realizing AGI by 2028

Ten years ago, the co-founder of Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence laboratory predicted that by 2028, AI would have a half chance of reaching a level of intelligence comparable to humans. Now, he stands by that prediction.

DeepMind co-founder Shane Legg said in an interview with Dwarkesh Patel that he still believes that researchers have a 50% chance of achieving general artificial intelligence (AGI).

However, Shane Legg also pointed out that the current definition of AGI is difficult to determine accurately because human thinking is very complex.

“One will never be able to fully enumerate all human abilities, but if researchers can conduct a series of tests of human intelligence, and the AI ​​model can perform well enough on these tests, then we can say that we have AGI.” .

When asked where we are currently on the road to achieving AGI, Legg said that the computing power is needed to achieve this goal, and the first step will be "to start using more data than one person can experience in a lifetime." Training model", he believes that the AI ​​industry is ready for this challenge.

New product

iPhone 16 Pro lenses will be further upgraded

According to the Economic Daily, the iPhone 16 Pro models launched next year will have major camera lens improvements.

Apple plans to use more advanced molding glass, which reports say will bring a thinner and lighter design to the iPhone 16 Pro and improve optical zoom capabilities.

Due to the use of new materials, in order to ensure a smooth source of materials, Apple has contracted the production capacity of HOYA, the global leader in molded glass. Largan will also join the ranks of producing molded glass. Upstream material factories have recently started preparing materials.

According to reports, due to difficulties in the production process and insufficient early production, the new design will be limited to telephoto lenses in the initial stage of launch. Due to rising production costs, iPhone 16 Pro models may face price increases next year.

Tongyi Qianwen 2.0, a large model with hundreds of billions of parameters, is released

Alibaba Cloud officially released Tongyi Qianwen 2.0, a large model with hundreds of billions of parameters. According to reports, in 10 authoritative evaluations, the comprehensive performance of Tongyi Qianwen 2.0 exceeded GPT-3.5 and is accelerating to catch up with GPT-4.

Compared with version 1.0 released in April, Tongyi Qianwen 2.0 has significantly improved its capabilities in complex command understanding, literary creation, general mathematics, knowledge memory, and hallucination resistance.

At present, Alibaba Cloud has built the largest open source community for large models in China. The Moda community now has more than 2,300 models, and the number of model downloads exceeds 100 million.

Tongyi Qianwen APP has been officially launched in major mobile application markets, and everyone can directly experience the latest model capabilities through the APP.

BYD's new B-class pure electric sports car model Song L starts pre-sales

Yesterday evening, BYD Song L launched pre-sales, launching a total of 5 models with a pre-sale range of 220,000-280,000 yuan.

Song L is positioned as a B-class hunting SUV. It not only has black technologies such as Yunnan-C and CTB body-chassis integration technology, but it is also BYD's first model to adopt frameless doors.

In terms of appearance, BYD Song L adopts's new generation "Pioneer Dragon Face Aesthetics" design language; the rear is equipped with through-type taillights and a lifting sports rear wing, and the side of the body is also equipped with frameless doors and hidden door handles.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4840 1950 1560 (mm), and the wheelbase is 2930mm.

The interior design adopts "momentum interlaced aesthetics" and is inspired by Chinese knots to create a layered, light and surrounding spatial order. The three interior colors draw inspiration from nature: white beach, Danxia morning light and wilderness starry sky, bringing users A completely different sensory experience;

In terms of power, Song L is divided into two versions: rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The maximum power of the two rear-drive models is 150kW and 230kW, and the zero-to-zero time is 8.6 seconds and 6.9 seconds respectively; the four-wheel drive model has a maximum power of 380kW and a maximum torque of 670 N·m, zero to zero time in 4.3 seconds, and the top speed can reach 201km/h.

Huawei nova 11 SE mobile phone released

Huawei nova 11 SE is officially released, equipped with Snapdragon 680 4G processor and 100-megapixel main camera, priced from 1,999 yuan.

This new machine adopts the star ring lens module design and comes in 3 colors: Color No. 11, Snowy White, and Obsidian Black. The thickness is 7.39mm and the weight is 186g.

Huawei nova 11 SE is equipped with a 6.67-inch OLED direct screen, supports 90Hz refresh rate, 100% P3 wide color gamut, 1.07 billion colors, 91.85% screen-to-body ratio, 8x super-resolution touch, and adopts 10,000-step smooth dimming, with the lowest Available up to 1.8 nits.

In terms of imaging, the new phone has a 32-megapixel lens on the front, a 10-megapixel main camera (F1.9 aperture, 1/1.67 outsole), a 2-megapixel macro lens (4cm) and an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens (112°) on the rear. , supports full scene RAW domain 2.0.

new consumption

Li Jiaqi responds to the fight for the lowest price: Price is not the only factor

According to Sino-Singapore Jingwei, Li Jiaqi recently accepted an exclusive interview and talked about how he views the competition for the "lowest price." He said: "Price is one of the important factors that everyone is concerned about during the big promotion, but it is not the only factor."

In his view, the value of a live broadcast room also lies in its ability to output useful content for users: What is the product? how to use? how to buy? This is the core.

Talking about personal "changes and changes", Li Jiaqi said frankly that after so many years of live streaming, his enthusiasm for sharing and love for the live streaming career have not changed.

Regarding the plan for the next two years, he expressed his hope that he can continue to share more good products with all girls and boys in the future, and share his positive energy and happy things with everyone.

Phoebe Philo releases first collection of personal brand

According to Fashion Business News, the personal namesake brand created by Celine's former creative director Phoebe Philo with the support of LVMH was officially released on the official website on October 30, one month delayed from the original plan.

The entire series covers more than 150 styles of ready-to-wear, leather goods, jewelry, eyewear and shoes, etc., and the style continues her signature minimalist style and neutral design.

The brand's products are priced much higher than other luxury brands. A hand-knitted T-shirt dress costs 13,000 pounds (about 115,000 yuan), and XL Cabas handbags cost 6,200 pounds (about 53,000 yuan).

Other entry-level products range in price from 340 pounds to 2,600 pounds, which is equivalent to about 3,000 yuan to 23,000 yuan.

As of now, almost all the bags in Phoebe Philo's first collection have been sold out.

lululemon releases Wunder Puff down series

lululemon Wunder Puff down series is launched. This series uses SoftMatte fabric, which can block wind and not easily get wet by water.

It is filled with 600-fill goose down and has many details such as a detachable hood and adjustable hem. The inner and outer pockets are also very practical.

The Wunder Puff down series includes a variety of jackets and vests with various lengths and colors to meet your needs of wearing alone or layering.​


"It Behind" sequel announced

The sequel to 2014's hit supernatural horror film It's Behind Them has been announced.

David Robert Mitchell returns to direct and write, Maika Monroe continues to star, Neon will release it, and filming will begin next year.

"It Behind", which cost $1 million and grossed $21.9 million at the global box office, tells the story of Jay Height, a young woman who finds herself hunted by a mysterious entity after having sex with her boyfriend for the first time. The only way to temporarily avoid death is to pass on the curse. other people.

Luc Besson's new film "Dog God" is expected to be introduced

Director Luc Besson's latest critically acclaimed film "The Dog God" has released a Chinese version poster, which is expected to be introduced.

The film stars Caleb Landry Jones, Christopher Dunham, Marisa Berenson and others. The story tells the story of Doug (played by Caleb) who was injured by his violent father and imprisoned in a dog cage. ), after experiencing a series of painful blows to family, love and survival, found himself through his love for dogs.

Luc Besson had previously appeared at the 7th Pingyao International Film Festival with "The Dog God", and the film and the movie "The Mistake on the River" tied for the first place in all film festival reviews.

Romantic trailer for Hayao Miyazaki's "Porco Rosso"

Hayao Miyazaki's "Porco Rosso" released the "Romance Is This" version trailer.

"A person's first kiss should be reserved for the most important person", "No one in the world is more lovable than airship pilots, because their hearts have been washed by the sea and blue sky"… some "Porco Rosso romance" Lines.

The film will be released on November 17 through the National Art Federation.

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