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Apple may be introducing Apple intelligence to Vision Pro

Microsoft AI director: Anyone can freely use public content on the Internet, but there are also gray areas

Musk’s brain-computer interface company’s second volunteer’s surgery postponed

Gree Dong Mingzhu talks about dividends: At least I won’t make you cry

Sony lays off 250 people in its physical media department, and future games may be fully digital

Kindle Chinese e-book store stops cloud download service

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing: Help every ordinary person benefit from the power of AI


Tencent Classroom will be discontinued soon

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple AirPods headphones will be equipped with infrared camera modules in 2026

OPPO A3 warm-up: first release of "Oil Touch", improved waterproof level

Zhihu launches AI search product “Zhihu Direct Answer”

Kuaishou and Baidu Maps time machine launched on Apple Vision Pro head display

Installment payment service launched on WeChat, but not yet fully open

Oriental Selection clarifies "requires pit fees and publicity fees"


Apple may be introducing Apple intelligence to Vision Pro

Technology reporter Mark Gurman recently reported that Apple’s artificial intelligence suite “Apple Smart” will soon be available on the Vision Pro headset. At the WWDC Developers Conference in June, Apple stated that Apple Smart will be used on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Gurman said that Apple is working hard to introduce Apple intelligence to Vision Pro, but related functions are not expected to be launched until next year.

Vision Pro has 16GB of memory to support Apple smart operation, and Vision Pro's operating system visionOS is essentially a variant of iPadOS, so Gurman believes that adapting Apple smart headsets to the headset will not be very difficult.

Similarly, Gurman also believes that HomePod and HomePod mini will not be introduced into Apple smart phones because these speaker devices only have 1GB of memory and cannot support related AI models. Apple has previously hinted that devices require at least 8GB of memory to run Apple smartphones.

Mark Gurman also revealed that Apple is likely to announce a new Apple smart partner this fall, which may be the Google Gemini chat robot that has been reported to be discussing cooperation with Apple. Moreover, Google Gemini may not be the only official partner announced this fall. AI startup Anthropic is also negotiating with Apple. Currently, Apple’s officially announced smart partner is only OpenAI.

Microsoft AI director: Anyone can freely use public content on the Internet, but there are also gray areas

Microsoft AI Director Mustafa Suleyman recently made some remarks about using network content to train AI: He believes that content published on the open network is essentially "free software" that anyone can freely copy and use.

He said that for content that already exists on the open web, the social contract on that content has been fair use since the 1990s. Anyone can copy it and recreate with it.

However, he also believes that when websites and publishers explicitly prohibit scraping and crawling outside of user indexes, this is a gray area that needs to be resolved in the courts.

Microsoft and its ally OpenAI are currently involved in several lawsuits, alleging that the two companies are stealing copyrighted online content to train AI models.

big company

Musk’s brain-computer interface company’s second volunteer’s surgery postponed

Neuralink, the brain-computer implant company founded by Elon Musk, has postponed a surgery to implant its device into a second subject. The surgery was originally scheduled for last Monday but had to be canceled due to the patient's health condition. .

According to reports, the patient suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which causes the degeneration of nerve cells in the spine and brain, and the most severe results may lead to muscle paralysis.

Despite this setback, Neuralink has not completely halted its progress, with a replacement candidate expected to undergo surgery next month.

Gree Dong Mingzhu talks about dividends: At least I won’t make you cry

Recently, Gree Electric held its 2023 annual shareholders meeting. When answering questions from investors, Gree Electric Chairman Dong Mingzhu said that the company strives to pay dividends to shareholders every year. "At least I won't make you cry," Dong Mingzhu said. But she also said that shareholders should not be demanding how many cents the company earns, and companies should also be "full of solid food."

Talking about Gree's performance last year, Dong Mingzhu revealed that Gree's total revenue will exceed 200 billion yuan in 2023, with profits of approximately 29 billion yuan and tax revenue reaching a record high.

Dong Mingzhu also talked about her status as an "Internet celebrity" at the conference, saying that she did not deliberately want to be an Internet celebrity, but that Gree's products are deeply rooted in people's hearts.

Sony lays off 250 people in its physical media department, and future games may be fully digital

Sony is reportedly laying off 250 people in its recordable media business unit and is offering early retirement packages to its employees.

It is reported that the layoffs are due to the decline in market demand for traditional storage formats such as optical discs. Currently, Sony still has about 670 employees at its manufacturing base in Tamaki, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Relevant sources revealed that Sony will gradually stop producing optical disc storage media products, including Blu-ray Discs.

According to reports, Xbox’s physical gaming department has also laid off employees before, and Xbox is currently vigorously developing its cloud gaming and game subscription services.

Kindle Chinese e-book store stops cloud download service

According to Amazon's announcement, the Kindle China e-book store has stopped cloud download services on June 30, 2024. After that, undownloaded e-books will not be able to be downloaded and read, and Kindle customer service will also cease support.

Amazon officials also stated that users can continue to use the Kindle e-book reader to browse and read downloaded e-books and personal documents, and the Kindle App and Kindle accounts can also read downloaded e-books. However, after June 30, users will not be able to read downloaded e-books. Download the Kindle App from the App Store.

The Kindle China e-book store has ceased operations on June 30, 2023.

Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing: Help every ordinary person benefit from the power of AI

In the recently broadcast "2024 China·AI Festival" program, Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing talked about the concept of "human-centered intelligence".

Yang Yuanqing said that the development of science and technology must be people-centered and people-oriented. "Helping every ordinary person benefit from the power of AI and making everyone's life more fulfilling and interesting is a mission that our entire industry faces."

When talking about whether AI will replace human jobs, Yang Yuanqing said that every technological advancement will break many old jobs, but it will also create more new opportunities. AI will become an important engine for new productivity and become a part of everyone’s daily life. Yang Yuanqing is not worried that AI will go beyond people's control, and believes that technological development will definitely have more benefits than disadvantages.

Yang Yuanqing also said that future AI will develop in the direction of hybrid AI, helping society, enterprises and everyone to achieve true AI inclusiveness.

Tencent Classroom will be discontinued soon

Tencent Classroom officially issued a notice that it will stop access to all online courses starting from August 1, 2024. Users will not be able to access new course content, but they can continue to watch historical free course content in the "Course Schedule". Tencent Classroom will cease operations on October 1, 2024, and all platform services will be completely stopped at that time.

Currently, the "Tencent Classroom" application is no longer searchable in the Apple App Store and some Android app stores.

It is reported that Tencent Classroom was officially launched in April 2014, more than 10 years ago.

New product

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple AirPods headphones will be equipped with infrared camera modules in 2026

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple plans to add infrared camera modules to AirPods headphones in 2026.

It is reported that these infrared modules are different from the "infrared night vision" cameras of mobile phones. They only provide environmental depth information instead of image information, which will improve the user spatial audio experience.

Ming-Chi Kuo also revealed that the new AiPods are expected to be used with the Vision Pro headset to enhance the user experience of spatial audio. The headset can rely on the infrared camera module to better detect the angle/acceleration of the user's head, thereby adjusting the sound source to make the user feel more immersive.

Since the infrared module can detect changes in environmental images, Kuo Ming-Chi predicted that the new AirPods may support air gesture operations, and Apple has previously applied for relevant patents.

OPPO A3 warm-up: first release of "Oil Touch", improved waterproof level

OPPO is warming up the new phone OPPO A3, announcing that this new phone will be OPPO's first phone to support "greasy hand touch", claiming that "wet hands will not lose control, oily hands will be no problem".

OPPO A3 has also been upgraded from IP54 dustproof and waterproof to IP65. According to the official introduction, it can be used normally even if it is exposed to rain for 10 hours, which can meet the regular waterproof needs in life.

OPPO A3 has previously officially announced that it will launch three colors: "Mountain Green", "Aurora Purple" and "Tranquility Black". The body will use a "super anti-fall diamond structure" and is known as the "Durable God of War". The new phone will be released in 7 Published at 14:30 on March 2nd.

Zhihu launches AI search product “Zhihu Direct Answer”

At the 10th Zhihu Salt Club New Knowledge Youth Conference, Zhihu CEO Zhou Yuan introduced and released Zhihu’s latest AI product “Zhihu Direct Answer”.

According to reports, this product is the official productization of the AI ​​search function. It also has an independent domain name and service entrance, which can bring users a better questioning, search, result generation and summary experience. Currently, the product is online on the web and can be accessed through the "" domain name.

Zhihu officials also announced that "Zhihu Direct Answer" will gradually promote App development and the introduction of multi-modal capabilities, and actively explore external cooperation while integrating more deeply with the Zhihu community.

Kuaishou and Baidu Maps time machine launched on Apple Vision Pro head display

Recently, Kuaishou officially announced the launch of the Apple Vision Pro version of the app. The Vision Pro version of Kuaishou can open multiple screens and pages, enabling "you can watch videos, browse your personal homepage, and open the comment panel at the same time." It is worth mentioning that the Kuaishou vp version also supports the "heart-to-heart" gesture to like the video.

Baidu Maps has also launched the Vision Pro application of "Baidu Map Time Machine". Users can "walk" in the application and experience the 360-degree panoramic map of past time points. The user's vision is downwards, and the time and location information of the current map can be viewed. "Put your hands together" to switch the scene in front of you.

Installment payment service launched on WeChat, but not yet fully open

A reporter from "Beijing Business Daily" found that WeChat's consumer finance product "Instalment" has been launched, supporting online and offline scenarios. It can be repaid in 3, 6 and 12 installments. It is available for consumption of more than 500 yuan. The repayment date will be changed from change , Change Pass, and automatic repayment of savings cards.

According to the installment "Comprehensive User Service Agreement", this service is provided by Chongqing Weiheng Technology Co., Ltd. to provide comprehensive technical services and solutions for users to obtain credit services from credit institutions. Among them, installment credit services include the "use installment payment when consumption" model and the "use installment turnover after consumption" model.

Regarding whether installments are fully online, Tencent customer service responded to a reporter from Beijing Business Daily that installments can be used in consumption scenarios such as eating and shopping, but are not supported for sending red envelopes, transfers, cash withdrawals, etc. Scan personal payment codes to pay, installments are not yet available Fully open, if the transaction shown does not support installment, you can choose other payment methods to pay.

new consumption

Oriental Selection clarifies "requires pit fees and publicity fees"

A few days ago, Oriental Selection was accused of "requiring and collecting pit fees and publicity fees." The official responded yesterday, stating that Oriental Selection has always operated legally and with integrity.

Oriental Selection claims that it has visited more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to carry out live broadcast activities in the past year, and has never asked for publicity fees from the government, nor has it charged pit fees from companies and merchants.

In response to relevant rumors and smears on the Internet, Oriental Selection stated that it will report to the police as soon as possible and use the law to defend the legitimate rights and interests of Oriental Selection.

NIO’s “Look at Me Duck” series of film cameras launched

NIO Life, a lifestyle brand under NIO, announced the launch of two "Look at Me Duck" film cameras, which are available in a Fuji co-branded gift box and a disposable film camera with built-in film.

The Fujifilm co-branded version of the camera has replaceable film rolls, each roll can take 36 pictures, and the camera has a built-in flash. The set includes a "Duck Rush" themed limited edition canvas bag, priced at 399 yuan.

The disposable film camera has built-in irreplaceable disposable film and can take 27 photos. It also comes with a flash and costs 169 yuan.

Miu Miu x New Balance new collaboration model 530 SL will be released soon

Fashion brand Miu Miu and New Balance have joined forces again to launch a new version of the 530 SL joint sneakers.

This new model is an ultra-lightweight upgrade based on the original 530 from 1992. Compared with the last cooperation, the new 530 SL uses a new full leather upper, one of the double shoelaces has also been replaced by leather material, and the Miu Miu brand logo is on the tongue.

The new 530 SL uses a lot of leather color details, including two classic colors of black and white.


'Inside Out 2' global box office hits $1 billion

As of Sunday, the animated film "Inside Out 2" has grossed $1.014 billion at the global box office, becoming the highest-grossing film of 2024 so far and the first film since "Barbie" to top $1 billion at the global box office.

At the same time, "Inside Out 2" is also the fastest animated film in film history to have a global box office of over 1 billion, with a release time of only two weeks. The film currently has a box office of US$469.3 million in North America.

"Inside Out 2" tells a wonderful adventure about the complicated emotions in the mind of a little girl named Riley who has just entered puberty. It is currently being screened in theaters in mainland China and currently has a box office of 173 million yuan in the mainland.

Villeneuve's new film set, possibly for "Dune 3"

Warner announced that "Denis Villeneuve's new IMAX large-scale commercial movie" has been finalized and will be released in North America on December 18, 2026. Specific movie information has not been announced.

The media predicts that the film will be "Dune 3", and Warner's move is to reserve a schedule for "Dune 3" in advance. "Dune 3" is currently still in development, and Villeneuve is writing the script and casting new characters.

In addition to "Dune 3", Villeneuve and Warner also have another cooperation project, which is a movie adapted from the book "Nuclear War: A Vision", but according to media reports, Villeneuve has recently turned his attention away from this This work has been transferred and is likely to refocus on "Dune 3".

Marvel's "WandaVision" spin-off "Agatha" reveals first stills

Marvel's "WandaVision" spin-off "Agatha" has released stills for the first time and will premiere on the Disney+ platform on September 18.

"Agatha" will focus on "Agatha Harkness", the final villain of "WandaVision", telling the story of this witch and the coven of witches, in a "dark comedy" style. Kaitlyn Hahn returns to star in "Agatha", and actors such as Aubrey Plaza, Joe Locke, Patty LuPone will star, and "WandaVision" chief screenwriter Jacques Schaefer will continue to serve as screenwriter.

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