Morning Post | The official announcement that these scenes can not wear masks/iPhone 15 Pro or no solid-state buttons/ChatGPT Italian ban is expected to be lifted

Ai Faner's early report reading

  • Taobao and Tmall make a new round of adjustments
  • New version of "Mask Guidelines" released
  • ChatGPT may return to Italy
  • Financing in Silicon Valley is difficult, a16z and others head to the Middle East
  • Twitter has been merged into X Corp
  • Wang Xiaochuan: General Artificial Intelligence is a Renaissance
  • The new iPhone SE may use a self-developed 5G chip
  • The solid-state buttons of the iPhone 15 Pro may be gone
  • Jikrypton X Officially Released
  • Mi 13 Ultra official announcement
  • OPPO Find X6 Pro tops the DXO list for taking photos
  • Guangming officially announces the return of Torch Ice Cream
  • Devin Booker's joint CONVERSE shoes are on sale
  • Music festival scam Fyre Fest is returning
  • "Dragon Family" Season 2 Filming Begins
  • Almodóvar gay western to premiere in Cannes
  • "Quick Chase" spin-off series released promotional posters

Taobao and Tmall make a new round of adjustments

  • Taobao Tmall established three industry development departments, and the relevant middle offices of the group were merged.
  • This is an extension of the "1+6+N" organizational transformation.
  • Frequent organizational restructuring can have a negative impact on employees.

According to 36kr, after Zhang Yong announced the launch of the "1+6+N" organizational reform, Taobao Tmall is undergoing a new round of adjustments.

Fuxue, the person in charge of the original industry operation and development center, left due to personal reasons. The center holds all the merchant resources of Taobao and Tmall. After that, it will be split into three industry development departments.

The two centers of user operation and platform strategy are still retained, and Xuande and Sihan continue to be in charge.

In addition to the structural adjustment of Taobao Tmall itself, part of the original group's business and supply chain platforms that were strongly related to Taobao Tmall were also merged into Taobao Tmall in this round of adjustments.

From the perspective of organizational management, Taobao Tmall’s current round of adjustments follows the adjustment logic previously emphasized by Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba, to disperse the original middle-end business into major businesses, and continue to reuse the capabilities accumulated in the original middle-end.

"LatePost" quoted an old employee of Ali as commenting: Ali's adjustment actions in the past two years have brought more personnel turbulence than a direct solution to business problems. As the middle class, they have no permanent property, so they have no perseverance. For enterprises, organizational adjustment should be the result of business adjustment, not the other way around.

New version of "Mask Guidelines" released

Yesterday, the Epidemic Prevention and Control Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council issued the "Guidelines for the Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Infection by the Public Wearing Masks (April 2023 Edition)".

The latest version of the mask guide explains "situations or scenarios where masks should be worn", "situations or scenarios where it is recommended to wear masks" and "common situations or scenarios where masks may not be worn".

According to the guidelines, masks should be worn during infection periods, clustered epidemic periods, and when outsiders enter elderly care institutions or social welfare institutions; it is recommended to wear masks when they are in public transportation, closed environments, crowded places, etc.; outdoors, fixed work It is not necessary to wear masks in places and large-scale activities with detection and prevention measures.

Wang Xinyu, deputy director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, told China Business News:

In general, the places where masks should be worn follow three principles, namely confined spaces, crowd gathering and high-risk groups.

 Click here to view the full guide.

ChatGPT may return to Italy

The Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante) has laid out a series of "specific" requirements, which it says OpenAI will be able to return to Italy after fulfilling these conditions.

Garante requested that OpenAI need to inform Italian users of the "method and logic" behind the operation of ChatGPT; provide tools for Italian users whose data has been used to apply for modification or deletion of personal data; OpenAI should also provide an "easy and accessible "A way" to let non-users object to their personal data being used for algorithm processing; provide an age verification system by next month, and prevent users under the age of 13 from using it.

Earlier, Garante launched an investigation into OpenAI on the grounds of alleged violations of data collection rules, and announced a ban on the use of ChatGPT, temporarily restricting OpenAI from processing Italian user data.

Financing in Silicon Valley is difficult, a16z and others are running to the Middle East to seek funds

The Four Seasons in Riyadh is basically Palo Alto now.

Silicon Valley investment firms such as Andreessen Horowitz and Tiger Global Management have been sending executives to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in recent weeks as existing North American and European investors grapple with the economic downturn and tighten private investment.

U.S. institutional investment has exploded in recent years, fueled in part by soaring tech valuations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mega-funds that once valued exclusivity, such as Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, have raised as much as $5 billion, and sometimes as much as $9 billion. The shift has also been exacerbated by the likes of Japan's SoftBank and Tiger Global, which have poured tens of billions of dollars into start-ups.

A partner at a venture capital fund with over $4 billion in assets under management said:

These guys built on a foundation of massive, high-velocity investors who are now prisoners of the capital cycle.

Twitter has been merged into X Corp

According to Bloomberg, after the merger of Twitter and the newly established shell company X Corp, it is no longer an independent company.

After the merger with X Corp, Twitter "ceases its existence," court documents say. Musk has previously said that buying Twitter would be part of creating X, which he called an "everything app."

 Wang Xiaochuan: General Artificial Intelligence is a Renaissance

In a recent interview, Sogou co-founder Wang Xiaochuan further talked about the impact of AI and his thoughts on returning to entrepreneurship.

In Wang Xiaochuan's view, ChatGPT mastering language is a very ingenious path to AGI (General Artificial Intelligence), which masters the ability of abstraction and reasoning, and is based on language.

Or my original sentence, when the machine masters the language, the era of strong artificial intelligence will come.

He believes that human evolution will be divided into three steps: the first layer is information. In the past, machines first connected dots to connect information; later, people can search and then recommend.

Starting today, I think it will go both ways, and machines will provide companionship and knowledge services to people. For humans, it's a companion.

At the same time, he believes that in the future, there will be many digital beings who will become companions and loyal assistants, and the price will be very cheap, much cheaper than hiring a lawyer alone, and people will get a lot of inclusive services.

This will even out the industrial chain, and it is likely that a person will be a company in the future.

It will be a renaissance where everyone becomes who they want to be.

The new iPhone SE may use a self-developed 5G chip

A research report from Haitong International pointed out that Apple plans to launch an iPhone SE in 2025 equipped with a custom-designed 5G modem, and the chip of the modem will be produced by TSMC.

Some time ago, Ming-Chi Kuo also reported that Apple started the development of the fourth-generation iPhone SE, which will be equipped with a 6.1-inch OLED display and an Apple-designed 5G modem.

At the time he said the modem would use TSMC's 4nm process and would only support sub-6GHz bands, meaning mmWave wouldn't be supported initially.

The solid-state buttons of the iPhone 15 Pro may be gone

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will not be equipped with the high-profile solid-state buttons because they "failed to solve the technical problems in mass production."

In October last year, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the iPhone 15 Pro series will be equipped with solid-state buttons, which will be fed back by two additional Taptic Engines in the iPhone to simulate physical buttons, similar to the Home button on the iPhone 7.

The same forecast was also supported in a report by Haitong International analysts Jeff Pu and Shelly Chou. Analysts believe that solid-state buttons have been delayed to the iPhone 16 series.

Ming-Chi Kuo said the change would be particularly unfavorable to suppliers Cirrus Logic and AAC Technologies, whose shares fell 12% and 14%, respectively.

Jikrypton X Officially Released

Last night, the "compact and luxurious" Jikrypton X was officially released.

Jikrypton X was created by the world-renowned designer Steve Siraf, with "urban without boundaries" as the main design concept.

In the four-wheel-drive version with the most extreme performance, Jikrypton X is equipped with a high-performance permanent magnet synchronous electric drive system. The peak power of the front and rear dual motors is 315kW, the peak torque is 543N m, and the zero-to-hundred acceleration only takes 3.7s.

At the same time, the electric drive system of Jikrypton X adopts high-efficiency silicon carbide technology, the overall efficiency is increased by 2%, the battery life is increased by 20km, and the CLTC battery life is 560km, which is enough for urban travel.

The response speed of Jikrypton X's IPB intelligent integrated braking system is as short as 150 milliseconds, more than 2 times faster than traditional braking systems, equivalent to half of the human blinking time, and the final braking distance of 100 kilometers is also quite excellent – 34.5 rice.

In terms of suspension, Jikrypton X has a configuration of four-wheel independent suspension + road feeling optimized hydraulic bushing, and the maximum lateral G value of the vehicle can reach 0.94. And at the vibration-sensitive points of the chassis, the flowing hydraulic oil "overcomes rigidity with softness" like Tai Chi, improving the after-vibration filtering effect by 40%.

 Click here to read more about the in-depth interpretation of Jikrypton X.

Mi 13 Ultra Official Announcement

Xiaomi officially announced that it will release the Mi 13 Ultra on April 18.

Lei Jun wrote: "Xiaomi 13 Ultra is another historical work jointly created by Xiaomi and Leica. It is an epoch-making technology that reconstructs moving images."

According to previous news, Mi 13 Ultra may continue to use a super-outsole sensor, equipped with a full-focus four-camera, provide an anti-shake module, and be equipped with DToF laser focus.

OPPO Find X6 Pro takes the top spot in DXO

DXO Mark announced that OPPO Find X6 Pro has a comprehensive photo score of 153 points, surpassing Honor Magic5 Pro's 152 points to become the top of the list.

According to DXO, OPPO Find X6 Pro has a balanced and excellent performance in sub-items such as photo, video, zoom and bokeh, and obtains the highest score in the "low and dark light" usage scenario.

Guangming officially announces the return of Torch Ice Cream

Bright Cold Drink announced the re-launch of the classic "Torch Ice Cream", and the product has been launched on Tmall's official flagship store

This time, the bright torch ice cream uses Madagascar vanilla, with a raw milk content of ≥17%, served with milk chocolate dipping sauce and crispy wafer cones.

This classic product ignited the nostalgia of many netizens, and many people shouted "I just want to relive the taste of my childhood!"

Devin Booker's joint CONVERSE shoes are on sale

NBA Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker and CONVERSE have collaborated to create a joint Chuck 70, which is priced at $95 and is now on sale.

Booker incorporates his own understanding of minimalism-there are no extra embellishments on the eight-hole canvas shoes, and the off-white color runs through the entire upper and midsole.

Music festival scam Fyre Fest is returning

The co-founder of famed music festival scam Fyre Festival has announced the event is returning.

Six years ago, Fyre Fest organizers invited a large number of celebrities to promote the event and booked many stars to attend the show, but when ticket buyers arrived on the island where the event was held, all they saw were shelter tents and salads.

McFarland defrauded a large amount of money from investors and was sentenced to 6 years in prison. Both Netflix and Hulu made documentaries about it.

Now, McFarland tweeted that "Fyre Festival II is finally coming." However, the specific holding information of Fyre Festival is still not confirmed.

"Dragon Family" Season 2 Filming Begins

HBO announced the official start of the second season of "Dragon Family":

All your favorite characters will soon be scheming around the council table, facing off against enemies, and riding dragons into battle.

The new season is not expected to air until 2023, with a total of 8 episodes.

Almodóvar gay western to premiere in Cannes

Pedro Almodovar's new gay western short "Weird Ways of Life" will premiere at Cannes this year.

The short film, starring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke, is 30 minutes long.

Almodovar has said that this is his response to "Brokeback Mountain" in his mind. The film revolves around the relationship of two men who worked as hired guns together in their youth and then reunite 25 years later.

"Quick Chase" spin-off series released promotional posters

The "Quick Chase" spin-off "Intercontinental Hotel" released a promotional poster. The play has 3 episodes and is expected to be launched on streaming media Peacock this year.

Hotel InterContinental explores the origin story and inner workings of the InterContinental Hotel, where killers took refuge in the film, based on Ian McShane's character Winston Scott, from the perspective of a young Scott.


Athens National Archaeological Museum Square @ Athens Greece

Kengo Kuma and Greek architectural practice K-Studio have created an impressive building for the National Archaeological Museum Square in Athens.

The project hopes to create a "digging" look and feel, symbolically revealing these buried treasures over time.

It is about creating a sensory spatial journey that communicates the deep history of the museum's narrative and its collections.

The museum extension is strategically placed below a busy city boulevard, while the roof above is covered with lush greenery, creating a floating garden.

A slit-like opening is strategically created by raising the ground to arouse the curiosity of visitors and guide them into the deep and spacious underground space.

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