Morning Post | The new iPad may be released tomorrow / KFC responded that only dry ingredients were received for the takeaway of Furong Soup / Moutai surpassed Tencent and ranked first in market value

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  • KFC responded to ordering hibiscus soup takeaway and only received dry ingredients
  • Just tomorrow, the new iPad will be released
  • Apple's trade-in program gets slapped
  • Moutai surpasses Tencent in market value
  • BMW may move MINI electric model production line to China
  • ByteDance abolishes the "Party Island" project team
  • Apple Music brings spatial audio to Mercedes
  • New energy vehicles can "update after purchase" everything
  • Huawei Mate 50 is collected by the National Museum
  • New PSVR 2 patent lets players feel virtual
  • Domestic Tesla Model Y facelift
  • Knock Muyu App ranked second on the free list
  • Dyson releases the first wet and dry all-purpose scrubber vacuum cleaner
  • Mentos trains raccoons to recycle gum bottles
  • 2023 Asian Cup to be hosted by Qatar
  • 'Rocky' Season 2 Completed
  • 'Cyberpunk 2077' will spin off science fiction

KFC responded that the order of hibiscus soup takeaway only received dry ingredients: in order to prevent leakage

According to Boiling Point Video, recently, a KFC customer in Taiyuan, Shanxi said that after placing an order for KFC's "Hibiscus Vegetable Soup", he received an empty bowl with only dry ingredients.

In response, KFC's official customer service responded that: When ordering the "Furong Vera Vegetable Soup" dishes, if consumers do not have any special notes, they are all prepared with water; in the menu.

At the same time, in order to prevent the soup from spilling, the store usually sends it to the residential building in the form of dry ingredients. If it cannot be brewed, it can also report to the store for supplementary delivery.

Source: 36kr

Just tomorrow, the new iPad will be released

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple plans to release new iPad Pro models equipped with the M2 chip on October 18 (Beijing time is expected to be tomorrow).

Yesterday he said that the new iPad Pro would be launched in "a few days," and today he narrowed the time frame even further.

The new M2 iPad Pro will be available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions and will support MagSafe wireless charging, of which the 12.9-inch may be upgraded with a mini LED display, and no major design changes are expected.

Although Gurman did not clarify whether other new hardware such as the iPad 10 and MacBook Pro will also be launched together, some third-party protective cases for the iPad 10 are said to have been available in Target stores in the United States ahead of schedule.

The iPad 10 is expected to feature a larger 10.5-inch display, a USB-C port, an A14 Bionic chip, and possibly a Touch ID power button.

Source: Macrumors

Apple's trade-in plan is complained: the official often does not receive old equipment

A 9to5Mac editor said that after mailing an iPhone 13 Pro Max to Apple for a trade-in, he was notified by Apple that there was nothing in it.

And this seems to have become a common problem, reflecting a big problem in the trade-in program: Apple relies heavily on third parties for shipping, receiving, and storage, resulting in devices that are likely to be stolen from courier packages.

9to5Mac suggested that Apple could best set up a "trade-in" mode to enable the "Find My" function on the iPhone during the delivery process, so that the user and Apple can track the location of the phone during the delivery process.

Source: 9to5Mac

Moutai's market value is 2.35 trillion, surpassing Tencent to rank first

On October 16, Kweichow Moutai disclosed the third quarter report that the operating income in the first three quarters of this year was 87.16 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.77%, that is to say, the first three quarters achieved a daily profit of 162 million yuan.

According to the China Economic News, this year, Moutai has continued to launch new products and release production capacity, providing strong support for performance growth. For example, new products such as rare Maotai, Maotai 1935, and 100ml small-capacity Maotai all cover the blank price band.

According to the list of the top 500 Chinese enterprises in the third quarter of 2022 according to the statistics of Oriental Fortune Choice, Kweichow Moutai surpassed Tencent Holdings to become the company with the highest market value in the third quarter of 2022, with a total market value of 2.35 trillion yuan, and Alibaba still ranks third.

On the whole, among the top 500 companies, the electronics industry, pharmaceutical and biological industry and chemical industry companies account for a relatively high proportion, and most of them are concentrated in Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai in terms of geographical distribution.

Source: Caijing Network Technology & Xiaoxiang Morning News & China Economic News

BMW may move MINI electric model production line to China

According to "The Times", the BMW Group plans to stop the production of MINI electric models at the Oxford plant in the United Kingdom and transfer the production line to China.

But BMW later denied reports of shifting production lines, according to Reuters , without revealing more about it.

In addition, BMW's next-generation pure electric model MINI Aceman also announced last month that it will be produced by a joint venture between BMW and China's Great Wall Motor. According to BMW's strategic plan, by 2030, MINI will become the first fully electric brand within the BMW Group.

Source: Global Times & Reuters

Apple Music brings spatial audio to Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz recently announced that Apple Music will be integrated directly with the car's MBUX infotainment system.

Currently, the latest five models of Mercedes-Maybach, EQS, EQS SUV, EQE and S-Class already support this feature.

It should be noted that to use the spatial audio function, the vehicle needs to be equipped with a Burmester 3D or 4D sound system, which may require additional expenses for the owner.

Source: The Verge

ByteDance abolishes the "Party Island" project team

According to the "Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily", ByteDance insiders said that in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, ByteDance has cut off the project team of the social app "Party Island", and the project team members have returned to the original team in Zhongtai.

People familiar with the matter said that “Party Island” was taken off the shelves shortly after it was launched in mid-July this year due to issues related to security procedures, but the date of re-listing is temporarily unknown.

"Party Island" is positioned as an online real-time interactive community, which requires registration and login with an invitation code. It is regarded as the second metaverse social product after Baidu's "Xiyang".

Source: Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily & 36kr

New energy vehicles can be updated "after purchase", not just systems and software

Pushing system and software updates for cars through OTA software services, there are already many new energy vehicles that can be implemented.

Anthony Lo, Ford's chief design officer, further pointed out that this "post-purchase update" model can even achieve "upgrades" in the physical sense, bringing more personalized services to consumers and extending the life of the vehicle.

For example, the owner can replace the driver's seat that doesn't fit the lines of his back, or give the old interior a trendy color. According to Anthony Lo, this strategy is "like renovating your old house."

In fact, these services are currently technically feasible and could also lead to more potential revenue streams for car companies. However, this requires a well-developed after-sales service system, which is difficult for an automaker to do, especially during the warranty period.

In the future, Anthony Lo also hopes that all parts of the vehicle can be designed to be updated and replaceable, "the vehicle will become smarter like a smartphone."

To learn more, you can check it out in "Fast Company":

Huawei Mate 50 is collected by the National Museum

As the first mobile phone to support the Beidou-3 short message communication service, Huawei Mate50 Pro was recently exhibited at the National Museum display stand.

It is reported that the Beidou satellite message function of Huawei Mate 50 series can help users send messages to the outside world in environments without ground network signal coverage, such as desert no-man’s land, sea distress, and earthquake rescue.

At present, this function is in the public beta period, and users can receive 30 free credits per month, and subsequent commercial plans will be formulated according to the public beta conditions.

Previously, Huawei Kirin 980, Balong 5000 and other self-developed chips were also included in the National Museum, recording the growth footprint of China's self-produced chips.

Source: IT House

New PSVR 2 patent: Using ultrasound to make players feel objects that don't exist

A patent for an ultrasonic haptic feedback system for Play Station has recently been exposed.

Simply put, such a system uses ultrasonic waves to generate haptic vibrations in mid-air, allowing users to reach out and "feel" an object that doesn't actually exist, enabling interaction at greater distances.

Immersion has been one of Sony's goals since the launch of the PS5. Currently, PSVR 2 can already track the player's fingers for more precise in-game actions.

Source: 3DM & USA Today's FTW

Domestic Tesla Model Y facelift

Since October, the domestic Tesla Model Y has begun to produce a new facelift model. The new model is mainly optimized for the comfort of the rear seats and the emergency opening of the rear doors.

According to reports, the length of the seats on both sides of the rear row will be increased by 30 mm to provide better leg support for rear passengers. The rear doors will also feature a manual release for emergencies.

At present, there are 6 Model Y models on sale in China, with a price range of 316,900 – 417,900 yuan.

Source: IT Home & Fast Technology

Knock Muyu App ranked second on the free list

An app named "Muyu" recently ranked second in the domestic App Store free total list and first in the music download sub-list, and remained in the top 10 free total list for 8 consecutive days.

In the hand tapping mode, users can tap the screen to simulate the process of tapping the wooden fish, and some users choose the combination of "iPad + iPencil" to further restore the feel. In automatic mode, the app will automatically make the sound of knocking wooden fish according to the tapping interval and interval deviation set by the user. Users need to pay 6 yuan to unlock all "Muyu" sounds.

After the attention of "Muyu", the app developer recently launched the "Mobile Phone Burning Incense" app, the slogan is "Cyber ​​Electronic Cigarette, Green and Smokeless".

Source: Belugas out to sea

Dyson releases the first wet and dry all-purpose scrubber vacuum cleaner

Yesterday, Dyson released its first wet and dry all-round vacuum cleaner "V12 Detect Slim Nautik".

According to reports, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with Dyson's first floor cleaning accessory "Nautik" floor scrubbing drum accessory, which integrates "dust detection, anti-winding, and floor cleaning" through three steps of water release, infiltration, adsorption and scraping. The solution for deep cleaning of the whole house.

In addition, the V8 focus mattress handheld vacuum cleaner was also launched simultaneously.

Mentos trains raccoons to recycle gum jars

To promote recycling, Mentos trained a group of raccoons in California to help recycle Mentos chewing gum paper bottles that were thrown away.

The raccoons were chosen because they are "experts" in "digging garbage and overturning trash cans". In just 40 hours of staff training, 75 percent of the raccoons learned how to identify bottles and throw them in the trash.

While this may be more gimmicky than practical, Mentos's VP of marketing Craig Cuchra said that working with the raccoon recycling team can make us reflect on how humans should learn from these little creatures.

Source: Design Taxi & Marketing Dive

2023 Asian Cup to be hosted by Qatar

Yesterday, the AFC announced that Qatar will host the 2023 Asian Cup.

The 2023 AFC Asian Cup was originally scheduled to open in China on June 16, 2023. However, in May this year, the Asian Cup China Organizing Committee announced through official channels that due to the impact of the epidemic, it is currently difficult for the Chinese Organizing Committee to make commitments and arrangements for next year's Asian Cup to be held in a fully open mode, so the 2023 Asian Cup will not be held in China. .

Since then, the AFC launched the event bidding process, and finally voted to decide that Qatar would host the new Asian Cup.

In addition, Qatar is the host country of this year's World Cup, which will be held from November 20th to December 18th. Therefore, Qatar will host two consecutive intercontinental football competitions.

Source: DO News & Asian Cup China Organizing Committee

'Rocky' Season 2 Completed

The second season of the hit series "Rocky" starring "Hiddleston" Tom Hiddleston has been completed.

At present, the plot of this season is still under secrecy, but internal sources say that it will be deeply related to the multiverse.

The main cast of this season also includes Owen Wilson, Sofia Di Martino, Gugu Mbata-Rau, Umi Massaku, Rafael Caso, Guan Jiwei, etc., will be released in the summer of 2023 broadcast.

Source: Mtime

'Cyberpunk 2077' will spin off science fiction

The animation adaptation of "Cyberpunk 2077" "Cyberpunk: Edgewalker" ushered in a viewing boom after it was launched on Netflix last month, which also led to game sales.

Recently, CDPR officially announced that it will launch a derivative science fiction novel "Cyberpunk 2077: No Coincidence (No Coincidence)" for "Cyberpunk 2077".

Written by Polish sci-fi writer Rafał Kosik, the novel revolves around new characters and reveals the crisis hidden under Night City's glossy exterior. It will be released in August 2023.

Source: IT House


Not long ago, September 28 was the 2573rd anniversary of the birth of Confucius. In Taiwan Province of our country, this day will be regarded as Teachers' Day.

Taking advantage of the Teacher's Day, IKEA Taiwan issued nine questions to test whether everyone has returned all the knowledge to the teacher.

Answer: Bridge

Answer: Horse

Answer: right hand

Answer: a cloud

Answer: tree

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